September 19, 2012

Early Christians Invented Jesus, Some Even Invented A Wife

Jesus, like every religious figure who allegedly performed supernatural feats, never existed. To me it becomes more evident each day. Just think of the recent claim that Jesus might have been married because it implies it in a newly found document. Here you have something written "after the fact" that gives Jesus a wife. This means that at least one person, and most probably a whole sect, believed Jesus had a ball and chain.

What I'm trying to get to is that it isn't hard to invent a fact and then have a bunch of people believe that fact over even a generation or two, especially back at a time when word of mouth was king. Hoaxes still go on today, and are bought by millions until proven false....back then, there was no incentive to prove an extraordinary claim false, and even if they wanted to, the early Christians couldn't falsify much.

What they could do was pick and choose which fairy tale story fit their agenda at the time. That is why some versions regarding Jesus made it in the bible and others did not.

The same word of mouth nonsense had people believing in Gods like Mercury and Thor at various times. Do you think many Christians or Jews or Muslims believe in those stories? Probably close to zero. They rightfully dismiss them as nonsensical.

Reality is that there is no historical evidence for Jesus, Moses, the Exodus, etc. Lots of counter evidence that go against those stories though, but no evidence to support them.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for God to magically open up the fridge and float a cold pop to my computer desk.

September 5, 2012

Bill Nye The Science Tells It Like It Is

Not the greatest speaker in the world, or at least he made it seem like this wasn't scripted, just a natural dialogue. Anyway he appears naturally frustrated and partially embarrassed that the US has so many evolution deniers.

Over 4 million hits on Youtube for this two minute video...impressive. Over 140.000 comment. Well, someone sure hit a nerve.

I've always believed that teaching creationism to children and even brainwashing a child about one's own religion is a form of child abuse. I'm with Bill Nye on this. If adults want to remain willfully ignorant, let them. But don't take down the kiddies with you: