January 30, 2006

Bacon and God: The Miracle?

Did Bacon really witness a miracle? Click cartoon to enlarge it.

January 28, 2006

The Hamas Victory: Thoughts and Predictions

No matter what anyone says, there was a distinct difference between the terrorist parties of Fatah and Hamas. Fatah was willing to negotiate with Israel and accept Israel as a permanent nation and most importantly a permanent peace.
Hamas on the other hand represents never ending terror and the ultimate goal of destroying Israel. They are a terrorist organization. To any rational human being on this planet, they were not an alternative to the corrupt Fatah party. By any rational rational human being, they should not have even been considered. But nobody has ever made the mistake of thinking that the Palestinian Arabs were rational human beings.
They voted Hamas. And I'm not buying that their victory resulted in the people making a statement about corruption. Gaza isn't Canada, and Hamas isn't the Progressive Conservatives. How could this be about corruption? Corruption is about money. A vote for Hamas most likely meant no money from the USA and no money from the EU. If Hamas gets it's funding now from Iran, another country bent on Israel's destruction, how long do you think it will take Israel to figure it out and make Iran's donations meaningless?
If terrorist attacks or rocket attacks occurred with a Fatah leadership, Israel would have been morally forced to give Fatah time before they completely spanked them. Now with Hamas running the show, any terrorist attack or rocket attack will be dealt with severely, more severely than ever before. Did the Palestinian voters not realize this? I've always said that Arabs in the Middle East can not think one step ahead. This is further proof of it.
As far as the future goes. The peace plan is dead as long as Hamas is in power. This will become more and more evident in the coming weeks. I expect a terror attack sooner than later, and I expect a severe Israeli response this time. Hamas won't be able to keep themselves from being what they are: TERRORISTS, nothing more and nothing less.
If Hamas isn't taken out soon, I think the Palestinians will become extinct, and it won't be pretty. I also expect to see a devastating bomb hit Iran very shortly, if their leader isn't taken out soon. Even Europe is scared of Iran.
Unfortunately sometimes major devastation and dead civilians is the only way to change things for the better. See WW2 Japan.
Back to Israel: the free world is shaking their heads in disbelief. Could Israel be right? The Palestinians really don't want a peaceful state? The voters have spoken.

One more thought: Now Israel can focus on putting down real borders and thanks to the Hamas victory, they are not under any obligation to negotiate where the borders go. Israel will now have defendable borders finally, and if Hamas attacks, which they will.....bye bye Palestinians.

January 25, 2006

Why Fundies Hate Gays?

This is just one reason. And most Fundies won't even get it, Mr. Garrison. But one thing I wonder about Fundies: If evolution is bogus, why did God create gays. Not very many people choose to be gay I imagine. God must love gays.


James Frey had how many people fooled? Almost everyone who heard his story. He did have a great apostle going for him though: Winnie the Bookseller.
You know where I'm going with this....
It is the year 2006. We are in the INFORMATION AGE, yet Frey's story slips through the cracks of almost every investigative reporter for over 2 years. Why? It was plausible, no miracles, had support from Winnie the Bookseller and other high profile money making people, and it made Joe Shmoe feel good.
It only took around 6 weeks of real research by The Smoking Gun to find that Frey's whole story outside of the rehab centers were phonier than a 3 dollar bill.
Now lets turn the clock back around 2000 years. We have the Jews waiting on a Messiah. We also have lots of stories circulating on what the Messiah will do, how he will be born, what he will say and a whole lot of other things.
This is the thing that really bugs me. There was absolutely nothing, zero, nada written about Jesus while he supposedly was alive. 30, 40 years later, historians like Josephus wrote about him after hearing ORAL history. A few other dudes wrote about him 30-150 years after he supposedly died.
There is absolutely no archeological proof that Jesus walked on the planet either. I know this, I've looked into it. All we have is one ORAL line by Josephus and lots of Gospel writings, done many years after the fact.
If The King of The Jews/The Miracle Man was such a key figure during his times. Why was nothing written about him by historians who were alive when he supposedly lived? It makes no sense. Lots was written about Herod for example, during the time he lived too. Roman letters have been found, but not a sentence about Jesus.
It took James Frey only 2 years to get caught. And it is easy these days to nail someone when it comes to blatant lies.
How could anyone possibly nail the Jesus story as a lie 2000 years ago, especially since it took 30 years (almost an entire average lifetime in those days) after his death for one word to be written about him.
The day was ripe for the story, that is for sure.
How long did it take Jim Jones to find 900 people to drink Koolaid?
It doesn't take much for someone who wants to believe a story, to believe a story.
The case in Italy is starting on Friday where a Priest is supposed to prove that Jesus existed. If the court is not a kangaroo one, there is no way he will succeed. The evidence is just not there.

Oops, almost forgot the links to my newfound skepticism about the existence of Jesus:

Try here, or here, or here, or here, or here if you want to see excellent arguments against the existence of Jesus Christ.

January 22, 2006

The Hamas Barbie

The Hamas Barbie is the number one toy selling toy in Gaza right now, a favorite of 7 year old Palestinian girls.

January 21, 2006

I think I'll pass on Chinese food tonight

I decided to make this sign instead of ordering Chinese tonight.


I am guaranteed now to have a winning record against the spread this year as I went 2 and 2 last week (56-52-4 for the year). I missed predicting the Denver score last week by one point. Lets hope this the reffing is better this week. It is one thing to challenge a play, it is another to have the ref reviewing the play actually know the rules of the game, I guess.

Denver is 3 or 3 and a half point favorite at this time, so lets go with the 3 and a half. They don't need that stinkin' half a point anyways. The Broncos didn't play as good as they could last week against New England, maybe it was New England's aura, maybe Shanahan choked a bit.....he was outcoached for almost a full half. But things will be different this week. Pittsburgh is coming off an emotional game, and I am no fan of a team who plays as conservative as Pittsburgh does. Denver again, has by far the most offensive weapons as any team in the league and this week they will make the Steelers look like circus clowns. Pittsburgh does have weapons too, but I think the team as gone too conservative of late. Look for Tatum Bell to have a good game for Denver, watch Big Ben have a horrible game. Denver 24 Pittsburgh 7.

The second game is very interesting. Seattle opened up as a 5 and a half point favorite. I expected that to stick, but it was quickly brought down to 3 and a half points. It couldn't be because of Foster's broken ankle, that is a negative for Carolina. Goings started quite a few games for the Panthers last year, but he was still number 3 on their depth charts this year, and it isn't like Carolina has many weapons other than the super human Steve Smith. What the heck were the Bears thinking? How can the best defensive team in the league allow Smith to get two TD's and more than 200 yards in receiving? Is Smith that good?
Alexander was cleared to play, so I just don't get the action on Carolina by the general public. It must be the very smart money that is going with Carolina. Carolina must by a lock. I'm looking for Carter to light up the scoreboard. He had a couple of receptions last week against the Bears. Delhomme is going to have another big game. I just don't know why. Carolina 31 Seattle 20.

January 18, 2006

Jake Plummer reminds me of someone famous

Is it my imagination of does the Denver Bronco's "saviour" quarterback Jake Plummer look like(see picture below).........

Yeah, this is the guy Plummer reminds me of

James Caviezel? Who did you think I was going to say?

January 17, 2006

Bacon and God: Male Nipples

Male nipples are questioned. Click cartoon to enlarge it.

January 13, 2006

Evolution meets the Hebrew year 5766

News hit yesterday about the speculation that 40% of Ashkenazi Jews trace back to four women in Europe in the middle centuries who most likely immigrated from the middle east in Ist Century BC.
This kind of stuff bothers a lot of people.
For example, it bothers Arabs who like to call Jews who go to Israel, Khazar invaders from Europe. It bothers Orthodox Jews who hate the idea of using science to prove anything other than electricity. And it bothers anti-semites because they hate to see the word "Jew" in the news unless it is preceded by the word "dead" or "convicted."

Now back to the reason for this post. Back in September, a science article came out that stated that the human brain is still evolving. A couple of new gene variations that are thought to make the slightly bigger were discovered in a high percentage of the population of certain areas:
About 70 percent of people in most European and East Asian populations carry [a specific variant of the microcephalin] gene, but it is much rarer in most sub-Saharan Africans.

With the other gene, ASPM, a new [variant of the gene] emerged 14,100 to 500 years ago, the researchers favoring a midway date of 5,800 years. The allele has attained a frequency of about 50 percent in populations of the Middle East and Europe, is less common in East Asia, and is found at low frequency in some sub-Saharan Africa peoples.

The Chicago team suggests that the new microcephalin [gene variant] may have arisen in Eurasia or as the first modern humans emigrated from Africa some 50,000 years ago. They note that the ASPM [variant] emerged about the same time as the spread of agriculture in the Middle East 10,000 years ago and the emergence of the civilizations of the Middle East some 5,000 years ago, but say that any connection is not yet clear.

Note: it says that the estimated time that ASPM emerged was 5800 years ago. This coincides with the Hebrew year that we are in right now. It is also the last known emergence of human evolution that I know about at this time. And it originated in the middle east.

The reason for the need for a bigger brain is unknown at this time. Evolution theory states there has to be a beneficial reason for the change. I have seen mention that this change coincides with the timeline of mankinds first written word. But this would just be a result and not a reason for the change. No conclusion so far as to whether this new brain growth makes one smarter or dumber either.

A lot more research needs to be done on ASPM. Since only 50% of those in the middle east possess the new evolved gene, it shouldn't be difficult to figure out what the heck this gene does.

But more importantly, I'm surprised the Old Earth Creationists haven't jumped on this and called it the Bible Awareness gene. The biblical Adam and Eve could have easily been the first to have acquired this gene, finalizing human evolution, and therefore making them the first two COMPLETE human beings. Of course, that would mean that those who don't possess the gene variation aren't one of God's real humans. I can see why this would be a problem with US Fundies. But it also explains a lot too.

Now if they can just find a 5800 year old snake fossil that has human vocal cords...

NFL Picks for Playoff Week 2

I went 1 and 3 last week, but the Cinci game shouldn't count because of what happened to Palmer. Of course, try telling that to your bookie. The only game I picked right against the spread (Carolina) was the one I was most sure of (unlike most of this year). But looking back at my comments and predictions, the only one that missed the mark was my Cadillac Williams and his great game which failed to materialize. My year record is now 54-50-4

The offensiveless Washington Redskins are playing in Seattle. The spread looks phoney.
Normally I would say jump on Seattle, but Vegas seems to want Seattle action. I'm going with the Redskins getting 9 and a half. And I do know they are capable of better offensively. Seattle should win the game. The Redskins are beaten up and the Seahawks are pretty healthy. Look for Seattle's prevent D be the downfall for Seattle bettors. Seattle 31 Washington 24.

In a game which might be better than the Super Bowl this year, Denver is 3 point favorites against the champion New England Patriots. I love Denver here. Their defense has improved immensely this year and offensively they have just too many weapons. The only question mark is Plummer's composure. But he is an old pro now and I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. New England has had a very hard time establishing a running game this year. They pulled out a trick card last week by focusing on Faulk as their back. I know the Pats have had lots of injuries early in the year, and they are definitely at their peak right now, but Denver is just going to be too tough for them tomorrow. Denver 28 New England 13.

Indy is playing a flukey Steeler team. This will be an easy victory for the Colts who are favored by 9 and a half. Look for the Colts to surprise a bit and revert to their earlier games this year where they played a controlled game. It is a bit more boring for Colt football, but it was extremely effective. Indy 24 Pittsburgh 14.

I wish I would have watched the Bears more than once this year. But Chicago got very little exposure to anyone who didn't buy the right to watch all the NFL games this year. Good defense is huge in the NFL. But Carolina is no slouch in this department either. I don't like the idea of a quarterback coming in and replacing a successful formula. I think this will be the Bears downfall on Sunday. Carolina trounced Atlanta the last week in the season and then demolished the Giants last week ***as predicted***. Even though they are peaking, it won't be a cakewalk in an unhospitable Chicago, it should be a close game. Carolina 20 Chicago 17.

January 12, 2006

January 9, 2006

Bacon and God: Is God everywhere?

God is everywhere and can see everything. Click cartoon to enlarge it.

January 7, 2006


I love the NFL playoffs. But I'm not a big Superbowl fan. Too much production for that one day. The first two weeks of the playoffs are the best with 4 games each weekend.

I went 3 and 3 last week so my record stands at 53-47-4.

Today's first game has Washington in Tampa Bay. Brunell looks too wounded to win. I know Simms is in his first year as a starting QB but their defense will win it. I like Tampa Bay giving 2 points. I just can't see the Redskins. Tampa will shut down Moss and a sore Portis. Look for Cadillac Williams to have a great game. Predicted score Tampa Bay 20 Washington 10

The second game today has Jacksonville playing in New England. I have to pick the under-rated Jags here. They have an adequate offense and a very good defense. They really don't get much media attention and are somewhat of an enigma getting 8 points against the dynasty Patriot team. The Pats seem to be peaking at the right time though, so I think they will win the game: New England 24 Jacksonville 20

Tomorrow, Carolina is playing in New York getting 2 and a half points. I really like the Panthers here. Eli Manning just doesn't appear mature enough or polished enough to win a playoff game with the team he has right now. I'm looking for the Panthers to focus on shutting down Tiki Barber, so Manning will be forced to throw more than he likes, and I really think the Panthers are better than what they have shown in the regular season. I think they are much better than average and could wind up in the Super Bowl facing Denver. Carolina 31 New York 17

And the big game this weekend has Cincinnati at home to a favored Pittsburgh Steelers. I am not a Steeler fan. Sure Big Ben seems to get things done, but I just see too many holes with that team. That being said, Cincinnati's defense is better than last year, but they seem to play prevent too much, giving up needless points. Their offense is as good as any other team in the league though. I think the home field will help, although expect lots of Steeler fans to be on hand. I like the healthier Bengals here. Cincinnati 30 Pittsburgh 20

Incidentally, my playoff predictions I made before the first game sucked. I was right about 5 of the 12 teams: Carolina, Seattle, Cincinnati, Indy, and New England.
I picked Detroit to face Indy in the Super Bowl. Detroit? At least I am being honest about being a moron. Now I am almost convinced Denver will win the Super Bowl this year, beating Carolina (maybe Seattle).

January 5, 2006

Star Jones The Atheist Hater, Lookie Here:

Here is a female bonobo. The bonobos are the closest related animals to us humans. Star Jones thinks humans are special and not animals. This is what human females do when they are alone, aint it? Look familiar Star?

But Star, they are just like humans:

Now here is a male and a female bonobos doing it missionary style. I'm sure a missionary didn't teach them either. The female reminds me of my wife the way she is lying there waiting for it to end. Star, how can you say they are that much different than humans?

C'mon Star, it is time to face reality.

C'mon Star, it is time to face facts. Evolution is real. Give up the humans aren't animals routine already.

And one more thing about Star Jones:

This is not meant to be racist. I really can't stand Star Jones. This is irony. Forget the fact she hates Atheists, she is a Fundy, she doesn't believe in evolution, she doesn't think man is an animal, she doesn't think animals have souls, she wears dead animals, she thinks OJ is innocent, she believes in a Young Earth. Maybe she is Bigfoot, and she is trying to hide this fact by pretending to be an ignorant Fundy.

January 4, 2006

Alright, this is just funny, but Star Jones hates Atheists

This is not meant to be racist. I really can't stand Star Jones. This is irony. Forget the fact she hates Atheists, she is a Fundy, she doesn't believe in evolution, she doesn't think man is an animal, she doesn't think animals have souls, she wears dead animals, she thinks OJ is innocent, she believes in a Young Earth. Maybe she is Bigfoot, and she is trying to hide this fact by pretending to be an ignorant Fundy.

January 3, 2006

Did Jesus Exist: Let the Courts Decide HAHAHAHA

Judge tells priest to prove Christ existed
Richard Owen, Rome
January 04, 2006

AN Italian judge has ordered a priest to appear in court to prove that Jesus Christ existed.

The case against Father Enrico Righi has been brought in the town of Viterbo, north of Rome, by Luigi Cascioli, a retired agronomist who once studied for the priesthood but later became a militant atheist.

Mr Cascioli, author of a book called The Fable of Christ, began legal proceedings against Father Righi three years ago after the priest denounced Mr Cascioli inthe parish newsletter for questioning Christ's historical existence.

Viterbo judge Gaetano Mautone yesterday set a preliminary hearing for the end of this month and ordered Father Righi to appear.

The judge had earlier refused to take up the case, but was overruled last month by the Court of Appeal, which agreed that Mr Cascioli had a reasonable case for his accusation that Father Righi was "abusing popular credulity".

Mr Cascioli's contention is that there is no reliable evidence that Jesus lived and died in first-century Palestine apart from the Gospel accounts, which Christians took on faith.

Mr Cascioli's one-man campaign came to a head at a court hearing last April when he lodged his accusations of "abuse of popular credulity" and "impersonation", both offences under the Italian penal code.

He argued that all claims for the existence of Jesus from sources other than the Bible stem from authors who lived "after the time of the hypothetical Jesus" and were therefore not reliable witnesses.

Mr Cascioli maintains that early Christian writers confused Jesus with John of Gamala, an anti-Roman Jewish insurgent in first-century Palestine.

The Roman historians Tacitus and Suetonius mention a "Christus" or "Chrestus", but were writing "well after the life of the purported Jesus" and were relying on hearsay.

Father Righi said there was overwhelming testimony to Christ's existence in religious and secular texts. Millions had in any case believed in Christ as both man and Son of God for 2000 years.

"If Cascioli does not see the sun in the sky at midday, he cannot sue me because I see itand he does not," Father Righi said.

Mr Cascioli said he would withdraw his legal action if Father Righi came up with irrefutable proof of Christ's existence by the end of the month.

The Vatican has so far declined to comment.

The Times

I would like to see evolution or an ancient earth go to court. Both would win hands down.

But proving God or Christ? I just don't think that this one has a hope in hell. I hope it goes to court. This will be a fun one to follow.

Think of the precedence that will come out of this one.

January 2, 2006

Bacon and God: Currency in Heaven

Currency in heaven? Click on cartoon to enlarge it.