October 29, 2005


500 feels so good. I'm back to coin toss status as I went 4 and 3 last week, bringing my season total to 21-21-1. Of course, my Bacon Special got fried (get it, bacon, fried, oh forget it). Actually the Giants were favored by 2 but only won by 1, so it really was a clouded loss against the spread.

I feel my groove coming on. I'm not stabbing blindly here, I know what I'm doing.

The Giants by 2 over Washington. Washington needs some air taken out of their tires. The Giants are good at home and Eli is getting better with time.

Houston by 2 over Cleveland. Hooston is 0 and 6, but bookies still insist you have to give points if you want to bet them. Something is fishy in Houston, and it isn't a New Orleans hooker.

Kansas City getting 6 points against San Diego. I have no respect for the conservative Schottenheimer. In fact I've always hated the way he coaches against the bettors. He doesn't have to be conservative, he has the guns.

Arizona getting 9 and a half against Dallas. I smell an upset. Parcells is the second most conservative coach in the league. The losses to Dallas and San Diego were strictly due to conservative coaching. Conservative coaches don't blow out teams usually.

Buffalo plus 9 against New England. I think the champs will win, but the Bills will make it closer than 9.

Denver by 3 and a half against Philly. Denver is a great home team, Philly doesn't look right to me. Denver will win the game, but they might win by only a field goal, that extra half point is tough to give, but what the heck.

And now my Bacon Special. *********WARNING BACON SPECIALS ARE PATHETIC SO FAR THIS YEAR (1-6-1)************* Forget the disclaimer and take Detroit by 3 points against Da Bears. I don't care if Garcia is gay or not, he is better than Harrington, and they are playing this game for first place in the wretched NFC North. Look for Kevin Jones, not Thomas Jones, to have a break out game and for Da Bears to come back to earth.

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