February 17, 2011

Helen Thomas Is A Typical Hypocritical Paliphile

Hypocrites like Helen Thomas getting a platform really bugs me. She was just interviewed by Joy Behar, and unfortunately Behar wasn't equipped enough to put her right in her place.

Thomas was asked if she had regrets after making comments that Israelis should go back to Poland and Germany and the US. She obviously has none. She also lied about Jews being persecuted after WW2. Poland took many homes and businesses of Jews after the war ended, and many Jews were murdered after the war. Lately we've seen persecution (usually where Muslims have started to show up) in countries like France.

Another thing she did was usurp the term anti-semite when asked if she was one. Behar should have said OK I get it, you don't know that term only pertains to Jews (the term was coined around 1880 in Europe and has nothing to do with Arabs), Helen, you old shriveled up piece of crap, do you hate Jews? I wonder what her answer would have been.

But the big thing, and I've touched on this before, regardless of who used to be the majority in Israel, demographics change everywhere. Lots of times by war. There isn't a country out there that hasn't had its border historically changed without war or negotiations.

The reality of Israel is that it was mostly barren, swampy or arid land that was mostly unpopulated, and mostly unowned and this goes back to the late 1800's when the Zionist movement got some legs, because of increased anti-semitism (Jew hating for you Arabs and/or Paliphiles who want to reinvent the word's definition) in Europe.

There were only half a million people living there, where 9 million people live today. Lots of space to claim your own, lots of room for people to come and possibly start up a community and even country (the fact that the land was not sovereign is huge and often sloughed aside by Paliphiles as not being important). There were even German settlements there by the late 1800's. And it is a fact that most of the land had no owners.

Jews started migrating there, creating jobs, and Arabs started migrating there to try to keep pace with the Jews and many looking for jobs. Again, this is fact.

The ones upset over this wasn't the locals so much but the surrounding Arab nations. How dare the Jews come to Muslim lands. Even though Jews have had a presence in the land for over 2500 years (I believe Judaism was created around 500 BC, but that is another story).

Today, over 65% of all Israeli Jews were born in Israel. When you are born in a country, that is your home. Your home is not where your parents may have come from.

Lets look at Helen Thomas. Her parents were born in Lebanon (Tripoli). They came to America for a better life. In fact, there are oodles of people of Lebanese descent all over the West today, much more than the 5 million Jews in Israel. And Arabs have taken over pockets, like Dearborn which is now an Arab majority. Would Thomas think it is fair for those of Arab descent to go home to the Muslim cesspool from which their ancestors came?
There are millions of people of Lebanese descent in Brazil alone. Should they all go back too?

It is this attitude that has given the Palestinians fits over the years. The lack of acceptance of the Jews in Israel. The camps exist because of wars started by the Arabs.

As for claims of Arabs losing land to Jews. Again, Israel is not a perfect nation, but after 1948, very little OWNED land was taken by Israel.

Yes, I believe the settlements are a mistake, but it is hard to go back in time.

All I know is people who support what Thomas says should take a long look in the mirror, and if that person is of Arab descent in a Western nation, throw some cold water on your face and try using your brain and THINK.

I hope that there is peace soon in Israel. I can only envision a three state solution, Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel. The biggest Jewish settlements are going to have to remain but Israel will have to trade land and possibly cash to the Palestinians.

I believe there is true possibility for peace. The Palestinians need to accept Israel and have to realize that Jihadists are the reason for their despair, not the Jews in Israel.

February 13, 2011

Not Even Close To Being Worthy

OnlineCourses.net has put together lists of "Top" blogs for various topic, I guess as a way to get traffic to their site (it is working I guess). The topics are not very mainstream: Top Insect Blogs, Top Civil War Blogs, etc. One of the topics is 50 Awesome Atheistic/Agnostic Blogs. That's cool. But I don't deserve to be anywhere close to being that list, let alone in the Top 5.

I can't argue with the description of my blog though:

#3. The Atheist Jew: The Atheist Jew chronicles the opinions and experiences of a man who denies the existence of God, but by way of definition, is still technically considered a Jew. He explores a variety of issues, including popular culture, current events, and other controversial occurrences.

* Why We Love It: The Atheist Jew is comical, candid, and entertaining. He pokes fun at religious fanatics and, assuming it doesn't offend you, it's quite likely to make you chuckle.
* Favorite Post: Expect The Religious Right To Be Riled Up Over The Simpsons

The favorite post mentioned was hardly one of my best posts, and I was wrong about the prediction I made in it too. Kind of tells me that their was some effort in putting these lists together, but it isn't close to scholarly work.

There are many great atheist blogs out there, and more importantly, many of the bloggers out there post a heck of a lot more time than I do. I've really cut back here. I think my passion to fight has diminished, mostly because I've heard and refuted pretty much all the arguments against atheism, for God, and against evolution. I find the internet warriors and religious writers who continually conjure up reasons why God exists, why atheism is silly, and why evolution isn't true to be like gnats hanging out at the tail of a gnu (I'm the gnu btw).

Early on when I started this blog, I found it almost to be a duty to refute and teach. Maybe I will get back that desire, but right now it is definitely on hold.

February 1, 2011

Turning 50: So Far So Good

I turned the big 5-0 last Tuesday. It is almost unfathomable to me that I'm fifty. My favorite TV shows are Family Guy, American Dad, Two and a Half Men, and Dexter. I watch and enjoy The Simpsons at least 5 times a week too. I can't possibly be 50, yet I am.

Maybe the fact I am half of a DINK couple (double income no kids) has helped allow my mental age to stay around 25ish. There is probably some truth to that.

My main concern now is to avoid insomnia and the mortality thoughts that go with it.
Those thoughts about how time started, the rationale that I'm not immortal, and will die some day, and with that my brain and self awareness will die too. The same state I was in for at least 13.9 billion years before my parents did the nasty some time in April of 1960.

Those seem to come in spurts. I remember these thoughts preoccupying my nights when I was in my teens, early 30's, and I have a feeling as I come closer to the inevitable, soon again.

The good thing is we have the internet and lots of TV to choose from at 3 AM these days. I think that is great way to stop with the wasteful obsession of thinking about mortality. Why worry about it?

Like religion, you have plenty of time for that and worrying about mortality when you are dead.

Back to my age. 50 is just 50 times around the sun. It doesn't sound so bad when I put it that way.