July 18, 2005


I have stepped into the seedy underworld of stealing music on the internet.
How do I rationalize it? Well, first off, a friend of mine showed me how to do it. If he does it and many other people do it, why shouldn't I do it.
Secondly, I got into buying CD's relatively late. Around late 1999, when I bought a JVC Stereo with the capacity to hold 3 CD's at once.
I started buying CD's at second hand stores, trying to replenish my record and tape collection. I proudly don't have any 8 tracks, and I almost by-passed CD's but caved just before DVD's became the "in" way.
I tried to find Ringo Starr's Blast from Your Past, or any of McCartney and Wings 1970-80 stuff. All I wound up with was a Band on the Run CD and a Wings Greatest CD.
Thanks to my friend, actually it is my brother's friend Jeff, he laughed at me for buying around 100 CD's and proceeded to download two programs that are needed to burn CD's. Heck, my computer came with a burner, so why not use it.
That was 13 days ago. Now I have burned over 100 CD's. My wife says I'm obsessed. But then again, she seems to dislike anything I enjoy doing.
I still can't find Blast from Your Past at the Torrent sites(the content sites) I have visited but I was able to download Ringo and Goodnight Vienna which has most of the good songs that I was looking for, including the No No Song.
I've kind of run out of music I like and I even downloaded Prince's Greatest Hits, so I think my "obsession" is just about over.


  1. LMAO! You are such a criminal. I hope no one forwards this blog to the FBI. Or to Sony. Or whoever.

  2. Why are those guys parked in front of my house in black suits. It's 85 degrees outside right now.

  3. If you want to buy labels and Jewel Cases cheap, I can give you some links. Also there is some very good free label making software available.

  4. Thanks, but I get my cases at Wal Mart pretty cheap. I'm not sure about the labelling yet, I'm not in this for the art. I bought a set of Disc Writer Pens and they are doing the trick for me.

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