April 26, 2006

Bravo Professor Wichman, Bravo

Thank you for putting the ridiculous and hypocritical protests by Muslims in proper perspective. I applaud you, and support your email completely.

Here is the Professor's email to the Moslem Association at Michigan State University via Dhimmi Watch:

Dear Moslem Association: As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intend to protest your protest.

I am offended not by cartoons, but by more mundane things like beheadings of civilians, cowardly attacks on public buildings, suicide murders, murders of Catholic priests (the latest in Turkey!), burnings of Christian chirches, the continued persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims, the rapes of Scandinavain girls and women (called "whores" in your culture), the murder of film directors in Holland, and the rioting and looting in Paris France.

This is what offends me, a soft-spoken person and academic, and many, many, many of my colleagues. I counsul you dissatisfied, agressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Moslems to be very aware of this as you proceed with your infantile "protests."

If you do not like the values of the West -- see the 1st Ammendment -- you are free to leave. I hope for God's sake that most of you choose that option. Please return to your ancestral homelands and build them up yourselves instead of troubling Americans.

Cordially, I. S. Wichman, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Not only do I agree whole heartedly with the content of his un PC stance, but I also find it amusing that Muslims and the babies on the Far Left find the content of his free speech appalling and want him severely reprimanded.

The Prof's first name is Indrek. If he was living in a Muslim state, he would be living up to his name, hopefully that won't be the case in America.

Additional comment: This letter really speaks of the hypocrisy of the Muslims. After 9/11 I often heard the excuse that the reason that there wasn't very many protests against terrorist acts was that the Muslims didn't have enough numbers in the West to generate proper prostests. Obviously, as we know now, that was a lie.

And again, I also bring up the fact that the cartoons were published in Egypt in October, and it didn't generate one protest. So is the image of Mohammed really that offensive, or are the Muslims who protest just a bunch of hypocritical whiners?


  1. That would be Michigan State University (MSU Spartans), not University of Michigan (Michigan Wolverines). MSU is in East Lansing, UofM is in Ann Arbor.

    And they don't like each other very much :-)

  2. Thanks, I will make the correction now.

  3. The sentiments expressed by Professor Wichman are a lot more widespread than the media reports. Remember the Dubai Ports fiasco? As soon as it became public about three-fourths of Americans instantly and violently started protesting, writing their Congressmen, Senators, etc. and got the thing quashed. All it took was the perception of a potential threat by Arabic Muslims to set that off. There is a huge silent majority out there who aren't saying much, but they are thinking pretty much along the same lines as those of us who post on blogs and Yahoo Message Boards. And they shed the LIBERAL bullshit in the media like water off a duck's back.

  4. He makes some good points, but I think the poor spelling and grammar undercut his arguments. But maybe this is only because, in the real world, I'm an editor. I've always considered proper spelling and grammar to be essential in making oneself seem intelligent and reliable.

  5. Carl, I know, he is saying what a lot of people are scared to say but what loads of people are thinking.

    Frances, English may not be his first language, even so, lots of Profs these days rely on spellchecks and grammar checks. He is a mechanical engineer don't forget. I'm use to making mistakes myself as I don't use spellchecks, etc either. I'm glad you agree with his points though, I was starting to worry about you:) And I think the emotion in his writings overcome any bad grammar.

  6. I hope this guy has tenure! And, sadly, I hope he has someone x-raying his mail. I wish more figures in education would speak out like this, but the threats and intimidation have been very effective in silencing real criticism of the Religion of Peace. Three cheers for Prof. Wichman!

  7. I agree with his position on the protest. We have every right to satire Islam, even if that means depicting the Prophet - he's not MY Prophet, I don't have to obey any rules about picturing him. I respect religion wherever possible, but I do so voluntarily, and not because somebody's protesting me. I will counter protest any day of the week for my freedom of speech.

    As for the rest of the email, its rather obvious that this Professor should stick to Mechanical Engineering.

    This statement in particular SCREAMS ignorance: " I counsul you dissatisfied, agressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Moslems."

    There are 1.5bn Muslims in the world, if he's calling them all uncivilized then he might as well be making a condemnation about the whole damn human race. And what the hell is up with the slave trading Moslems business?

    If he's referring to the Ottoman participation in that system, what the hell did he think Europeans were doing, drinking tea with Africans?

    And lastly, he needs to shove this "love it or leave it" bull right down his pie hole. The first amendment protects protests as well as satirical/'offensive' cartoons.

    And since when is the democratic expression of a group of minorities in America considered "infantile"?

    Maybe he should go back to HIS ancestral homeland instead of troubling the damn Native Americans.

  8. Interesting.. Obviously Dr. Wichman knows nothing what he is talking about. He is confusing "Islam" with "Moderate Muslims". Those are two different things. Generlizing like that not only triggers protests but hate and more violence. What if I just say "All Jews are wussies who complain of a holocaust, They wouldn't stop bitching about, Get over it". I am sure many Jews even who don't agree with pro Jew policies would be outraged.

    Like it or not, It was Colonial Europe and later America that triggered this sense of national and religion pride. Any reader of history sees a clear shift in Muslim state policies and number of capital punishments before and after the crusades. The "West" made them tougher and harder and more arrogant.

    US and many countries in the world are rainbow countries now with all races and creeds and ideas. It is quite dumb for him to suggest "love it or leave it" as Steve stated.

    The whole Cartoons business is stupid, All sides were stupid in that affair. It only generated more hate of mmore stupid people (Muslims). Can't you see people? the whole generation regards the WW1, 1948, 1967, 1973, Camp David, Afghanistan, Saddam, Bin Laden, Muslim Brotherhood, Iraq, Syria, Iran etc all stabs in the Muslim body caused directly or indirectly by super powers. It generates hate. I wouldn't be fighting for Saddam or Islam, Imagine of foriegn forces went through Brooklyn and Washington hieghts, People wouldn't be fighting for Bush and Capitalist America, they would be fighting for their survival and self esteem, They wouldn't be fighting for racist churches in the South, they'd be fighting to keep the occupation out.

    Furthermore, I know this is hard to believe. But if I go and disrespect Islam in Netherlands, I am more likely to be killed there then I would be here in heart of Arabia. There are many reformers that call for a "seculer Islam" they are even Saudi endorsed. Mixing Islam in politics have made the whole world suffer. Instead of calling for "annihlation" of Islam, we should call for Seculerism and power the people.

    Nelson, The Emirate of Dubai is anything but Islamic, They have one of the most liberal places in the Middle East. They even had a Megadeth concert and J Lo is coming over and I am talking about MILIONS of people. Furthermore, Dubai being the richest in the world would have pumped a lot of money into a needy US economy and would have created more jobs and fulfilled the "Capitalist" dream. Unless you're a Socialist or a Blind bigot Hater I can't see why wouldn't you agree.

  9. The point of this letter was to bring to light that protesting the cartoons was in fact infantile because of the lack of protests going on to protest Islamic terrorism.
    After 9/11 the excuse I heard by Muslims and their sympathizers was that they didn't have the numbers to voice out properly against OBL and Al Qaeda.
    Obviously that isn't the case as viewed by the cartoon protests.
    Sure, the email was a little over the top and rhetorical(most emotional pieces are like this), but I figured out that he wasn't talking about ALL Muslims but just giving examples, however, it is easy to group Muslims together because they protest cartoons but remain pretty silent as a whole when it comes to protesting Radical Islam, it gives many in the West the idea that there isn't much separating the mindset of a Radical and "moderate" Muslim.

    GLO, your point that someone is more in danger in the West also shows the hypocrisy of Islamists. Remember, an Egyptian paper was first to publish pics of Mohammed in October, and the Muslim world was silent. The drawings of Mohammed didn't seem to bother them then.

    Also the comparison to the Holocaust is unfair. Innocents were murdered. The reason the Mohammed cartoons were popular is that it is no secret that Muslims are murdering innocents around the world in the name of Allah.

  10. Yes AJ I was just trying to make a point. The thing is over here. The people ae ignorant and they follow these pope like figures, Imams, who claim that they lead, led by their personal greed and power and they always wanted more than they needed.

    The cartoons really showed how intolerante Millions of Muslims are. Then again Islam was never moderate but there are moderate Muslims.

    The hypocrisy of these Muslims really shows when they claim the murders and terrors commited by "Americans" and the "Zionists" against the Iraqis and Palistinians. When you tell them about the victims of 9/11 and victims of suicide bombs in Israel and Jordon and Bali commited in the name of Allah they can't say a word. They are double faced.

    For your information, Last night Bahrain might have suffered it's first terrorist act. It was as small as Bahrai, 2 stun grenedes were placed in the Capital in the busiest and most expat filled area. Nothing was damaged. But it shows you if they can place those they can place the real deal..

    I always can claim it was ment for me as I was just 10 minutes away from it.

  11. Either you or Michael Jackson. You should do a piece about MJ and the reaction of Bahrainians to his presence there.

  12. Crap.. From all the things our isle is known by Michael Jackson... You know what I'll work on that..Thanks for the tip..

  13. "And they shed the LIBERAL bullshit in the media like water off a duck's back. "

    Aww, for a minute there you made sense. I'm very much a liberal and I very much agree with the orig. post. Good try, though.


    "And lastly, he needs to shove this "love it or leave it" bull right down his pie hole."

    Ramen to that. It's a dumbass statement when Bushbots use it, it's a dumbass statement no matter who uses it.

    "And since when is the democratic expression of a group of minorities in America considered "infantile"?"

    When it calls for the murder of others over cartoons.

    "Maybe he should go back to HIS ancestral homeland instead of troubling the damn Native Americans."

    Ramen again, but I know you stole that from me. ;)

  14. Heh... AJ, you gave me some great ideas.

  15. Apikoros baal korchoApril 27, 2006 5:33 PM

    If you followed the link to the Egyptian publication, you saw that Yaakov Kirschen, the writer of the Israeli cartoon series Dry Bones, linked up to the cartoons. It's already been made into a Jewish conspiracy theory, so why not make the most of it, right?

  16. Lya - Im not aware of the protests here in the US advocating violence, I saw one protest at UC Irvine, and they were advocating censorship. Therefore the idea that the protests are infantile strikes me as more polemics and insults than meaning anything.

    Its really important in debates like this not to mischaracterise what the opponent is asking for. The protesters are wrong, they are destroying what the 1st amendment stands for, but they shouldn't be compared to the gunmen in Gaza threatening to harm Europeans.

    There is a difference between violence and censorship, even if both are deplorable.

    Honestly, I've been unhappy with how the neo-cons have handled this issue as well. FOX news showed the Danish Cartoons but refused to show the South Park excerpt showing Jesus pooping on an American flag. This man, undoubtedly, said nothing when people called for the censorship of the Virgin Mary with dung on it.

    So, I really don't take him too seriously as a person who supports free speech w/respect to religious satire and art.

  17. Frances, English may not be his first language, even so, lots of Profs these days rely on spellchecks and grammar checks. He is a mechanical engineer don't forget. I'm use to making mistakes myself as I don't use spellchecks, etc either. I'm glad you agree with his points though, I was starting to worry about you:) And I think the emotion in his writings overcome any bad grammar.

    It just seems to me that his inability to correctly spell even simple words like "churches" betrays a less-than-impressive intellect. That might sound harsh, but I think most fourth graders can spell that word correctly. And, if you're going to write a public letter, you ought to at least employ the spellcheck feature.

    Each time I've written to the newspaper in my city, I spent an hour reading through the 250-word letter about 50 times, making sure every comma was where it should have been. I think I spellchecked each one thrice, too.

  18. Steve raises an interesting question.. Is a protest against free speech in considered free speech?

    Furthermore, Our Bahraini Government just declared yesterday and passed the law in Parliment that anything against said against Islam or God will be prosecuted. I don't have freedom to express.. If I go and protest I don't think I'll have my head on

  19. "Like it or not, It was Colonial Europe and later America that triggered this sense of national and religion pride. Any reader of history sees a clear shift in Muslim state policies and number of capital punishments before and after the crusades. The "West" made them tougher and harder and more arrogant." from GOL

    I usually agree with this guy's posts but I must take issue with that statement.
    I think that an alternative interpretation of the same historical record shows that "Muslim state policies" merely reflected a "more benevolent master" as long as the Muslim war machine was enjoying a string of victories. When they hit a "bump in the Jihad-road", thanks just as much (perhaps more) to non-Western India, as well as the West, we may see
    the same shift in policies. If we all surrender to their will, as they wish, they will probably smile at us more when they step off the elevator, too.

  20. I also agree the Dubai deal should have gone through. The US is NO safer with British companies owning the ports. I think people don't really understand what owning the ports even really means. US customs still controls what goes in or out of the country, that would not change one bit. It's like saying we should not allow Saudi airlines to fly into US airports because that would make the "airports safer". That's stupid. We should have let the deal go through because it was safe, and showed the US is not prejudicial in the international business arena.

  21. I agree with AJ this man wrote quick and with emotion. He misspelled is not the point, what we wrote is the point. Muslims in general and their organizations, ie CAIR, protest every time someone says anything bad about Muslims or Islam or their prophet. Yet they rarely protest, if at all, the destruction of human life.

    Just for the record.
    Islam invaded Europe way before the Crusades. The Crusades were a response. I am not a fan of the Crusades, they murdered more Jews in Europe than Muslims in Palestine.
    Slavery is still practiced in the Muslim countries. Sudan and Chad Christians are taken as slaves and are used in multiple Muslim countries. Also there is a moderate size trade in white slaves as well.
    If you belong to a religion be prepared for people to poke sticks at you and it. For centuries this has happened to any religion in the world. Muslims have been doing it to Christians and Jews alike for centuries.
    A large population of the Arab world condones and practices, honor killing, woman treated like property, force conversion, punishment for practicing other religions, the murder of innocent non-believers, terrorism and the strapping of bombs to children.

    Now the average person in the West does not agree with these actions. But we do not riot or protest every time something happens.

    The professor wrote an interesting letter whose content we can agree with. Maybe we do not agree with everything. We can always write our own letter and state our own views.

  22. Indeed, there are a billion muslims in the world, and only a fraction of those are militant. Unfortunately for the moderates and those who are largely indifferent, the militant radicals think nothing of using murder and violence to keep the rest quiet.

    I don't have a problem with muslims, but I have a real problem with Islam. It's an evil cult that has never found peace with any of its neighbors. While we should encourage the secular humanists in muslim countries, let us not lose sight of the fact that Islam itself is evil.

    As for those muslims who protest the use of satire against their cult, there's an old saying of my people that is apropos: fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.


  23. Anon, Yes it is true that the imperial motives of Islam are existent since the time of the prophet. Wether we like it or not Muhammed was a radical reformer of region which was obssessed with war, horses and burying their daughters alive. Read "History of God" by Karen Armstrong for more objective info.

    We can observe a radical change after the crusades. Science lost its position in greater Muslim Caliphate. Historical records show that the veil was not mandotry before it. Slavery also "increased" of Romans and Byzantines.

    Or perhaps maybe I'm just trying to say they were "cool" untill they had the crusades to piss them off.

    Texas, It is true, Slavery is widely practised in the Muslim world, but Chad and and Sudan aren't that much. The main source of slavery is Arabia, The GCC countries and their Sheikhs still own slaves, the type you see in movies. In fact a lot of the people here still call an African "Abd" which means slave or boy.

    Honour killing is highly practised and Jordan actually regulates it. But the GCC countries are becoming more liberal in those matters. Sex is widely practised. Bars and clubs homing prostitutes and condomns are wide spread. Women are better off in some extent in the Gulf then they are in Egypt and Jordan for instance.

    Huoston, Like they say there are moderate Muslims but there isn't a moderate Islam. These Muslims many of them as Muslim as the pope, when it comes to their prophet, they just burst out, ignorant of the real facts and just blindly following their Qaeda-blesser leader.

    Apathy is greatest sin, I still hold the Germans of 40s of not speaking out against the Nazi regime. Many liberal and seculer folk would rather just remain quite and not speak of it, holding their peace dearly. There is a movement rising though in Arabia as leftists and Marxists folk from 1970s are coming back and strongly opposing Islam but still we are few and many rather live than die a martyr for humanity

  24. I see that some of you are truly oblivous to the reason for the crusades in the first place and that was because the faithful christians were coming under attack and killed by the Muslims in the when trying to observe they holy days there in the Holy Land

    As to slave trade there are a few going on today and they are in Asia and Africa are the two major ones. Guess who controls those two why Muslims since they are still doing pirating off both coasts of Africa right now.

    Now as to why the moderate Muslims aren't talking out well many here aren't aware that it is part of their religion to not speak out against one of their own religion. This is part of being subserviant to their religion no matter how bad it is to others.

    There are parts of the Bible that are quite similar in their statments about infidels or those not part of their faith. The problem is that we have come out of those dark ages (Or least tried) and yet the Muslims have not as a faith. They had until a certain group preached Jihad a long time ago to keep from losing their grip on the people.

    You must remember that Mohammed was Illiterate and someone had to write down his statments for him and then read them back to him to make sure it was what he said. There was no pattern to his speech and this is what made them so confusing to people because they were part if his ramblings just like that of Edgar Cayce's. It took a major counsel of the faithful to come up with the Quoran as we see it now and that was many years after Mohammed's death. It was only during Saladin times did they make copies of the Quoran and made sure that everyone could read it before that no one could read it because they were that illiterate. So when you don't hear any protest against such attocities it is because they are obeying their faith to not complain of those of their faith. I don't like it but it is their faith not to critize such behavour in their people. I must also say the Muslim foot soldiers were more literate then many of the Knights that fought with Richard the Lionhearted after the Second Crusades

    As far as the Muslims attacking into Europe yes they did long before the Crusades. The Spanish had finally stopped them before the Pyrennes and it took them a very long time to take it all back.

    I had 11 friends in the WTC on 9/11 and I had the DC Sniper stay in my apartment parking lot only because I had the American flag displaying outside my Apartment and he chose to stay in the area because one of my neighbors was a Muslim. Did that Muslim Family know of this person Atrocities? No, I think the family was just being a Good Samaritan to one of their faith and that they met at the local mosque here in Richmond. Just as someone would come up to you in your faith asking for a cheap place to stay only to allow them a place to stay the night.

    GOL I am sorry that you can't protest against such things but it is getting that way here where Conservatives are being told to shut up because the Liberals here don't like the real truth but what is homogenized for them like website like MoveOn.org and others. This is where Hate Crime is all about here anything a conservative states is considered a hate crime or racists here. but thru my years of living in different areas of America and seeing the hypocrits of the Left are the true racists because they are the ones that create rules that not everyone can follow unless you become a socialist. These same sort of laws were enacted by a certain European country in the 30's until they were soundly defeated in World War II.

    I had a friend of mine that I worked with that had himself mailed out of Egypt to get away from being conscripted into war with Israel. He is a Coptic and you know how much they are condemned in Egypt even today. I had another friend that was an Iranian Jew and got out of Iran as quickly as he could back in the Mid 70's and you can imagine what he and his family went thru.

    The issue at hand is that these are criminals are using Religion as a front to control the people since they don't like the ability of the People to control their own future since they are the ones that can't control the people.


  25. For God's loyal opposition: Nothing the professor said can possibly "trigger more hate" The radical Muslims have enough hate for us to fill the world twice over. That is a naive statement. There are no conditions under which you risk a Muslim terrorist killing you - such as - speaking out about their religion, writing cartoons, or dropping their Koran - all you have to do is breathe. You need to get a clue - they just plain hate us.