August 6, 2012

What Would It Take For Me To Believe In God

Many a times I've encountered a silly creationist who tries to counter the what would it take for you to accept evolution with a what would it take for you to believe in God retort.

It seems that for many a creationist, they would need to see a monkey give birth to a human. In other words, there is no chance they'll accept reality. I'm not as rigid in my disbelief, all I need is some evidence. Even evidence of the supernatural could lead me to a vague state of theism.

For example, I'm sitting at my desk in my home office, how about God or some other invisible boogie man opening my little bar fridge up right now and float a Pepsi across the room? I'll even open it myself.

There are cameras everywhere, how come there is no credible supernatural event caught on camera? I wonder why? Still, I'm open to it happening, it is in our genes to buy into miraculous explanations. Lightning couldn't be properly explained by our ancestors, so it had to have a supernatural explanation. Unfortunately today, there seems to be a scientific explanation for everything.

One more slightly related thing. I kind of think that those who pray understand either deep down or even closer to the surface, that prayer doesn't work. Why is it that it is acceptable to pray for a cure when it come to internal disease, or even praying for some good fortune or a job, but nobody ever prays that someone who loses a limb will have their limb grow back. Is that something God just can't do, or does God only do things that can also have a scientific explanation?