September 29, 2006

Joel Johannesen: What an insecure little baby

Click here to listen to Joel

I got banned by one of the most insecure blogs and forums on the internet. It is really a relgious right forum hiding under the guise of a political one. Obviously Proud to be Canadian does not believe in separation of church and state and especially they do not believe in free speech.

I compare the cronies on Proud to be Canadian to be as intellectually deficient as Robert McClelland's group of retards on MyBlahg. Even though I am disgusted in the NDP's politics, they at least weren't as insecure as Joel to ban me from their site.

I like Harper's stance on the War Against Terror, and I am also pro-business. I've voted PC all my life, but imbeciles in self denial at Proud To Be Canadian, make me not so proud to be Canadian. And they represent a good portion of the PC voting base. Hopefully, not the leadership. It just proves to me that the PC's are the lesser of 3 evils in Canada. The Liberals got us potential terror cells, and they have a few MP's that support Hamas.

My confrontation on the wimp board started innocently enough. I went to check out the headlines of blogs at Blogging Tories, and I came across “Charter rights”: Lesbian demands that God change that whole “life” thing ".

Now, I'm a firm believer that homosexuality happens mainly do to nature. Homosexuals should have equal rights. They are no less human or sick than heterosexuals.

I commented: What does this have to do with God? What exactly are God’s words regarding homosexuality and family? Prove God said them.
I accept homosexuality because there is tremendous evidence that it is more nature than nurture. It is not a sickness, and homosexuals do not choose to be homosexuals (at least in the overwhelming majority of cases).
Keep religion in the household and your place of worship (that is where it belongs).
Keep it out of the classroom and courts.

Those comments were attacked by a few bloggers. I was then deemed to be the enemy. I was called a bigot towards God and Christianity by Christians who themselves are openly bigoted against homosexuals and Atheists.

But lets get back to the baby Joel. He is supreme moderator at this blog, this gives his weak personna a boost, and makes him feel powerful. But as I will prove he is nothing but a weak kneed trembling little tot. He did not engage in any debate, but instead proceded to flame me. I felt I was dealing with a 15 year old.

He stated this:
Atheist Jew

Apart from the fact that you appear to be way, way over your head here, this isn’t an atheist religion web site, as you well know. In fact I think you seek out, target, and troll in these kinds of waters on purpose, evangelizing your religion, or attempting to do so. Your moniker is an all-too-obvious clue but your jejune little quips and bigoted smears are, well, stupid beyond the scope of what we tolerate here, what with this site being replete with employed grownups, and all.

You’ve more than made your point, such as it is.

Unfortunately for you, this is not an appropriate platform to advance your faith in the atheism religion. That’s just stupifyingly obvious.

If your own little blog site is failing because so many people follow the rich word of God, and you can’t seem to get folks to join your atheist religion, then I’m sorry about that, but this site isn’t going to be your go-to site to try to get converts and visitors to your atheist religion web site and church. It’s really rather fruitless in addition to being just annoying. Kind of like when communists come in here and start preaching that, or supporters of CBC promote that.

As a more general matter, I find that these repeated public displays of abject bigotry and intolerance from those who, like “Atheist Jew”, try to portray themselves as pseudo-intellectual “enlightened, tolerant ones”—are becoming hideous, actually, among the intelligent set, and are clearly serving our own interests rather than theirs. That’s a “backlash” I guess, and I suppose that’s good for us, so I’m glad “Atheist Jew” dropped by to help confirm that finding.

But being the charitable guy that I am, move on now, “Atheist Jew”, because self-respect and progress demands it.

And this:
Atheist Jew, I’ve already warned you. This is not your place to gratuitously spew your atheism. You’ve made your many uncalled for comments. That’s enough. Sit back now and take your lumps.

Write up a nice blog entry on your own blog espousing the strong faith you have in your atheism religion, if your site is so effective what with that massive 300 hits per day (I have a dormant site that gets more than 300 hits per day). And complain bitterly about how I’m censoring you here. I don’t care. Write the Queen to complain. Write the Pope.

You will not use this site as a platform to attempt to advance your anti-Christian religion, at my expense, particularly because you do so by way of insult, smears, and bigotry of the highest order. And it’s the wrong place, the wrong blog entry, and so much more.

But here’s my Christian-like olive branch:
If you can see fit to do so without acting like an insolent child who presumes to be addressing utterly unlearned morons and freaks and psychotics, you can start a topic in the discussion forums, as you probably should have done to start with.
However, should you slip even an iota into the bigotry and insulting, childish, amateurish, disrespectful manner such as that which you’ve used here, you will be banned for life, and all traces of your existence here will be erased. And then you can write the Queen about that too.


So I accepted his offer and posted this under a brand new topic:
I’m The Atheist Jew, aka BEAJ, aka AJ. A Jew can be a Jew by religion and/or ethnicity(born to a Jewish mother). Hitler didn’t ask if the Jews he murdered believed or not, or to what extent. Neither would many Muslims today, especially radical ones.
My Atheism is usually misunderstood. I started off as a secular believer in God, turned Agnostic, and now I’m Atheist. This is due to my understanding that there is absolutely no proof outside of the bibles that God exists or has existed. Science will someday explain everything, and just because there are holes right now, it doesn’t mean God fills in the blanks. At least not to me.
I have friends who are Christian Fundamentalists. They want to take my wife to church and save her. My wife is pretty much agnostic, though she grew up secular Christian.
No, I can’t prove God doesn’t exist, but I can’t prove 50 Gods don’t exist, or even that my dog Daisy isn’t God.
I have voted PC for as long as I can remember. I am pro business. I am pro war on terror. I have a dislike for Moonbats.
I have no problem with Christmas, it is a great time to see families. I have no problem with cards that say Merry Christmas.
I do not believe Jesus existed as a historical figure, or that the Exodus happened. And I know the flood story has absolutely no science behind it.
I came to I Am Proud To Be Canadian blog because I saw a post having to do with gays. I believe strongly that the majority of gays are gay by nature not nurture. I also have no doubts about evolution.
I wanted to start a debate here about whether anyone here believes in evolution. Thank you.

Baby Joel immediately flamed me, and did not engage in debate whatsoever, and continued to flame me. I asked him to debate me and stop insulting me. His retarded answer was "No. I don’t have time to debate you."...check for yourself. The other fools on the board confuse evolution with religion. Yes, there are retards who walk amongst us. And many hang out at Proud to Be Canadian.

I told my wife about it just now, she shook her head and said "so much for free speech," and she agreed with me that the reason they banned me is that deep down Fundamentalist Christians know they have nothing, and are quite insecure and that is why they hang on to absurdities such as a young earth and anti-evolution.

Joel should be ashamed of himself, and so should Progressive Conservatives who are represented by idiots like Joel. He is a coward, a wimp and a rhetorical assmonkey. I was being civil on the board, but the insecurity and reading comprehension of Joel and his flock is mind numbing.

Read the forum comments, before the pussy takes them down. Especially his last comment. He is more retarded than Ann Coulter, because he probably isn't making much money with his inane drivel and she is.

Oh, one more thing, check their Islamic rules for their website:

If you're a LIBERAL, please remember that:

** You are a guest at ProudToBeCanadian ("PTBC"); and it is a
privately-owned facility, and yes, privately-owned things are still allowed
in this country;

** You are granted a privilege by us as the owners of this site to post
comments. You do not have "a right" to make comments at PTBC. Please be
aware of the difference. You are not automatically "entitled" to anything
at PTBC;

** We're under no obligation to provide you with a platform, at our expense,
to rant on and on about liberalism, the "Canadian value" of abortion,
smoking pot, socialism, or any other liberal-left ideal. Nor are we
obligated to even allow you to post any of your comments at all whatsoever,
and we may delete them if they break our very reasonable rules, and we are
under no obligation to consult with you first;

** And most of all remember that character assassination attempts or even
personal insults against the site owner, blogger(s), columnists, or any
commenter --are simply not well tolerated. Nor are rude, insulting,
bigoted cliché remarks made in blanket form against the group at PTBC or
any portion of them, nor conservatives generally for that matter. If you
type "Nazi" or "heil" or "Hitler" or "fascist", you will be banned for life
simply on the basis that you're a moron. If you type "homophobe", you may
be banned for life or just a for a while.

** You will have to tread lightly, respectfully, and remember that you're
among people who are committed conservatives (despite the teaching at
schools and from the liberal media which permeates our lives), you're not
necessarily among friends, and nobody will reach out to you for a group hug.
And if you do remember that, you'll get along just fine and last forever at


What exactly is it about Islam they don't like, they seem pretty Islamic to me.

September 28, 2006

Fundies, Leave The Gays Alone

I really get bothered when religious Fundies whine about gay marriages and gay rights. Proud to Be A Canadian is all up in arms over the definition of family. Note to the Radical Right, we live in 2006 not the 1950's, when society norms were dictated by the big screen (where most of the actors in the 50's were gays pretending to be straight). Mad Zionist and his religious cronies speak think they are speaking for God. It bugs me when Jews who have been persecuted for years, turn around and persecute gays.
I was born a heterosexual, almost every gay person on this planet today wasn't. Get over it. With all the stigmas attached, why would someone choose to be gay? They can't help it, just like I can't help enjoying drooling at a beautiful woman.
I hate the God hates or at least dislikes gays argument. First off, prove there is a God. Secondly, prove that God hates or dislikes gays.
I also don't like the argument that homosexuality is wrong because it doesn't lead to procreation. I'm married to an older woman. We have no kids, and it is too late now. I'm fine with that. When two 70 year olds get married, it is fine with the Religious Right too, even though procreation is out of the question.
There is overwhelming evidence that homosexuality is natural. To be natural, it doesn't have to be a fifty fifty thing. Left handers are natural, but only make up around 10% of the population. There is no evidence that homosexuality is mainly due to nurture. None. Please show me a scientific study to back it up or STFU.
Here is some evidence that shows that homosexuality can be caused during fetal development:

Here is a pretty good lecture on homosexuality and morality:

I have two issues with this that I disagree with. How does he specifically define morality? Morality according to who? And secondly, he attacks the statement that "it isn't natural, animals don't do it" totally erroneously. Homosexuality is rampant in the animal kingdom, especially among the more developed animals. Of course, bonobos don't have the intellectual superiority it takes to read a bible and to know that God hates them and declares their behavior to be unnatural.

Here is a pretty interesting and controversial theory on homosexual sex and evolution. Homosexuality has been documented in over 450 different vertabrate species (why would God create such a travesty;)).
Evolution isn't just about mating and adapting, it is about surviving (not being food and finding food and shelter). In order for a species to keep going, there must be enough youngens who make it to the next generation. That is why so many social animals exist. There is a safety in numbers. Sexual bonding creates less tensions in many social animals, the bond also causes animals to be protective of one another. The vast majority of social insects don't exist to mate. And in the higher animal kingdom, there seems to be evolutionary benefits in homosexual behavior (albeit, most bi-sexual behavior).
Lets face it, if every animal on this planet successfully mated, and every sperm was sacred, we would have ran out of natural resources a long long time ago.
As far as family goes. Check out these dolphins:

Does God know what is going on in his oceans? I know, at least they aren't asking for equal rights or putting on a gay parade in the Dead Sea.....

One more thing, the idea of kids growing up in gay homes is frowned upon by many. I'm open to research. Right now, there just isn't enough. If it turns out that a statistically larger proportion of these kids turn out to be molested by one of the parents or "friends" of the parents, or if the kids turn into welfare dependants or criminals (like it is with single parent homes where the struggling mom is a heterosexual).....then I'd be against it.

September 27, 2006

Finally, an Atheist blogroll

Ever since I got rejected from the Blasphemy webring I have contemplated starting an Atheist blogroll. I'm a member of many blogrolls already, but there was a definite void in cyberspace. I gave up on the idea of starting one because it finally became apparent to me that I am far too lazy. But luckily, Mojoey at Deep Thoughts has shown some go-getter characteristics and started one.

For those Godless bloggers who don't about it yet, go here and sign up.

I'm thinking of purging Atheist blogs off my main blogroll to avoid being redundant. But I might be too lazy to do that.

September 25, 2006

More Evolution Stories In The News

More news to make the Fundies cringe.

This news about male crickets evolving flat wings from curved wings over just a few generations makes perfect sense to me. But to those who don't buy into evolution, this is just the devil's work. I'm curious what will happen to these crickets over time though, if the original curved wing music makers go totally extinct. And what will happen to the parasitic fly. This is why most species that have ever graced the earth have gone extinct.

The early bird may get the worm, but the first birds had four wings and used to glide.
'Scientists don’t know when in their evolutionary history birds switched from a "four winged" design to a two-wing one, but it's thought that hindlimb wings were sacrificed in order to free up legs for other functions, such as running, swimming and catching prey.'

Oh no. "Scientists don't know when," and "it's thought" are in the above quote. The first means that scientists don't know therefore God exists.

Scientists don't know YET, but they eventually will.

And finally, miniature animal remains found in Mediterranean islands have changed the theory as to why miniaturization takes place. It used to be thought that animals got smaller on Islands solely because of limited resources. Now research has led scientists to understand that lack of predators is another main cause that herbivores evolve to be smaller on Islands. If they don't need their size to survive, they will get smaller. Smaller animals tend to have more babies. Carnivores will get smaller if there is either a lack of prey or if the abundance of prey is smaller.
"Carnivores and herbivores don't respond to the same evolutionary pressures as far as their body sizes are concerned," Dr Shai Meiri added in an interview.
"Carnivores are affected by food availability and prey size, whereas herbivores are affected by the presence of other herbivores and also of predators."

In my world the above 3 stories make perfect sense. Do they make sense in your world?

Here is a Youtube Video I found today about vestigial organs. Kind of funny, and the points are valid.

I found the above video when I saw the comments made on the following video by this then 18 year old girl. No, I'm not a dirty middle aged old man, I was doing a Youtube search on "evolution" and watched it. Her video is sort of cry for help, and she makes very relative points about Fundamentalist Christians and proof. She does make statements that are wrong when it comes to "who knows?" and "there is no proof either way." This is where I disagree with the author of the first video who states "I don't consider myself an Atheist because I, like you, have conviction that we'll never have hard-core proof one way or the other."
That is only true if biology and fossil records can never be considered hardcore proof. But there will never be proof that God doesn't exist, because you can't prove a negative. Watch the video.

"The debate won't be solved because there's always gonna be religion and there's always gonna be science." Interesting. Hopefully she won't fall into the hands of a cultist. She seems to be on the right track.

September 23, 2006

I've Been Tagged Again

Here it goes again. I was tagged by Memoirs of a Gouda to do a movie meme. As you will tell by my answers, my days of going to the movies are in the past, so is my need to see current movies. I equate it to music. I’m stuck in the 70’s and 80’s.

1. The last movie you saw in a theatre, and current-release movie you still want to see.
This is really embarrassing, but I must add that my wife has a 10 minute attention span when it comes to movies, so I watch many movies by myself on my downstairs TV (I do subscribe to the Movie Network, ya know), while she is upstairs in bed watching some “Better Homes Than Yours” show. The last time we went to see a movie in a theatre would probably have been Southpark, Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. I made her go with me.
There are no current movies I know of that I can’t wait 2 year until I get it on the Movie Network, that I want to see.

2. The last movie you rented/purchased for home viewing.
That was a while back too. The Sixth Sense, I believe. I really don’t believe, but you know what I mean.

3 A movie that made you laugh out loud.
Lots. The first one I remember laughing out loud to in a theatre was Blazing Saddles. What would you expect from a 13 year old going going to such a gaseous movie with a bunch of friends?

4. A movie that made you cry.
Peggy Sue Got Married. I spent a lot of dough that night on a chick including taking her to the movie, and I think I wound up with just a peck on the cheek. That bitch.
Seriously, many movies filled my eyes full of tears. Usually feel good movies where the hero overcomes lots of obstacles and odds and winds up saving the world. Sometimes even romantic movies where the guy gets the chick in the end (I’m not talking porn here). I don’t remember ever crying, though I probably came close when Dorothy woke up from her “dream,” the first time I actually understood the movie.

5 A movie that was a darling of the critics, but you didn't think lived up to the hype.
Recently I saw Walk the Line. It missed oomph. Just an average picture.

6. A movie that you thought was better than the critics.
The Man With Two Brains. One of the funniest movies ever. At least that is how I remember it.

7. Favorite animated movie.
I really liked The Point when I was a kid. Probably saw it 7 times, but I haven’t seen it since I was 15 or so. If I remember correctly, it was quite existential. I did like Finding Nemo and the Southpark movie.

8. Favorite Disney Villain.
I’m definitely a Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies type of guy. The Disney shorts are for 3 year olds and under. But I’ve seen a few Disney movies. I always hated the villains, so I’m not sure what is meant by favorite villain. Lets go with the Queen in Snow White because she reminds me of my mother.

9. Favorite movie musical.
Gotta go with The Wizard of Oz. I hope it is considered a musical.

Favorite movies of all-time (up to five).
1. Planet of the Apes (the real version)
2. Goodfellas
3. The Man With Two Brains
4. Sleeper
5. Groundhog Day
6. I have to add Once Upon In America too. Screw the rules.

Now to tag 5 potential victims. Kathy Blog (this should be fun), Professor Kurgman (I want to prove to the blogosphere that Kathy and the Professor are two different people), Mad Zionist (I'm looking at this choice as being a science project where MZ is a lab rat), Doctor Boogaloo (this should be easy for him), and Big Dumb Chimp (I've been neglecting his blog the last couple of weeks and it is too good to neglect, even if he has that Big Dumb Black Background that I find so annoying).

September 21, 2006


When I was a kid, and I mean in my single digits, I used to watch lots of TV with my dad. When watching old movies (back in the 60's that would be movies from the 30's and 40's), my father's commentary during the movie would either be "he is dead" or "he is Jewish."
I'm not sure if it was pride or supremacism or a mixture of both. Or was it more like "can you believe that there are so many Jews on TV?" And yes, he was very guilty of saying "he or she doesn't look Jewish." I don't care what anybody says, there is a Jewish look. Even the Simpsons' acknowledged it when Lisa had a crush on the teacher voiced by Dustin Hoffman. She commented about his "Semitic good looks."
My father used to say that he was related to Kirk Douglas. Distantly related but related nonetheless. There is more proof that the Great Flood happened though.
I just can't put my finger on it. But I still get satisfaction if I find out someone famous is a Jew. Especially sports figures. I don't do somersaults or make a big deal out of it, but it does make me happier. Especially if I find out a famous person is an Atheist Jew, although I have mixed feelings about Woody Allen with the marriage to the step daughter thingy, and his love of France.
I wouldn't be that happy if I found out that a celebrity was a Jew if he or she believed in Young Earth Creation though. That would be a bummer.
I'm sure blacks and gays have the same type of pride/supremacy when a black or gay makes it big in the world. Or like when the blacks found out Lena Horne was actually black. That happened on the Cosby Show if I recall correctly.
Jewish inventors and scientists are big on my list, actors are pretty big too. But nothing beats professional athletes.

The video below illustrates what I'm talking about. This is really funny stuff. And none of the announcers are Jews (Denis Leary isn't a Jew is he? His name doesn't sound Jewish and he doesn't look it):

Notice how they didn't focus on the first baseman's religion. Is he a Greek? No. Irish?. No. He is a Jew. A Jew, as in ethnic Jew, not religious Jew. He could be religious, but he doesn't have to be. I just hope he isn't a Young Earth Creationist though.

September 19, 2006

Which God Do You Believe In?

Baylor recently released results to their American Piety In The 21st Century survey.

Some interesting things points from the survey are that those who attended college are slightly more apt to believe in the paranormal and that more women than men believe in haunted houses. But more important results were revealed.

Over 1700 Americans were asked a series of questions and the biggest revelation to come out of this was the fact that Americans for the most part agree there is a God (91.8%) but can't agree on what kind of dude God is.

It seems that Americans believe in one of four conceptions of God:

'A is the Authoritarian God, worshiped by 31.4% of respondents. This deity is highly involved, responsible for Earthly events such as tsunamis or economic upturns and "capable of meting out punishment to those who are unfaithful or ungodly."

B is the Benevolent God, the choice of 23% of respondents. He also is involved in human affairs but isn't in the smiting business. This God is "mainly a force of positive influence in the world and is less willing to condemn or punish individuals."

C is the Critical God, who "really does not interact with the world." But believers in this God — 16% of the sample — still watch their Ps and Qs because God C "views the current state of the world unfavorably" and will punish evildoers "in another life."

D, the Distant God. Twenty-four percent of respondents endorsed — "embraced" is probably too strong a word — this version of the deity, "a cosmic force which set the laws of nature in motion" but has no interest in human activities.

Just over 5% of those surveyed identified themselves as Atheists.

The study is further broken down by region. It would only make sense that those in the South and the Midwest are more likely to believe in the Authoritative God for example.

Now my thoughts:

What about the 5th type of God? You know, THE TRICKSTER GOD. This is the God I would most likely to believe in. He is the one who put absolutely no evidence on this planet that he exists, in fact he purposely put all kinds of evidence on this planet and in the universe to contradict the Bible (His Word). He has made it appear to every reputable scientist that evolution is fact, that the earth is ancient, that the Great Flood never happened, that the Exodus never happened, and that Jesus wasn't even a historical figure.

I have to ask those who believe in a distant God.......Why? Is it so you think you have a shot at an afterlife? What evidence are you basing your belief on? At least the first three God's are at least somewhat based on interpretations of a Holy book or two.

Also, for you believers. If God exists, don't you think he would have made it crystal clear as to what type of God he is? Why is his word interpretated in countless ways? Shouldn't his word be black and white? Does man made ring a bell?

Here is a breakdown of God conceptions and specific religions:

Author. Benevol.Critical Distant
Catholic 22.6% 28.2% 18.6% 29.2%
Protestant 68.0 12.0 20.0 0
Protestant 52.3 23.6 12.8 10.8
Protestant 23.7 26.6 19.7 29.3
Jewish 19.4 13.9 16.7 41.7
Unaffiliated 2.9 5.0 15.7 35.7

Jews can't even agree on what kind of dude God is. Note: according to my calculations only 43 Jews were surveyed and 4 of them said Jesus is the son of God, so the Jewish numbers probably have a high margin of error attached to them. Jews were also most likely to not be sure if God existed of all those surveyed.

Distant God? C'mon, you people are really Agnostics. Get over it.

For more on this topic check out The Jewish Atheist, Stardust Musings, and God Is For Suckers (which is Stardust's post, but the comments are worth looking at).

September 17, 2006

The Movie "Obsession" Is Up Again On Google

This is a powerful documentary on radical Islam's Culture of Death.
If you haven't watched it yet, now is your chance. It is pretty much a guarantee that Google will take it down again very shortly......So watch it now.

About the Pope's recent comments. Are Muslims embarrassed by the reaction going on right now? "The Pope better apologize, or else"

As for the Pope's apology today; he didn't say the words in the quoted text were wrong, only that the text was quoted. Every preacher at church could say the same thing when they read from the bible. That is what religious dudes do, they quote old books to express their own feelings or to explain the world. Why quote a 14th Century text if he didn't believe it was true? And if he didn't believe it, he would have said "here is some nonsense from the 14th Century" before he quoted it.

The Pope said he is deeply sorry for the reaction. Humanity is sorry for the reaction, not just the Pope. But the Muslims reaction was completely predictable. Did it surprise anyone? They did have a choice. The Imams could have started a campaign to counter the quoted words instead of declare a Jihad against those words and the Catholics. The Palestinians of course, just look for reasons to destroy. 5 churches were attacked, and a 170 year old non Catholic church was completely destroyed:
'In the West Bank town of Tulkarm, a stone church built 170 years ago was torched before dawn and its entire inside was destroyed, local Christian officials said. In the village of Tubas, a small church was attacked with firebombs and partially burned, Christians said. Neither church is Catholic, the officials said.'

On a lighter side, on the Yahoo message boards I have seen a few posts stating that Jews paid the Pope to defame Islam. And on a satire site there was a heading that stated that dyslexic Muslims were mixing up the Pope story with the story of the tainted spinach and were now burning effigies of Popeye the Sailor Man.

September 15, 2006

Finally A Show Where The Main Character Is Godless

I really enjoy the new sitcom Lucky Louie, available on HBO. Sure, it is a tad crude....OK, it is very crude, but man is crude(by man, I mean woman too), and this show doesn't sugarcoat it. I can really relate to this guy, but I also can relate to Tony Soprano.
Here are a couple of my favorite scenes. Language/content warning:

The next one is only over a minute, and you can't really make out what stops Louie from thinking about death near the end of it. Lets just say his wife was very handy in temporarily stopping Louie's futile and existential thinking.

There was no question what his wife was doing, by the way, when I viewed them much clearer TV version.

September 14, 2006

I Just Love Valid Analogies

When I see a new analogy, one I've never thought of before, I get stimulated. It is actually a bit of a rush. I found a few recently while making my daily rounds through the blogosphere.

I know too situations are never even close to being the same, but many situations today are others that have happened or are happening still. Many attempt to make analogies, but they base it on just one or two dubious points, like comparing Israelis/Jews to Nazis (the term "zionazi," for example) or comparing evolutionists to Hitler. In order for an analogy to be valid and have legs, the situation of both subjects being compared must be more similar than dissimilar.

The Palestinians are not similar to the Jews of Europe during the Holocaust. At no time were the Jews of Europe a physical threat to the Aryans. The Jews had the land they owned and their businesses taken from them because they were born Jews. They were gathered up and mostly murdered because they were born Jews. They were not given an option to peacefully within their own sovereign countries. They weren't even given the option of living in a land next to the sovereign countries who picked them out because they were born Jews. They didn't declare war against the Nazis. They didn't live for the destruction of Germany. Jews were punished for being Jews. In the West Bank, Arabs are being punished for trying to push Israel into the sea. They are being punished for their own bad choices.

My recent post on the analogy of evolutionists and Hitler.

Now back to the new analogies I discovered.

In the comments in one of Steve's terrorist apologizing blog Digitally Deranged, Mad Zionist came up with a good one regarding radical Islam and those who state that the West creates more enemies by going after terrorists, an argument that I find all over the Lefty Moonbat blogsites. MZ said that when the Allies took out Japan and Germany (who were out for world dominance like Islam today) during World War 2, the objective was to elimate the enemy, at least elimate the enemies ideology. Well, even though many innocents were killed (especially in Japan), the strategy worked. The war ended. But because the Allies were dealing with fundamentally normal rational human beings, resentment by the Germans and Japanese, didn't result in any further actions against the Allies: In other words, no Nazis or terrorists were created. Why does the Moonbat left buy the Muslim excuse? Why do the Moonbats find the Muslim excuse, that eliminating the enemy that Radical Islam is, to be an acceptable one? Are the Moonbats in fact accepting that Muslims are neither rational or normal? Maybe the Lefties should take an introspective look at what you are saying.

Another great analogy was done by Elder of Ziyon, who made a fantastic point that radical Islamists and their supporters don't think like democratic West thinks. To sum up his article, he states that terrorists and their supporters have a zero sum game mentality. They only get happy when Israel is sad for example. They get sad by the same amount that Israel gets happy. In other words, they don't think that Israel and the Palestinians can both get happier. Happiness in the region is a fixed amount. Read the post, I can tell that if I keep explaining this I am going to blurt out stuff about Arab assmonkeys again.

Roya, in the comment section of her Atheist Girl blog, gives great reasons why the Palestinian terrorists are not like the IRA:

...there is a difference between Islamo-facist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, and groups like IRA and PKK.

The former two,
1. do not recognise the right of existance of their adversories
2. Their aim is simply to destroy their adverseries rather than to help their own people.

The later two,
1. accept the right of their adversories for existance
2. and are not driven by the aim of destroying their adversaries but to do what is best for their own people.

She also compares the Kurds today of the Jews prior to the formation of Israel by quoting a Kurdish journalist:

"The Kurds of today are the Jews of decades and centuries ago. They are divided by different foreign oppressors. Some of them are forgetting their own language. Many of them are in exile. The Kurds, like the Jews, strive to live in peace with their neighbors and establish a democratic nation-state of their own. The Kurds, like the Jews, are also surrounded by “neighbors” who may hate each other but can call agree on one thing –a common cause in opposing any and all aspirations of the Jewish and Kurdish nations. "

Atlas Shrugs recently posted a speech by Netanyahu where he rips the BBC a new one, when he fairly compares the recent Lebanon war to the actions Britain took against Nazi Germany. Watch, enjoy. It is full of great analogies:

September 12, 2006

I Watched Lots of NFL This Week: Some Observations

The refs have new uniforms. The refs were horrible last year. I'm thinking the NFL changed the uniforms instead of firing the old refs and hiring new refs. When you change the package people think it might be new and improved, it works with things like laundry soaps, so why not give it a try with the refs.

Lots of new coaches. Lots of boring safe calls by them too.

I'm wondering if the team that gets the highest Jewish lobby support this year is going to be Arizona over the Giants or Miami. No, Rex Grossman of the Bears isn't a Jew.

If the Giants offense played a two minute drill all game, they would be unstoppable, but they still only use the 2 minute drill in the last minute of the game.

"Born again Christian" Kurt Warner may have made a second deal with the devil this year. Maybe he sold his wife's soul this time. Watch out for Arizona.

Can you name two players on the San Francisco 49ers?

Why did Favre come back? Why? Why?

I don't know what it is but I just don't like Drew Bledsoe's face.

Does Minny's Brad Johnson think he is living in the 50's. Check out his hair.

32 NFL teams and not one starting white running back. I can't believe this type of racism still goes on. It is 2006, for cripes sake. Surely there are white guys being overlooked for the job. Blacks make up only 10% of the American population, but they make up 100% of the starters at the running back position. We are all created equal. Aint we?

I'm starting to think that the only reason so many white guys play quarterback is possibly keep the odd KKK guy watching. It is some sort of conspiracy. That is why only one black QB has ever one the Super Bowl.

And what's up with the fact that no black coach has made it to the Super Bowl, let alone win one. This is another way that the NFL ensures high Super Bowl ratings. Racist America may not watch it if one or more black coaches were involved. And think of the all the cursing bad calls in bars, if the call in question was made by a black coach.

It is a fact that 45% of Americans believe in Young Earth Creation, but when broken down: 65% of high school dropouts in America believes in YEC, while only 25% of college grads believe in YEC. I'm pretty sure most of the players in the NFL fall into the last category. Yeah, like most of them REALLY graduated college alright...wink wink.

Go Arizona.

September 10, 2006


I first want to thank DC Roe for making the 2996 Project a reality. I am more than honored to be able to participate in this project. Being a Canadian I felt hesitant at first to sign up for this, but then I started looking at the victims’ bios; many Canadians died on 9/11 too. The attack wasn't against New York City, it wasn't against only America, it was against Western civilization, it was against democracy; it was a vicious, senseless, deliberate attack against innocents by those who represent a vile hatred of all that is valued by the West. In a hurricane or a car accident, innocents die, but not on purpose. This is why 9/11 and the victims of 9/11 must be remembered; there was intention to murder innocent civilians. Life in the West changed on 9/11; unsuspecting people were murdered for being Westerners. Our perception of radical Islam changed as well. We can't afford to forget.

John Iskyan of Wilton, Connecticut died of smoke inhalation on September 11th, 2001. He was only 41 years old, just nine months older than me.

He was struck down in the middle of a life that most people would envy. He had a loving wife and two young children whom he loved dearly and who loved him back. He was also very close to his mother Carol.

Only three days earlier, he had thrilled his wife with a surprise 40th birthday party that he had secretly planned for close to a year. His children, Peter, 12 at the time and Carolynn, 9, both kept the party a secret as well.

He worked 16 years for the brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald Securities on the 105th floor of the North tower, as a bond trader. In fact, he lived through the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. I know that some have criticized the remembrance of 9/11 victims as giving them “hero status.” But in 1993 it took John over an hour and a half to evacuate because of his selflessness in helping others get out of the building. John was, in fact, a hero.

In 2001 thought he was going to make it out alive as well.

After the first plane hit, a friend called Iskyan, who said he was about to leave the building and would see the friend later.

John was a very good athlete and an active member of his community. He enjoyed skiing and coached lacrosse. His love of skiing was what brought John and his wife Margaret together in the first place at St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. He then went to work at Cantor Fitzgerald where he worked his way up to partner.

John's workday was long because of the commute from Wilton to New York. He got up regularly at 5 a.m., rode the train and was at his desk by 7 a.m. He would return home at 7 or 8 p.m. "Everything John did, he researched it, he studied it, he looked hard at it," Bob Keeling, a brother-in-law, said yesterday. "He didn't want to do it half-baked."

I can tell by the comments left on other tribute sites that John was a well-loved, great guy. One comment, though, says it all:

"That was my dad. i love him dearly. I miss him very much. he is the best dad in history."
*** Posted by Carolynn Iskyan on 2004-01-30 ***

Click either "blogroll" or "assigned victims" here for links to the other tributes to the victims of 9/11.

September 8, 2006


Media advisory - CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan to discuss two issues:

- Defamation of character suit against a conservative party worker, and
- Calls for his murder following Resolution 50

OTTAWA, Sept. 8 /CNW Telbec/ -

WHO: Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario

WHAT: Press Conference to discuss defamation of character and a
million-dollar lawsuit and a blog posting calling for the murder
of Sid Ryan

WHERE: Sheraton Centre Hotel, Oxford Room, Mezzanine Floor
123 Queen Street West, Toronto

WHEN: Monday, September 11, 2006 at 2:30 p.m.

Legal counsel Brian Shell of Shell Lawyers will join Sid Ryan at the
Press Conference. Mr. Ryan and Mr. Shell will address his million-dollar
lawsuit filed with the Superior Court of Justice in Oshawa that names
Alan Clarke as the principal defendant.
During the 2006 federal election campaign, Mr. Clarke was listed on
Conservative MP Colin Carrie's website as a Conservative. Mr. Clarke stated in
a leaflet distributed during the election campaign in and around Oshawa that
Mr. Ryan "associates with criminals and terrorists." Mr. Clarke also asserted
in the leaflet that Mr. Ryan associated with the former Lord Mayor of Belfast
and that he was therefore, somehow, linked with the murder of 2,500 people.
Elections Canada is continuing to investigate the allegations and a
report is expected soon.
Mr. Ryan will also address a blog by an unnamed author that is calling
for Mr. Ryan's murder because of Mr. Ryan's union's support for Resolution
50 calling for the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel in
connection with events in the Middle East.

I had to check back to see if I am the unnamed blogger. But alas, it can't be me. Outside of calling Ryan a terrorist supporting turd (I didn't use turd then but I am now), the only questionable thing I said was that there could be a possibility Ryan is getting paid off by the Saudis for his support. It was only speculation, and I said so here.

He is too impotent a figure to murder though. Ridiculing him and calling him a threat to Canadians, is another thing; I'm all for that.

If I were a betting man...I mean if I didn't only bet on football and horse racing, I think the unnamed blogger could be this dude. Whoever it is, although I agree the world would be much better off without Jihadists and Jihadist supporters like Ryan, calling for his death was just a tad over the edge, but I understand the emotions involved.

September 6, 2006

We Are Prewired To Be Superstitious

click picture to enlarge it

According to Bruce Hood, Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol, our minds have evolved the need to accept (be susceptible to) irrational explanations (supernatural beliefs).

"Mankind is adapted to reason intuitively, to invent explanations for how the world works, which increases the odds of keeping safe. Superstitions also provide a welcome sense of control. We cross our fingers to trap the bad luck between them. We say “bless you” to stop the soul following the sneeze out of the body."

He claims that even the most rational people behave in irrational ways at times.

To demonstrate his theory, he asked members of the audience if they were prepared to put on an old-fashioned blue cardigan in return for a pound stg. 10 ($25) reward.

He had no shortage of volunteers. He then told the volunteers that the cardigan used to belong to Fred West, the mass murderer.

"Most hands went down," Professor Hood said.

"When people did wear it, people moved away from them. It's not actually West's jumper. But it's the belief that it's West's jumper that has the effect.

"It is as if evil - a moral stance defined by culture - has become physically manifest inside the clothing."

I'll admit it, I have been known to wear a lucky shirt to the racetrack. And I know I still do other irrational things that border on superstitious behavior.

Professional athletes really show superstitious behavior over and over again. Hockey players not shaving during the playoffs, to baseball players who refuse to step on baselines. Some of this is God related, like crossing oneself before a pitch is thrown but for me, God has nothing to do with it......It is strictly irrational behavior that is prewired in my head. We have to fight it. I think we have to fight the idea of a higher power least Atheists like myself do.

It might be a fine line to figure out what is superstitious behavior versus something that might make you feel overly confident. For example, it is irrational that a lucky shirt will make you win an event you aren't participating in, however, if you are in fact participating in the event, the fact you are wearing the lucky shirt may raise your confidence level enough to win.

In the animal kingdom, when a cat rubs it's ear grease on your legs in order to get fed....could this be some sort of superstitious behavior too? Does the cat think it is lucky if it does this?

Please note: I use the American spelling of behavior because most of my readers are Americans. Canadians can handle the American spellling. I'm not sure if Americans can handle the Canadian spelling. And besides, since I started this blog, I've used American versus Canadian spelling. If I change doing it this way, I know something bad will happen to me.

Also, if you want to view all my comics, go here.

September 4, 2006

Steve Irwin, Rest In Peace

This is why the Crocodile Hunter was hard not to like:

As I've stated here before, my dog Daisy loves watchng Animal Planet, and up until very recently, Crocodile Hunter was on almost daily. Daisy knows the Crocodile Hunter as Stevo. If I say "Stevo is on," she will go to the TV and watch him.

He knew the risks he was taking, and often made fun of those risks:

Stingrays don't usually attack unless provoked, as with most animals that were featured on the Crocodile Hunter. His provoking of animals was often parodied:

He had a reputation of putting his life at risk by going out of his way to agitate dangerous animals. But that is what made him. That is what gave him fame, which he altruistically parlayed into animal conservations and animal awareness.

44 is far too young to perish. But he accomplished much more than hundreds of internet warriors like me will most likely accomplish in our entire full natural lifetimes.

A couple of months ago Harriet, Darwin's famous tortoise, died at Steve Irwin's Queensland Zoo. She was 176.

Don't forget to click the Animal Rescue button on my sidebar. It doesn't cost you anything, and with each click of the button it leads to will feed .6 cans of food to a rescued animal.

September 1, 2006

Jew Hater Sentenced In Canada For Internet Postings

More proof that Jew haters are insane. Reni Sentana-Ries, 63, formerly known as Reinhard Mueller was sentenced today in Edmonton to 16 months in jail for spewing anti-semitic nonsense on his website called the Federation of Planets.

Here are some of his writings. They are still on the internet for all to see. I think this is his wife's site. She was not charged. Check out the articles.

Besides denying the Holocaust, Reni made claims that the Jews are responsible for creating the Ebola and AIDS viruses, the collapse of the World Trade Centre towers and the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Like most anti-semites, Reni claims he doesn't hate Jews (he does say Jews are “sub-humans” and “demons” though) but instead of saying he just hates Zionists like most Jew haters on the internet, Reni states 'a few ancient writings have declared him the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and left him in charge of the future of the Jews.
Apparently the job discription forbids him to hate Jews, nor advocate their murder, but he is allowed to "chastise them.

He is a whacko. Over the edge. He is evidence that Jew haters are self loathers. The reason he changed his name is because his original name "because my former name inspires hate because of its German nature."

I don't have all the facts in this case but I don't think this guy deserves jail. I think he deserves a loony bin. I honestly think he believes what he is spewing.
I don't think that is the case most of the time though as with imbeciles like Zundel, who deserved deportation. His conspiracy theories are no different than those found on delusional Muslim sites such as Cytations, who for the longest time accused the Mossad of kidnapping Christians in Iraq or revisionist terrorist sympathizing sites like iPouya. Jew haters love to rewrite history, change the dictionary and also conspiracy theories make them drool.

Now let us define "anti-semite" again. Yes, Arabs are semites, but the term "anti-semite" does not mean someone who hates Arabs and Jews or just Arabs when I say it or print it. It mean someone who hates Jews. For the confused and/or deceitful, I can go back on this post and replace anti-semite with Jew hater if you wish. But better yet, why don't you imagine it.

From Wikipedia: Despite the use of the prefix "anti," the terms Semitic and Anti-Semitic are not antonyms. To avoid the confusion of the misnomer, many scholars on the subject (such as Emil Fackenheim) now favor the unhyphenated term antisemitism.[5] Yehuda Bauer articulated this view in his writings and lectures: (the term) "Antisemitism, especially in its hyphenated spelling, is inane nonsense, because there is no Semitism that you can be anti to."

The term anti-Semitism has historically referred to prejudice towards Jews alone. It does not traditionally refer to prejudice toward other people who speak Semitic languages (e.g. Arabs or Assyrians).

In recent decades some groups have argued that the term should be extended to include prejudice against Arabs, Anti-Arabism, in the context of accusations of Arab anti-Semitism; further, some, including the Islamic Association of Palestine, have argued that this implies that Arabs cannot, by definition, be anti-Semitic. The argument for such extension comes out of the claim that since the Semitic language family includes Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic languages, and the historical term "Semite" refers to all those who consider themselves descendants of the Biblical Shem, anti-Semitism should be likewise inclusive. This usage is not generally accepted.

To those who hide behind the guise of saying they don't hate Jews, they just hate Zionism or Israel.........let me challenge you. Do you spend equal time on each Muslim and/or Arab country that do much worse things than you accuse Israel of doing?
I know the answer. How much have you written about Darfur? How much have you written about Israel? You can't fool me. Are you fooling yourself?
Read this absolutely accurate article "SAY WHAT? ANTI-SEMITES?
" by Steven Plaut.

Anti-semitic sites like My Blahg fool no one, except Robert McClelland himself and his assmonkey NDP regulars. These people are the dumbest rockheads in Canada. I notice he hasn't bitched about the Jews and Israel for about a week now. He must be getting itchy.

Blatant anti-semitic bloggers like Hitler Was Right like to blame Jews for everything and at least he doesn't try to hide his insane hatred.

Other Jew hater sites like Digitally Arranged, try to blame Jews for everything, but in a more PC manner. Steve is an anti-semitic coward. He should take a deep look at his posts. He is in fact fooling himself. But he aint too bright. Here is classic anti-semitism by dhimmiwit Steve.