February 27, 2010

Intelligent Children Most Likely To Become Atheists

A new study suggest that atheism and liberalism are perspectives, concepts, ideals (whatever word you want to use) that are not biologically designed.

In other words, our first human ancestors were very conservative by nature, caring about their immediate family while being indifferent or non caring to others.

I kind of think that hunters can't really be the most empathetic people on this planet, whether hunting for food or sport.

All humans have an innate raw intelligence, but it seems that there are some that have an enhanced intelligence.

Let me take a stab at it. The ability to look at things from all sorts of perspectives without doing so consciously. The ability to fathom many possibilities with a worldview dependent on evidence and what is probable.

The study says that humans are naturally paranoid, and this is why religion was a natural fit.

I say that it if I saw lightning, and I couldn't explain it scientifically, as our ancestors couldn't, I too would need to believe in a supernatural entity as being the cause. It was the only thing that made sense back then. Once you have explanations for the unknown, then you can be focused enough to hunt, eat, survive, procreate, and take care of the newer generation.

Things have changed now. We have scientific explanations. Those who have special intelligence tend to get that there is really no evidence or need for a God, that homosexuality is not a choice, that other human beings have feelings regardless of whether you know them or not, and that teaching fairy tales in science class is absurd.

February 12, 2010

Post 666: How To Make Something From Nothing

I see it happen every two weeks when my pay check is deposited into my bank account.
Anyway, the problem with time and something from nothing is tackled by Mr. Deity (Abbott and Costello style!):

Nothing from something is very possible. Try this argument with a Fundy: Use a pair of jeans of an active kid as an example, check the fabric on the knees out, now after time, what happens to the knees of jeans for a young kid?; You wind up with a hole where the knee fabric was once there. Nothing from something. Hah!

I think I may have jumped the shark with this post, my 666th post since I started blogging.