July 28, 2005


The Billboard 100 historically had been the best selling singles on a per week and a per year basis.
The Beatles broke up in 1970, well really 1969.
In 1970, they had two songs in the top 100; The Long and Winding Road and Hey Jude.
John Lennon made it as a solo artist with Instant Karma. And a McCartney/Lennon song also hit the charts too; Come and Get It performed by Badfinger. It was popular because of the movie The Magic Christian, which was a very creative comedy about greed. Ringo Starr was in that movie along with some dude named Peter Sellers.
OK, I still haven't given my question yet.
In 1971, the Beatles were no more. George Harrison had a hit on the Billboard 100; My Sweet Lord, which incidently later got him into court because the melody was very similar to He's So Fine, a song that came out in 1963 . The court decided it was in fact a plagiarism. George and Ringo got together in It Don't Come Easy and McCartney made the list with Another Day and one of my favorites at the time (I was 10); Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey. The Uncle Albert part wasn't that great, and still isn't.

Here is the question. How many songs performed by ex-Beatles made the Billboard 100 in the year 1972?


  1. OK, I give up.

    All I could find were two: Ringo's "Back Off Boogaloo" and Paul's "Hi, Hi, Hi." But these were Top 40, not Hot 100, so there may be some missing.

  2. Hold on...there were two more Wings songs, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Give Ireland Back to the Irish"

    I don't remember any of these songs at all.

    I had thought George's incredible album, All Things Must Pass, came out in '72 but apparently it was '73.

  3. The answer was zero. Imagine never hit the top 100 for either 1971 or 1972, can you Imagine?

  4. BTW, George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" was released in November, 1970...not '72 or '73