March 4, 2012

The Old And New Testament: What Really Didn't Happen

Good to see that The Bible Unearthed and The God Who Wasn't There are both available in their entirety on Youtube again.

For over 40 years, I assumed there was a historical Jesus and Moses. I'm sure a lot of younger atheists assume the same thing. It took Mel Gibson's Passion to put me on a bit of a detective mission.

It started innocently enough, the fact he portrayed Jesus as a dude with blond wavy hair got me wondering what Jesus really looked like. I started doing Google searches, and I found there is not one shred of contemporary evidence that Jesus ever existed at all.

I then looked into a historical Moses and evidence for the Exodus. Nothing...nada. Both Judaism and Christianity are based on super stars who most likely never existed. Back stories were invented for both religions. I guess they sounded reasonable to oppressed individuals in search of a reason to be here and a reason why things were so bad for them on earth.

Grab some popcorn and start watching: