October 31, 2006

The Meaning Of Life Without God

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Well at least believers are consistent. Most think that they have something over us infidel selfish Godless people of the abyss. They seem to think that if God doesn't exist, there can be no meaning to life.

Alrighty then, lets give the believers the benefit of the doubt. Now I ask them, but NEVER get a very good response, if I get one at all: Lets assume God exists, what the hell is the meaning of life?

Lets look at some of the answers:

To be closer to God in heaven.
What is the purpose of being closer to God? What is the big deal? It still isn't meaning, it is more a reward. Why would God need a bunch of people close to him? If he is all perfect, he wouldn't need anyone else.

To achieve perfection
That is pretty boring. And it is something we don't need God for. Unless you need lots of time to achieve perfection. But then what? Do you vapourize? Absolute nothing is perfect, I guess. Again, what is the meaning of being perfect?

To live for eternity in heaven
Again, what kind of meaning of life is that? It is a reward, but not a meaning.

Lets face it, with or without God, the meaning of life is what we subjectively give it. What is the meaning of the life of dung beetle, or a fruit fly? Do dog's have a meaning? Oh yeah I forgot, only God knows and he works in mysterious ways.

Of course, all theists say there is a plan. Yes, we are all just actors in God's big play. That would mean that our purpose is to act. But what is the meaning of the plan? Oh yeah I forgot, only God knows and he works in mysterious ways.

Atheists at least know this is our only shot at life. We don't fall back on false hope. We can make our purpose to live life to the fullest, and strive for happiness, to give our lives as much meaning as we can to ourselves and others.
While theists, could put off living while deluding themselves. In the real world though, both theists and Atheists wind up living there lives, and they are probably likely to experience just as much out of life as the other. Only, Atheists don't deny reality under the guise that there is some magical meaning that nobody can figure out.

There are many defeatists out there who swear that without God, there is "no meaning." Well sorry to break it to you, but with God there is the same "no meaning" either. Of course, there are those who think that they are serving God, by blowing themselves up. That is another way to give life "meaning" I guess.

I also am tired of the "you aren't spirititual, you can't understand what I understand." I can't understand what these theists understand because they can't understand it either. They can't even begin to be able to put it in words. Can you say self-deluded?

Apparently, Jewish Atheist sort of subconsciously stole the idea of this particular post. God had nothing to do with it......this time.

October 29, 2006

Worldview Quiz

I've been avoiding taking and posting quizzes lately, but when I saw the Worldview Quiz on The J-Walk Blog, I had to participate.

The quiz measures your worldview based on two comparisons:

Science vs. non-science: The position on the vertical axis represents consistency with science, as opposed to non-science (superstition/supernatural).

Value of humankind: The position on the horizontal axis indicates the value one places on humankind and its descendants.

Here are some famous people's worldviews (click the graph to enlarge it):

Now mine. Probably most Atheists will wind up very close to where me and Carl Sagan wound up. I know why I didn't score exactly the same as Mr. Sagan and I'll explain it at the bottom of the post as opposed to right here, because I don't want to influence anyone who decides to take the test.

Take the quiz

Note: Take the test before reading the following:

I think my answer to question 4 made me a 9 in science instead of a 10. I admit that I'm not sure about ESP or psychic phenomenon. Yes, I know Randi has a going reward to anyone who can prove they have psychic powers in a scientific setting, but I really think the brain is capable of a lot more than most of us give it credit for. Or at least I am unsure. I do think a lot of what we think is psychic power is are evolved or innate ability to read body language in a subconscious way. I like using dogs for this example. Dogs seem to have a knack when it comes to anticipating a house dweller's arrrival. But I think it is mainly that they pick up on the person's body language who most likely is expecting the arrival of the other family member at a specific time.
Dogs also have a tendency to be able to weed out either other aggressive or passive dogs. Again, I attribute this to their ability to read other dog's body language. I think this is an animal thingy that has evolved in all of us. But our minds are so all over the place, we aren't too aware when it is happening to us. Also, we don't need this ability as much now that we have made it to the top of the food chain.
On the "psychic" side, animals have been known to anticipate bad weather situations, and humans with arthritis have been known to be able to predict rain or cold weather, but this again is most likely due to environmental factors and their affect on our physiologies. Some of us are more aware than others, and again, this is something that has evolved in us. It is good for survival of the species to be able to anticipate really bad weather that could result in floods, tsunamis, tornados, etc.
Of course, my possible acceptance of ESP has nothing to do with a deity, but all to do with evolution and the abilities of our brains that are unknown as of today.

October 27, 2006

I've Had A Revelation: The Invisible Man Under My Bed Exists

My dad has been gone for over five years now, but he is not gone from my memory. He mostly appears to me in my dreams, but every now and then I think about him and it brings back memories.

A few months ago, I remembered that around 40 years ago, my dad told me that there was a Hoogieman under my bed. I believe the Hoogieman is the Jewish term for the Christian Boogeyman, but I haven't verified this connection to date. The idea of a Hoogieman under my bed frightened me as a four year old. I think I even cried about it once or twice. My father even went to the extent of telling me there was no Hoogieman under my bed, to relieve my stress. But reflecting back, it made no sense for him to tell me of his existence in the first place. Why frighten a four year old child for the sake of frightening him. My dad told me God exists too, and the overwhelming majority of people on this planet know this to be true.

I've come to the understanding that my father knew about this invisible man, possibly through oral tradition, because I can't find anything written about an invisible Hoogieman who lives under a bed(s), and I obviously can't ask my father now about how he came to his knowledge of the Hoogieman. I'm not even sure how many Hoogieman's exist, or if it only happens to first borns, or I am special, and I am the only person on this planet alive today who has an invisible man under my bed. But I now know he exists.

I admit, I was skeptical a couple of months ago, when I started to embrace the idea that he might exist, but I've done successful tests, to the point that I've even got to know him personally.

For example, I asked the invisible man under my bed not to murder me or my wife in our sleep on 8 separate occassions. And guess what, we are both alive today. Unscathed.

The next proof has to do with me admitting something I'd rather not here, or even to myself, but I feel compelled to speak out, I have to leave my vanity at the doorstep. In the last 7 years I've had the same mattress, and I've gained 15 pounds in that period. One would expect that over 7 years and having to deal with a heavier load, the mattress would sag. It doesn't. This means that the invisible man must be using his powers to hold up the bed, at least while I am on it. In fact, I've never had a leg break off any of my beds in my life or any bed collapse. Eerie isn't it?

The invisible man under my bed must also have been around since the beginning of time, because how can anyone create a being that exists and is invisible? Unless he was the product of a scientific experiment. But I doubt such technologies existed at least 40 years ago.

I know the invisible is capable of granting wishes too. A month ago at around 11 PM I asked the invisible man to make my wife come into bed with me and initiate sex. Sure enough, 15 minutes later my wife came upstairs a lay down beside me proving once again the invisible man's special powers. But he stopped my wish short as she did not initiate sex, and he then showed his wrath to me for making such a request because he made my wife turn down my advances that night.

The invisible man will also not make my wishes come true when it comes to gambling. I asked him on a couple of occassions to make a horse win a race, and he denied each horse a victory. Again, I attribute this to his set of morals.

I ask any theists who read this not to worry. I am not starting a new cult. But I hope you don't deny the fact that the eternal Hoogieman lives under my bed, because that would just be hypocritical. You have not experienced what I have experienced in the last few months anyways.

Check this out: Radio interview of Richard Dawkins by Penn Jillette

October 25, 2006

Interview With An Honest Young Earth Creationist

hat tip Lemons and Lollipops

Beaj: Hi John, now you promise to answer all my quesions sincerely and honestly, correct?

John: As God is my witness.

Beaj: Great. Now tell me about your beliefs. How old is the earth and do you believe in evolution?

John: I am a Young Earth Creationist. God created the earth and universe and man all less than 8,000 years ago. Evolution is a crock because God created man in his image. The bible says it is true, so it must be true.

Beaj: But all the scientific evidence points that evolution is fact and the earth and universe is ancient. What do you think about scientific evidence?

John: The scientific evidence can't be true. Besides, there are lots of holes in evolution theory, for one thing it is only a theory.....

Beaj: ...I thought you agreed to be honest. You don't really understand evolution theory do you?

John: No I don't really understand it, and I don't really care to. Unless someone argues against it, I'm not interested. It goes against my literal bible, so I don't want to deal with it. Sorry about being deceitful.

Beaj: Why do you think that there are no scientific studies that prove the earth is young or disprove evolution?

John: There are lots I thought. Lots of good Christians present holes in evolution and ancient earth theory. There are many websites run by good Christians. Why would they lie?

Beaj: Again, I thought you were going to try to be honest and forget about mentioning "holes." If there was merit to a young earth there would be lots of ways to measure it. There would be a way for science to refute the age of fossils and actually measure them as dates of less than 8,000 years, for example. There would be lots of evidence and scientific studies that question or even refute evolution. There are none.

John: Well maybe God put these fossils on the earth to make them appear old.

Beaj: Why would he do that? He wants followers doesn't he? Why would he leave so much evidence that the earth is ancient and that man evolved? And no evidence that the earth is young and that man was created less than 8,000 years ago.

John: Good questions. I don't have all the answers. Only God can answer these types of questions.

Beaj: So you admit that your argument against science is purely based on faith, and you basically have to ignore scientific fact in order to believe what you believe.

John: I guess so. If what you are telling me is true. Are you sure there are no scientific studies that prove the earth is young or that man only goes back 8,000 years?

Beaj: Yes I am sure.

John: Well then, it must be the work of the devil. There is no other explanation possible.

Beaj: Thanks for the interview.

John: You are welcome, and God bless.

Note: John, the honest Young Earth Creationist, was purely fictional and does not exist.

For a rhetorical assmonkey argument against Atheism please go here and check out his second last post too. Warning: verbal diarrhea alert.

UPDATE: Looks like Mr. Rhetoric, the clinical psychologist, decided to with a third post.

October 23, 2006

The World Needs More Muslims Like This Guy

This guy tells it like it is. Of course, many Muslims are going to hate his words, but hopefully he and those like him will inspire the reformation that is badly needed in the Islamic world.

Interesting that he blames the Imams and Mosques. This is what Walid Shoebat has been telling us for years:

Mosques in the West need to be bugged. And those preaching hate should be jailed or deported. This isn't a solution, but it is a good start.

Thanks to Jaakobou for sending me the first video.

October 22, 2006

The Atheist Jew Does Country

I know what many of you non believers are thinking: "Why am I torchering you with my voice?" I also know what many of you believers are thinking: "How typical that an Atheist would pick a song about an illicit affair, at the best it is premarital sex, but most likely involved adultery for at least one of the parties involved. You Atheists have no morals, your choice of song proves it."

Here is the thing. I've been married for over 16 years now, and I have never cheated once. Not even a kiss, let alone jamming my tongue down some chicks throat while mindlessly drunk. Sure, I've lusted over other chicks; In my dreams, watching TV, etc. I've even done other chicks in my dreams, in fact I've done lots of them. But it is morals and ethics that separates my fantasy world with the real world. I know that I made a commitment to my wife, and I also know that if I fooled around it would hurt her.

Morality isn't about God. The 10 Commandments were man made, and many of the commandments were obvious while many were a way to try to control the flock. Things that made us guilty, were written in stone, so to speak.

Guilt evolved in us. Dogs can feel guilt. If our ancestors jumped from one cave to the next right after intercourse, man would not be here today. A pregnant mother or a mother with an infant wouldn't make a great hunter. Man would have starved ourself into extinction. Something had to make the caveman stay for at least 3 years, and guilt of not caring for the momma, had to be a big thing.
It could easily be argued that anything that makes us feel guilty is an immoral act. The more guilty we feel, the more immoral the act was.

Don't get me wrong, if I could have a guilt free affair, I probably would. We only live once. But being an ethnic Jew, I've evolved a lower guilt threshold than many of you ethnic gentiles.

This post reminds me of one of my favorite comedy scenes. The one from Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear. I couldn't find the clip on Youtube, but I did find the dialogue:

Lt. Frank Drebin: You know, sometimes I envy you and Edna. You have the same person every day for over 30 years. You wake up, eat with her, sleep with her. Make love to the same woman.
[Ed looks increasingly disgusted as Frank goes on]
Lt. Frank Drebin: You spend every possible waking moment together, while I'm out running around with a bunch of 20-year-olds who only want a good time and cheap sex sex sex. Girls who can't say no. Girls who can't get enough. "More, more, more. It's your turn now to wear the handcuffs..."
[Ed starts foaming at the mouth... literally]
Lt. Frank Drebin: I just want love, Ed.
Ed Hocken: I'm sure you'll... find love, Frank.

October 20, 2006

Proving Prayer Is Hooey

Here is a pretty good attempt at showing how prayer is ridiculous. Well, ridiculous if you think God answers prayers.

The video originates from the site Why Won't God Heal Amputees. Lots of good stuff there, and its sister site, God is Imaginary.

Again, I will take a realist approach to prayer. I can see where prayer could benefit a believer. Lets call it The Little Engine That Could phenomenon. There are a few studies out there that indicate that ones mood and optimism could affect the healing process, or even help with longevity if a disease is terminal.

Here is an interesting article on how fear could have a hormonal affect that causes cancer.

One's emotion is often linked to illness recovery and even frequency of illness. This leads me to believe that believers have an advantage over Realists when it comes to combatting illness.

Now I know there was a study recently which implied that knowing that people prayed for an ill person didn't help the ill person at all. The problem with this study was that it required ill people to think strangers were praying for them. It isn't the same as knowing loved ones are praying for them.

There are even studies that show that regular church goers live longer than non church goers and non believers. Here is one.

Giving up reality and fooling myself for a couple more years of life just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe when I get sick, just the idea of friends and loved ones praying for me will give the satisfaction to fight whatever I wind up with. Maybe believers still serve a function.

October 19, 2006

More From Joe: The World Renowned Creation Scientist

The Fundies favorite trick these days is trying to use logic without any scientific evidence whatsoever, while ignoring all sorts of scientific evidence.

But you still gotta love Joe. Higher lands mean more gravitational pull on Asians faces causing their eyes to be slanted. Man started out as beige and originated in the middle east and not Africa. Man used to live to 900 because the world was smaller and the atmosphere was thicker, but that was before the earth expanded causing the great flood. My bet is that many YECs would buy his hooey before they buy into real science.

October 17, 2006

US Population up to 300 million

My first and only thought on this is that 300 million Americans means that approximately 135 million Americans believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that evolution is bull crap. 135 million reality deniers! Oy vey!

And good luck trying to use fact and logic on them. See here. They just keep ignoring fact and logic and turning the page in their book of creation "science." Do any of them even understand what evolution is?

Blogging has been lite because of my real job and the weather fiasco I just experienced. Hopefully my boss will give me a break soon so that I will be able to post more, and hopefully God will stop wrathing my house's ass.

October 14, 2006

Tagged and tired

Shlemazl, the Atheist, who doesn't want to join the Atheist blogroll, because it might offend his believing readers, has tagged me.

1-Do you like the look and the contents of your blog?

I wish I was more design savvy, I just can't be bothered fooling around with that kind of stuff yet. I like to keep things simple anyways. I think my blog is readable and viewer friendly. Notice that I don't have a black background like many bloggers who just don't get it.

2-Does your family know about your blog?

Yes, but I don't think they really care. Except my brother in law. He actually gets my posts.

3-Can you tell your friends about your blog? Do you consider it a private thing?

I've told many friends about my blog. Not too sure if many read it. Or how regularly. Lots of them have real lives.

4-Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog? or you try to discover new blogs?

I try to read as many blogs on my main blogrolls. The one I put together and the new Atheist blogroll. Of course, I go to the blogs of all commenters as well. And if they blogroll me, I blogroll them.

5-Did your blog positively affect your mind? Give an example.

I think my blog helps my self esteem. I find blogging empowering. Not Stalin or Hitler like power, but I do believe that my blog is capable of changing individuals opinions in some cases.

6-What does the number of visitors to your blog mean? Do you use a traffic counter?

I think everyone should read my blog, and I don't feel that great when I have less than a couple of hundred visitors in one day. I use the traffic counter and often visit bloggers who visited my blog from their blog. I also check the Technorati who links me page as well.

7-Did you imagine how other bloggers look like?

Many bloggers post their picture. Probably their best picture from within 15 years ago, but it gives me an idea of what they look like. It really doesn't matter to me though. As far as chick bloggers go, I'm friggin happily married. And I'm not into guys, so I don't care if they look like Tom Cruise or Michael Moore.

8-Do you think blogging has any real benefit?

Yes, I do think that the main issues I cover do matter. Science matters, the War on Terror matters, and the ignorance that certain groups want to teach in the classroom matters. I recently got an offer to do a magazine article out of the blue, which means I can enlighten an even wider and new audience.

9-Do you think that the blogsphere is a stand alone community separated from the real world?

No, I think bloggers are now the voice of the world. I think bloggers represent just about every type of person on this planet.

10-Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them?

Absolutely not. I take no prisoners, and have no problem voicing my opinion anywhere, anytime. Of course, many bloggers can't take me, and bar my ass.

11-Do you think that criticizing your blog is useful?

What the hell could you criticize about me blog? What is wrong with you?

12-Have you ever thought about what happen to your blog in case you died.

Unfortunately, I now know (through the blogosphere) two bloggers who I have had exchanges with in comments who have passed at early ages.
So I know what happens. I doubt anyone will inform my readers if something happened to me though. If I don't make a post with 7 days, I'm probably feeding worms

13-Which blogger had the greatest impression on you?

Are we talking in a good way or a bad way? Elder of Ziyon probably had the greatest impression on me. He seems to put in lots of research to find articles and make points that are not usually found in the mainstream. The posts are timely and very telling.

14-Which blogger you think is the most similar to you.

I do think a lot of my regular commenters agree with me on at least 90% of the positions I take. Atheists who are harsh on Islam, and understand that Israel is on the defensive are those who are most like me. You know who you are.

15-Name a song you want to listen to?

If I want to listen to a song, I listen to it. What kind of question is this? Right now? You want to know what I want to listen to right now? Nothing, I'm going upstairs to watch a movie. God decided to send his wrath upon the town where I live. I had no hydro, phone, internet or TV for 2 days. I spent most of today cleaning up dead branches in my front and back yard. I'm exhausted. Good nite.

I tag anyone who wants to be tagged this time.

October 10, 2006

Who Is The Biggest Assmonkey Here?

Bill O'Reilly or Brian Rohrbough. It is a toss up. I have to give it to Bill this time because he spoke more than Brian.

First off, what happened to Brian's son was a tragedy. I feel sorry for him. But I really feel sorry for him because he is a retard. And he represents a good chunk of Americans and Canadians.
O'Reilly is equally retarded. He is all pissed at the "Liberal media" for their reaction to the Free Speech segment by Brian on Katie Couric's show.
Sorry Bill, but if someone says something really stupid like Brian said, they should be attacked. If Brian's comments represent the conservative point of view, then conservatives are retards. See how that works Bill. If you want to talk absolutes about the Left Media, then it is fair game to talk absolutes about the Conservative Right.

Just because two kids allegedly perverted the theory of evolution to commit a horrible crime, doesn't mean evolution should be thrown out of school. You don't teach children that a white page is black. But that is what Fundamentalist Christians believe and that is what they want taught in school.
And then Bill said that Brian's comments on evolution were misunderstood. Sorry, but as Brian continued to talk in the video, it was clear they were not. It just wasn't understood how much of a retard Brian was until he explained it fully.
I still can never take Bill seriously when he totally went to bat supporting Bush on the Port's deal. He lost all credibility to me as did Bush.
This wasn't about intolerance as Bill's whining would lead one to believe. It is about making jest of retards and their idiotic belief system.
The Left isn't mad Brian was able to make a fool of himself, and all those who hold his belief on national TV. I imagine the far left are just frustrated that retards like him still walk the earth. I'm frustrated as a centrist.
I'd like to know how Bill would classify me. I'm pretty much a social Liberal, but I think the West should tighten immigration, and I believe that the War on Terror is the number one concern of mankind at this moment.
Back to the illogical argument Brian made: Columbine was 7 years ago. If teaching evolution in school causes children to lose it and shoot up schools, we would see a lot more of it. The Amish tragedy was not caused by evolution being taught in school. His timing on this issue is mind boggling.
Religious morals, ethics and beliefs can be taught at home, and at church. It should be the church and parents that start teaching reality, or fitting in reality with their beliefs, so that children won't be conflicted when they learn reality in science classes. I don't want to live in a world that denies reality.
As far as abortion goes. If parents can't bring up their kids not to be killers, they should really think about abortion in the first four months of fetal development.

October 9, 2006

The Collapse Of Atheism: Yeah, Right

I'm not sure if this is blatant lying for Allah, or just complete ignorance, or most likely, a combination.

I'm writing this while watching the video.

Right from the start the narrator of the video confuses Darwinism with abiogenesis.

It then goes on about how real scientific discoveries have quashed the Atheist belief in creation because science has proved the Big Bang to be correct. I don't know very many Atheists who have a problem with the Big Bang. I do know a lot of creationists who have a problem with it happening more than 10,000 years ago though.

On evolution theory, did you know that not one transitional fossil has been found? What a load of crap. Every fossil is transitional unless it was the last of a species that died out.

The Cambrian explosion destroys evolution? Sorry, but severe climate changes causes accelerated species change and many different species. The Cammbrian explosion came at the same time that the earth was finally not hostile to anything but simple animals.

Darwin theory: "Life must begin from inanimate matter".
Here we go again. Fundies really need to learn what they are arguing against.

This film was made a few years ago, before Miller trounced ID. Not that this would stop a Fundie from lying, being ignorant, or just turning the page to another lie and misquote.

Freud made more people depressed because of his idea that there was no soul and we are all animals inside. OK, I can see that. Some people can't deal with reality, but that is why most people shy away from it.

Atheism suffered a defeat because religious people hand death and divorce well. I'm trying to see the logic. I can't. I'll bet Fundies see the logic though.

Communism is not Atheism. It does not require not believing in God. And the same with Fascism. Did you know Hitler was an Atheist? Either did I. Hitler believed that Aryans were specially created by God.

Hippies and the sexual revolution was a result of Atheists. Revolution and love ruined the West. I'm speechless. I didn't know that. If not love or revolution, what else is there? Chopping off heads of those who won't become Muslim is called what?

Mankind is turning to God. Sorry, but percentage wise there are more and more Atheists and Agnostics today than there were 50 years ago.

In the end, this video proved absolutely nothing, as most of it was bullshit and a lot of it was bullshit about bullshit.

For more Muslim propaganda, go here. At least they seem to accept an ancient earth. I think.

On a sad note, I was informed earlier today that Sean from God is for Suckers passed away Friday. I didn't see eye to eye with him on the middle east, but he was an excellent writer and very witty. He was probably one of the pioneers of Atheism in the blogosphere. He will be sadly missed.

October 7, 2006

Does Anyone Have Any Evidence Jesus Existed?

I've written about this before. I've asked Christians before. Now I am going to ask again. Can anyone show me proof that Jesus existed. Even circumstantial evidence will do.

First off, lets watch this video:

It is thought that Paul was first to write about Jesus. Many years after Jesus supposedly died. There isn't much evidence Paul existed. But I'm gullible. And I will accept he did. I will accept he was no different than Joseph Smith or James Frey as far as inventing a story and suckering many. The time was right, the Jews were getting their asses handed to them by the Romans. Life on earth was hell around 60 AD for Jews and their vengeful God wasn't coming through. A God that focused on life everafter and a heavenly eternity was an easy sell, especially since those ideas were already floating around with Mithraism, Zoraostianism and the Osiris-Dionysus myth.
But I'll admit, I could be wrong about Paul existing, but then someone who said they met Paul invented Christianity and Jesus. I'll go with Paul.

Back to my challenge. Circumstantial evidence does not include the bible. Sorry bout that. This is because evidence strongly points that the New Testament was written around 150-250 AD. No good.

Circumstantial evidence does not include historians who were not there. This includes Josephus. Josephus simply would have written down second or third hand accounts. No good. He did write about Christians and what they believed but that would be like me today writing about Mormons who tell me what they believe and tell me about what Joseph Smith saw. At least we know Joseph Smith existed.

Here are some questions for those who believe Jesus existed:

1. Why were there no writings by the 42 historians living around the region of Judea
between the years 1-35 AD? Think about this, before apologizing for it. Jesus was supposedly a miracle man and even if he disappeared until he was 30 there should be have been lots written, especially after his resurrection which was supposedly witnessed by hundreds or thousands.

2. Why did it take so long for someone to write something? You gotta admit, lots has been written about him from 60 AD on. But zero before that. Again, if you are gonna state something was written before that, prove it.

3. Why is it you will accept Jesus as a savior but in many cases reject evolution which has mounds of evidence for it, and no evidence against it. Why does evolution scare you guys so much?

4. Do you admit that if you were raised (lets say adopted as an infant by Muslim parents) in a Muslim home, you would most likely be Muslim today?

Atheism Sucks readers are more than welcome to post here. I will not delete anything, and your posts will show up immediately. Christian sites tend to moderate most of the time. I've had a few comments not show up at Frank's site. He picks and chooses which rebuttals he will post. But of late I must admit, he has been lenient with me. Please though try to remember that scripture is not considered proof by me, so don't copy and paste it. It is a waste of time.

More about Jesus as a myth. Wikipedia article, The Bible and Christianity, Why Jesus Didn't Exist, Everything you wanted to know about the Jesus myth.

October 5, 2006

Anti-Evolutionists Are Reality Deniers 101

I just found this video on Youtube. It starts slow, but quickly picks up. Watch it.
I like the music too.

This video and the this link to the 15 answers to Creationist Nonsense, are great debate tools against sincere anti-evolutionists. The problem is I'm not sure that there is such a beast as a sincere anti-evolutionist.
I like the phrase "Reality Denier" to describe an anti-evolutionist and/or young earther. I'm not crazy for the word "Brights" to describe Atheists, and as I've said before, because of the negative connotations associated with the word "Atheist," I would love to change our title to "Realist."

Now here is world renowned Creation scientist Joe proving that continental drift is a bad theory. Yes, he is serious. Have a KleenX ready for eye tears.

I do believe his scientific experiment can be totally replicated. He just needs to use stronger tape.

And here is Joe's theory on dinosaurs, which he says are simply exploding lizards:

Yes, Joe fits into the Reality Denier category.

October 4, 2006

Foley: Belief in Jesus Made Him Gay

Well the truth is finally out. Those who go to church, have a larger chance of becoming gay. Don't go to church, and you'll cut down your odds of turning gay dramatically.

As a rule, politicians are some of the most despicable people on this planet. Especially the ones that get close to the top or to the top. They give favors to those who help them financially. Ethics are thrown out the door. There are no saints in the Senate or the House of Commons in Canamerica.

First Foley gets caught having cybersex with a 16 year old boy. Then he states through his lawyer, that he was abused as a child, by a clergyman in Florida.

I am skeptical this happened. The Conservative Right lobby may have prompted Foley to say this. Conservative politicians and the Religious Right lobby are equally slimey when it comes to lying about science and especially about taking a stance that homosexuality is a sickness, and something that isn't predisposed by birth.

Now, even if it did happen, here is a typical politician who is supposed to be a represantive of the people. Aren't politicians supposed to protect the people when they can? Isn't this why they are elected? If the allegations are true, Foley allowed a pedophile clergyman to keep on keeping on: 'Mary Ross Agosta, a spokeswoman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Miami, said Foley never filed a report of abuse, but she encouraged him to do so.'

Mary, it is a little late. How many more boys has this clergyman "turned gay" since 1969?

Fact: there is a Jewish look. There is also a gay look. There is a lesbian look too. Although there are many exceptions. Foley looks gay. Did turning gay make him look gay, or was he born with the gay look and did he turned gay coincidentally?

So Foley, which is it? Were you born gay, or did your church going turn you gay?

October 1, 2006

Atheists: Let's Make Our Own Holiday On December 25th

And we shall call it Christmas.

I know it is early for a Christmas post but I figure we need some time to get this holiday idea of mine going.

I don't like this War on Christmas. It is not the Atheist way. We are realists. We should embrace Christmas season as a time to let the reality deniers have their day and their season.

I'm all for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind, but I just want to add a little to it for our Christmas celebration. Peace on Earth will be achieved when religious Fundies live and let live, and Goodwill to all Mankind who doesn't want me dead.

The reality is the Christians stole December 25th which was celebrated prior to Christianity by the Mithras. It was their damn holiday, it was the day they celebrated the birth of the sun. They even stole the concept of the virgin birth and the savior and the idea of the second coming from the Mithras.

There is no historical proof Jesus existed, but even according the mythological man written and rewritten New Testament, there are "clues" that make it impossible that the Christian's imaginary friend Jesus could have been born on December 25th.

The fact is the Christians used December 25th because non Christians were celebrating at that time and it would be easier to convert those Pagans to Christianity. It was really easy considering they stole most of Jesus' "story" from the Mithrans anyways.

So Atheists, let us use this date to get our message out. If you see a nativity scene surrounded by a bunch of people, speak to them, tell them you celebrate Christmas too, and you give out presents too. But tell them that there is no reason to believe in God and Jesus was most likely not even a historical figure let alone God or Son of God or whatever the hell they think.

Ask people at Christmas how old the earth is and if they believe in evolution. Then spread the word of reality. Depending on how well they are into listening of course.

If you have a child that goes to a school that is bent on doing a Christmas play, tell the school it is OK as long as they do our Christmas play too:

Go to Christmas parties. If they say grace and shit, smile, even laugh out loud if you have the balls or even belch. And have a few drinks and tell whoever will listen that God doesn't exist. Tell them that they are delusional if they think the earth is young and call them reality deniers if they don't buy into evolution. Tell them that Christmas was stolen from the Mithras. And don't forget to tell them Merry Christmas. Christmas is our holiday now too.