May 30, 2009

C'mon Creationists You Need To Watch This

Here is the hairy frogfish stalking a flounder. Just keep an eye on the fish's feet fins:

As Homer Simpson would say "Stupid Flounders."
Any way, I'd love to see Answers In Genesis explain their way out of this one since one of their biggest arguments is that fish are fish and don't have legs, etc.
Yes, the frogfish doesn't have legs, but those fins are darn close, that it doesn't take a genius to figure out that with a little time, fish can evolve into amphibians if water and food sources started to dry up in a certain ecosystem.

Why would God put such fish on this earth? It only makes creationists look silly and makes evolution look pretty good.

Neil Shuban, author of Your Inner Fish, explains the process of evolving from a water dweller to a land animal:

Creationists are just so fricken sad.

May 23, 2009

God Is A Weirdo Or Evolution Is Fact

There is a lot of weird stuff that goes on in nature. It makes no sense that God would create animals to behave in ways like this:

The male wasp spider leaves the female a tip after mating. And I don't mean like in money. Four out of five times, the male will plug up the female's genitalia with a piece of his genitalia.

Why does he do it? To try to make sure that they will be the fathers. It isn't like they can go on the Springer Show to prove the paternity of the baby spiders, because most of the time, they wind up being killed by the female regardless.

Evolution works innately on two levels. One is the survival of the species. It is why there are species today. For example, why mother crocodiles transport their young from land to water and back in their mouths without chowing down on the youngsters. The other level is the innate need for most animals to be ones directly responsible for the next generation, especially among non social male animals.

Back to the spiders, there has been a bit of an evolutionary race going on between the spiders genitals becoming able to deal with many suitors so the best sperm wins out versus the male spiders genitals evolving to make sure the mommy isn't such a slut.

Of course, the other explanation is that God is one sick mofo with too much time on his hands.

May 19, 2009

This Is Just Sad And More Seth

In the video, at least they spelled AthEIst correctly:

Isn't it maddening when cretards spew out the same stuff: The no "atheists in foxholes" garbage. The fact that some how accepting evolution and The Big Bang means that you can't believe in God. It is laughable stuff.

How many converts does God make when planes actually crash?

In the real world, we have a perfect example of how I would imagine most atheist react to close calls in the sky. None other than Seth MacFarlane. He was booked on one of the fateful flights on 9/11. Lucky for the world (I really mean that, Family Guy etc. is priceless stuff), he was a good atheist, and got drank like a heathen the night before. He woke up late with a hang over and missed the flight. His lack of faith wasn't shaken by the event. He was an atheist before, and is an atheist still:

May 12, 2009

Principal Tim England: Douchebag Of The Month

I'm sure that by now many of you have heard about a student, Tyler Frost 17, who was threatened with suspension from a Christian Fundie school if he went to his girlfriend's prom at another school.

It turns out that he did go. And he has been suspended.

In case you didn't know, Christian Fundie school is located in Saudi Arabia Ohio, part of the Roadkill Belt.

I really find the principal's facial expressions in the following news report to be very disturbing. It is kind of looking into the eyes of a "soulless" shark:

What is really missed here is that Tyler has a GIRLFRIEND. Temptation has already beaten Tyler. I'm almost certain he has kissed her, and I'm willing to bet that he has held her hand, and even danced with her....and perhaps a lot more.

What does Principal Douchebag think of TV or the internet or beaches? Does he think that teenagers walk around beaches with boners? Ok, maybe not all the time, but would he ban a kid from the school for going to a beach or surfing the internet, or watching The Man Show?

We are human beings. We are driven through evolution (which I'm sure English doesn't accept, or for that matter, either does the brainwashed students of his school) to get aroused by others sexually. That is what motivates us mostly to keep our species going. What this Douche wants to do is prevent his students from being human.

So far in my readings, I have yet to see anyone agree with Principal English's stance. And I mean nobody. Sure, he can have school rules that violate every human right if he wants. It is the parents that choose the school, and parents are free to take their kids out of the school if they don't like the rules. But what happens outside the school, is not this principal's business, unless it has to do with BREAKING THE LAW. Sorry, but thankfully in the West, there are no laws against dancing, wearing low cut dresses, holding hands, kissing, or proms.

Principal Douchebag asks: "Should Christians place themselves at an event where young ladies will have low-cut dresses and be dancing in them?"

He is talking male Christians, right? Or is he worried about female Christians too, who might be "expected" to think about experimenting after seeing breast cracks. Or is this just about protecting male Christians from becoming potential rapists and/or heathens in general?

Hey, I might add that there are some Ultra Orthodox Jews that have this outlook. And of course, many Muslims that too have this outlook (ahem, the Burqa). Christians and the Western world in general, don't usually go out of their way when it comes to low cut dresses and such. In fact, Christians will turn a blind eye to exposed nipples as long as the beauty contestant hates is intolerant enough to gays.

See also Open Letter To Tyler Frost

May 5, 2009

Who Is An Atheist 101: There Really Is Just One Definition

I'm so fed up with all the definitions of "atheist" that are out there. Let me give everyone the ultimate definition, and you can reword it all you want:

An atheist is someone who answers the question "DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?" with a NO!

Edit: Thanks to a comment I received, I'll ask the same question in slightly different words: Do you believe that an all knowing eternal supernatural being exists? If the answer is NO, you are an atheist.

That is it. That answer doesn't require dogma or a religion or any foundation whatsoever.

OK, so what is an agnostic?, you might ask. We are all really freakin agnostics. An agnostic is someone who isn't 100% sure that God exists. Nobody can be 100% sure that God doesn't exist, and those who say they are 100% sure God exists, are liars.

You know what, let me re-examine my last statement. There are those who are 100% sure that God exists because they are extremely brainwashed, and/or they have totally convinced themselves. If they were given a lie detector test, they would answer they are 100% sure that God exists, and the reading of the test would confirm in many cases that they were not lying.

Now I know there are atheists who say they know 100% for sure God doesn't exist (I'm only 99.99999% because I know it is impossible to know for sure). I'm not sure how a lie detector test would come out for these 100% atheists.

Now back to my main point. The question "do you believe in God?" What if you answer the question "sometimes" ? Well, that would make an atheist sometimes and a theist sometimes. What if you answer "I don't know." I think it is a fair answer, and that would put in the pure agnostic category.

Why is the answer fair? If someone asks you if your spouse has ever cheated on you (assuming they never admitted it), you might answer "I don't know." You may feel stronger about a yes or no, but you sincerely may believe "I don't know."

Atheists like myself like to explain myself as to what it means to me to be an atheist, though it is not required by my universal definition.

For instance, I will qualify my answer. I see absolutely no evidence that any God exists. To me, the world and universe makes perfect sense without a God. But I can't say God doesn't exist for sure, just like I can't say Leprechauns don't exist. The same evidence exists for both Leprechauns and God, though.