January 28, 2009

Adam Corolla: Militant Atheist

Ran across this video yesterday. It isn't really a video. No picture, just sound. Adam Corolla, best known as co-host of the enlightening "Man Show," discusses his atheism.

The reason I call him a militant atheist is because he admits he is an atheist, just like me. We are supposed to be seen and not heard.

I don't agree with a few of his statements. First off, he says he is atheist because he KNOWS there is no God. Again, an atheist is simply someone who answers NO to the question "do you believe in God?" And it impossible to KNOW there is no God, just like it is impossible to know there aren't any Leprechauns.

The other thing I disagree with is his idea that nothing made him an atheist. That might be true for him, but it isn't true for many atheists who formerly believed in God or assumed there was a God thanks to parental brainwashing.

Other than that, he makes excellent points.

I also stumbled on this related video. At first I was thinking that Corolla is one of those Far Left atheists that drive me crazy. But then he started talking about Muslims, and guess what? We are on the same page:)

Yep, you don't have to be a racist to be disgusted with Muslims and Islam.

January 24, 2009

My List Of Stupid, Silly and/or Crazy People On The Internet

I have plenty of internet "debates." Here is a list of categories I wind up "debating" usually. I consider the people who are on the other side of the "debates" stupid, silly, and/or crazy, at least when it comes to any of the issues I'm pointing out below. Yes, many people show up on a few of the categories.

1. Young Earth Creationists
2. Evolution Deniers
3. Holocaust Deniers
4. Those who use the bible as evidence for God
5. Those who call atheism a religion, or liberalism a religion
6. Those who believe the side of the terrorist is the side of the victim
7. Those who think that we shouldn't piss off Islam because we will get what we deserve if we do
8. People who think that homosexuality is a choice in most cases, if not all cases
9. Those who think the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a real document
10. People who say there is definite proof that Jesus and/or Moses existed
11. Those who criticize Israel, say they aren't anti-semites, but fail to criticize other world wide conflicts or regimes
12. Anyone who thinks the UN has any use today other than help Islam spread
13. Those who have a problem with Israel's legitimacy, but doesn't have an equal problem with the legitimacy of Canada, the USA, and Australia, etc.
14. Muslims who whine about less than 500,000 Jews going to the non sovereign region of Palestine from Europe, yet have no problem populating the West by the millions
15. Those who say that Israel is guilty of genocide
16. Those against gay marriage
17. Those against the woman's right to choose
18. People who own pitbulls (ok, that is not an internet one)
19. Those who know for sure that man has absolutely nothing to do with Global Warming
20. Those who think that God creates miracles or disasters

I could probably go on. But it is my birthday in 2 and a half hours.

January 16, 2009

What Would It Take For Me To Believe In God?

"You are so closed minded. There is no evidence that will make you accept in God."
How many times do us atheists get something like that spewed at us on message boards or our blogs, after many of us say that we don't believe in God because there is no evidence that God has ever existed?

I can't speak for all atheists, but as far as I'm concerned, there are quite a few ways in which God could be proved to me, or at least considered. I would just need to witness first hand a supernatural event as it would open up the possibilities that science can't explain everything, that something else is going on.

The bible, and that means any bible, doesn't do it for me. No one is going to convince me against the obvious, that supernatural events described in the bible are nothing but fairy tales for grown ups.

Well then, what would do it for me?

The big one is God healing amputees. Believers will almost always say that God can do anything. God can cure everything from hiccups to cancer, and God can win a football game sometimes too, or help someone get a job.

But for some reason, God doesn't choose to produce a physical miracle that would challenge everything we know about how the natural world works today. Of course, many Fundies will say "how do you know God has never made a limb grow back, do you know everything that happens and happened everywhere on this planet since it came into existence less than 7 thousand years ago?" When I get that response, I feel like I'm at a zoo with a monkey flinging feces at me.

Pharyngula tells us of The Amputee Challenge. The Sunny Sceptic is looking for volunteers. Everyone on the internet can pray for the volunteers, and we can see what happens. God has a great opportunity to easily prove his existence. And if he chooses not to, I have to ask why others take it upon themselves to do something God won't even do by spreading his word. If he wanted it spread so badly, just make someone grow back a limb on Youtube.

So what else would make me consider God? How about right now, God fill my empty glass with water? I'll give you thirty more seconds.....nothing.

How about someone levitating across the rooms of my house. My dog or my wife, or even me. What? God doesn't do that stuff on demand? Ever?

How about the moon doing a figure eight one night when I'm looking at it, and sober too (which I am over 99% of the time)?

Ok, let my dog Daisy speak to me in English? I'll accept French, Hebrew and even Pig Latin.

I can go on and on, but I think I made my point.

See also How To Convert An Atheist

January 12, 2009

Disproportionate Response: By The Media, Protesters, Bloggers, Etc.

First off I'll tackle the idea of disproportional response. In war, there is no such thing. The idea of war is to win the war. Israel is at war. Israel asked Hamas to stop lobbing bombs at them, and Hamas refused. Israel has every right to defend herself and try to stop the bombings at all costs if necessary. Every civilized country on this planet would do exactly the same thing Israel is doing right now to protect her citizens.

But now to the real topic of my blog post. Why does the Israel Gaza war get so much attention? Why does it bring out so many Israeli critics haters? Why does Israel get so much disproportional response by the media, protesters, and bloggers?

Lets get the American excuse out of the way first. "I don't want my tax dollars supporting that (put in description) state?"

Here is the thing. Why I know this is a false excuse is because the same line comes from anti-Israelis in Europe, Australia, Canada, and of course every Muslim nation. Except they don't say "my tax dollars." They just seem to find reasons to hate Israel. Are their sincere Americans whose only problem with Israel is that they feel the US shouldn't support them? Probably a couple of guys.

OK, you are anti-Israel and you are reading this blog right now and you are saying to yourself, "What do you mean by giving Israel too much attention? They deserve the attention, they are the biggest travesty on this planet, the most evil of evil nations."

Now ask yourself this. How many blog posts or comments have you written about the other ongoing long lasting conflicts on this planet? CLICK TO ENLARGE, I DARE YOU

Do you know why you are attracted to the Israeli conflict so much? OK, I understand your focus if you are an ethnic Jew, ethnic Arab, Muslim, Fundy Christian, or even Israeli supporter who feels Israel gets too much negative hype for no real good reason, or if you are a Muslim hater. I also understand if you are a Jew hater as well.

But lets say you "think" you are none of the above. Why do you devote so much attention to Israel, especially if humanity causes are supposed to be your issue. That is the one that most Moonbats (who claim they don't hate Jews) like to use. So lets go with that.

Is it because you think Israel should be held at a higher standard than Muslims and Muslim Arabs killing each other in Darfur for example?

Or is it really that you go out of your way hating Israel and posting and commenting about it, because Israel means so much to many Jews? Even atheist Jews like myself.

See What Attracts Atheist Jews To Israel and My Case For Israel As An Atheist.

Irrational as it might be (I do think we evolved a susceptibility to be tribal so it is hard to fight it), I root for Israel the same way I feel good when my hometown sports team with no Canadian on it win a game. I'm proud of Israel's accomplishments. And I do think Israel needs to exist (unfortunately, I might add, that it NEEDS to still).

And you, the people who go to anti-Israel rallies and or write nothing but negative comments on Israel on the internet, and or make multiple blog posts on how bad Israel is, are a major reason Israel needs to exist. Yes, anti-semitism is still out there. It could get ugly in certain regions again.

And with Muslims trying to usurp the West, it is getting ugly in some places as a few thousand Jews in France decided a few years ago. They didn't have to worry about being turned away by the USA or Canada this time around though.

I'll ask you disproportionate responding anti-Israelis to be honest here; Is it just plain old mild to severe anti-semitism that makes you feel that Israel is the biggest conflict, disaster, tragedy, and or injustice on this planet? Even more of an injustice than the way the USA, Canada, or Australia got their start?

Admit your anti-semitism, don't pretend. Pretending causes cancer.

And yes, lets not forget the media (and lets forget the USA for now), as they have seemed to have forgotten the many other conflicts on this planet that make the deaths in Israel, Gaza and The West Bank look like a pimple on a whale's ass in comparison. Lots of land disputes that are very similar to the one in Israel. Go figure.

OK, lets start with the Sri Lankan conflict. There have been 10 times the amount of deaths in the last 30 years there than in Israel and the territories over the same time period. I want you to write 10 times as many comments and posts and go to 10 times as many protests (pick a side) as you do when it comes to Israel. Why not? Ask yourself, you may not even have thought of the answer yet.

If you still think that you identify with the Palestinians as huge victims and Israel as major aggressors, and you swear you don't have an anti-semitic bone in your body, let me ask you something. Do you feel sorry for rapists? Be honest. Do you think they are victims of society and maybe their homelife, that their action of rape though detestable can be somewhat justified? I don't.

I do not feel compassion or empathy for terrorists either. Those who lob bombs into Israel trying to hit civilians and then feel good when they hit those civilians. If you side with Hamas on this conflict, you are pretty much lacking Western ethics and morality, unless of course, you are just a good ole Jew hater.

January 9, 2009

Shocker: My Pro-Israeli Comments Were Not Printed By Huffington Press

Huffington Press should be renamed Moonbat Central. It is full of Moonbats, Jihadists, and closet Jew haters.

I left a couple of comments on Eric Margolis' one sided piece "While Gaza Burns, The World Watches."

Unfortunately I didn't save one of them. The other, which I have to admit is an edited comment from an American atheist Jew who now lives in Italy (aka Anjuna on the Yahoo message boards)

Anyway, this is what Huffington Post must have found too offensive to print:

Like any situation, when two parties are in disagreement, compromise is the mature approach.

Pals refuse compromise, therefore they invoke war and it's consequences, and responsible for all suffering incurred by both parties.

The Pals refused compromise in 1948, like the Indians and Pakistanis did in 1947, except the Pakistanis are still not happy with only half of Kashmir. BTW, the Arab States voted for the partition of the Muslim state of Pakistan from India.

If the Pals wanted the 1967 borders, they already had them for 19 years, without a Jew in sight, and yet did nothing about it.

The Arabs (including Pals) simply do not want Jews in charge of the Municipal building, and this is proven by the Pals and Arabs lack of response when the Hashemites took 80%!!!!! of Palestine without a peep from the Pals.

The UN decided after WWII, that most ethnic groups will be given the right of self determination. The Muslim countries multiplied, while you enjoy the harassment of one single , small different minority..

We know who and what the Moonbats (like Margolis) and Jihadists are and what they want.. Everything is the result of Arab pride, false promises, hatred, and the lack of the ability to compromise.. Pals suffer for the Arab's anti-Semitism and intolerance.

Enjoy your hate and the costs..

Let me know when you got your heads on straight.

The other comment was my creation. I don't hold back when it comes to imbeciles like Eric Margolis. I know I mentioned that he failed to mention in his crap piece that Hamas, though voted in democratically has a stated goal of destroying Israel, and not only do they talk the talk, but they also send bombs into Israel daily.

It would be like if Mexico or Canada voted in a group that wanted to eliminate the USA, and then sent bombs into the USA. As a Canadian, I would expect to be dead.

January 8, 2009

Facts About Israel 101 From An Israeli

I just ran across this video, as this dude subscribed to my Youtube channel. He makes many excellent points. Just watch:

Yep, all religions are stupid. Can't agree more. His points on the formation of any country is right on.

Part two:

January 3, 2009

If Canada Voted In A Party That Had A Goal Of Wiping Out The USA

I would expect to be dead today.

Israel finally decided to do the inevitable. It could be expected to sit there while bombs were being lobbed into civilian areas on a daily basis. Even once a year is unacceptable for that matter.

As far as I'm concerned, Israel had no choice but to do what they are doing right now. By only thought is what took them so long.

Now I will repost my thoughts back from 2005 on this blog when Israel left Gaza. I'm not Nostradamus, but some might think so after reading this:

August 21, 2005

It makes me laugh reading posts on the Yahoo I/P conflict message boards by Palestinian sympathizers (who are either mostly Arabs and/or Muslims and/or Jew haters) claiming victory because the Jews are retreating.

This was a well thought out plan by Israel to show the world that Palestinians do not want a state, can't build a state, and that their focus of wiping out Israel has never gone away.

Arabs have never been known to build. Even with around half the world's oil, Arab nations are backwards. The average IQ of Arab countries is in the low to mid 80's. The typical Arab culture does not focus on education and humanity but seems to focus on hate and death.

Gaza has no oil. Gaza is appealing to every Islamic terrorist organization to set up shop there. Palestinian leaders have a history of corruption. No Arab state has ever supported the Palestinian people other than incite them to attack Israel.

Gaza already is poverty stricken. Getting rid of Jews and possible affluence is not going to help them. They are destined to continue terrorist attacks against Israel and struggle internally to the point of having civil unrest and probably civil war.

Speaking of attacks, without Jews to use as human shields, Gazan Arabs are now unprotected. Terrorist attacks against Israel will cause a retaliation that the Palestinians have never seen before. They won't like it much. But the world will not sympathize with them this time. Muslim bombings in the USA and Britain have created zero tolerance against terrorism by the West.

The Arabs who think that 57 years of terror caused the "liberation" of Gaza are sadly mistaken. Gaza will quickly become a terrorist hell hole and just a couple of attacks against Israel will turn the rest of "The Roadmap" into toilet paper.

I can't see Gaza living peacefully next to Israel which would lead to a massive dismantling of the West Bank. Palestinians can not help themselves, they have to attack Israel, it is their nature. Thus the Gazan withdrawal, which occurred before the Palestinians dismantled terrorist groups, is just a trick being played on the Arabs by the Jews.

If the Palestinians were smart, and they are not, they would have begged the Jews to stay.

Might as well throw in a post I made after the Palestinians elected Hamas:

January 28, 2006
The Hamas Victory: Thoughts and Predictions

No matter what anyone says, there was a distinct difference between the terrorist parties of Fatah and Hamas. Fatah was willing to negotiate with Israel and accept Israel as a permanent nation and most importantly a permanent peace.
Hamas on the other hand represents never ending terror and the ultimate goal of destroying Israel. They are a terrorist organization. To any rational human being on this planet, they were not an alternative to the corrupt Fatah party. By any rational rational human being, they should not have even been considered. But nobody has ever made the mistake of thinking that the Palestinian Arabs were rational human beings.
They voted Hamas. And I'm not buying that their victory resulted in the people making a statement about corruption. Gaza isn't Canada, and Hamas isn't the Progressive Conservatives. How could this be about corruption? Corruption is about money. A vote for Hamas most likely meant no money from the USA and no money from the EU. If Hamas gets it's funding now from Iran, another country bent on Israel's destruction, how long do you think it will take Israel to figure it out and make Iran's donations meaningless?
If terrorist attacks or rocket attacks occurred with a Fatah leadership, Israel would have been morally forced to give Fatah time before they completely spanked them. Now with Hamas running the show, any terrorist attack or rocket attack will be dealt with severely, more severely than ever before. Did the Palestinian voters not realize this? I've always said that Arabs in the Middle East can not think one step ahead. This is further proof of it.
As far as the future goes. The peace plan is dead as long as Hamas is in power. This will become more and more evident in the coming weeks. I expect a terror attack sooner than later, and I expect a severe Israeli response this time. Hamas won't be able to keep themselves from being what they are: TERRORISTS, nothing more and nothing less.
If Hamas isn't taken out soon, I think the Palestinians will become extinct, and it won't be pretty. I also expect to see a devastating bomb hit Iran very shortly, if their leader isn't taken out soon. Even Europe is scared of Iran.
Unfortunately sometimes major devastation and dead civilians is the only way to change things for the better. See WW2 Japan.
Back to Israel: the free world is shaking their heads in disbelief. Could Israel be right? The Palestinians really don't want a peaceful state? The voters have spoken.

One more thought: Now Israel can focus on putting down real borders and thanks to the Hamas victory, they are not under any obligation to negotiate where the borders go. Israel will now have defensible borders finally, and if Hamas attacks, which they will.....bye bye Palestinians.


Karma Nabulsi is pro-Palestinians and anti-Annapolis. Sounds a lot like Hamas who were democratically elected by the Palestinians. Well, read this. Nabulsi, is a hypocrite. If he believes in Arab lands, what the heck is he doing on Western lands?

Time to repost two articles which show that the Palestinian Struggle, which really means to the Hamas supporters, "don't give in until the Jews are driven into the sea," is baseless, childish, and hypocritical:


Land in the 20th and 21st Century doesn't work like land used to work, when all solid land wasn't claimed on this earth.

There is no such thing as Palestinian land, Muslim land, Arab land, Jewish land, Atheist land, Caucasian land, Christian land, etc.

Land is either owned and/or governed. That is it. That is how land works. Land is just dirt, plain and simple.

Yes, the Palestinian region has existed throughout recorded history. Yes, there is a such thing as Arabs who are/were indigenous to the region, as well as Christians and Jews, etc.

But demographics change everywhere. Immigration is not a form of stealing. You can only steal land if it is OWNED.

The percentages of Muslims in the West has climbed in recent years. Nobody is accusing Muslims of stealing Western lands though because they are not.

The region of Palestine was last governed by the British before Israel was created.
Arabs and their mindless supporters tend to forget that it was the Brits who came up with the White Paper which limited Jewish immigration into the British controlled land of Palestine.

The Arabs, with the exception of the very few who owned land in Israel, have absolutely no claim to Israel. In fact, they have no claim to the West Bank, but it is open to negotiations. Just as Israel was when the Jews were successfully lobbying for it.

Over 90% of the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza were born in the West Bank and Gaza, and have no property in Israel proper. Their grandfathers may have lived there, but so what? I used to live in Toronto, I don't anymore. In fact, in Toronto, the Kensington district used to have a Jewish majority until the late 50's. But the Jews moved to Northern Toronto. Nobody is making a claim that Kensington is Jewish land.

My house and property is not Jewish land. It wouldn't matter if everyone on my street were Jews. Land can be sold. And it can as easily be sold to anyone of any ethnicity.

Anyone who reads this blog has to know that I like to think, I try to think, and many times my thoughts even make sense. I know I'm no Albert Einstein, but I aint no Ann Coulter either.
Lately, I've been doing more thinking about my argument dealing with land, Israel, and changes in demographics. Something then struck me as I saw a blurb about Michigan having loads and loads of Arabs. I started doing my maniacal internet searches on this topic and found that Dearborn, Michigan is now considered the Arab capital of the United States.
Dearborn? The birthplace of alleged Jew hater Henry Ford has a population of around 100,000 people. 40% are Arabs. Surely, Dearborn didn't have a 40% population of Arabs when Henry was born. Of course not.

Lets see what Americancity.org states about the Arab populstion history in Dearborn:

'Dearborn was founded as the first overnight stop on the stagecoach route linking Detroit to Chicago. Its streets are named for the German Catholics who have since given way to Polish and Italian Americans, whom Arab immigrants and their descendants, in turn, are replacing. Southfield Freeway separates the city’s Western and Eastern worlds, roughly demarcating three neighborhoods: Southend is now mostly populated by Yemenis; East Dearborn is a bustling Lebanese community of Arab restaurants, bakeries, and halal butchers; and West Dearborn’s residential streets remain populated by Italian and Polish ethnics.

The Muslim presence in metropolitan Detroit dates to the last decade of the 19th century, when men from the Lebanese Biqa Valley, working as peddlers and traders, followed a larger number of Lebanese Christian emigrees to the U.S. When Henry Ford began to offer generous five-dollar daily wages for workers at his Highland Park assembly line in 1913, Detroit became the predominant destination for Lebanese immigrants. Immigration accelerated when Lebanon’s economy fell apart in the wake of the Ottoman Empire’s collapse at the end of World War I. The restrictive National Origins Act of 1924 reduced Lebanese immigration to a trickle, but over the next twenty years, wives and dependent children, whom the Act still allowed to immigrate, gradually reunited with their husbands and fathers. In 1927, Ford shifted operations to the Rouge River plant in his native Dearborn, and a Muslim neighborhood soon followed.

By the close of World War II, the Dearborn population numbered about 200 families. Most subsequent immigrants–Palestinian, Lebanese, and Iraqi–arrived in Dearborn as political refugees, with only Yemenis coming to Dearborn in this period primarily for economic opportunity. Collectively, the communities in Dearborn represent the second largest concentration of both Arabs and Muslims outside the Middle East, behind only Paris.'

Dearborn almost had an Arab mayor, if it wasn't for bad timing. 9/11 happened the same day as the Dearborn mayoral primary. Well, don't worry. Next time Arabs/Muslims will probably be the majority, and a terrorist attack won't stand in the way.

Isn't it special that Arabs/Muslims can set up in an American region and nobody accuses them (nor should they) of stealing land, like Jews were accused of doing in Palestine prior to the Partition.

Isn't it special that demographics can change over time in a Western city, and nobody is looking to push the Arabs/Muslims into Lake Michigan?

Where is the Western outrage? How come Dearborn isn't thinking about building a fence around it to protect itself from terrorists?

Why would it seem hysterical if the German Catholics, who built the city of Dearborn, demanded "their" land back?

Addition: For some reason, some readers aren't getting this post. So let me try to explain it a little better. Jews went to Palestine for a better life, just like the Arabs did when they migrated from Arabia to Dearborn. Many Jews came to escape anti-semitism, many came for religious reasons, many came because they didn't have many other options, and many came to escape Dhimmitudism, just like the Arabs of Dearborn did.
Palestine was relatively empty prior to Israel's birth. In the late 1800's, 500,000 people lived on land that now comfortably hold over 6 million. Nobody had to leave, nobody had their land stolen.
For those of you weak on history, at the time of the partition, Arabs owned 20% of the land and Jews owned 8%, the rest unowned. Palestine was governed by Britain. The land partitioned off to be the Jewish state had 550,00 Jews and 450,000 Arabs. It was a Jewish majority in 1947 that came about the same way that Dearborn went from 0% Muslims to 40% today. Except, the United States exists now and isn't up for negotiations, so Dearborn can never be an Arab state, unless in the future, the US decides to allow them to have a separate state (Not impossible).

Get it yet?

Just as add on I've decided to throw on a video from a recent anti-Israel invasion rally. Quick, guess what country it is held in. Saudi Arabia? Jordan? Lebanon? Egypt? Iran?

Dearborn Michigan, of course. You see, Arabs are allowed to migrate everywhere in the West and virtually take over sections of towns and in Dearborn's case, a town itself. And I have nothing against it.
What I'm against is the hypocrisy of most of these dudes who have a problem with Jews migrating to Israel prior to 1948, even though most did so legally.
Since a state didn't exist, it was understandable that the Jews would want to create one there. They lobbied for it, and got one. The Arab nations objected through war, and that is why there is a mess there today.

January 1, 2009

What Happens At Death And After Death And Pascal's Wager

Edward Current's videos are great. I know I've stated it here before many times, but just in case you are new here, I suggest checking them out. Funny, and of course, full of irony and sarcasm.

Most of the time he pretends to be a Christian. He has coined the phrase "Checkmate atheists" when making a feeble or nonsensical point on why God exists and why atheists are wrong.

His most current "creation" is an animation called A Christian Meets A The Invisible Pink Unicorn:

Not only does he get in a lot about what science knows about the creation of life, the universe, and consciousness, but he also throws in Pascal's Wager For Atheism. Without stating Pascal's Wager, Current's dying man, knowing the end is near and that there is nothing afterward, has major regrets that he lived a life that restricted him from doing things that he would have liked to experience (none harmful by the way), and implying he did things he didn't want to do because of his beliefs.

I know the cartoon was an extreme example of restrictions due to religion, as most people do what they want when it comes to important decisions, that may include having to tell white lies, or not full disclosing things, and most people do much of what they want when it comes to sex (and I do stress "most people").

Of course, things like guilt (not religious guilt but innate guilt which we evolved) and empathy prevents many of us from say cheating on our spouses, murder, rape, and theft.

My question to believers is do you think that your belief in God and/or your religion ever restrict what you really want to do, and do you think you would act differently if you realized God was made up by man and life after death isn't a very high possibility?

I made a video asking the same type of question in a more sarcastic way previously:

For Edward Current's Youtube Channel, click here.