July 9, 2014

What Would The USA Do If Mexico Attacked?

A Zogby poll from 2003 found that 58% of Mexicans believe that the Southwestern USA belongs to Mexico.  Now, what if The Mexican Nationalist Front started sending suicide bombers into Texas and then started lobbing a few hundred bombs a month into that state as well in an attempt to get Texas back and wipe Texans off the map?

True, this scenario is highly unlikely, but it is playing out in Israel.  Yet, there are many people who believe Israel shouldn't retaliate (mostly Far Left Moonbats, Jihadists, or Jew haters).

If Texas was attacked, and the Mexican government turned a blind eye to the attacks, there is absolutely no doubt that the USA would be targeting anyone having anything to do with the invasion, and "excessive" force would be used.  There would be few people in the US objecting if Mexican deaths outnumbered US deaths by numbers as high as 1000-1 either.  And the US wouldn't stop until there would be a complete stoppage of bombings and a compliance agreement from Mexico that will pretty much prevent the same thing from happening at a later date.

Initially, if attacks were happening, I could see the US doing its best to make sure that Mexico didn't receive weaponry from other countries as well.  Mexico is tougher to blockade than Gaza, but the US would be doing as much as they could that way.

Back to Israel.  Lunatics somehow believe that Israel should just allow bombings because the Palestinians miss with so many of the bombs.  And the justifications go further than that.  Many loons believe that Israel shouldn't retaliate because it has no right to exist anyway.

Playing whack-a-mole for a minute, every single nation on this earth was created by either might and/or negotiations.  But for some reason, Israel should be different.  Demographics change everywhere, but for some reason, they shouldn't have changed in Palestine.  It is OK that Brazil has over 10 million ethnic Arabs, and it is OK that Dearborn, Michigan has a Muslim majority.  You see, it is OK for Arabs and Muslims to go to Western Lands, but Jews to the Middle East?

Back in 1948, when Israel became a sovereign nation, there was a Jewish majority in the Partitioned portion of Palestine that was to become the Jewish state.  The Arabs rejected this to the point that started a war immediately, and lost.  A few more wars and a few more losses, and Israel is still standing.  Imagine if the Arabs won even one war?  The few Jews left if any would be enjoying Dhimmi status at best.

True, the was that followed the creation of Israel in 1948 created refugees.  It created Arab refugees who Arab states didn't want to take in, and it created Jewish refugees from other Arab nations who Israel happily took in.  But the number of total refugees wasn't even 20% the total refugees created in 1947 when the Muslim state of Pakistan was created.  The lunatic far left seems ignorant over the fact that Pakistan's creation caused over 5 million people to be displaced.  I guess it is OK to them because it didn't involve Jews.