April 28, 2006


I don't specialize in this subject, but I have written quite a few pieces on the topic of Radical Islam and Arab intolerance. My most controversial piece was on my attempt to explain Arab insanity and intolerance.

There are plenty of great resources on the net right now that take Radical Islam by the jugular vein. The biggies on this topic are Little Green Footballs and Jihad Watch.
Of course there are many others that aren't as well known and many I don't know about yet. Any hoot, here are the ones I know about, and that post regularly, and that I find very informative:

The Jawa Report doesn't seem to miss too much.
The Infidels Bloggers Alliance is excellent, and just got better with the addition of The Elder of Ziyon as a contributor. Elder specializes in articles about Israel and Jews that may have escaped mainstream media, as does Israpundit.
No Dhimmitude has a Canadian slant on the War on Terror included.
Rantings of a Sandmonkey is a must see site.
Atlas Shrugs takes no prisoners.
The Pub Philosopher gives a good UK slant.
OBL better not meet The Anti-Jihad Pundit in a dark alley.
The Global War on You Know Who has great wit and great posts.
Clarity and Resolve is pretty much to the point as is Bareknucklepolitics.
A wake-up blog for Muslims can be found at The Guilt of Most Arab Muslims.
My Vast Wing Right Conspiracy has to be mentioned here of course. Beth is a cool Fundy.
You say you want cartoons, well then try The Study of Revenge.
A good place to rant about the culture of death is Rantburg.
A couple of friends from the Yahoo board wars against Islam and anti-semites have recently started very informative blogs and are worth checking out: A March of Folly and Eye on the World.

The Far Left would do themselves a great service by checking out these blogs and attempting to get a grasp on REALITY.


  1. Thanks for posting those links gonna be a great insight. May I ask the bloggers if they ever come here, Have you had any experience with Islamic school and actually studying it in earlier parts of your life?

  2. What are you talking about in terms of the far left?

    I don't think their is a person in the world who doesn't think that RADICAL Islamists are a problem.

    What most people have a problem with is the total bashing of a particular religion and blaming EVERYTHING on that religion.

    What most people have a problem with is people not being able to seperate RADICAL from mainstream. Taking a look at some of these sites and blogs, these people look like a bunch of pschizophrenic lunies paranoid of the big bad Islamists.

    **crossing my arms**
    **stomping my foot**
    **looking up at the ceiling, waiting for your bitch rant :)**

  3. You hit the high-lights with your referrals, mate, and I thank you for listing me as well. It's funny to realise that I've known some of these bloggers for years now, like Patrick at C, and R., and others like Derek whom I met before he was famous and like Elder with whom I have a mutual friend.

    I raise this because I am also involved in trying to bring people to the table in a direct sense, in bringing people to meet person to person in person. I've been active at jihadwatch for two years now, writing as sonofwalker there, in the effort to organise a world-wide defence those who would destroy us and also against those who don't have a clue about the issues involved but who feel they must make comment-ettes regardless.

    This brings me to my point: Each Thursday evening from 7-9:00pm we meet face to face at the Vancouver Public Library in the atrium to try to organise an effective resistence agianst dhimmitude and Left dhimmi fascism. We do this in conjunction with and more in sympathy with the French "Revolution Bleu." We have meetings from Alabama to Vancouver, from Sydney to Paris, from New York to Montreal and elsewhere. We'd like to extend our meetings by extending our invitations to you and all others who have a clear understanding of the nature of our struggle against fascist Islam and Left dhimmi fascism.

    Yes, even the babe with the boobs is sort of welcome. Hey, why not?

    Again, mate, thanks for the mention. Always good to read your dialogues with Derek.

    Regards, Dag.

  4. Pimpette, these bloggers are just finding news stories in most cases. The problem with the line between moderate Muslims and terrorist Muslims is that the moderate Muslims keep as silent as the Radical ones when something gets blown up.

    Dag, the left needs to be educated about Islam as does the Christian Right when it comes to real science.

  5. I don't know what's it with you and the Left?? "Left Dhimmi Fascism".. Dude I don't know your background but like Jerry Seinfeld said "you can't make fun of something of you're not part of it". I wonder if any of you read Bin Baaz instead of Salman Rushdie..

  6. Thanks for the link, although I am not so much dangerous as you say in your post. ;)

    I had been reading your blog for so much now, since they linked you in IBA of which I am also contributor.

    Blueslord-Spanish Eowyn-The Anti-Jihad Pundit.

  7. GLO, there are two major types of Lefties. Lefties, generally are those who want equal rights (good) and free choice (good).
    What differentiates the two tyes is that one group continuously blame the victim, and cannot grasp the reality that Radical Islam, for instance, is a threat. These Lefty whackjobs make excuses for why the victims are to blame, or mostly to blame.
    And they put too much blame on the state as an excuse for those who suffer(this is true of most Lefties).

  8. Yet to meet a Lefty who is like you say.. but then again all I meet are USSR based expats who have either done their studies there or have actually lived there.. I guess they are pretty right.

  9. BEAJ - I don't think your definition of the "lefties" is accurate. For example, you say that lefties prefer "free choice" does this mean they are for free trade (including outsourcing and using third world labor?), and then you say they are for "equal rights" but does this mean that they are against Affirmative Action?

    In general, liberals believe in more constraint than agency in the choices of people. They believe people rob banks because their are institutional and systemic factors affecting, for example, the African American community. And while there exists some choice, the odds are stacked against them.

    Conservatives, by contrast, seem to think that we have TOTAL agency in our choices. Yeah you're poor, no education, no police in your area, but hey if you fail its YOUR FAULT you had every chance I did to get into Harvard.

    I side more with the left, obviously, but I aknowledge the limitations and problems of suggesting that people bear no responsibility for their actions. I think we are responsible for what we do, but don't be surprised that uneducated, poor, oppressed, and under-represented minorities may end up in jail whereas Bobby, rich white dude in Orange County, winds up an investment banker.

  10. God's loyal Oppostion, I read your comment a number of times in the hope the fog would lift. I admit I'm just not smart enough to make sense of anything you wrote. To me it's uncomprehensible. I must be stupid.

    The reference ot the flat earther, Baaz? I suspect that's some kind of joke, but then I also think Rushdie is at least as not funny. but then, I likely am stupid and need you to think for me. Too bad I don't have you around all the time. How will I ever live a meaningful life without you? I guess I just won't.

  11. Maybe you should become Muslim then.. No offence mate. I didn't mean it like that. It's just I check out your websites: Jihad Watch, Religion of Peace, Dhimmi Watch and all that. I know you put alot of hard work into it then again any educated Muslim can easily counter that and assert your point. In many cases you actually put half truths such as false Hadiths and others than can easily can be shown in "Ilm El Hadith" that they are not to be trusted. Bin Baaz I don't know if you guys know him but he was the latest "Mufti" cheif scholar of Saudi. Many see this sheep herder as Islam's Imam for the 20th century.

    All I am saying. That many of you put up millions of holes in your arguments regarding facts about Islam and Islamic State's history. Many of your sources are not considered acredited among the Muslim scholars. While you can easily find atrocities in their own books such Ibn Hisham's Biography of the Prophet. Also "Tafseer Jalalain" which is considered the most powerful explaniation of the Quran.

    Now I know I'm all that. It's just I have had first hand Wahaabi education. Even spent sometime in Afghanistan, I kid you not.

    Keep up the good work. End "Religion" not just Islam from our states and schools

  12. Bacon - google - muslims against terrorism.

    You've seen me post these links over and over on the mb. Next CAIR has a petititon going in regards to terrorism since 9/11. Their is a scholars site dedicated to the Muslim reaction (within the ME) and it sure does portray an image that we as North Americans haven't seen, all I keep seeing is those damn dancing Palestinians.

    I find sites like Jihadwatch no better than nazi sites that are devoted to slandering the talmud and torah. Thanks, but no thanks.

    GLO - you are absolutely right - a lot of the stuff is half truths and even falsities, but that doesn't matter to your typical dog - he'll use it anyway.

  13. G.L.O., I haven't got a single response to make to your post. I am honestly stumped.

    Other one above, I have to say I'm not even there with you in spirit. I wouldn't last in such a cold, dark, and empty space.

    The cruelty of nature is that it doesn't make the suffering aware. Sometoimes I think the worse the pain the less the hurt, and I'm sort of right, but first one has to reach the point of suffering so great that it's forever gone afterward, and I suggest you missed it, at least so far. That is a cruelty, and I don't care.

  14. Can't say I am farleft. I am probably left of you though. No doubt fundamental islam fuels the violence associated with terrorist attacks upon the west. Fundamental christianity still owns most of the nuclear weapons though and has shown the most desire to use them. I remain a peace loving atheist who sees the religious world as the breeding ground for potential homicidal maniacs.

  15. Hey! Thanks! (I'm not a fundie, though!) ;-)

  16. Beth, I define a Fundy as someone who believes in a Young Earth and/or thinks evolution is bull crap.
    I keep it simple.
    I get the impression you fall into at least one of those categories, however, I haven't confirmed it from your writings either, so I could be wrong.

    Thanks for leaving comments here. Because many of the commenters are Atheist, I have to deal with many terror Apologists.

    Actually, one main reason why I was approached to do some pieces on Freethought Radio was because of my radical/realistic POV on the War on Terror.

  17. Next CAIR has a petititon going in regards to terrorism since 9/11.

    You don’t mean the same CAIR that photoshoped--ala Uncle Joe--hijabs on men and women for their website because their conference didn’t look Islamic enough? Surely you’re not referring to the same CAIR that was founded by former members of the Islamic Association of Palestine, a front group for Hamas? You can’t possibly be referring to the same CAIR that receives charitable donations from known terrorist financiers? I wonder if you refer to the same CAIR that ranks among its former employees those convicted of conspiring with known terrorist entities? Could you be referring to the same CAIR that counts Ibrahaim “I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future” Hooper as it’s spokesperson? Did you know that CAIR lost their anti-defamation suit against Andrew Whitehead because they couldn’t adequately defend themselves against any of those charges, and more? Yet you expect us to take seriously a petition against terrorism from an entity founded, financed and staffed by terrorists? And Charlie Manson recently spoke out against serial killings.

    I find sites like Jihadwatch no better than nazi sites that are devoted to slandering the talmud and torah.

    If taking Muslims at their word and identifying all of those passages from the Koran, hadith and 1400 years of Islamic jurisprudence that call for the subjugation of all non-Muslims (as well as running stories which show the historical and contemporaneous application of those teachings) makes one a Nazi, what does that make the Muslims?

  18. I don't think their is a person in the world who doesn't think that RADICAL Islamists are a problem.

    I guess you also missed the Left's favorite intellectual Chomsky's interview on Arab TV wherein he shilled for Hamas; you know, those "radical Islamists" democractically elected by those peace-lovin' non-radical Palestinians; the ones who are more reasonable and more interested in peace than the U.S. and Israel?

    Maybe ask another of the Left's favorite mouthpieces, George Galloway, what he thinks of the "Radical Islamists"? Maybe ask all of those British Muslims that threatened Europe with brank, spanking new Holocausts over cartoons what they think constitutes a "Radical Islamist" and if they'd have a problem with them.