March 27, 2006

Just Letting Off Some Steam

I'm starting to picture Fundies as Down Syndrome children, no offense to Down Syndrome children.
Just got back from leaving a comment at Vox's blog. These borderline retards are going on about morality. Many of them say that Atheists can't have morals, some say God gave us morals, but mostly they say that Atheists are most likely to become "animals."

Here is my latest rant comment:

There aren't too many Atheists on death row. Only believers. What does that tell you about morality? The jails are full of believers not Atheists.

Oh yeah, you are gonna tell me that Atheists are so smart we rarely get caught.

You people with your morality discussion are full of it. Christians who are supposed to love thy neighbour hate Atheists. How immoral is that?

Morals are man made. Some of you mention a moral code, but you can't even define what the moral code is.

Talk about rhetoric. Apes are more moral than most Christians. They don't live a lie.

The Atheist Jew | Homepage | 03.27.06 - 10:35 pm | #

These Godidiots think that humans have a special moral code but can't define it. They think that because Christians have a moral code and Atheists do not, that Christians know they can repent so they are allowed to be immoral or something like that. They don't know. You ask 4 Fundies about evolution or morality and you get 4 different answers, all interpretations of people who stopped rationally thinking when they hit puberty. They probably think that the Preacher's wife who murdered her husband just had an Atheist moment.

The scary thing is that they are breeding, and then homeschooling their poor kids. They are dumbing down America. It should be criminal for them to teach. Take science, because they are so weak minded, they accept what their Preacher says over what scientists say when it comes to scientific discovery. This is done for egotistical reasons and to Keep It Simple Stupid(Can't stray too far off that Holy Book or you won't know what's up or down).

They are dishonest too. Pretending that they have the background to argue evolution or an ancient earth. I wish they would just be honest. They should say, they don't know enough about evolution, and they don't want to know enough about evolution because they don't want to accept the fact that man has evolved, and God didn't create man like their good book written by many men says. Ask a Fundy for a peer reviewed scientific study that refutes evolution and get a smart answer or watch him run and hide like a little girl.

Do they know they are being dishonest or are they just completely clueless, or is it a combination of the two?


  1. "I don't accept fundamental tenets of science, and I VOTE."

    Truly terrifying.

  2. I find "fundies" terrifying, I truly do ~ "fundies" of any religion need psychological assessment in my opinion.

    From ~ Fundamentalism: An organized, militant Evangelical movement originating in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century in opposition to Protestant Liberalism and secularism, insisting on the inerrancy of Scripture. INSISTING ON THE INERRANCY OF SCRIPTURE... That is the truly frightening part and it makes christian fundamentalists as potentially dangerous as their counterparts in the islamic world.

  3. I see that you are still vastly misinformed about homeschooling, grasshopper. Not to mention the rights of parents to teach their child in any manner they see fit, outside of government control.

    If you would condemn your children to the poor education they will get in even the "best" public school, then I wouldn't go around calling other people retarded for their practices or beliefs.

    Btw, your rejection post from the Blasphemy Ring was totally hilarious. He rejected you for blasphemying against the sacred religion of veganism!

  4. VQ, school is about socialization too. I know a big concern is sex and drugs but that is the real world. Nobody remains isolated. I'd like to see a study of IQ of homeschooled kids and the percentage that go to college and graduate,etc. Those who become scientists or doctors,etc.

    I have no problem with people going to Church on Sunday, and being spoonfed the Lord in the home.

    But I slso can't see how anyone should be qualified to teach kids that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that evolution is nonsense in a science class, or part of a homeschool curriculum.

    And yes, it is farcical that I got rejected from the Blasphemy Ring. Seems he has no problem going after Jesus, but he seems to hold Allah and Mohammed to a higher esteem. Same with Bacon. Yep talking Bacon is offensive but portraying God as fire is acceptable. And of course the concept can't be funny. How dare I push my Bacon agenda.

  5. The idea that kids will do drugs and have promiscuous sex no matter what (so it's better to expose them to it at a young age) is quite defeatist, don't you think? It is definitely not inevitable that all kids will do all things no matter what, but the truth is that the percentage who will goes way up when they are in an environment steeped with it. I know dozens of homeschooled kids, and almost all went to college (two guys who didn't are now running their own businesses quite successfully).

    I have never met a true relativist, despite other conservatives ranting about them. If someone really believes morality is relative, they would deem it 100% fine for someone else's different (but in your mind wrong) morality and worldview to be taught to their own children. And practically speaking, most public school teachers have sub-par IQ's and are very uncreative and dull people --- would you really want your kids taught by them 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 13 years? Even the Christian fundamentalists I know who homeschool and probably teach their kids that evolution is the devil's work, guess what? Their kids read well, they know advanced math, they can find Afghanistan on a map and they can write very coherently. Even with the biases of the parents, homeschooling still outperforms the education of a public school.

  6. Vox, I'd have to see stats. I grew up in a secular home and neither me or my 3 siblings became addicted to drugs, alcohol, or too much sex. We were very conservative that way.

    You are blowing the relative morality thing out of proportion. I believe there is a core, but to get two people to agree on everything that is moral or immoral and to what degree is next to impossible.

    I think it that the youth is our future, and if our youth is being told that evolution is the devils work, other countries are going to develop much faster. Of course anti-evolutionists will reap the benefits. But I find it wrong according to my morality to tell kids that evolution is the devils work.

    I think it would be wrong for a science teacher to tell kids that God doesn't exist if he is an Atheist and grade them on their belief system.

    I think evolution should be taught as an alternative to homeschool kids if their parents are too paranoid to put them in a real school, just like a private school teaches. Let the child decide.

    But ID is not science. So the idea that anything but evolution is taught in science actually makes me sad and angry thinking about it.

    I think the Canadian school system is pretty good, and I've seen that America is trying to better theirs.
    But I agree, teachers seem unmotivated in the US, there is overcrowding, and since many teachers are Fundies, I agree, their IQ levels don't have to be very high.

  7. I did not say EVERY kid will go astray without religion. . . . ok I cannot write anything else about this because I just noticed your picture and it shocked me badly! Wow, not at ALL how I pictured you. I thought for sure you were in college. Is that picture really you?

  8. I misread your post Vox. Yes, I'm 45.
    I have no idea why you thought I was a college dude.
    I don't know how old you are, but I picture you to be 50.

  9. I wonder if Vox is still in shock.

    I would think that someone who has such a lively board and so much experience blogging could figure out someone's age.
    Heck, I left enough clues in my posts, and my pic is here with every post I make as well.

    Some people make some pretty bad judgemnts and assumptions based on their own biases and prejudices.

    I'd like to see one post that makes me appear to be a student, never mind a whole flock of them.

    I think he just tried to insult me because his wife made him. (whipped?)

  10. On the schooling thing...

    My daughter was in a performing arts school where the highest thing on the learning list was RESPECT. They were told to respect themselves and to respect others. This idea of respect even carried over into how the kids treated each other on the playground. Any disrespectful behavior was dealt with immediately.

    Ex-husband took daughter out of that school and put her in private school. No respect. The teachers in public school, at least where I am, are NOT Fundys. They are the worst kind of Liberal you can dredge up from the bottom of the No-Brain pond. Talk about effectively not teaching the kids anything of value! Sure, there are subjects in school, but zero learning (or very close to zero) going on.

    Daughter is now in a non-denominational Christian school (Ex wouldn't agree to her going back to Perf. Arts school). It has more the structure of public school but with the RESPECT elements of the performing arts school. My daughter is happier there because she doesn't feel like she is in the minority (a kid who knows what respect is)any more, as she did in public school.

    Anyone can learn a skill for a job. That kind of learning takes very little time compared to what it takes to be of good character.

    Would I home school my kid. Not unless there just weren't any other options. Why? Because kids need to socialize and learn with other kids, too.

    Seeing the extreme fundamental mindset presented, it is unfortunate that Fundamental Christians assume that Atheists can't be good people because they don't believe in God. I have a dear friend who has a strong sense of right and wrong as well as a strong sense of fairness. He is kind, considerate, gentle and very polite. He has a beautiful heart. He also happens to be an Atheist.

  11. In my case the only subject that actually taught me to think out of the box was English in high school. University was different. Many of the subjects forced me to think out of the box.

  12. Not all christians are dumb. Not all atheist are smart. You seem very quick to generalize and make statements about the whole group of individuals. For me I take this approach "I'd rather believe and find out there wasn't a God then not and find out there was." If you can be content believing that everything you see everyday is nothing but an act of completely random chance, then go for it. I don't hate you and most true christians wouldn't. They may hate your ways because you threaten everything they stand for. Your article about prayer not affecting those in the hospital proves nothing more than saying "God if you want me to stop disobeying you send me a red corvette and I will". God is not a Prime-Time-Performer and doesn't respond to challenges put up by just anyone. You cannot prove there is no God and I cannot prove that there was, so I guess it is just best to agree to disagree and go on living our lives. I will pray for you and hope someday you can feel the joy that the Lord brings.