November 15, 2006

The Arab Word For Humiliation Is Victory

It seems that the Arab world loves to take English words and give absurd definitions to them to suit their purposes. Take words like anti-semite, land, and victory for instance. For more, see this mini-dictionary.
Aside from that, for the most part, they take realities like 9/11 and the Palestinian plight, and find all kinds of other ways to point fingers, blame others, and invent conspiracy theories. The culture does not take responsibilities for their own actions ever, it seems.
This video cracks me up. Like a fossil find that fits evolution theory, this interview with Samir 'Ubeid, an Iraqi researcher living in Europe, completely fits my above observations and expectations. He is talking about Nobel prizes and the fact that Jews have won 167 of them, while Arabs have won 4.

Here is the hilarious transcript:

Samir 'Ubeid: I don’t call it the Nobel prize – I call it the "Hubal" [idol] prize.

Interviewer: Hubal?

Samir 'Ubeid: Yes, because it often encourages heresy. It encourages attacks against the heritage, and encourages those who scorn their people and their culture. The proof is that it was awarded recently to Pamuk, who had encouraged civil strife, which might preoccupy Turkey and the Muslims in general. He held Turkey responsible for what the Ottoman state did, when he referred to the massacre of the Armenians.


Interviewer: In other words, if you are a traitor to your country, you deserve this prize.

Samir 'Ubeid: If you are a traitor to your country, and a heretic, who curses his Prophet, you deserve a Nobel Prize.


Why has the prize been awarded to 167 Jews, and to only four Arabs out of 380 million Arabs – and all four are considered traitors? For example, Al-Sadat got the prize during the normalization process, and as a price for Camp David, together with Begin, who carried out the Deir Yassin massacre, and who was in the "Hagana" gangs. Later, the prize was awarded to [Ahmad] Al-Zewail, in order to buy his invention, and Al-Zewail has disappeared since.

Interviewer: You mean the Egyptian Ahmad Al-Zewail?

Samir 'Ubeid: Yes, the Egyptian chemist. The prize was also awarded to Mohamed ElBaradei, and in this case, it is soaked in the blood of the Iraqi children and people.


Mother Teresa was brought, along with a group of people like her…

Interviewer: Some say the prize was awarded to her for her missionary activity in Africa, India, and so on...

Samir 'Ubeid: Let’s assume she was righteous, according to the logic of the media, which is now controlled by the Jews and Hollywood. When they awarded the prize to Teresa, they were trying to award an "artificial hymen" or "artificial honor" to this prize. My colleague said that there is democracy. What democracy is there, if out of 1.5 billion Chinese, only two or three were awarded the Nobel? If you examine the Russian scientists and writers, who shook the world with their literature and their knowledge... What about Sakharov, what about Tolstoy? In addition...

Interviewer: But Sakharov was awarded the Nobel prize.

Samir 'Ubeid: I meant Chekhov. Chekhov! Chekhov!


Are we Arabs not included in the transfer of the scientific genetic code? We, the descendants of Al-Khawarizmi, Al-Jahez, Al-Razi, Avicenna, and Ibn Al-Haytham – are we all born idiots? Is there not a single scientist among us? Are we not included in the genetic code? Is intelligence not transferred down among us Arabs?

Interviewer: Scientific creativity occurs in freedom and democracy, brother.

Samir 'Ubeid: Democracy does not explain how it was awarded to 167 Jews, from among those 15 million scattered around the world, while abandoning 1.5 billion Chinese, a billion Indians, and 380 million Arabs. This is racism.


The [Grameen] bank for the poor won the prize because some of its shareholders are giants like Haliburton and others.


They infiltrated this bank, which became in the pocket of the Freemasons. This prize stems from the core of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


Maybe one should revisit one of my more infamous posts. I answered a lot of Samir's key questions in it.

I have an idea, maybe a "Palestinian scientist" can find the unique gene that allows a Palestinian to retain refugee status over 4 generations.

The Arab world is a culture in denial.

H/T: Villagers With Torches and Eye on the World.


  1. "This prize stems from the core of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

    In a way, he is right.

    The fact that they believe the Protocols to be authentic demonstrates the type of mentality that will always live in darkness.

    Incedently, there are many brilliant successful Arab scientists. They just happen to be called "Americans". Go figure. :)

  2. When I hear things like that interview, I have to wonder just what planet the Arab elites are on. Because it sure isn't this on!

  3. Islam is a terrorist organization, and if you don't believe me just listen as the islamo-vermin themselves say so.

  4. Dr. Sanity, a great blogger who is usually too complicated for me to grasp, has a very interesting take.

    ..."The psychodynamic explanation has been discussed many times on this blog, and it is a psychological defense mechanism called projection--which in more extreme and bizarre forms is referred to a paranoia. And this cultural projection and paranoia serves a very important purpose for the culture: it allows them to maintain a delusional sense of grandiosity and superiority, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary in the real world. Thus, they never have to confront their own inadequacies and failures. If everything is the fault of the Jews, then the solution is to eradicate the Jews and all will be well!"

    The more I analize the conflict between the west and Islam, the more I appreciate the importance of ideas.

    On another topic, if you guys aren't reading the impressive Muslim blogger Umar Lee, you should check it out. He is a true believer convert, but not afraid to address sensitive issues within his community. Very brave and honest guy. Even more impressive, he once embraced jihad but now stands up for jews and takes heat for it (he took a trip to Israel that changed his view).

    One comment on his blog I cannot get out of my mind is from "bibliophile" which goes:

    ..."It’s a bitter irony that they have to go to the non-Muslims lands to be free to practice the deen.

    I looked around the world and found Canada to be the BEST. There is no Muslim land currently that we could migrate to and truly SETTLE and become citizens.

    ...I do however have an issue with people who come to the west and don’t get involved in the society in good and constructive ways (not partying and all that rubbish), and just want to huddle in ghettos and mosques. Especially if the country saved your life by giving you refugee status. You owe them something and the best thing you can give them is Islam, which includes da’wah and doing good in the society by getting involved in social issues and peaceful activism."

    This too me has increadible implications. She is a kind Muslim individual who greatly values the freedoms and rights ONLY available in the kaffir world. And yet, she is obvlivious to the danger of turning Canada Islamic. Truly utopian.

    I wonder if communists had the same attitude when they escaped the Soviet hellhole. "This time, it will work!"

    It is so difficult for a culture, any culture, to accept the fact that the problem is not geography but rather the flawed ideas they subscribe to.

  5. Sheesh. Haven't they worked out that the protocols are a fake yet?

  6. Protocols a fake?! Oh no!

    Does that mean this isn't serious either?!

    Oh woe! All my illusions shattered...


  7. Notice how this guy has got commenters to use the term "they" to describe Arab Muslims?

    Bringing up the fact that only 4 Arabs have won Nobel prizes, and the laughable excuses this guy makes for it, makes it easy to conclude that "their" culture sucks big time.

    Michael Bains, I'm a double agent. I am a member of Jewish organization that controls the world, as well as the Atheist organization that controls the world.