January 17, 2007

It Is All About Me

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I got tagged again. This time, by Krystalline Apostate, for the Five Things About Me meme. On this blog and in my blog profile, I have revealed pretty much everything I wanted to reveal about me to date, but I will play the game like a good boy. I'll go with some trivial things about me:

1) I went to York University for 3 years but I didn't earn a BA. I majored in Psychology, and I enrolled in enough Psyche classes to get my BA, but in my third year, I took a course to do with computer stats and psychology. When I found out in the first class that because we were not computer students, we would have to take a backseat to anyone majoring in computer courses (I still think we were using punch cards back in 1983), and we might have to wait up to 3 hours when we had to use the few computers available on the campus. I quickly changed courses. The Psych courses that appealed to me were full, so I wound up taking World Geography. It was my intention at the time to come back in the fourth year and take nothing but Psych courses and earn a Masters, but during my third year, I got disillusioned with the idea of never leaving school. I figured that with a Masters I would wind up with a university position, so I decided to quit after the third year. I got a low B average (70) overall, and passed all 15 courses I took over the three years. And I have never lied about this on my resume.

2) I've never had a real driver's licence (I've had 3 temporary licences). I hate admitting this one. It really is a matter of not pursuing it enough. I have a brother who is a year younger than me, who couldn't wait to get his license when he turned 16, and he became all the wheels I needed for a few years. I did attempt to get a real licence (not just a temporary one) when I took a driving test when I was 25. Because of my age and the fact I didn't take any accredited driving courses, I failed...at least this is what I think. Then I moved from the burbs to downtown Toronto, where a car is a liability. Recently, upon moving to a small town, I have figured I could use a licence (even though I work from home), so I may give it a whirl. I have a temp right now. I even used my temp illegally to drive to Atlantic City once....20 years ago.

3) I'm a day older than Wayne Gretzky. I used to play basketball with the same creativity he played hockey, only I was too short (5' 11") and too slow to gain recognition.

4) I had sex on a public beach at around midnite on a Greek Island when I was 26. Lots of shooting stars (no light pollution). My victim was an English nurse. She was sympathetic to the fact that my then girlfriend broke up with me on another Island. Lots of people were on the beach, some only 10 feet away.
I still regret caring for that ex-girlfriend enough just before the final breakup on Ios to not take advantage of a certain situation. Our room was next to the room of two Swedish girls. My girlfriend stormed out to go to a bar, so I knocked on the Swedish girl's room because I needed someone to talk to. They apologized for not coming to the door quickly because they were in the middle of taking "Eve pictures." Instead of pursuing my natural instincts, I decided to whine about my current relationship. What a shmuck I was. I could have had too Swedish girls at once, and one was really hot. I mean really hot. I wound up going out partying with them, but ended up bumping into my ex. I did her one more time for the road. But I was thinking about the Swedish hottie.
I also had sex on a major hotel beach in daylight in Aruba with my then girlfriend, and now wife. It was in waist high water, and the nearest person to us had to be 30 feet away. It probably just looked like we were making out passionately, and madly in love, to anyone who happened to glimpse at us.
Oh yeah, my wife never reads my blog.

5) Up until recently, I co-owned race horses. The business became uneconomical for me, so I don't own any at this time. I am very knowlegable when it comes to horse racing, and I'm not just saying that. I haven't blogged about horse racing here, but I do have another blog that I contribute to. Cangamble is just a way to keep my employers informed more or less, in case they miss something.

I hate tagging real people so I will tag God, Jesus, Moses, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny.

Added bonus pic. I just got a digital camera (so expect more pics). Jake and Daisy are pictured in this one. Jake (part border collie and probably part lab) is a recent acquisition. My youngest brother adopted Jake from an old lady who was shipped to an old folks home a couple of years ago. Jake is basically crippled in the back legs (he is big and old, probably 10 or 11). In October, my brother moved to a house with lots of stairs, and Jake couldn't handle them. My house has a large main floor and it is only a couple of stairs to a big backyard.
I don't know how he makes it on the couch because he can't do more than 2 stairs, but he is able to somehow use his back legs as temporary leverage.
He is our resident garbage can when it comes to food scraps. We don't feed scraps to Daisy....she is much too special for scraps.
Jake has close to no personality. I'm not bonding with him at all, but my wife gives him enough attention for the both of us.


  1. Ooh! Two Swedish Girls and you blew it? Arrrgh. You'll be regretting that for the rest of your life. Glad to hear that the wife doesn't read your blog!

  2. Dang - no driver's licence, I'd be so lost!

  3. Don't feel bad about the DL thing. I didn't get a real 1 till I was 31. Those 'Highway of Death' movies did a little too good of a job when I was a kid: I wanted nothing to do w/it.
    Good thing your wife doesn't read the blog.
    Cute dog.

    I hate tagging real people so I will tag God, Jesus, Moses, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny.

    I guess w/this meme, it's hit an evolutionary dead end, ey? ;) Hehehehe.

  4. I got my license within 7 months of turning 16 (long before graduated licensing) My friends were appalled that I had waited so long. I don't know how you survive without one in a small town though. T.O. has great public transit but it's not like that everywhere

  5. Instead of pursuing my natural instincts, I decided to whine about my current relationship. What a shmuck I was. I could have had too Swedish girls at once, and one was really hot

    Ohhhhh, the ones that got away! And the longer you stay married, they just get further & further away, don't they?

    Nice move on the beach with the nurse though. Nicely done. I got a BJ in Central Park in broad daylight once, but I think your story blows it away.

    (Pun unintended, but not changing it now that I see it!)

  6. Amish, I would have settled on one Swedish girl.

    Lisa, you Maritimers start everything early.

    KA, I'm not worried or scared about driving. I just not motivated.

    Jeannie, the thing is that I can cycle to the end of the city within 30 minutes here. But it is a tad cold for my bike right now:)

    Mike, as every day passes I grow more and more sure that I could have closed the deal on those two Swedish girls. That is what is really frustrating.

  7. sure that I could have closed the deal on those two Swedish girls

    The "Eve pictures" comment was the dead give away. Live & learn . . . and masturbate, if you like that monogamy thing.

    Or at least accept it.

    Which I do.


  8. I too have had sex in the water. Once. It was pretty cool. Though Sue Johanssen of Sex With Sue (she's been on Tyra a couple of times) says its not a good idea, as the thursting pushes water into places inside the woman its not meant to go.

    And, I hate to tell you, the feeling of missing something with the Swedish gals will never go away, in fact it will only expand in your psyche. Things I missed out on come back to me stronger the older I get, and I'm 46.

  9. Joe, I'm familiar with Sue. Used to listen to her show when I was in my late teens on FM radio in TO. The pushing water thing is on something to do once in awhile. And our ancient animals were water animals, so it won't kill a woman.

    I'm going to be 46 in a week. I know what you mean. Living in the past already, and it will only get worse.

  10. Jake is adorable! Thank God (sorry) for Mrs. Wino!

  11. Lisa:

    The blog host doesn't drive because he can leech off others, his life story. He even married outside his species so his wife works while he stays at home all day making sports bets, watching tv and hosting the mother of all shitty blogs.

  12. I'm glad you gave Jake a loving home, even if he doesn't ooze personality!

  13. Hey BEAJ, I didn't mean to sound critical. It popped into my head as I was writing. Sometimes tone and texture are lost on the screen. If I rubbed you the wrong way, I apologize.

  14. Joe, it didn't rub me the wrong way, it was just good observation on your behalf.

    Rondi, at least he has more personality than my budgie. I have no idea why a people have budgies or fish.