December 11, 2012

Oh My, That Moron Good Science For You Has A Forum

This anti-evilutionist imbecile gets an A+ for determination, and an A++++ for wilful ignorance.

I first came across his lunacy when he commented on a few of my Youtube videos. I was hoping for good of the world that he either figured out how wrong he was or that he choked on a baloney sandwich. I could live with either outcome. Unfortunately, he is still out there polluting the earth with real bad science.

Check out his forum, but I'm warning you, your head might explode.

BTW, here is his Youtube Channel.

November 9, 2012

GOP In A Catch 22 Position

Now that the election is finally over, the Republicans need to reflect on how they can win in 2016. I don't think there is much of an argument that the rape comments cost them a few votes, but that might just have been the tip of the iceberg.

Many moderates and independents realize that when it comes to foreign issues and domestic economics, there isn't going to be much variance when it comes to the end result of policies by either party, though you wouldn't know it with all the rhetoric.
When Romney was unknowingly taped regarding his 47% comment, he also said that when it comes to China and the Israeli conflict, the best one can do is just kick the ball down the field and hope that the problems sort themselves up over time. As for economics, cycles are generally out of the President's hands too, and cycles trump policy.

Most business people realize that the fiscal conservatism is usually much healthier in the long run than big government, though when it comes to bubbles and bad economic cycles, neither policy types help much. The GOP definitely appeals to those who understand economics and business, but that is a growing minority in the free world.

I believe the GOP understands this, and that is why they have such a hard time dropping the social issues which give them little to no shot now or going forward to win a Presidential election.

Humanity has evolved too much, and the Religious Right simply pisses off far too many people with their anti-women's right nonsense and even their anti-gay rights nonsense. The fact 45% of Americans still do not accept evolution is comical, but I expect that number to only drop in the future as creationists continue to have their asses handed to them, especially now that social media makes it very easy to quickly refute their idiocy.

However, the Religious Right will never vote for a the Democrats right now because the Republicans, in their charter, are strictly Right To Life, no exceptions. They would rather vote for someone who wears magical underwear while converting dead Jews than a Godless Muslim from Kenya any day of the week.

But as less and less people consider themselves to be religious, and science continues to show more evidence that homosexuality is created in the womb the overwhelming majority of the time, the Religious Right will continue to make it impossible for the GOP to win a major election.

The big question is if the GOP were to drop social issues, would they pick up more moderates and independents to make up for the losses from the Religious Right. They could drop their public stance on abortion and gay marriage, and still hang on to the Armageddon crowd, by being perceived as more pro-Israel than the Democrats (which is the case, though it might just be hogwash as both parties are in kick the ball mode). The Religious Right needs a Jewish majority in Israel or the prophecy of Jesus' Second Coming will be screwed up.

The reality is that the most famous person who never existed, Jesus Christ, would vote Democrat if he could vote today. He was definitely portrayed as a Socialist in the bible, not quite a Communist though, but still he would be compelled to vote for the left leaning party.

So take social issues away, and think what Jesus would do, the Democrats could steal many Religious voters. You know charity and make sure your neighbour doesn't starve and the rest of that empathetic and sympathetic stuff.

It is tough choice to let go of such a big base, but one thing does hold true in politics when you take social issues out of the equation, if the economic cycle is trending downwards, the opposing party has a great chance to win. That is what the GOP needs to happen in 2016, but in the their case, they would lose because of their current need to appease the Christian Taliban. They need to cut ties.

September 19, 2012

Early Christians Invented Jesus, Some Even Invented A Wife

Jesus, like every religious figure who allegedly performed supernatural feats, never existed. To me it becomes more evident each day. Just think of the recent claim that Jesus might have been married because it implies it in a newly found document. Here you have something written "after the fact" that gives Jesus a wife. This means that at least one person, and most probably a whole sect, believed Jesus had a ball and chain.

What I'm trying to get to is that it isn't hard to invent a fact and then have a bunch of people believe that fact over even a generation or two, especially back at a time when word of mouth was king. Hoaxes still go on today, and are bought by millions until proven false....back then, there was no incentive to prove an extraordinary claim false, and even if they wanted to, the early Christians couldn't falsify much.

What they could do was pick and choose which fairy tale story fit their agenda at the time. That is why some versions regarding Jesus made it in the bible and others did not.

The same word of mouth nonsense had people believing in Gods like Mercury and Thor at various times. Do you think many Christians or Jews or Muslims believe in those stories? Probably close to zero. They rightfully dismiss them as nonsensical.

Reality is that there is no historical evidence for Jesus, Moses, the Exodus, etc. Lots of counter evidence that go against those stories though, but no evidence to support them.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for God to magically open up the fridge and float a cold pop to my computer desk.

September 5, 2012

Bill Nye The Science Tells It Like It Is

Not the greatest speaker in the world, or at least he made it seem like this wasn't scripted, just a natural dialogue. Anyway he appears naturally frustrated and partially embarrassed that the US has so many evolution deniers.

Over 4 million hits on Youtube for this two minute video...impressive. Over 140.000 comment. Well, someone sure hit a nerve.

I've always believed that teaching creationism to children and even brainwashing a child about one's own religion is a form of child abuse. I'm with Bill Nye on this. If adults want to remain willfully ignorant, let them. But don't take down the kiddies with you:

August 6, 2012

What Would It Take For Me To Believe In God

Many a times I've encountered a silly creationist who tries to counter the what would it take for you to accept evolution with a what would it take for you to believe in God retort.

It seems that for many a creationist, they would need to see a monkey give birth to a human. In other words, there is no chance they'll accept reality. I'm not as rigid in my disbelief, all I need is some evidence. Even evidence of the supernatural could lead me to a vague state of theism.

For example, I'm sitting at my desk in my home office, how about God or some other invisible boogie man opening my little bar fridge up right now and float a Pepsi across the room? I'll even open it myself.

There are cameras everywhere, how come there is no credible supernatural event caught on camera? I wonder why? Still, I'm open to it happening, it is in our genes to buy into miraculous explanations. Lightning couldn't be properly explained by our ancestors, so it had to have a supernatural explanation. Unfortunately today, there seems to be a scientific explanation for everything.

One more slightly related thing. I kind of think that those who pray understand either deep down or even closer to the surface, that prayer doesn't work. Why is it that it is acceptable to pray for a cure when it come to internal disease, or even praying for some good fortune or a job, but nobody ever prays that someone who loses a limb will have their limb grow back. Is that something God just can't do, or does God only do things that can also have a scientific explanation?