December 24, 2013

To Quack or Not To Quack

It isn't shocking that anyone on the cast of Duck Dynasty has religious views that I find repugnant.  And it isn't a surprise that head Duckman Phil Robertson was tricked into stating them in a not so eloquent way either.

What really gets me is that so many people think this is a free speech issue.  It isn't even close.  Free Speech means everyone in the West has the right to say anything they want without having to worry about going to prison.  Now, we don't have 100% Free Speech because certain things like inciting hate and libel and a few other things (depending on the country) could mean jail time, but the simple hate speech uttered by Robertson doesn't fall upon this category.

Free speech isn't free from consequences.  You can say something offensive to a neighbour and it could cause ill will for years.  And of course, when it comes to employment, if you say something that a private employer doesn't like, they have the right to show you the door.  If you say something they don't care about or are indifferent to, but it potentially costs the company money, they can fire you for that too.

It is a pretty simple concept, but it seems many on the Right don't have a clue what Free Speech is.  And then there is Sarah Palin who acknowledged that Martin Bashir's job entailed being mindful of what he said, so his firing/quitting was justifiable, but somehow, the ugly Left is taking away Free Speech from the Duck Family.  She really is a ridiculous person.

I like the way society is going, regardless if Duck Dynasty is restored to full cast and status.  Hate speech might be free, but it isn't tolerated as much anymore, and I think the rational world is starting to pick up on the idea that certain religious people seem to follow a group of pretty intolerant Gods.