April 3, 2006


VIEWING THE ABOVE CLIP MAY CAUSE FUNDIES TO ACTUALLY THINK. I doubt many will be able to laugh at it. Most of them will just get angry or defensive.

No Atheist site is complete without this video.
Of course, having this video on your site doesn't mean your site is necessarily complete either. That would be Fundy logic.

Anyone interested in the basis for this clip. The original script can be found here.

Here are some Hankisms and how Hank may be interpretted by other faiths and even the faithless.


  1. Heh! whata ending! LOL!

  2. That's hilarious! Very clever use of metaphor throughout.

  3. That was great. Very witty!

  4. Hahaha. I have never seen that before. It is freaking hilarious :)

    John: "Wieners, in buns, no condiments. It's Hank's way. Anything else is wrong." haha

  5. Like the video above, its a nice way for atheists to make themselves feel good, but it doesn't address anything but the most simplistic form of religious that any thinking person would realize that few people follow

  6. Anon, you must be in the dark. 45% of Americans believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that evolution is false.
    If you fall in that category, you are deluded too.
    Yes this video makes me feel good, if it doesn't make you feel good, you are a sad person.

  7. What this website/these videos/most stuff similar do is knock people who do not claim loyalty to the scientific system by saying "Hey! Your ideas do not hold up to the scientific system! Amazing" and then you can pat yourself on the back and think that those 65-IQ fundies will come crawling back. There are many whose religion is primarily not consisting of "onto-religion" (which makes claims about history) but of another type that is more complex and has to do with a lifestyle. The video seems like it was made by three 15-year-old atheists who were embittered by some "fundies" and think that now they are intellectual.

    45% of Americans think that evolution didn't happen etc... 80% of Americans are religious? What is going on with those 35%?

  8. Anon,theistic evolution is a strong belief in America. Around 40% of Americans believe in an ancient earth, evolution and God. Ken Miller who defeated ID in Dover is a Catholic.
    Still, there is no proof that God ever existed, because people believe in it, doesn't make it true.

    Personally, I'm a Realist. And I know for a fact that nobody can prove God.

    To me, this was hilarious. To you it attacked your fears and made you angry.

  9. Right so if 40-45% (I assume if you gave me two answers in two posts either you are two people or you are not exactly sure) belive in theistic evolution and about double that number believe in God, then you must admit that belief in God is not isomorphic with rejecting science.

    And I agree no one can prove God. A significant percentage (what #? I won't make up #s I don't know) of religious people would agree that a spiritual being is unprovable. Whats your point?

    It attacked no fears of mine. My religiousity is not based on random priests/rabbis/imams tellign me that I will go to Hell if I don't believe in them. It more attacked my beliefs that people are intelligent and open-minded. I saw you from a comment you made on JewishAtheist, where actual arguements and intellectuals discussions occur. I expected the same from here. It was more a post of disappointment

  10. Depends on the thread Anon. We have some good discussions here, however, my site is more of a humor one.
    My point on God being unprovable is pretty easy to figure out. Why believe in something unprovable? God is a mna made concept to deal with our insecurities that someone must have all the answers and that this life can't just be it.

  11. Why believe in something unprovable? God is a mna made concept to deal with our insecurities that someone must have all the answers and that this life can't just be it.

    As long as people are not making ontological claims about history, why does that bother you?

  12. It only bothers me that people buy it for no really good reason. It is really irrational.
    However, I would take a world full of Theistic Evolutionists any day.
    In fact, if it wasn't for Fundies, there would probably be a lot less Atheists.
    My contention is that most people grow up assuming a God. It is the Fundies with their belief in a young earth and their hogwash excuses for the Ark and their dismissal of evolution that creates so much doubt that Atheism is explored, and in many cases accepted.