February 4, 2006

Fatwa over footy prints

This is from 1955. Does the Muslim uprising surprise anyone. Afterall, Yosemite Sam the Arab was trying to murder Bugs Bunny during this entire cartoon because Bugs got "footy-prints all over my nice clean desert." Mel Blanc the voice of Bugs, Yosemite, and Daffy must have had fun with this one, because chances are that Mel was a Zionist since he was a Jew.


  1. All this current uproar about a cartoon only represents the current tensions with the Muslim world. Muslim protesters and countries have converted a personal joke into a diplomatic crisis, the reaction seems orchestrated in order to widen the rift between the West and Islam.

  2. Thanks for commenting in my blog. I will add a link to your blog in mine, I think it puts a special sense of humor in the topics I also want to blog about.

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  4. Marco, blogrolling seems not to be working right now. I always put whoever links me on my blogroll.
    Thanks for the RSS feed page, much better on the eyes. I noticed your Did Jesus Exist article. I have many links available on my James Frey/Smoking Gun piece I wrote recently.
    The most amazing part of this is that the first words even recorded about Jesus were so long after he supposedly died.