May 30, 2007

OK, For The 50th Time, Morality Is Hardwired In Us

I've made a few posts on this topic previously, but I keep reading blog posts and articles by theists who keep on repeating the same garbage, that without God's word, or God's laws, humanity would become Sodom and Gomorrah like and even worse.
There are many theists out there who believe that the only thing stopping them from raping, murdering at random, and pillaging is the bible or the fear of God. They think that nothing holds atheists back from being "evil."
The reality is that morality is hardwired in our brains. And it developed long before we became humans. In fact, moral behavior is found all over the animal kingdom within like species at least. If social animals were only selfish and not hardwired to take a bullet for the group now and again, extinction would be the end result.
This morning I saw a mother sparrow feeding three near-adult offspring on my driveway (me and my wife always make sure there is birdseed and bread crumbs on the driveway, evil atheists that we are), I mentioned to my wife that this mother bird didn't need a bible to do the right thing.

The reason I'm bringing this up now is that more research has come out verifying the fact we are hardwired when it comes to morality:

“You gotta see this!” Jorge Moll had written. Moll and Jordan Grafman, neuroscientists at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., had been scanning the brains of volunteers as they were asked to think about a scenario involving either donating a sum of money to charity or keeping it for themselves.

As Grafman read the e-mail, Moll came bursting in. The scientists stared at each other.

The results were showing that when the volunteers placed the interests of others before their own, the generosity activated a primitive part of the brain that usually lights up in response to food or sex. Altruism, the experiment suggested, was not a superior moral faculty that suppresses basic selfish urges but rather was basic to the brain, hard-wired and pleasurable.

The only thing I will argue about this is the idea of altruism. If doing good things for others gives us a positive brain rush, then it really isn't altruism. It becomes an act out of selfishness in a sense.

The reality is that the 10 Commandments for example, are just the result of writing down what was already hardwired in our brains, and we can easily substitute God with "nature" too, of course, to make sense of the Commandments by doing this, poetic allegorical analysis would be required.

Read the entire article on the new research.

Pat Condell on morality:

Here is a great way to overcome moral dilemma's:

May 26, 2007

Seeing Red

Less than 1% of humans have red hair. In the USA, 2-6% of the population is red headed, Ireland and Scotland have a high percent of red heads. Red headedness is just as unnatural as homosexuality, it seems:)

A new scientific study has found "that apes first evolved color vision to help them forage food, after which nature made red the sexiest color around and spiked apes’ evolutionary tree with red hair and skin."

“It looks like red skin and hair became a sexual preference,” said evolutionary biologist Molly Morris, the other study’s author. “So while the benefits in terms of eating may not apply anymore,” she said, it’s still socially—and sexually—relevant for an ape to see red."

This makes me wonder why red headedness didn't become prevalent for humans, since we are just apes after all. Maybe it has to do with climate change and adaption winning the evolution over color attraction. I'm sure there is a very good scientific explanation, I just don't know what it is right now.

I don't know if it is just me, but I've always viewed red headed women as, um ok, I don't want to say easier, but uh, more inclined to be sexual without that much urging. How is that? Like I mean, red heads have a certain do-ableness aura that brunettes and blondes don't have. Blondes have an aura to be easier, but possibly less approachable and less really into it (more artificial) when it comes to appreciating the possible act, if that makes sense. Of course, I'm just generalizing here:)

Going by this South Park video, red heads might be the least trusted minority in the USA. I used to think it was atheists. Probably the least trusted minority in the USA would be a gay red headed Arab atheist.

Come to think of it, has America ever had a red headed President?

May 23, 2007

What Kind Of Atheist Are You Quiz

This quiz wasn't bad at all. The results are pretty accurate, I think. I'll bet the person who devised it has an IQ over 100. That makes the quiz maker a Jew, to the Stormfront crowd:) Apparently I rock, but the quiz maker doesn't rock as much as me:

You scored as Scientific Atheist, These guys rule. I'm not one of them myself, although I play one online. They know the rules of debate, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and can explain evolution in fifty words or less. More concerned with how things ARE than how they should be, these are the people who will bring us into the future.

Scientific Atheist


Militant Atheist


Spiritual Atheist


Angry Atheist


Apathetic Atheist






What kind of atheist are you?
created with

H/T Darwin's Dagger

May 22, 2007


Finally, there is proof that Jew paranoid self loathing imbeciles, who are members of Stormfront have a guideline. Their commandments if you will. Apparently David Duke wrote them while he did his latest stint in prison. He obviously found some time, in between servicing Bubba to complete the Stormfront Manifesto.

Organized Jewry Headquarters (OJH) in Moose Jaw has sent me a copy for blog review. I am honored to be the first person allowed outside of headquarters to read and to comment on the Manifesto. The Manifesto pretty much tells all Stormfront members how to think, act, and react, and most importantly, how to attempt to gain control of the world from the Jews.

This chapter outlines things like food, drink, and sex. For example, "never order out from a Chinese Food store because Jews order out a lot." And "never eat inside a Chinese Restaurant because the Chinese Restaurants that aren't owned by Jews, give big discounts to Jews who eat there." "You can only eat Chinese food in food courts in non business sections of cities. You can't eat bagels, not even plain bagels with bacon and cheese."
When it comes to sex, "you can only have sex with white women." "Most white women will give you a hard time for being a racist, but there is always a special white woman who will be your bride. She'll probably weigh a lot more than you like, but she is white, and you have to keep the race pure. Of course, in the mean time,practicing on your mom and sisters is always advisable, just don't tell anyone, and if you sister or mom threatens to open their mouths about it, you can punch them in the face until they forget about it. If you get your sister or mom pregnant, put the child up for adoption as soon as it is born, and make sure that a white couple wind up adopting it."
"Whatever happens behind bars though, stays behind bars. You may grow very close to a black man, or two, or three, in prison, but remember, that it is because you weren't allowed conjugal visits from your mom or sisters. That black man will rob and steal from you once you are out of the can. Just remember that. He didn't love you."
"Beer is very important. Make sure you get a good factory job away from Jews that will at least keep you in beer money. Unfortunately, many Stormfront members lose their jobs because of their love for beer. Welfare doesn't allow you to drink as much beer as you'd like, that is why God Almighty invented Meth and airplane glue."

This chapter defines Jews as anyone who is in power, anyone who supports Israel, anyone on TV who isn't black, anyone who owns a store, anyone who has an IQ over 100, and/or anyone who turns you down for a loan.
"It is important to understand that all Jews are brought up to hate non Jews, and especially Aryans. Remember, they are all taught the Talmud by their parents and their Jew teachers. Parents tuck in Jew children to bed by reading them chapters of the Protocols of Zion every night." "All quarter and most one eighth Jews are taught the same thing."

David Duke admits this is tough one because most of the time Stormfront members are too drunk or high on meth to be an affective cohesive group. "What is most important is to blame the Jew for anything and everything nasty that goes on in your personal life and the entire world. It doesn't matter if you can't find a Jewish connection, you must invent one. And you must stick with it. Never blame anyone else. Even if you see proof to the contrary, it is best to ignore it, or you will eventually become putty in the Jew's hands." "Example: 9/11- The Jews, Iraq- The Jews, Kennedy assassination- The Jews, Global Warming- The Jews, High gas prices- The Jews. See? It is easy once you practice a little. You don't even have to present proof, and if you need proof, Stormfront has agents on the internet who set up websites to back you up. Again, ignore contrary evidence, the more you question, the more you become a Jew."
"Eventually, if you blame the Jews enough, the world will believe you, and the Jews will no longer be in control."

This chapter gives the OK to loathe Arabs, but not in public, not until Israel disappears. Until then, the Arab is to be supported. Use quotes from Arab websites to blame the Jews. They will use quotes from Stormfront too. "Once Stormfront gets rid of the Jews, the Arabs will be easy to take down, because they think we are their friends."

David Duke is very paranoid that the Stormfront Manifesto would fall into the publics eye. He devotes an entire chapter on telling his readers to deny it exists, or if shown it, call it an obvious forgery of Jewish fantasy. Even though, what is written in the Manifesto is impossible to deny, "you must deny that you read it."

Oh, and us Jews can laugh our asses off at the Stormfront imbeciles very easily. They are to be laughed at. That is their purpose on this planet. They are our court jesters. We own them big time. We are on their "brains" 24/7:

I got lazy today by the way and simply pasted the above post from my Judeophobe blog.
I just killed one bird with two stones:)

And if you haven't noticed (check my sidebar), I have officially won the JIB award for Best Jewish Skepticism blog. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and even those who didn't vote for me out of envy, I forgive you, and thank you for reading me.

May 19, 2007

It Is Time For A Secular TV Channel

Of course, I'm pushing for an atheist TV channel. But I'm trying to be realistic, so it has to be named Secular TV or something like that. There is really no channel on TV where 24/7 secular TV is guaranteed, except for maybe the History Channel. Even the Discovery Channel has aired some crap of late, like shows about whether Jesus had kids or brothers and sisters. I saw a show about dinosaurs that featured Ken Ham on it too.
I would love to see a channel devoted to science, reality and facts. A channel that can have an atheist hour or two or three. How about Infidel Guy in the morning instead of Imus, or whoever is replacing him.
Penn and Teller's Bullshit can be played a few times a week. Even if they have to play the old ones, until the station gets popular enough and can afford to broadcast the new ones.
The Rational Response Squad can also have a nightly show. I don't think it would be difficult to fill the time slots. d There are plenty of shows already devoted to history and science. Nova would be a good fit and even bringing back old Carl Sagan shows. Lots of nature shows too. Most importantly, a channel that an atheist can feel at home with.
News too. News is news, but I want the channel to be full service secular.
Shows devoted to discussing separation of church and state, I'm all for inviting theists to stick their necks out anytime they want, but not like it was done on Paula Zahn. They can come to our territory, if they dare.
Lots of movies too. Life of Brian, heck, anything by Monty Python. Brian Flemming's
The God Who Wasn't There would fit the network just fine.
You can fill the 2-6 AM time slots with sitcoms from the 60's. Other than Davey and Goliath, I don't remember any of those shows even featuring a church. Gilligan's Island, for example, was totally secular.
The reason I'm bringing this up is because I would love to see the protest by Westboro Baptist Church at the Falwell funeral. As The Atheist Experience says "I want a front row seat for this."

Speaking of Falwell, here is an interview with Bill O'Reilly from 1999. He was hoping for a Y2K coming of Jesus. The anti-Christ will be a 30 year old Jooooish guy who pretends to be Jesus according to Falwell. Sneaky Jooooish basturds! Even O'Reilly took him to task:

May 17, 2007

Odds and Ends

Unofficially, I have won the JIB Award for Best Jewish Skepticism Blog. Voting closed yesterday. The votes still need to get audited for cheating (hacking multi votes). I voted once from my computer for myself on Mozilla, and my wife voted once on IE (I think she voted for me too), that is the extent of my cheating. I won by 9 votes, and I really came from behind as I was down by 30 on Sunday morning. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

My Judeophobe Watch blog has already made the "big time." Rense has published a post about me written by a Joooo paranoid White Supremacist named Shmurtis Maynard.
I'm described as a "Jewish Internet agent provocateur." I was called a liar for implying that Sarkozy was not a Jew, but a Catholic, which he is.
I made a point that these Joooo paranoid imbeciles "think" that anyone in power with even 1/16 Jewish ancestry is a Protocol reading, Talmud following Joooo who is out to control the world.
After I did some more research, I found that Sarkozy's maternal grandmother was a Christian woman named Bouvier. She was the reason apparently Sarkozy's grandfather converted to Catholicism.
So both Sarkozy's parents were Catholic, and on the maternal side, his mother was not a Jew. So Sarkozy does not qualify as a Jew either by religion or ethnicity. He needs to convert if he wants to get fast tracked into Israel.
When I tried to comment about this on the original blog I found that slandered me, the blog owner, Chris Womak, refused to publish my comments that vindicated me. This proved that anti-semites are very selective and will stick to any story that makes Jews look bad, regardless of the truth or facts.

About Rense:
(Jeff) Rense has been accused of anti-Semitism[5] and Holocaust denial, though he claims only to be anti-Zionist. He believes that Zionists are "in control of the world" and trying to "control civilized society" in order to bring in a "New World Order". His guests have criticized Judaism, and repeated false quotes from the Jewish Talmud. He also gives airtime to Holocaust deniers such as Ernst Z√ľndel and Mark Weber, and backs theories that the Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated and used in various ways by "Jewish supremacists" for political power and that "Jewish financiers and bankers were ultimately responsible for hostility towards Jews."

Rense is a website for anyone interested in the new line of tin foil hats.


My sitemeter went nuts on Tuesday as I got a ton of hits on a post I made in February about Youtube Muslims conspiring to get Youtube Atheist accounts flagged and deleted for telling the truth about Islamic Jihad.
Someone posted the entry on Reddit. The Reddit people who viewed the story are pretty much hit and run artists, and I doubt I wound up getting many people who saved my blog in their "favorites."

For details on the Muslim conspiracy, see my previous post.


I can't believe the mental anguish and stress I went through on Saturday. Let me paint the picture:
My wife works three days a week. She worked an early shift on Saturday (7-3). This means that the dogs are my responsibility totally when it comes to feeding and making sure Jake (our 10 year old plus rescue dog) goes outside to do his business. Daisy goes in and out many times a day (she is no problem), but Jake is close to cripple in the hind legs, and even the two steps he has to take to go down and up stairs to go in and out are difficult for him at times, and he is beginning to lose feeling in his hind quarters.

More background: I'm starting to think that my first name is "Don't," because my wife starts out at least 4-10 sentences a day with that word when she speaks to me lately.
And we have 2 and a half baths. The 1/2 bath downstairs still has carpet on the floor (why the former owners had carpet in every bathroom is beyond me) as does most of the ground floor.

7:00 AM I make it downstairs, my wife has already left for the morning shift. I let Daisy out. Jake is asleep.

9:00 AM I pick apart the chicken my wife cooked the night before to feed the dogs and then serve it to them.

9:15 AM I let Jake out the side door. I see he pees. Then he stays out for another few minutes. I'm not sure if he did the nasty or not.

9:45 AM Jake comes over to my computer area. Usually that means he wants to go out.
I let him out the back deck. He walks on the deck but doesn't take the steps to go to the backyard. He comes back in the house and proceeds to the kitchen area where he usually sleeps.

9:47 AM I smell something really offensive. I walk towards the kitchen, and find wet smelly dog poop. I go see Jake, point my finger at him and call him a retard.

9:48 AM I rip off a couple of paper towels and put my winter gloves on and pick up the wet gooey poop with a look of disgust on my face. I drop the poop into the toilet while a voice in my head says "my wife told me DON'T flush paper towels in the toilet because it will cause the toilet to flood." I told the voice that I don't believe it. I flush the toilet and then go get the Prosolve to deal with the carpet stain.

10:55 AM I feel proud of myself for dealing with the poop and cleaning the stain. The sun is shining outside, so I decide to surprise my wife by cutting the lawn.

11:45 AM I come back in the house to pee. I notice that water in the toilet is a bit higher than it normally is. I get the plunger and feebly try to unclog the toilet. A couple of plunges, and I figure I fixed the problem. I flush. Water levels rise in the toilet quickly. I go for the plunger as water starts dripping on the carpet.
Finally, the water level starts going down thanks to my aggressive plunging. But the carpet is soaked and my wife is coming back in just over 3 hours.

11:47 AM I get a big towel and soaked up as much water as I could before the towel was rendered so wet it was now useless. I then went for the smaller towels to do a more selective job. I went through a couple of them, and the carpet was still very damp. I put all the towels outside to dry.

12:05 PM I get a brainstorm and remember that my wife has a hair dryer (I haven't used one in many years). I go upstairs and get and then start blowing the carpet dry for fifteen minutes. It was still very wet.

12:30 PM I get a couple more small towels and start selective soaking followed by more hair dryer action. It is still wet, but I see some hope. I turn the furnace on even though is pretty warm in the house already.

12:45 PM I smell a burning smell. My wife covered all the vents because she turned the air conditioner on a few days earlier to help maximize the cool air going upstairs. I turn off the furnace.

12:50 PM I check on the towels outside and realize there is no chance they will be dry by 3, so I put them in the clothes dryer to help cover my tracks. An hour later I took them out of the dryer and put the now dry towels in the dirty laundry pile.

1:10 PM I go outside and mow the lawn for another 15 minutes.

1:25 PM More soaking and blow drying. I'm really focusing on the part of the carpet in the toilet that my wife's feet were most likely to touch. There is no major visual stain by now but the carpet is still wet.

I continued to towel and blow dry the carpet on and off until just after 3.

3:20 PM My wife comes home (she usually goes to the washroom minutes after coming home from work). I quickly ask her if I can get her some casual clothes from upstairs and HER SLIPPERS. I then hand her the slippers and she then says that she is exhausted so I don't have to bring her down her casual clothes because she is going to go lie down for a bit.

I told her that Jake pooped on the rug. She asked me where, I showed her. We had small talk about Jake losing control of his backside and then she then had the nerve to say, and I kid not, "what did you clean it with?" I replied, "toilet paper." She then said "you know that if you use paper towels, that you don't flush them down the toilet because they will plug the toilet." I replied, "of course I know that."

She then goes upstairs, without even setting foot in the bathroom and then lies down in bed (maybe there is a God....just kidding).

I continued to squeegee the carpet downstairs with my feet on and off for the rest of the day.

My wife falls asleep, and gets up around 6 to tell me that I'm on my own for dinner.
She nukes a frozen dinner in the kitchen, and goes upstairs to eat it in bed (I hate that she eats in bed, but I really liked it this time). She stayed upstairs the rest of the night.

The next morning, I get up early and continue squeegeeing the floor with my feet. My wife comes downstairs and she finally uses the toilet. My heart is going a mile a minute. I hear a flush, she comes out, and she didn't notice a thing:) The carpet on the sides and the back of the toilet were still noticeably damp, but place she put her feet was 90% dry by now, and besides, she was wearing her slippers.

Still one more hurdle. I knew a nephew and niece were coming over later in the afternoon. If they wind up using the bathroom, my jig would probably be up.

They came over for around an hour, but didn't use the bathroom.

Yesterday, was the first day that the total carpet in the bathroom was entirely dry.

Since my wife never reads my blog, and I know (or hope) that my friends and family who read this won't rat me out, I can confidently say that I escaped a very large episode of experiencing my wife's wrath, and a guaranteed maniacal rant about how inept and non caring I am. I feel no guilt about this deception either.

The above is an illustration of why I could never have an extramarital affair. I would end up in a loony bin trying to hide my tracks.

I did learn something. I will never try to flush paper towels down the toilet ever again for the rest of my life.

May 14, 2007

Youtube Muslims Are Still Revolting

One of my older posts just got discovered by a few bloggers, including one with a large following, Dhimmi Watch. Lots of new people are now seeing my post, Youtube Muslims Unite To Blatantly Censor The Truth. I made that post in February but as you can see from the following post, made by a female Youtube Atheist named Judelicious, nothing much has changed:

The threats and the flagging continues but atheists will remain strong, as we should, and if Youtube continues to ban us, Youtube will die. It is almost a guarantee.

Now for some "Muslim science." Did you know that Neil Armstrong proved that Mecca is the Center of the World? There are a lot of "scientific facts" in this video I'll bet you never knew:)

I'm really surprised Neil Armstrong didn't convert to Islam knowing what he knows.

In other news, the JIB award for best Skeptic blog is turning into quite a race. Last I looked, I was up by one vote. This is a case where every vote does count, so if you feel generous enough and haven't voted for Bacon Eating Atheist Jew, GO HERE AND VOTE. It would be sacriscientific if an Orthodox Jew (Dov Bear) won the award over moi. Voting closes on Wednesday.

May 11, 2007

The Real History Of Judaism

I'm in the final round for a JIB (Jewish & Israeli Blog Award) in the category of Best Jewish Skepticism Blog. Thanks again to everyone who voted for me, and thanks in advance to those who vote for me in the final round. Vote Bacon! GO HERE TO VOTE FOR ME Thanks again. And thanks to Tikkunger for nominating me in the first place.

I'm Bacon Eating Atheist Jew and NOT Jewish Atheist, who we can refer to as Sandy Koufax (a Lefty Jew). You can vote for him in the best Left Wing blog category. I did.

Dov Bear is kicking the crap out me right now. He puts a lot of secret code on his blog, so it is hard to really understand. But he is pretty good at soliciting votes, I'll give him that.

I'm not really a Skeptic. A Skeptic actually thinks there is a possibility that the Bible is non fictional and that God exists. I'm past the Skeptic phase. I'm a Bible Mega-minimalist. Here is a short video which sort of explains my stance (but I'm way more extreme):

You can go through life assuming most of the beliefs that you were taught as a child and throughout your early adulthood, are complete fact. But you'd be shocked to find that many "truths" you believe are completely improbable. Noah's Ark is an easy one to completely refute. But so is the Exodus. I used to assume that the Exodus was partly true, at least, until I started looking for evidence. The same is true for a historical Jesus. I was sincerely surprised when I found there was no evidence for either. I'm open to new evidence to, I don't need either to not be historical in order to be an atheist. It doesn't help me one way or the other. I just like facts and reality.

This brings me to the real history of Judaism. I was lucky to find a documentary on Youtube about the book, The Bible Unearthed. I may not have to buy the book after watching the entire 10 video clips this morning. It was absolutely fascinating and informative stuff. Everyone should watch these clips (remember, the New Testament is pretty dependent on the Old Testament being true).


Oral tradition means squat to me. "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn," and "Play it again, Sam," are perfect examples that even with today's media, the masses screw up famous movie lines, even in a very short time frame. In today's day and age, we can rely on archaeological evidence, ancient writings and dating techniques to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The biggest revelation from the video was the fact that Hebrews (an ethnicity) were Polytheistic at least up until 7th to 8th Century BC and the Old Testament was not started until the 7th Century with the "Book of Deuteronomy." There is plenty of evidence to back this up. Also enlightening was the fact that when the Exodus was supposed to happen, Canaan was governed and occupied by Egyptians.

That would mean that with regards to both Abraham and Moses, for whom there is absolutely no supporting secular evidence of, that there is no reason whatsoever to believe the stories of either are true. If either Abraham or Moses existed and had chats with God, the idea of monotheism for the Hebrews would have become a dominant belief system. Not to mention, the claim that there were hundreds of thousands of witnesses for the Exodus, and they told their kids who told their kids yadda yadda yadda. If there were witnesses to plagues and the parting of the sea, not only would monotheism have become an immediate gimme for the Hebrews, but it would have become one for the Egyptians too.

This also has implications with respect to, the probably non existent, Solomon's Temple. In the video, it is explained that there is possible evidence that David existed, but he didn't rule over a very large empire. A large empire in the region didn't exist. But the idea of a Temple to worship an invisible God was an impossibility. Now there could have been a Temple that existed where worshiping idols and celestial objects was common place, and it most likely wouldn't have been very large. That is why even with "oral history" it hasn't been found.

Evidence points to the people of Canaan and Judea worshiping idols right through to the 600's BC and even past that. Motivation to unite the Hebrews in 7th Century BC by Josiah, most likely led to the story of the Exodus and the attempting banning of idol worship, as well as inventing a more dramatic history for the people who lived in the region.

The reality is that the region went through many different regime changes. Egyptians, Hebrews, etc. ruled the land at various times. In 587, the Babylonians defeated the Jews (many were finally monotheistic by then, and many Jews were exiled to Babylon.

The Jews came back 50 years later, and this time they actually had developed a real religious history of sorts and their monotheism gained steam and support. Again, in order to unify the people of the region, God was given more defined wants, and Ezra wrote them down and presented them to the people. It was at this time that Judaism officially became a religion.

The video makes a great point that at this time, individualism and the foundations of today's Western world goals and mindset was born thanks to the Jews of 5th and 6th Century. BC and the Torah.

Here is part one of the 10 part series of videos (9 minutes each, except the last one is less than 3 minutes):

Again, for the entire series of videos go here.

And if you haven't voted for yet for the JIB Award, GO HERE AND VOTE, SCIENCE DAMMIT!

May 10, 2007

The Main Reason White Supremacists Struggle With Evolution

Two white supremacist bloggers that I've come across recently, The Sentinel and Chris Womak from Politically Correct Apostate, are scared to death that WHITEY shares the same common ancestor as the Boys From Da Hood.

The Sentinel often comments that "nobody knows for sure," when drilled about how Europeans came into existence. I think he thinks that WHITEY either came from special white primates or they were specially created. His "not sure" stance allows him to keep his head in the sand.

Hitler believed that Aryans were direct descendants of Adam and Eve, and that Jesus was an Aryan (not a Joooo), and that all non-Aryans are not related to Adam and Eve but came from other lines. His views on evolution from less sophisticated animals is unknown to me at this time. He did investigate the Hollow Earth theory, which possibly would explain that SUPER WHITES came from the center of the earth. Yeah, Hitler was a nut.

Womak, a Joooo paranoid creep, recently wrote a post on a recently published article. Actually, he just copied the article, and added an idiotic title to it: Liberals Out Of Africa Theory Gets Another Knock.

The thing is, the recent speculation that the first humans in Europe landed in Eastern Europe rather than Central or Western Europe does not conflict with the Out Of Africa theory, which states that modern humans evolved in Africa 200,000 to 100,000 years ago and many began to migrate to other continents around 50-80,000 years ago.

He must really hate the idea that he has African ancestors (we all do, and I'm perfectly fine with it). Womak, you are nothing but a nappy headed beatch.

My searches for WHITEY'S view on common ancestry took my over to Stormfront (where Joooo paranoid Aryan goofballs pretend they are special. There is a discussion about Neanderthals. I read the whole thread. First off, I was impressed by many of the poster's knowledge about evolution and common ancestry. Many would love to deny that all humans originated in Africa. Some want to turn the clock back as much as possible, and some wanted to believe they had some Neanderthal blood that possibly gave them blue eyes and blond hair (I kid you not). There were a couple of YECs there, but for the most part they conducted a rational discussion and they didn't even mention Joooos once.

One disappointment there was the fact that one of the posters is an FSM member. We already know that there are some scummy atheists around, just as there are some scummy theists.

Speaking of scum. Check out how I burned a scummy Joooo paranoid imbecile on my new site Judeophobe Watch.

May 7, 2007

Starbucks, Believers Don't Like It When You Provoke Thought

Starbucks should realize that in the theocratic state of America, provoking thought aint the way to go. You can only get in trouble. A couple of years ago the Christians were pissed at The Way I See It #43 which seemed to tell gays that they should come out.

A Catholic woman got pissed off because she got the following message on her Starbuck's coffee coffee cup:

"Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help? As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure."

'The quote was written by Bill Schell, a Starbucks customer from London, Ontario, Canada, and was included as part of an effort by the Seattle-based coffee giant to collect different viewpoints and spur discussion.' The series is called The Way I See It.

OK, I can see why the figment of our imaginations line was offensive, but the message was indeed something to talk about, especially amongst theists. I would even argue that many catastrophes are not man made. But that is the idea of these cups. To argue, debate, and discuss.

Here is another coffee cup in the Starbucks collection:

"Darwinism’s impact on traditional social values has not been as benign as its advocates would like us to believe. Despite the efforts of its modern defenders to distance themselves from its baleful social consequences, Darwinism’s connection with eugenics, abortion and racism is a matter of historical record. And the record is not pretty."
-- Dr. Jonathan Wells
Biologist and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.

Anyone want to discuss what this retard Jonathan Wells says? I'll start. Darwinism is a fact. Blaming Darwin for eugenics, abortion and racism is like blaming Newton for the way bullets travel.

May 4, 2007

Brownback, Tancredo, and Huckabee uh bye bye

Thank science I'm a Canadian. But as I've stated before, I realize the USA is our great protector, so what happens in US politics has more of an affect in my world, than Canadian politics has. Unless of course, we end up with one of the three stooges mentioned in the header of this post.

This clip is only 20 seconds long. From last night's Republican debate:

It is just too embarrassing in this day and age to even consider having an anti-evolutionist as head of the Western world.

I'll forgive John McCain. My gripe isn't against theistic evolutionists as much as it is YECs, by a long shot. And McCain does have a duty to mention God, or he has no chance of getting elected in a place where 45% of the country believes in Young Earth Creation. But Brownback, Tancredo, and Huckabee can not become leader. They just buried themselves anyway because the internet will destroy them now that they exposed themselves as wilfully ignorant.

For the record, I realize ALL politicians lie. Bush has pretty much feinted agnosticism when it comes to evolution and always considers his YEC voters. My view is the reason he said creationism should be taught next in science class was simply to keep his flock happy. To my knowledge, other than saying "the jury is still out on evolution," Bush has purposely not committed to an answer. Plus, with the evolution debate being so strong during the Bush reign, my bet is Bush now knows that evolution is fact.
I'm sure he was forced into some really informative lectures by real scientists.

Thanks to the internet of today, and especially blogs, Bush was probably the last President who could have possibly been elected IF he really doesn't know evolution is fact, as the internet is completely destroying the YEC movement, and especially over the couple of years.

May 1, 2007

Some Mallards Put Their Penises In The Wrong Quack

I see lots of science stories, but I just couldn't pass up on this one: "
Some female ducks and geese have evolved complex genitalia to thwart unwelcome mating attempts, according to a new study.

You see, mallards are part of the 3% of birds that have penises (phalluses, dicks, shlongs, etc.) that are capable of penetrating the females love tunnel. But plenty of mallard males don't believe in dating, and do the forced sex thingy (aka rape).

Tim Birkhead at the University of Sheffield in the UK and colleagues examined vaginas and the corresponding phalluses from 16 wildfowl species. They discovered that the longer and more elaborate the male member, the longer and more elaborate its female recipient was.
No-entry signs

Some vaginas had spiral channels that would impede sex by twisting in the opposite direction to that of the male phallus. Others had as many as eight cul-de-sac pouches en route, that could prevent fertilisation by capturing unwelcome sperm. Moreover, these features were only found in species renowned for forced sex. All other species had simple male and female genitalia.

“These structures are wonderfully devious, sending sperm down the wrong road or impeding penetration,” says Birkhead.

The mallard penis has evolved longer and longer, and the female has evolved a trickier and trickier vagina. Usually, only when the female is relaxed, does she let the sperm find it's way. In other words, mallard males reading this post should either get to know the female or at least get them drunk first.

I'm just wondering what is the evolutionary advantage of this particular genitalia arms race. I'm not sure if rapist ducks pair off if they are successful with the female. The male does pair off, but only stays until the eggs are laid.

I'm thinking out loud, maybe the female knows what duck will make the best mate or she doesn't want the father to a duck that needs to rape to get laid.

Another interesting finding from Wikipedia:
Mallards also have rates of male-male sexual activity that are unusually high for birds. In some cases, as many as 19% of pairs in a Mallard population are male-male homosexual.

I wonder if the 19% that are gay have evolved a butt hole that is contoured in a way that is perfect for the cork screw penises of the mallard ducks. Of course Fundies will brush off the homosexuality on female rejection.

Some ducks do make a few good points though:

I have a feeling AngloAmerican will be commenting on this post.