March 27, 2005

Time to get into the Living Wills business

If I wasn't so damn lazy I would exhaust myself and my resources and start peddling Living Wills on the internet and on TV. I know I've seen Will kits and Divorce kits really cheap at stores. Of course it requires the buyer to do a lot of reading to make sure that it is being done properly.
I also know that the "Living Will" discussion is just a fad, and it will be a tough sell in 3 months.
I think if someone can come up with a Will kit or Living Will kit that is 3 pages long, including instructions, there is a fortune to be made.
Of course, the law makes it impossible. Not only do countries have different laws, states and provinces also have different laws.
I know life will become much simpler in the future when laws will be identical everywhere.........except Arabia.