October 23, 2011

Herman Cain and Why The GOP Makes Me Sick

Earlier this week Herman Cain was on the Piers Morgan Show on CNN. Piers asked him a question regarding rape and incest pregnancies and what should happen (who should make the decision on abortion is how Cain supposedly interpreted it):

"No, it comes down to is, it’s not the government’s role — or anybody else’s role — to make that decision. Secondly, if you look at the statistical incidents, you’re not talking about that big a number. So what I’m saying is, it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. Not me as president. Not some politician. Not a bureaucrat. It gets down to that family. And whatever they decide, they decide. I shouldn’t try to tell them what decision to make for such a sensitive decision."

When asked if abortion issues should become a directive to the nation?:

"No, they don’t. I can have an opinion on an issue without it being a directive on the nation. The government shouldn’t be trying to tell people everything to do, especially when it comes to a social decision that they need to make."

So Cain seems to respect separation of church and state, and he is also pro-choice though he has stated on numerous times he is anti-abortion personally (this is not a big problem, as many people who are pro-choice would either never consider abortion themselves or would only consider it under extreme circumstances...I believe I am that way too).

He was consistent recently when it came to gay marriage:

“I wouldn’t seek a constitutional ban for same-sex marriage, but I am pro-traditional marriage.”

Cain still believes homosexuality is a choice, which of course means that heterosexuality is a choice too by default. Why can't or won't Cain read a few studies. Almost all scientific literature points to homosexuality being formed in the uterus. How come fetus experts like Cain won't go there?

I watched the interview, and I knew that Cain would be in trouble with the nearly insignificant and mostly marginalized Religious Right. So now Cain has backtracked completely.

Yesterday, Cain kissed Religious Right ass in Iowa:

“In terms of preventing abortion on demand, I would not sign any legislation for government-funded abortion.

I would not sign any legislation that in any way allowed the government to be involved in it,” he said. “I would strengthen all of our current laws that prevent abortion. I believe that abortion should be clearly stated and illegal across this country and I would work to defund Planned Parenthood.”

Cain had a shot to be a mainstream candidate, but has now thrown it out the door to try to appease anti-science Religious bigots. Pathetic. But this is why the GOP is the anti-science Party as well.

Cain is now unelectable. Kissing Religious Right Butt will do that to a politician who wants to go national. That is a great thing.

October 8, 2011

The Religious Right Are A Bunch of Nitwits

Did you know that separation of church and state is a myth? Did you know that if a President accepts evolution it leads to mass executions?

How come God is needed as a source of rights in the US and not Canada? How come there separation of church and state isn't a myth in Canada? And why aren't secular government like in Canada, Sweden, Norway, etc. chopping heads off random people?

The evolution thing really gets me. Accepting reality causes genocidal behavior and threatens the rights of the masses???
By the way, Hitler believed in God and special creation, and had a bunch of Catholics doing his dirty work.

Bryan Fischer is a jerk off.


October 3, 2011

I Love Sunday Night TV This Time Of Year

I don't make excuses. I'm a fifty year old who can't get enough of Family Guy and American Dad. I watch The Simpsons, but I could actually cut the strings if I had something better to. I can't put my finger on it, but that show has become a bit cliquish and it sort of tries to talk down to its audience in a way I just can't explain. The Cleveland Show is good, but why wouldn't it be as it is the creation of Seth MacFarlane (who is responsible for both Family Guy and American Dad for those living under a rock).

I'm not just into cartoons on Sunday nights. I discovered Boardwalk Empire over the summer, a series that is loosely based on actual happenings on the East Coast of the USA in the 1920's. It is a good replacement for The Sopranos.

And of course, my favorite non cartoon show is Dexter. Its new season kicked off last night. No disappointments.

Six shows, 4 straight hours of being in a TV zone. I'm kind of like a shark in a feeding frenzy by the time Family Guy begins at 9.

What was really neat about last night is that 3 or the 6 shows brought up atheism.

The Simpsons was first. Bart was at a National Park with Superintendent Chalmers. Chalmers told him that Teddy Roosevelt built the park. Bart replied that he alway thought God did it, and then acknowledged that Chalmers gave him a lesson in atheism, much to Chalmers embarrassment.

Next, was the most cringing reference. It came on The Cleveland Show. During a hurricane, Cleveland Jr. came out and told his family he didn't believe in God. However, when Cleveland "accused" him of being an atheism, Jr. quickly denounced that by calling atheism a religion, referring to Brian (the atheist dog on Family Guy) as preachy.

OK, so whoever wrote that part of the script yesterday is basically making a distinction that a non believer is just a non believer, but an atheist is someone who doesn't believe and makes a big deal about it. Wrong. Someone who doesn't believe in God is an atheist. End of story. The degree of militancy matters not. And atheism is not a religion unless one wants to argue that baseball is a religion too.

Bottom line: Cleveland Jr. is an atheist.

A case was made for faith by Cleveland's wife. It was sort of a why not have the crutch?

The third atheism theme appeared in Dexter. It appears that the idea of faith will be a big issue for the entire season. (Spoiler Alert)

Dexter's child is now ready for preschool. He has heard good things about a Catholic school. During the interview process, when the head nun (no her knees were not dirty) asked what faith Dexter was, she received a no for everything rattled off on her list. Dexter admitted he is a non believer. The word atheist was not mentioned. Dexter basically stated he lives his life as if there is no higher power.

Dexter has to deal with the dilemma of having to give his child the option to believe or not, so he winds up selling himself on going out of is way to get his kid into the school. Throughout the series, Dexter believes he is a monster, and now being a single parent, he wants to avoid having his kid turn into one too, though he believes the writing is already on the wall.

This years serial killers are a couple of weirdos who are looking to speed up the Apocalypse (something that could be a worry if someone like Rick Perry ever wins Presidency).

Finally, Dexter's kill of the week was a cross wearing wife killer who had a tattoo of Jesus on his chest. Dexter asked him how he could rationalize killing his wife while being a Christian, and was told that Jesus forgives, to which Dexter said that is way too easy (or something like that).

Dexter didn't buy into any of it but I think he might have his faithlessness tested this year in coming episodes.

By the way, the best laughs in the evening came during American Dad. All three Seth shows took place during a hurricane. Seth was probably hoping for some hurricane news going into this week. Unfortunately for him, not too many people care about whether Newfoundland exists or not.