April 6, 2012

Happy Fairy Tales For Adults Day

Today is the start of both Easter and Passover, two of the biggest hoaxes bought into by the majority of the masses. There is no contemporary evidence that Jesus ever existed. The first historical mention of him was generations after he supposedly lived. As for the Exodus. There is no evidence that Jews even existed prior to 550 BC. Great back story though, and somewhat believable for the people at the time who wanted to know the purpose of their religion. People were constantly thrown out of communities and countries, and that continues today. Invasions and war often lead to refugees, and many micro Exoduses. Making it of epic proportions made the story of the Exodus more appealing to those who wanted to believe. But really, is it any different than the back story created by the Scientologists or Mormons (well, at least Joseph Smith existed, but even his contemporaries couldn't prove the stuff he was saying). I still don't get why the Easter Bunny is associated with the story of Jesus. Perhaps it relates to a lost Gospel. The Gospel of the Easter Bunny. After Jesus' lifeless body was taken down from the cross, he was placed in a giant egg in a cave. A large rabbit came by and sat on the egg. Three days later Jesus hatched. I wonder if Christians today would believe that if say Mark wrote about it.