January 25, 2006


James Frey had how many people fooled? Almost everyone who heard his story. He did have a great apostle going for him though: Winnie the Bookseller.
You know where I'm going with this....
It is the year 2006. We are in the INFORMATION AGE, yet Frey's story slips through the cracks of almost every investigative reporter for over 2 years. Why? It was plausible, no miracles, had support from Winnie the Bookseller and other high profile money making people, and it made Joe Shmoe feel good.
It only took around 6 weeks of real research by The Smoking Gun to find that Frey's whole story outside of the rehab centers were phonier than a 3 dollar bill.
Now lets turn the clock back around 2000 years. We have the Jews waiting on a Messiah. We also have lots of stories circulating on what the Messiah will do, how he will be born, what he will say and a whole lot of other things.
This is the thing that really bugs me. There was absolutely nothing, zero, nada written about Jesus while he supposedly was alive. 30, 40 years later, historians like Josephus wrote about him after hearing ORAL history. A few other dudes wrote about him 30-150 years after he supposedly died.
There is absolutely no archeological proof that Jesus walked on the planet either. I know this, I've looked into it. All we have is one ORAL line by Josephus and lots of Gospel writings, done many years after the fact.
If The King of The Jews/The Miracle Man was such a key figure during his times. Why was nothing written about him by historians who were alive when he supposedly lived? It makes no sense. Lots was written about Herod for example, during the time he lived too. Roman letters have been found, but not a sentence about Jesus.
It took James Frey only 2 years to get caught. And it is easy these days to nail someone when it comes to blatant lies.
How could anyone possibly nail the Jesus story as a lie 2000 years ago, especially since it took 30 years (almost an entire average lifetime in those days) after his death for one word to be written about him.
The day was ripe for the story, that is for sure.
How long did it take Jim Jones to find 900 people to drink Koolaid?
It doesn't take much for someone who wants to believe a story, to believe a story.
The case in Italy is starting on Friday where a Priest is supposed to prove that Jesus existed. If the court is not a kangaroo one, there is no way he will succeed. The evidence is just not there.

Oops, almost forgot the links to my newfound skepticism about the existence of Jesus:

Try here, or here, or here, or here, or here if you want to see excellent arguments against the existence of Jesus Christ.


  1. Yes, there was no Jesus.

    Now where does this leave GOD?

    Now here he has himself represented by one of the world's greatest lies.

    Sort of embarraassing don't you think? Probly doesn't want to show his face around here for another couple million yers til it bows over.

  2. Max, I can't prove Jesus didn't exist. I just can't prove he did exist, much like God.
    Except there might have been an actual Jesus, but he probably had a couple of dudes who thought he was cool enough to start wild rumours about his prowess. At best, Jesus probably wowed them by being able to walk on his hands through a puddle.

  3. Jesus lives! I saw him at the 7/11 the other day buying a slushie!!!

    I am so blessed to have made his aquaintance.

  4. Um, according to REGULAR, NON BIASED record in history texts that acknowledge the existence of Jesus Christ. If Jesus was fake, how could all the people who believe in him have done so? Even regular people know that Mark Twain was a pseudonym for Samuel Clemens. Jesus Christ was not a pseudonym.

  5. Anon, I suggest you look at the links.
    You really don't know what you are talking about.

  6. What is all this talk about the bible being an historical account? I studied ancient history, you know how often the bible is mentioned as being an historical document?