January 7, 2007

What Liberal Assmonkeys Don't Get About Israel

I like using the word "assmonkey." I want this blog to be the number one match when it comes to anyone searching the term on Google.

An assmonkey is someone who refuses to try to understand a concept or idea without fully understanding it, and takes actions based on their misunderstand or wilful ignorance of the facts. Action can include preaching and writing, as well as suicide bombings or demonstrations. An assmonkey can also be someone who supports assmonkeys. Yes, one can be an assmonkey by association.

One can be an assmonkey when it comes to a lot of things.

Religious assmonkey: those who oppose gay marriage because of religious reasons or someone who uses their book of God to override scientific fact (there are many more examples of religious assmonkeys).

Arab/Muslim assmonkey: an Arab/Muslim who supports suicide bombings for any reason; Arab/Muslims who refuse to understand and point the finger at who really is responsible and in many cases invent conspiracy theories and/or readily believe them.

Anti-semitic assmonkey: do a search of Mark Glenn assmonkey to see what I mean.

Liberal assmonkeys: much like the Arab/Muslim assmonkey, the Liberal assmonkey has a very hard time figuring out who the real victim is (or underdog), because they have an overwhelming tendency to believe, that automatically, the victim or underdog is the person or group that cries victimhood the most, and in most cases has less material goods than those they are whining about. They also have a tendency to allow these "victims" to be as blameless as humanly possible. Liberal assmonkeys believe rapes, suicide bombings, and even murder MUST have been MOSTLY caused by THE MAN, SOCIETY, or, THE GOVERNMENT.

I'm pretty much a Liberal when it comes to most causes and issues, but I'm not a Liberal Assmonkey. I look at all situations on a individual basis and as objectively as I can. If I don't have enough information, I really don't like to comment on it or make assumption. I ask a lot of questions, and I do a lot of Google searches when I'm in doubt.

I think anyone who questions Israel's right of existence is either extremely biased or just doesn't have enough information.

Without repeating myself too much, I have already written a post about my secular justification for Israel. I will now reiterate the main points and add a few new ones:

1. Jews in Europe in the late 1800's were facing growing anti-semitism. It was mostly ethnic in nature and not religious, but at a time when most Jews were also religious to a much larger degree than today, religion did play a bigger part in it than it did at the time of Nazi Germany. So Jews began to lobby for their own space where they could be treated as equals. The Palestine region was the birthplace of Judaism and it was also relatively empty. There were only 500,000 inhabitants on the same land that has 9 million inhabitants today.

2. The Palestine region was not sovereign territory. This is a biggie. Check out a world map. Look at the boundaries. Pick any. Find me one sovereign nation that was created where MIGHT DIDN'T MAKE RIGHT. "Might" can include negotiations and lobbying with the previous controllers of the non sovereign land, and of course, war. The formula for every sovereign (independent) state in the world is: MIGHT MAKES RIGHT UNTIL SOVEREIGN. Why do Liberal Assmonkeys expect Israel to be the only nation on this planet to have been formed where every one of the natives were happy?

3. Migration: Demographics change everywhere. Except, for some reason, they are not supposed to change in the Middle East, unless the change means getting rid of non Arabs/Muslims. Everywhere else:
Land is either owned and/or governed. That is it. That is how land works. Land is just dirt, plain and simple. Only 20% of the land controlled by Britain in 1947 was owned by Arabs, and only 3.3% by those who actually lived there. There is no such thing as Palestinian land, Muslim land, Arab land, Jewish land, Atheist land, Caucasian land, Christian land, etc. Jews migrating to the Palestine region were doing so mostly legally. And by 1947, an area that had a Jewish majority population was designated as the state that would have Jewish governance and in the future it would allow Jews who felt discriminated against anywhere on the planet a place of refuge.
BIG FRICKEN DEAL. Well, it was to the intolerant Arabs, and still is.
I'll ask the Liberal assmonkeys; why is it OK for Dearborn to become a Muslim majority city, but it was such a crime to humanity that certain areas of the Palestine region (which again was not sovereign) became mostly populated by Jews?
Read this before you answer.

4. Right of Return: First the obvious; most Palestinians alive today were not born within the sovereign portion of Israel. Here is my analogy:

If my grandfather had a mansion worth 1 million dollars in 1948, and he got upset because an Arab family moved in next door. His family members told him to go take a vacation for a week or two.
He decided to go to Vegas where he lost everything including his house.
And lets say my grandfather had to go rent somewhere else for the rest of his life.

Now the mansion is worth 50 million. Can I lay claim to the mansion?

Palestinian Arabs are the only people on this planet who claim to be genetic refugees.

One more fact for my Liberal Assmonkey friends. A very high percentage of Palestinian Arabs who left during the 1948 War of Independence were given the opportunity to come back, but refused because the Arab Mufti told them not to return. Read actual news clips here and here.
It was the neighboring Arab nations that began the 1948 war.

They didn't give a rats ass when it came to the indigenous Arabs. And they had no right to start a war in the Palestine region. It was not their business.

They were simply intolerant that a small chunk of land that had a Jewish majority in 1947 was to be partitioned off as a JEWISH GOVERNED state.

5. The West Bank and Gaza are up for grabs. Jordan gave up any rights they may have had to the West Bank in 1987. The lands in Gaza and the West Bank are NOT sovereign right now. They are still in the MIGHT WILL MAKE RIGHT category as far as land on this planet goes (Gaza, through lobbying and negotiation is now a Jew free zone). But Jewish settlers have every right to the land as Arabs do. At least to the land that is unowned. Why are Jews considered settlers there, but Arabs are not? In fact, Arabs are settlers in the West Bank too. Read this excellent analogy on the situation.

6. Claims of Apartheid: Israel does not have any obligation to give equal status to non citizens living on non sovereign lands. In Puerto Rico, the citizens there pay some taxes to the USA, but only those deemed Americans can vote in the US election.
The same was true in Hawaii until Hawaii became a state in 1959. Lets not forget that those living in Hawaii were not trying to blow up Americans, so the US treated them better than Israel treats the Palestinian assmonkeys.

7. Victimhood. The Palestinians may be victims, but they aren't victims of Israel.
They are victims Arab intolerance and the surrounding Arab countries. They are victims of their own leaders. Blaming Israel is ridiculous. IF THE PALESTINIANS/ARABS DROPPED THEIR WEAPONS THERE WOULD BE PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

Israel has been defending itself since it became a legal sovereign nation, yet Liberal assmonkeys buy into the lie that Israel is the aggressor. If you still believe this, go seek help.

Watch the Hamas brain trust in action:

Read the Sudanese Thinker's Thoughts on Zionism. Good stuff. He still doesn't get everything, but he is close.


  1. Nations as such don't really have rights. They're abstract entities representing the people they encompass. People have rights. And, unfortunately, Israel has a long history of expropriating private property, land which belonged to specific individuals. Israel's government didn't just take land from "Palestine" or from an area with an ill-defined governance status; it took land from its owners.

    This isn't in the same league with mass murder, and it's not unique to Israel (New London, Connecticut is notorious for having done the same thing), but it definitely counts against the Israeli government.


    Absolutely - that say's it all.

  3. Hey BEAJ,
    You forgot to mention that many of the "Palestinians" immigrated into the area from other countries in the region to take the jobs being created as a result of Zionists developing the country in the early part of the 20th century.
    Arafat and his Nazi assmonkey uncle the Mufti were from Egypt.

  4. Good luck on your quest to be the number one match.


    Ass Monkey

    Personally I’m a fan of the term “butt hole or butt hole surfer” however they have been defined to mean something fairly different from ass monkey.

    Here are a couple of links to video I found the other day on youtube that are living examples of serious ass monkeys.

    Palestinians using children as human shield

    Jihad gone wrong

  5. Gary, I think you have bit into Arab rhetoric. There have been some cases where individual land was illegally taken, but when found out, the government attempts to fix this.

  6. "The Palestinians may be victims, but they aren't victims of Israel.
    They are victims Arab intolerance and the surrounding Arab countries. They are victims of their own leaders."

    Right on. I've been saying this for years. They are the pawns of the Arab Muslim world.

  7. why is it OK for Dearborn to become a Muslim majority city, but it was such a crime to humanity that certain areas of the Palestine region (which again was not sovereign) became mostly populated by Jews?

    Because for all our faults, americans are not Palestinians? Most of us still frown on suicide bombing. Can't answer part II of your question, still trying to puzzle that one out.

    The Palestinians may be victims, but they aren't victims of Israel.

    Much truth there. Ok, I don't like to see anyone being blown to bits but I'm sufficiently in touch with reality to note they are doing a bang-up job of exterminating themselves. To me it looks like a middle eastern version of what might exist if gangs took over our cities.

    I'm extremely liberal on many if not most issues but I fail to see a connection between being socially liberal and wanting to remove Israel from the map. The two things just don't jive for me.

    I'm not anti-Israeli or anti-Palestinian but I do have to take into account that doh, Israeli's have rule of law, Palestinians do not. I'm anti-behaving like an idiot and frankly the Palestinians have been the hands down winner in that department.

    Cheer up BEAJ, not every liberal was calling Israel bad names when they went in and spanked Hezbollah either. If they came here and kidnapped some of our citizens we'd hopefully do exactly what Israel did. Civilians were warned, if I were told "we're going to be bombing" I would move my ass.

    I think as far as american opinions on the whole issue if you were to poll every single citizen you'd find it's more an issue of americans not wanting to be involved in the matter at all rather than an anti-Israeli position.

    I don't deny that there ARE people who are anti-Israel, I just think they are a smaller group than you might imagine. A lot of what it is is really "anti" the crazed fundamentalists who want to involve us in every single matter pertaining to Israel. We have our own "jihadis" to contend with.

  8. It's hard to listen to anyone who spells says, "say's"

  9. Oh dear, I am probably in some respects a liberal assmonkey. But, I reserve the right to be called a "butthole surfer" as I enjoy listening to the band of the same name.

  10. Thanks, BEAJ, for your excellent and cogent defence of the Israeli cause.

    All of this, and more, is why I moved here.

  11. Anonymous said...

    It's hard to listen to anyone who spells says, "say's"

    Anon has really got you there BEAJ. That's a fatal blow. You must immediately give up blogging, delete everything you've ever written, check yourself into an institution and begin to dribble because your opinions are obviously utterly invalidated by a misplaced apostrophe! How could you have deceived us for so long?

    Anon, thanks for taking us all to new depths in our understanding of the middle east. I feel you've really made a contribution and presented us with a vital and important perspective on events. I'll never see the situation in quite the same way again.

  12. Actually, if it were not for plagiarism, the son of Arabs assmonkey blog host would have no material since he is incapable of original thought. He is good at typos and poor grammar, however. He is a hypocrite and weasel since he restricts his blog to bloggers and favourable comments. He needs to get a real job instead of sitting at home all day while his goy wife works to pay his sports betting losses.

  13. The only responses the porky Arab host posts are those that support his zionazi hatemongering drivel. They are a bunch of his tweedle dum and tweedle dee whores.

  14. Here is an interesting question I came across on another blog.

    The Palestinians have had opportunities in the past to receive land's lost during the 67 war they have rejected this through violence. Israel still would like to see a two state solution. But first would like to see an end to terrorism and kassams as well as recognition of the state of Israel. Is that much to ask for. Why have the Palestinians done nothing to further their cause, advance their national interest.

    I think most people figure the rest of the Arab nations have never done much of anything to help out the Palestinians since they have either been attacked by them or they get used to keep the focus off how bad it is in their own nations.

    But how come the Palestinians have never done anything to help themselves?

  15. On the "right of return" I think that Israel ought to condition discussion of that point on the basis that Jews have the right to return to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Morroco, and everywhere else thay have been expelled, had synagogues "converted" or destroyed, and where their property was confiscated.

  16. As a full-blown, rightwing, religious right assmonkey, I appreciate the fact that you at least defend Israel, Bacon. Hmmm...does this make you an assmonkey by association?

  17. Beep Beep, everyone has assmonkey tendencies in certain areas.

    Rickey, I guesss you agree with the message because all you seem to be able to do is shoot the messenger.

    CD, my blog isn't about punctuation, it is about content.

    Jhrhv, the Palestinians in the West Bank were under Jordan occupation from 1948-67. The goal wasn't statehood then, and it isn't now.
    At least prior to 87 when Jordan relinquished the rights, a case could be made to give it back to Jordan. But Jordan didn't want the problem.

    Adam, I didn't think I needed to throw that in. I think ROR is a total joke.

    MZ, I don't support the assmonkey things you support so there is no conflict. I am however an assmonkey when it comes to monogamous long term relationships. A long marriage is anti-evolutionary. Especially since I have no kids.

  18. BEAJ: A very good point about Jordan no wanting the problem. For the same reason, Egypt left Gaza out of the Camp David treaty over Sinai. Basically, even their Arab "brothers" don't want the palestinians.

    And you are not an assmonkey for a long marriage; only for not having kids.

    Remember, the goal in evolution is to successfully get your genetics to the next generation.

    As a male, there are two potential routes: 1) impregnate as many females as possible, as often as possible, leaving the mothers to raise them, and 2) work with one female to jointly raise as many children as possible.

    In human societies, the second option generally is more successful. Hence, the tendency of humans toward monogamy. However, the first option is always there, hence the rates of adultery. I'll stick with monogamy, to avoid getting killed by the Missus.

  19. BEAJ - that's my point. I get picked up by people for my spelling also and it just makes me laugh. If a misplaced apostrophe is all they are able to dispute that would indicate that their commitment to their opinions has nothing to do with their level of understanding of the topic at hand. People that have valid reasons to disagree are usually able to state them. Perhaps I should have added a sarcastic smiley after what I wrote previously. I didn't think it was necessary.


    jewish is as jewish does

  21. Mad Dog Zionist:
    Hmmm...does this make you an assmonkey by association?
    I'll tell you the recipe for assmonkey in my book: ANYONE who advocates genocide.
    That would be YOU, my 'friend'.
    Why BEAJ links to a sociopath like yourself is beyond me. You a member of Kahane's Kach?
    Which is illegal to be a member of in Israel.

  22. Rickey, your brilliance is illuminating.

    KA, my policy is that anyone who links me, gets linked. That being said, I think MZ is more bark than bite, but I can be wrong. I highly doubt he would feel good about an Arab genocide.

  23. how about this...israel just flat out deserves to exist...no ands ifs or buts...period. no matter what anyone says, especially those on the far left or people who are anti-semetic, this group of people has the right to stay right where they are without fear of violence from psycho muslim terrorists...if the palestinians dont like it, well, theyre just gonna have to deal with it.

  24. BEAJ:
    I highly doubt he would feel good about an Arab genocide.
    Back in october, I took a look around his blog. This is what he had:
    “I am a hardcore, fire-breathing, Eretz Yisroel loving, islam hating, Shabbos keeping, Zionist Jew. I am also a loving husband and father who hopes, God willing, to one day move the MZ tribe to live in the Land of Israel. In the meantime, I have dedicated this website to condemning Islam and the quisling leftists who enable them. Cowardly, corrupt leadership is the rule in Israel, and their capitulations to the Moslem vermin have led directly to the deaths of thousands of innocent Jews. Islam is a terrorist organization, and "good will gestures" to its followers (the vermin) only results in more Jewish casualties. There is just one way to deal with the islamic menace: Absolute anhialation. That means nothing less than the forced expulsion of the Moslems from Eretz Israel will suffice. Land for Peace = Death for Jews!”
    Since he misspelled 'annihilation', it's easy to google on.
    He has since replaced that w/a direct quote from Kahane.
    & he consistently refers to Muslims as vermin, last I checked.
    I'm pro-Israel too, but there're limits to anything.
    If I'm wrong, I'll be more than happy to apologize & retract.

  25. People SHOULD associate your blog with *assmonkey* because they can see that you are exactly that, the son of a blacker than the ace of spades Arab as noted in your family pics on my blog, theatheistjewslug. If I were you, I would quit posting your hideous pictures of yourself.

  26. http://www.local6.com/politics/10725279/detail.html

    bacon, I thought you'd like to see this article telling of some employees that left Carter because of his book.


  27. Such bizzare comments!

    Especially Rickey - WTF is that? Some sort of inverted fan? What's that all about, then?

  28. rac-coon, you will be in your element on the US MLKoon day. In case you don't know it, the blog host is actually the son of Arabs and this jew thing of his is just a rouse. Most of the material in his blog postings is plagiarised because he is incapable of original thought. He draws social welfare and sits around his govt subsidy flat 24/7 on the computer and tv, making sports bets while his bleach bottle blonde chain smoking goy bimbo wife has to work to pay the bills.

  29. Please Rickey, my father was no Arab. I'm not on welfare. My chain smoking goy wife works 3 days a week.

    Show me one thing I've plagiarised.

  30. Hey fatso, all anybody has to do is view your pics on my blog and your Arab status will be confirmed.

  31. I have to object to your classification of all liberals as anti-Israel. If that wasn't your intent, I'm sorry I misunderstood. But I consider myself a liberal, and have conflicting feelings about Israel. I recognize that the conflict is not as simple as some anti-Israelis make it out to be. If Arabs have several countries where their religion and culture reign supreme, why shouldn't Jews have at least one? Hamas's belief that the Protocols are real should set off some alarms. In short, I'm a liberal, but not an assmonkey.

  32. Salome, no I wasn't stating that all liberals are assmonkeys, but liberal assmonkeys are assmonkeys. As I stated, one can be an assmonkey and hold any political or social beliefs. I am a social liberal as a matter of fact.

    I'm specifically talking about the Liberals who have a problem identifying the aggressor and the victim, and who refuse to understand that Islam isn't a poor crack baby.

  33. BE AJ:

    With all due respect, the discussion about the West Bank has been held so many times, it's starting to wear really thin with me. So, I won't be contributing to it here. You'll find my views on many of my blogposts.

    I have one question for you though: if Israel decides unilaterally to annex the West Bank (and possibly Gaza), what do you suggest is done with the Arabs that live there today?

  34. Gert, Israel should define the borders, include the large settlements in the West Bank in a continuous way to extend from the "Green Line" borders.
    The idea is to avoid as many Arabs along the way as possible, but I wouldn't kick any Arabs out who happen to strategically wind up within the defined borders, but the ones on the outside of the borders are not Israel's problem. And upon defining borders, the Arabs on the other side of the wall now become legitimate enemies from outside of Israel if they choose to keep atttacking.

    Israel has no one to negotiate with, so they should just draw up the borders right now, and get rid of occupation stigma.

  35. To be clear: are you advocating evacuating most West Bank settlements, with the exception of the unavoidable largest ones?

  36. Three years ago, I was saying I have no problem if feasible evacuating the entire West Bank.
    But my opinion has changed since then. Instead of looking at the West Bank as Arab land, I have come to the conclusion that Arabs have as much right to the West Bank as the Jews do.
    Pulling out is looked upon as victory and incentive to terrorize more by the Arab world.
    The Gaza pullout was the last draw when it came to me giving the Palestinians any special sympathy.
    Not only did the bombings intensify, they went ahead and voted for Hamas, even though Fatah was perceived to be behind the Gaza pullout.
    Unless the Palestinians quickly come up with a real person Israel can negotiate peace with, if I were Israel I would draw the borders, and withdraw from any land that is either privately owned by Palestinians (which I doubt is much, like they did in Amona) or land that will be expensive to defend.

  37. Well, thick-as-two-planks here is now thoroughly confused. I would see no problem if Jews in the West Bank would accept to live under Palestinian rule, with guaranteed equal rights, in a two-state scenario, but that seems highly unlikely now. There's something highly contradictory about these settlers who invoke YHWH's promise (at least many of them), don't really recognise the authority of the State of Israel, yet wouldn't want to accept Palestinian Authority either. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too!

    The current situation cannot be continued for another four decades, it isn't in Isarel's interests either. Please state your (summarized) solution unambiguously, so I can comment on it. Thanks.

    More fun over at Mad Zionist, BTW. Go on: be a gate crasher!

  38. Gert, there is no way Jews will live in the West Bank under Palestinian rule.
    You cannot think logic will prevail with the Muslims. America has learned this is Iraq.
    The only thing the West and Israel can do is wait for Islam to reform and hopefully be satisfied with Western like goals.
    OK, my solution one more time, is for Israel to make their own borders while being careful not to include any privately owned Palestinian land.
    There is no point negotiating with the Palestinians, they can't even negotiate with themselves.
    There won't be any immediate end to the violence, just like Iraq. There is no solution for this....none.
    The only thing Israel can do is define their borders, even if it means some international backlash....the ironic thing is that the backlash will only come from those who couldn't care less if Israel existed or not.

  39. BE AJ:

    Well, good luck with constructing a contiguous Israeli West Bank, using your plan! It'll be more like a Swiss Gruyere and a complete security nightmare for Israel: even walls will eventually not stop attacks. And the settlers? They'll feel even more tempted to call for the State of Judea...

    No, I can understand your frustration but simply 'legalising' the current situation won't fundamentally alter it.

    PS: loved the dinosaur video and linked to it: man, these guys are funny yet potentially dangerous. Mad Zionist's blog is part of a whole cluster of retards, constantly patting each other on the back whilst constantly missing the point. Their main goal in life seems to be to prove just HOW FAR TO THE RIGHT they actually are: "look at me, I'm even more far right than you, so theeere..."

  40. Gert, my point is that nothing will stop the attacks. Israel just needs to move on.

    Hopefully, the Palestinians will reform or be bombed into reformation once the final borders are made.

    I took MZ off my blogroll, and I don't expect to visit there anymore.
    Why do I need to be amongst wilful retards?

  41. I am fully aware of Rickey. I wrote a post about him on January 30th. He has changed his main blog address since I wrote it to the one you are linking.

  42. One more thing. Mad Zionist has now reached troll status. Check out the exchange form last night here.

  43. Great video, great exchange!

    Love that "Apes and Pigs alliance" logo. Reading some of these troll's comments, I'm seriously starting to believe pigs and apes are more intelligent than parts of Mankind...

  44. Gert, can you do me a favor? It is sometimes difficult to find out which posts new comments are related to. Unless the conversation is live, can you post messages on the newest or second newest post on my blog.

    I really appreciate your input by the way.