January 25, 2005

Kennewick Man

OK, here is the deal. Bones were found in the States of a species of man that were Caucasoid, which predates Native American Indian ancestry. Its speculated that they were wiped out by the Indian ancestors. Native American Indian lobbies want to stop research of these bones for obvious reasons.
What if its true? Does this mean that Native American Indians have to give back their casino rights and have to be treated like other Americans for tax purposes? Maybe they can share the casino profit with the reservation caucasians: the trailerparkers. For these people are probably direct descendants of Americas first people:Kennewick Man.
Does Patrick Stewart look lke a Native Indian? I don't think so. But according to research, Patrick Steward looks like Kennewick Man.

I'm assuming all this stuff is true. If so, I figure Native American Indians time is running out with respect to special status. They have 8,300 years tops to go.

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