October 30, 2008

Bill Bennett Is A Very Large Turd

This has to enrage just about any militant atheist like myself, even non militant atheists most likely:

How dare any politician break bread with someone who sees no evidence that God has ever existed.

And Donna Brazile wasn't much better. "That is how we convert them (by associating with them)." And "I I I I don't know why people don't believe in God, when there is so so so so so so fricken so so so much evidence that God God God exists."

How many atheists has she or anyone she knows converted? Probably next to zero. If anything it the logic of atheists that deconverts many of the sheep.

In America, a politician pretty much could run an ad these days of a cartoon atheist eating babies. Kind of like the ads the Nazis did about Jews in Germany. At least there isn't a politician who has openly said he or she wants to rid the world of atheist vermin...............YET.

Will Elizabeth Dole Ad Have A Subliminal Effect On Young Viewers

Associating oneself with atheists is worse than associating oneself with Muslim terrorists in American politics it seems.

Take the North Carolina Senate race:

The only good to come out of this ad is that it might happen to get young people (3-25) to question things like God and a historical Jesus.

Hopefully, the last line ("there is no God"), which was stated by Ellen Johnson, former supreme being at American Atheists, and not Kay Hagan, who happens to be a devote Christian, will be in the heads of North Carolinians for weeks.

Kay Hagan is not to be glorified in the eyes on the non believers either. She is just the lesser of two evils. She is pretty much saying that if she was really an atheist, she would deserve America's wrath.

It is disgusting that in the US, politicians can disassociate themselves by slamming atheists. They get away with it, because it is legitimate to perpetuate the lie that atheists are without morals or guidance (both of which are innate in all humans, as we are guided by are hardwiring which tends to make the good majority of mankind seemingly moral).

If this ad substituted Catholics, blacks, or Jews in place of "the Godless," it would mean political suicide. Only substituting Muslim or Arab would it be possibly overlooked by the masses, as was the case when one of McCain's idiotic supporter stated that Obama was an Arab and McCain replied that it isn't true, Obama is a good human, or something like that.

Meanwhile, with atheist's and agnostics number's growing fast, those idiotic politicians who say we have no voice are completely out in left field. Sure a good chunk of atheists are generally Democrats, but there is also quite a few who fall in the undecided or Republican ranks. Lets say 10% of Americans are atheist or agnostic (I think the number is much higher), and 20% (or 2% of the American population) are Republicans. The fact that the Republican party nominated that anti-science Cretard Sarah Palin, has pretty much turned those votes into Obama votes, as I'd say the overwhelming majority of the Godless are like me (separation of church and state supersedes every other issue), and this represents a 4% swing.

A 4% swing is huge. Obama may not have wined and dined the Godless (far from it), but he gets those votes by default.

The whining Republican Right caused all this. They were going to vote Republican regardless, but threatened to stay at home. All their bitching caused the nomination of Palin.

I'm hoping for a landslide victory by the Democrats, not because I like the cardboard Obama, but because separation of church and state needs to be honoured now, and more importantly going forward.

This election could very well marginalize the Religious Right for good.

October 22, 2008

Evolution and Icky Icky Sex

This brings back childhood memories. I wonder how creationists explain it. Oh yeah, God works in mysterious ways.

The last part of the video was really disturbing. A praying mantis with green ooze coming out of him where his head used to be trying to escape.

But it is all about survival of the species not necessarily the individual.

I just read this today:Female Tarantulas Devour Extra Suitor.
I wonder why she let her mate off without devouring him too. What advantage for the species does the mating male have when it comes to living past mating?
Any hoot, the offspring are bigger and stronger if the female gets to dine on the spider who insists on sloppy seconds.

This leads into a new video:


Really interesting video. Isn't evolution wonderful?

H/T Answers In Genesis BUSTED for finding the video (though I'm subscribed to the author of the video cdk007 as well, he found it first, and by the way, Answers In Genesis BUSTED is a great blog to bookmark)

October 17, 2008

Texas School Board Is An Embarrassment To The USA

I feel so sorry for the USA. Being almost half full of reality denying anti-evolutionists is bad enough, but abusing children with lies goes way over the line.

From Little Green Footballs: The Texas School Board Has Appointed 3 Creationists To The Science Committee.

The worst scenario is that they get their bogus texts into the science class. According to what I've read, it can open the door to getting them in classes across America.

Creationists are trying to backdoor God into the classroom. The funny thing is that I'm not sure if Young Earth Creationists realize that most of those who support the notion of ID are really just theistic evolutionists who accept an ancient earth and evolution to at least some degree.

There is no science at all when it comes to ID, only hole poking, and most of the holes have been sewn up by science. But IDists tend to just ignore the scientific explanations and then they quickly turn the page and try to poke another hole.

The core opinion of an IDist is that life and the universe is so complex that it must have a designer/creator. Again, that is strictly an opinion, and it has no place in science because it is an unfalsifiable claim.

What Every Creationist Must Deny:

See also: Texas Science Education: Jumping Off The Roof?


From Pharyngula: Prepare For An Ugly Battle In Texas

October 14, 2008

New Meme: Can You Remember The Day That You Officially Became An Atheist?

Can You Remember The Day That You Officially Became An Atheist?

For this question I am using the standard definition of atheist: Answering the question "do you believe in God" with a NO.

I can't remember. I can't even remember if it was before I was married or slightly after. By the way, I was 29 when I got conned into marriage. I honestly can't remember what I believed in when I was in my early 20's, outside of the usual occasional late night worrying about what happens after death, and that the end of my consciousness (soul) was the most probable outcome.

Do you remember the day you officially became an agnostic?

Again, my answer is no. Probably in my teens. I think it had to do with a combination of the fact that religion answered nothing definitely, but science answered lots. Coupled with the vastness of the universe, existential literature I was exposed to in high school, and just the thought of the life of bugs (why God would create insects that would live for a day (to mate and die), and where does God draw the line when it comes to afterlife? Humans? Our beloved pets? Highly intelligent mammals like chimps and dolphins? Insects?

How about the last time you spoke or prayed to God with actual thought that someone was listening?

I can pin that one down a bit. I remember when I was in my teens, praying for a family friend who was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, God chose to ignore me.
Maybe it was because I was asking, "if you exist, can you make it so that Mrs. X survives her cancer." In other words, I was still agnostic when I last prayed.

Did anger towards God or religion help cause you to be an atheist or agnostic?

No. I was never very religious, so it really didn't affect my thought process.

Here is a good one: Were you agnostic towards ghosts, even after you became an atheist?

My honest answer is yes, for a little while I think. But I don't believe that ghosts are possible anymore, probably because I've become more of a militant skeptic atheist type, reading lots of science stuff and all in the last 5 or 6 years.

Do you want to be wrong?

Of course I want to be wrong, but I'm not, and I'm as sure as sure can be about it.

I'm going to be brave ambitious here, in my tagging of five bloggers: Deep Thoughts, Atheist Revolution, Friendly Atheist, Stardust Musings, and The Atheist Blogger.

October 8, 2008

The Elections, Toronto Real Estate Prices, The Market, Firefox GMail Tip

Every now and then I am compelled to make a non atheism related post (OK, there is some atheism related stuff here). Just want to get a few of my predictions out of the way on stuff that is making the news.

The Canadian Elections
We are pretty happy here. Low interest rates, good housing prices (right now, but just wait), and low unemployment. The stock markets are down (but us Canadians know it will go up again eventually) This isn't the climate for a change. The Conservatives are a lock to win, and hopefully they will get a majority.
Stephen Harper has always kept his Evangelical Christianity views away from his policies. He respects separation of church and state, and I respect him for that.
Plus, we don't have nukes aiming all over the place, so he couldn't start Armageddon and fast track The Rapture if he wanted to.
John Tory tried to blur the line between church and state in the last Ontario election by proposing the funding of all religious schools. I had to grudgingly vote Liberal because of it. The Conservatives wound up getting clobbered, and hopefully learned a very valuable lesson.
Canada is a very secular country (including 23% atheists). Fundy Christians can beat their chest that we are a Christian country, but we are not anymore. We've risen above it.
The Green Party's name is appealing, but the problem is that they really don't have any realistic policies. And I would hate to have them deal with things like today's wicked international financial problems, which does have an affect on us Canucks inevitably.
As for the Liberals. Well, I'm no fan. They have a few Hamas loving MPs and there is no need to raise taxes here right now. And Liberal policy means cost of living increases. Their Green Tax Shift to me just spells out more bureaucracy, and more money out of my pocket, with the promise to get money back at tax time. I hate political promises, because I don't trust them.
The NDP is full of Left Wing nutballs who want to turn our country into a welfare state. I don't like unions, I don't like welfare mothers, I detest the NDP.
Canada is a capitalist society with a dose of needed socialism. I don't think the socialism is bad here. I don't think too many people actually really feel we pay too much taxes. Some Socialism is needed to have a good health care system, and I just don't trust everyone to have to take out their own sufficient health insurance. People just can't be trusted that way.
Every Canadian has the opportunity to become filthy rich. In fact, I'm halfway there. I've nailed the filthy part.

The US Elections
Barack Hussein Obama is a lead pipe cinch to win in a landslide this year. Most Americans aren't happy with Iraq because victory was pretty much promised by the Republicans, and now the tune has evolved so much, victory isn't even a possible outcome. And now with the fall of Wall Street, making a change in political leadership is as natural a guy fantasizing about having two women at once.
I'm not fan of Obama, but Palin is just plain scary, and the fact that McCain could get sick or die in office is very real. Not only is Palin's intelligence is in question, her religious beliefs are very frightening. Factor in that the average woman enters menopause at 47, and couple that with her Rapture/Armageddon beliefs, and then think about her finger on NUKULER bomb buttons.
As for abortion, she is anti-choice. As for gays, she is as tolerant towards gays as Hitler was towards gays and Jews. And it all boils down to her religious beliefs that she wants to push onto America.
Obama and Biden may say they are against gay marriage, but they also seem to not even want to define the word marriage. In other words, they aren't about to get involved in the issue.
Obama may be right for right now. I think he is mouldable, and I have faith that the American people will keep him fighting Islamic terrorism, just like the American people kaybashed Bush's Dubai Ports Deal. WTF was he even thinking?

Toronto Real Estate Prices

This is going to get ugly. Finally, the bubble has burst. Real Estate prices in Toronto have dropped 6% from a year ago. There are 37% more homes on the market than a year ago too.
Lots of speculating going on (though our rules in Canada are a lot tougher than the rules that lead to the financial crisis in the USA), the flippers can't fix a house up and flip it for a substantial gain anymore, in fact, they won't even be able to break even for a long long time.
And flippers don't look long term, and they hate making too many mortgage payments. They will bail as quickly as they can. And from here, we should see a substantial drop in prices over the next 4-6 months as even potential buyers will mostly wait.
Also, there have been tons of condos going up. Speculators were making lots just buying early and selling before completion. But its over, at least for a long time.
Tulip Mania in the real estate market has ended. I expect to see 2002 prices within 18 months.
I'll admit, I've been predicting this bubble to burst for a couple of years now. I'm off a bit.
As for the rest of Canada, I think Calgary and Vancouver are going to have real ugly downtrends as well. Smaller towns will be affected as well, but not to the same magnitude.

The Financial Markets
Scary, scary, scary. We have not reached the point of capitulation YET. Lots of analysts are saying it is a great time to bottom fish. Good chance is that we will be lower (probably not by a ton) 4 months from now.

And if you think prayer is going to help any of the above, you are simply wasting your time. I had to get an atheism dig in:)

I mostly use Firefox and Gmail now. I've even figured out how to direct my emails from other accounts into my main gmail account (I only bring this up because I'm a borderline retard when it comes to figuring out how and why computers work).
I often email pages to my work associates and friends, but my email default has either been Outlook Express or Incredimail (I stopped using Incredimail because a computer geek friend of mine told me it isn't very secure).
I wanted Gmail to be my default. I started doing some Google searches. Lots of complicated resolutions.....not interested in those. Finally, I came across a simple one. Here it is:
While you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, click "tools," then click "options," then click "applications," then type in "mailto" in the search box there, right click the action associated with "mailto" and then highlight Gmail.
Done and done.

October 2, 2008

Bill Maher Is Pissing Me Off A Bit

I really like the fact that Bill Maher is doing the circuit right now to promote his movie Religulous. I do think he is going to get many theists to question their beliefs and the real history of the bible, and perhaps even create many more atheists and agnostics in the process.

I've seen him on four shows now, and he has pretty much used the same material on each which is understandable. In case you haven't seen him, this interview is pretty much what he says more or less in a nutshell.

But it is the following that irks me:

When replying to this statement by an interviewer, "I guess that brings us to the topic of "Religulous," which I read as this effort to get agnostics and atheists out of the closet in American society," Bill Maher came back and said,
"That's certainly one of the goals. I don't use the word "atheist" about myself, because I think it mirrors the certitude I'm so opposed to in religion. What I say in the film is that I don't know. I don't know what happens when you die, and all the religious people who claim they do know are being ridiculous. I know that they don't know any more than I do. They do not have special powers that I don't possess. When they speak about the afterlife with such certainty and so many specifics, it just makes me laugh."

I have a feeling he is just trying to appeal to the masses by not labeling himself as an atheist. A term that causes many a theist to flinch. By labeling himself as agnostic, he is just trying to be accepted.

It is evident in everything he says beyond avoiding the atheism label, that he is an atheist.

An atheist doesn't have to say "there is no God, or no afterlife." Most of us say or think that "there is no evidence for God or an afterlife, so why even consider something that has no evidence to back it up?"

It is a cop out for Maher to say "I don't know what happens when we die." It is like saying "I don't know if Leprechauns live in Ireland and avoid being seen by humans." I'm sure that he is completely certain that since there is no evidence of an afterlife and since nothing else supernatural ever appears to happen, and since one can't trace back their existence before one is conceived, it a mathematical certainty that when we die, our consciousness dies with us.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that he is dissing atheists by misrepresenting what most atheists are, by equating atheism with religion, implying a religious fanatic and an atheist are equal when it comes to the person's certainty. An atheist does not have to be certain, just as someone doesn't have to be certain that an actual Tooth Fairy doesn't exist. Religious people buy into something based on zero evidence, while atheism is a position that doesn't accept things that have zero evidence.

Here is an interview I just watched for the first time this morning (I'm up to 5 interviews now):

I preach the Gospel of "I don't know." I don't buy it Bill. And either do you.

Although, he has stated that he considers Gods existence, I'm almost positive it is only for PC reasons to keep his audience as large as possible. If he realizes that believing in the bible is childish, he has to realize that the same line of reasoning applies to believing in any God. He doesn't consider that the bible could be real, so where exactly is the doubt?

See also, Bill Maher Is An Atheist, Whether He Knows It Or Not