March 30, 2009

Family Guy: Brian Comes Out As An Atheist (Watch It Now)

OK, hurry up and watch the videos before Youtube takes it down. Great stuff from Seth MacFarlane (the new atheist God). Brian doesn't come out until the second video. There are two story lines as you will find out

UPDATE: THEY ARE GONE NOW. My friend at Yoism has put together an edited version that just contains the story line to do with Brian's atheism, just click this link and watch it (he took out the Star Trek stuff).


The line that cracked my up the most happens around the 5 minute mark in the following video. Mayor Adam West gives reaction to the fact that an atheist lives in Quahog "Arrr shocking to say the least. I'd rather have a terrorist living in our midst. At least they believe in a God. Even if it's a SMELLY BROWN GOD." :

LOL @ Logic For First Graders being harmful to God.

I had to find the last part again as Youtube removed the one that goes with the first two. This one begins near the end of the second video, so you'll be viewing around 3 minutes of that video over again:

I kinda hate making these posts because I know the video will disappear ASAP. But I'm trying to do the atheist community a favour, and that outweighs everlasting blog content.

March 26, 2009

Why Do Cretards Need To Email Atheists?

I got into another typical exchange I didn't ask for, and couldn't be bothered to handle one on one. The fact that this Cretard obviously doesn't understand what evolution is, made it futile for me to go on with anything he was spewing in my direction.

Here is his first email:


I was going over a post and saw a comment from you and it caught my attention. I notice you are atheist. I am Christian. Please know I am not a fundamentalist. I was raised in a Christian environment but had made some wonderful atheist friends. Truth is, I learned more about the Bible than I did from the fundamentalist Christians. I also dealt with them attacking me for questioning the Bible and God. However, instead of giving up, I continued to search. I found that most atheists have no background in ancient history. Even Israel Finkelstein's own minimalist peers doubt his dating system. Professor William Dever was one of the icons of the minimalists until he went to Israel himself and found that there was indeed a historical Israel. Contrary to one comment, the Bible is the best history book anywhere of anytime. Please see my website at These are Powerpoint presentations of almost the whole Bible where ancient history and archeology supports the Bible. Professor Dever changed his views and said that most minimalists are becoming the very people they were trying to attack because they are so much into their own agenda, they miss the evidence. Now, I understand that even if the Bible is a history book, this does not prove there is a God or gods. However, please consider the following.

The only two leading theories we have today are evolution and creationism. Evolution is a theory that contradicts so many Natural laws. The first one is the law of bio-genesis which states that life must come from life. Even Richard Dawkins said we do not know where life comes from or how it started and yet the very foundation of the theory is that everything came from nothing which formed not only into matter and enerty, but life, emotions and intelligence as we have it today. Archeology has proven that the oldest civilizations arose in the fertile cresent which is exactly where the Bible states it started and civilization arose suddenly. Every major civilization had seven days and all continents have a creation and flood story. This defies evolution instead of supports it. Most of the so called existing myths were actually taken from the Bible instead of the other way around. One example would be the epic of Gilgimesh. Most people do not know that even though the original text is older, there were several versions and the first one to include the flood story was dated later than 700 BC which is hundreds of years later than several Hebrew Archeological finds. You will see this in my presentations.

I want you to know that I am not one to argue. I like to think of this as a court case and not an arguement. Lets look at the evidence and go from there. I hope you understand that I don't mind sitting down with respectul people and having a discussion, but disrespect will end the conversation. I have been a follower of American Atheist for years and follow Sam Harris' books and even some of his debates. I too have a background in Neurology and Psychology and Communications. I admit there are many things done in the name of religion that are psychotic and unethical (if there is such a thing ;) ) and can be very hateful and unfriendly. Many of my Muslim and Hindu and Atheist friends are kinder than many so called Christians I know. I guess the bottom line is, if there is not God, then all of our philosophies are equal not matter what they are and let's hope that the more peaceful of us all will survive. You and I know there are bad people of every tradition and belief and good. I hope we can begin a dialogue. If not, I respect that. I wish you peace and happiness.


My first reply:

Sorry. Many atheists do have a good knowledge of ancient history. Evolution and biogenesis are two completely separate issues. If you deny evolution you deny reality. View Potholer54's youtube videos and you might learn something.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence for the Flood. As for the chance it happened. And Jesus was nothing more than a dream and later he was given a real life that paralleled Dionysus.
I have absolutely no interest in visiting the web site of someone who denies science. Sorry.

His next reply:

You are wrong.


and: see my website New Testament Was Jesus taken from Myth?

This is not opinion. This is fact. You say what you do not know about. You may not believe in a God or Jesus but please at least look at the evidence, not simply take statements made by other modern atheists who do not even know enough about the myths to teach what they are teaching.

My reply:

Sorry dude. I am right. 100%. Jesus never existed. And the fact you don't know the difference between biogenesis and evolution means you really need to understand evolution more before you bother atheists like me with your fairy tales.

His reply:

I never said there was not a difference. In fact, that is my point. They conflict each other. Evolution demands that life came from non-living matter. Biogenesis states that life comes from life.

Do you care to point out just one of your examples of why Jesus did not exist? It is one thing to say it but quite another to back it up. Did you know that the best debate on the historical Jesus I ever found is from an atheist? He scoffs at the few ten year outdated theororists will not look into the hitory.

“Does the "Jesus-myth" have any scholarly support? In this case, to simply say "no" would be an exaggeration! Support for the "Jesus-myth" comes not from historians, but usually from writers operating far out of their field.

G. A. Wells, for example, is a professor of German;

Drews was a professor of mathematics;

Acharya only has a lower degree in classics;

Doherty has some qualifications, but clearly lacks the discipline of a true scholar. In fact, Doherty’s own atheist peers criticize him for his lack of evidentiary support and references. Call him an “amateur” and criticise him for claiming victory without providing evidence and reference… (

The greatest support for the "Jesus-myth" comes not from people who know the subject, but from popularizers and those who accept their work uncritically. It is this latter group that we are most likely to encounter - and sadly, arguments and evidence seldom faze them. In spite of the fact that relevant scholarly consensus is unanimous that the "Jesus-myth" is incorrect, it continues to be promulgated on a popular level as though it were absolute”

What do leading atheist say?

James Still “Most scholars believe that a real, flesh and blood Jewish peasant whom we call Jesus lived and taught in first-century, What they disagree on is what he was like.”

Bernard D. Muller
(Debating Earl Doherty on the Historical Person of Jesus)

Once again, despite Doherty's efforts, the evidence points strongly to a human Jesus on earth. In Paul's epistles & 'Hebrews', he is described as a man and a descendant of Abraham, Israelites, the tribe of Judah, Jesse & David and also requiring a woman in order to "come" as a Jew. "The one man Jesus Christ" "humbled himself" in a world of "flesh & blood", as one of them, among sinners, some opposing him. There he was tempted (in the same way as other humans) and heard by (earthly) witnesses. This Jesus, at one time an apostle, had a brother called James, whom Paul met several times and Josephus knew about. His "manifestation", suffering and "sacrifice" happened in the near past (relative to the "ministries" of Paul and the author of 'Hebrews').
Against these, the best that Earl can do is to raise some doubts or/and mistreat the evidence.”

My reply (I couldn't even bother reading his entire email this time by the way):

You are wasting my time. Honestly, your tactics and knowledge are horrible. You must get blown off big time by atheists like me.
I have many links on my blog to do with the fact that Jesus most probably never existed.
You are living a lie.
And no, evolution doesn't demand that life came from non living matter. You are clueless. Watch Potholer54's videos before you make yourself a fool again emailing atheists.

His reply:

I am sorry to have wasted your time. I would very much like to watch the videos on youtube.

Take care and Peace.

My reply (I made an error thinking I could help someone who is a wilfully ignorant moron):

Here you go. Learn before you email someone else:

These are not my videos. But if you watch them you will find out what science knows.

His reply:

I will watch but one thing I noticed is that you did not once back up what you have said. You simply stated many things that are untrue. I don't even have to refer to links to debate you but the difference is that I could show evidence. You ramble but do not support what you say. A common tradition for novices.

You need to educate yourself. Not so much on religion but history. You will find many flaws in your arguements. You can not do it yourself so you refer to "links" out siide of your own knowledge. Most Creationists and Evolutionists do not disagree on science (math, geography, etc). They disagree on origins of which both are only theories. If you can prove evolution, you will be very rich because so far, nobody has been able to do it. One can not prove God either, but I can at least admit it.

I have also wasted my time. You refuse to look at both sides, something that I chose to do. I see the falicies with many creationists as well, however most evidences found against evolution were found on evolutionists sites. Professor Michael Denton (also an atheist) said that evolution is in trouble because science has controdicted rather than support evolution and other evolutionists are still amazed that the Hackles drawings are still in the British and US textooks because this myth was exposed long ago when embryology had access to photos rather than relying on primitive drawings.

You refuse to provide evidence or back up any of your statements. In court, you would be laughed at. Slandering the opponant will not get you anywhere. Evidence will and you can not show it.

My reply (Again, I only read his email quickly. Lots of spelling mistakes in that email. Must be home schooled):

I've looked at all sides and have read volumes about a historical Jesus and evolution. I didn't ask for a debate. Evolution is not a debatable subject. It just isn't. As for a historical Jesus, there is no point making an argument with you, when so many sites on the internet have gone through pages and pages that show that a historical Jesus is highly unlikely.

And quit mine quoting Denton and Dawkins. You don't understand evolution. It is apparent. And it is mind numbing that you have the nerve to pretend you do.

His reply:


I feel like I am trying to have a discussion with a turnip. You can say what you want. Bottom line is evolution does require that life came from non-living matter. You say otherwise...........back it up and stop just saying you know about it and others do not. I would consider Dawkins and Frank Zindler as scholars even though I disagree with them. They disagree with you on the matter as most evolutionists and creationists alike do. Where did you get this new theory of yours? I have never heard it before. Again, you have failed to give evidence. I will not waste yours or my time anymore.

My final reply (I hope):

I don't say that evolution requires life from non living matter, I say that evolution doesn't have anything to do with that issue. You don't know what evolution is.
You are a clueless turnip, so laugh it up knucklehead. And if you watched the Potholer videos you would know the difference, and you would also see how non life theoretically evolved into the first life form.

I'm publishing your idiocy on my blog for my viewers to laugh at when I have a chance.
Lose my email address. You are a complete waste of space and time.


Let this be a warning to any other Cretard who wants to waste more of time the email route.

March 24, 2009

Seth MacFarlane Is An Atheist (Not To Be A Dick)

This is a really good discussion between Adam Carolla (another atheist Jew) and the CREATOR of my favourite show on TV, Seth MacFarlane.
I knew MacFarlane wasn't religious, but he actually he states he is an atheist in this interview. Mortality and morality are the topics. Enjoy.

H/T Atheist Media Blog
Carolla seems to be obsessed with death and mortality. With me, it comes and goes in phases. Most of the time I just find myself more and more accepting of the idea of when you are dead, you are dead, that's all folks.

When MacFarlane spoke of morality in nature, I thought for a moment "does he read my blog?" He cites the same thing I do when explaining how religion doesn't cause us to be moral. It is evident in nature. I tend to use chimps as quick examples when debating theists, but his bat example is a good one.

His "not to be a dick" comment just reflects the perception of the rebellious God hating atheist that many theists wrongly accuse us atheists as having. He goes on to explain that being an atheist seems to be the logical default.

So why do I find it great that MacFarlane is on the atheist team? I think it has to do with our innate tribal buttons. I posted about this when dealing with the obsession that a great inventor, an actor, or a sports player is a Jew, that many Jews have. Or how many people tend to support sports teams from their own city even though none to almost none of the players are from the same city.

But it is more than that in this case. Family Guy and American Dad are extremely funny and witty shows. It just feels so good that they come from an atheist perspective after all. Because most atheists know, that our way of rationalizing things collectively is much more pure than the way theists do it. It sort of makes me feel special that Seth is an atheist, because I'm an atheist too.

This brings me to a recent study of the brain. Yes, we are starting to find out that there is a difference in the way the atheist and theist brain works. It seems that religious people do not have the same anxiety levels when they make an error that non religious people have. And they tend to make less mistakes as well which could be attributed to less stress.
The ho hum attitude that theists have after making a error doesn't help when it comes to correcting future errors though.

My conclusion from the study is that if you have a simple task to get done, let a theist do it. But if you are dealing with something complex, let an atheist do it. Sure there will be mistakes, but it won't be for lack of trying.

This brings up a good question. If you were to go in for a major operation, would you want someone who cares about making mistakes (who is apt to make more mistakes) doing it, or someone who cares less about making mistakes doing it? I guess it depends on how complex the operation is.

I do think this study correlates well with evolution and science versus creation. It reflects the ho hum mind numbness that goes with those who deny science and take the simple less stressful route that Godidit and the bible is the only science book you need.

Science is always ongoing, and mistakes have been made, but science is always correcting mistakes and learning from them.

I wonder if there will be a study confirming that some people are more inclined to be atheist because of their brain's nature over nurture. That would make me feel sort of special.

March 18, 2009

More Ranting

AIG Bonuses

This AIG bonus fiasco is just so maddening. Now, the finger is being pointed at Obama. Looks like he is far from infallible after all.
But this whole mess is showing how insane corporations really are and how inept and blind governments are.
First off, these bonuses are "retention bonuses." They are given to entice the exec from going to another firm. I'm not sure that there is much of a market for execs who were responsible in bringing a mighty company to its knees from within, especially during a recession where other companies are cutting jobs.
And the bonus money is staggering. In some individual cases the amounts are higher than most average people make in an entire lifetime. And when you think that these types of bonuses were handed out regularly prior to collapse of the house of cards, is it any wonder that these companies did collapse? Obviously, companies don't even have to be profitable for these bonuses to be given out. And for public companies like AIG, the money comes out of shareholder value. Again, no wonder that the stock market hit the skids.
As for Obama's glaring oversight in not putting a stipulation in regards to bailout money so that it can't be given out as bonus money, well, it is a great reality check for both the public and his administration. If the Republicans were in power though, I'm 100% sure they would have made the same mistake.

Pope says condoms not the solution to combat Aids in Africa

More asshattery from the Vatican. Forget scientific fact. The World Health Organization states that proper condom use cuts down the chances of getting Aids by 90%, noooooo, the freaking Pope has to focus on the infallibility of condoms instead.
He is telling the people of Africa to abstain instead of having sex. The Pope may be an expert on abstaining, but it is a very difficult thing to do in the real world thanks to the fact that we are innately and culturally driven to have sex, being the human animals that we are.
And to tell many barely literate and illiterate people to not use condoms is borderline criminal.
What is the Pope thinking? Be consistent to his falling Catholic flock? Make more babies, some whom will become Catholics in the future?, regardless of the fact that the world can't handle too many more people on it as it is, especially those who will burden world health care systems because they were tragically born with Aids.
The Pope is a very bad man.

Pint Sized Meat Eating Dinosaur
Looks like some creationists may grin at the news that fossils of a 5 pound dinosaur was recently discovered. Obviously, this was the dinosaur that Noah took on the Ark with him, forever solving the question about how he could bring dinosaurs on the Ark.
Of course, the dating of the fossil (75 million years old) has to be wrong, because dating processes are unreliable, which is proved by the fact that the earth and universe are less than 10,000 years old.
Some questions still have not been answered, like exactly when did these little dinosaurs evolve into the big ones that scientists seem to find. And when and how did dinosaurs die out?
Maybe Ken Ham has the answers since he now has decided to put up a Darwin Exhibit in his comical Creation Museum.
Looks like Ham has decided that micro evolution is fact, after all. But only within "kinds." Question for Ham, what mechanism or restriction prevents one "kind" from evolving into another "kind"?

March 15, 2009

Something Is Really Wrong

The economy has cost good working people jobs and homes. Some people feeling completely destitute have started killing themselves and even taking out family members. I'm not even the type of people who have conversations with God, before they go out and do the deed, I'm talking about real people snapping because of bad economic times.

The enraging part of this whole mess is that AIG is giving out $165 million in executive bonuses, after getting a government bailout. What the fuck is that? It is beyond my mind's comprehension and is just as impossible for my mind to conceptualize as does the beginning of time, or the ends of the universe.

March 8, 2009

If God Suddenly Disappeared...... sure as heck would explain the Holocaust.

I know the following Edward Current video has made its rounds, posted on many atheist blogs. But I think it is important to for as many people (especially believers) to see in as many places as humanly possible. And besides, I have writer's block again:

What the heck, I'll add this stupid quiz that I found on LFG's Link Viewer site:

How Many 90 Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?
Created by OnePlusYou -

March 2, 2009

My Solution To Save The Economy

I just want to start by saying I'm Canadian, but I'd like to see my plan implemented in both Canada and the USA.

The stock markets are hitting new 7 year lows. People are losing their jobs. All we hear about is bank and auto bailouts. It is ugly out there.

These heavy duty financial bailouts are pissing off the masses, who believe like me that it just isn't helping, that it is just like giving a crack addict more crack.

Reading that Frank Stronach just got his pay drastically cut from $70 million to a mere $10 million is just maddening. Maddening that he made $70 million in the first place, and that he still makes $10 million.

But he isn't the only one. Far from it. These corporate millionaires are a dime a dozen, and that is one of the biggest reasons why stocks are tanking. When an exec goes on private jets, buys a mansion and an Island, gets a huge salary with bonus, where do you think the money comes from? Inevitably it comes from a companies share value.

Ok, enough about what is. Now for my plan. It is pretty simple. Give every LEGAL adult resident $25,000. Just print the money up from the treasury. I know, I know, it is supposed to cause inflation or even hyperinflation (I took Economics 101 in university), but at this point, who cares? What are these bailouts going to cost us in the very near future? Nobody knows for sure, but I can tell you. It aint good.

The rest of the plan: The $25,000 is issued in form of a card that can only be spent on domestic goods and services. You just swipe the card to pay for the goods or services when you buy them.

It can't be spent on real estate or stocks though. Those will go up or down on their own. Leave them be, let them go where they are going to go.

Two more things. You only have a year to spend the $25,000 and there has to be a price freeze on all domestic goods and services while the spending spree is happening.

What will be the end result? Again, who knows? But I have a good feeling about this plan in my gut. And I doubt the result would be any worse than what we are seeing right now.

What does this post have to do with being an atheist Jew? Nothing. So let me add, screw Glenn Beck, and screw Anti-Apartheid week.