April 10, 2006

Blogging 101

I've been blogging now for just over a year, and I know I'm not the most popular blog in the blogosphere.................yet:), as I rank around 21,000 at Technorati. Blogging is gaining steam and mass popularity, so I have decided to write about some do's and don'ts and other observations that could improve your blog.
First off, why blog? I can only speak for myself here. I work from home, and I don't have any kids running around. I'm not a party person anymore and I am very opinionated, and funny (at least I think so). That being said, I'm a ham, I am seeking attention, I want people to see my opinion because I feel I can entertain and perhaps make people think at the same time. I actually believe I can make a subtle change to the way some people look at things. I didn't start out this way with my blog, I just started it for the heck of it. I went from 20 hits a day, to around 300 a day at this time. This weekend by the way was unreal thanks to the link to the Penn and Teller video on my site, by the popular blog Pharyngula(which has a mostly Lefty Pinko following unfortunately). I received over 2500 hits on Saturday, and another 2000 yesterday. Most people just watched the video, and didn't leave comments. Some did view more of my blog though, and I was added to a few more blogrolls.
Another thing is that I'm not into putting up unfriendly banner ads, so I'm not receiving any compensation at this time for my blog.

Here is a list of do's and don'ts, and a key to all this is that a blogger has to keep in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, and people don't have unlimited surfing time:

1) Specialize. There is no gun to your head when you begin a blog, but a specialty should evolve. Stick with it. My specialty has evolved. I am an entertaining foot soldier in the "War Against Reality," or how I like to put it: WAR. I know I'm taking a step away from my specialty with this post, but you only live once.

2) Keep the blog viewer friendly. I can't believe how many (thinking) Atheists for instance, have a dark background on their blog. Sure, it looks cool. Sure, it reflective of the blogger's darkside personality. But many bloggers are over 40 these days and can't read a thing without highlighting the blog posts with a mouse. It is very frustrating, and although I have many blogs I go to regularly that have a black background, I sometimes think twice about going there just because of the view.

3) Get a blogroll, sitemeter and join any organizations that overlap with your viewpoints. A blogroll is important because many bloggers will check their sitemeter statistics and see the sites that the hits came from. They will usually visit that site. Personally, if someone blogrolls me, I blogroll them. I also blogroll any site that I feel stands out regardless of whether they know of me or not. However, by blogrolling a major site, there is a possibility they will check your site out because they looked at where the hit came from. Joining other blog groups also increases your exposure.

4) Visit other blogs and leave comments when appropriate. Don't be scared to speak your mind at another site. I love having comments on my site, plus I check out the commenters blog site if they include it when signing in to post.

5) Stick to making 0-3 posts a day. If you are posting more than that, you aren't being original, you might as well just be a news blog (if that is your niche, that is fine I guess). If you post more than that, you will turn off many viewers. Something can be said for attracting regular commenters, and most people tend to comment on just the last two entries. I like my regulars a lot. When I visit my favorite blogs, I usually just check the last 3 posts only. Too msny things to read and too much information makes my head explode.
There are many stories I can report each day, I try to focus on just one. I'm not worried, someone else will cover the ones I don't choose.

6) Nothing is wrong with some shameless self promotion. I sometimes spam my blog on Yahoo message boards. Shoot me. I want people to read me, and I'll whore my blog if I have to. Try not to beg for viewers though.

7) Try your hardest to respect your commenters. Sometimes it is hard when someone comes here for propoganda purposes and spreads lies, rhetoric and half truths (like a current Paliphile poster I have attracted, who is spouting garbage on a few of my threads. Sometimes I snap. I'm only human. Delete spam of course, but I don't delete people who disagree with me as long as they stay sort of on topic, like the lying Paliphile poster for example. I don't mind controversy.

8) Always link your sources, and give credit where credit is due. I said some good things about God is For Suckers, and they were actually the first site to pick up my Penn and Teller post causing a lot more exposure of my blog. Exposure sometimes can be a domino effect.

9) Try to be as honest as possible. This is your blog. Speak your mind, and remember that no two people agree about everything.

10) Try to be as brief as possible. Believe me, I tried to be brief with this post too:), but I had to include any point here I thought was valid. Thanks to Atheist Mama, for letting me know my original 9 points were lacking this specific point. And thanks to everyone who supported my blog from the start, especially Elder of Ziyon.


  1. You are free to counter my arguments if you wish:)

  2. Great post!
    Another one that would add is to try to keeps posts short. Of course, some topics require a long post, but long posts can be overwhelming. I know that a lot of times, I just don't have the time to sit down and read a book on a blog and I'm forced to just skim over it. Using the "extended entry" feature is good too (I know that not all blogs have this feature), that way it doesn't take away from the index page of your blog, but if it's truely interesting to a reader, they can click on "read more."

    Just my 2¢!! :-)

    Oh, and no auto playing anything!! :-P

  3. I don't like the read more option(I tend to feel like maybe it isn't that important and I don't click it, if I write somthing, I want it out there).
    I think "try to be as brief as possible" is a good idea, and I thought about adding it.
    Yes, autoplaying is annoying.

  4. 0-3 posts a day. Well that kills me as I often exceed that, but it hasn't killed my readership so I must be doing something right.

    Overall I agree with everything you said here. Nice job.

  5. " I can't believe how many (thinking) Atheist for instance, have a dark background on their blog. Sure, it looks cool. Sure, it reflective of the blogger's darkside personality. "

    Oh, get over yourself.


  6. By paliphile(a word of Bacon's invention)he could well mean me. What Bacon doesn't like is that I point out his inconsistancies.

    He cannot present himself as this great rational atheist while at the same time defending zionist dogma. These two attitudes are mutually exclusive.

    Real atheist rational Jews are anti-zionist. I have given him the names of some, like Norman Finkelstein, Lenni Brenner, Alfred Lilianthal. But he doesn't seem to care to consult them.

    I have given him sources to contradict his zionist mythology, such as palestineremembered.com. But he doesn't seem to have consulted them either.

    In these cases, he is exactly what he decries elsewhere. He is apparently afraid of his own doubts, doubts about the validity of the zionist enterprise. So he ignores what my shake his deeply held faith.

    In fact, Bacon is a true believer in his own fashion. He should stick to his Penn and Teller and drop his zionist faith.

    If Penn and Teller came out with an exposé of Israel's crimes against humanity, would he post it?

  7. Good post! I certainly see nothing wrong with shamelessly advertising your blog. If it has anything interesting to say, people will stay after they check you out.

    As for respecting the source, right-on! You should always attribute, and link to where you got the info from.

    Keep up the good work!

    (I also found yours through Pharyngula)

  8. Bernarda you should quit revising history and deal with reality.
    You are proof that some Atheists can be scum loving terrorist supporting pieces of crap too.
    I have been to your propoganda site in the past, and I'm comfortable with my stance that Israel was formed legally and has been on the defensive for 58 years. It has as much a right to exist as Saudi Arabia does. And it also improves the world with scientific/medical/technological discovery, unlike the other 99.8% of the middle east.
    I'm really getting fed up with your posting here Bernarda. I have and can refute everything you say, but you already know that.
    Notice nobody is supporting your stance here. Kindly just get lost. Your ilk isn't wanted here. Go support teenagers who strap on bombs somewhere else, please.

    All your bs is based on the false pretense that Israel is on Arab land. It isn't. The rest of your argument is Arab rhetoric.

  9. Lefty Pinko? Are you trapped in 1950's Ohio? I thought that Canadians were supposed to be a rational peaceful race! Why your just another ranting pig-fucker war monger! You should move to Texas!

  10. It’s quite wrong to state that Zionism and Atheism are mutually exclusive. Zionism can be secular and in its simplest form merely supports the existence of a homeland for the Jewish People in the Land of Israel. This could be for traditional reasons rather than religious ones. Some Atheists can clearly see that many Israeli people are cool, intelligent, stylish, hardworking people and most Palestinian people are none of these things. Palestinian culture is extemely ugly by any standard. I remember them dancing in the streets after 911. Jewish people have made a huge contribution to a world where Atheists need not fear for their lives. Both sides commit acts of barbarity yet the Palestinians are the ones deliberately attacking the innocent while Israel targets the terrorists. If the Palestinians stopped their offensive today the violence would stop. Atheism can flourish in Israel while you would have to be brave to be an Atheist in the Palestinian territories. Islam is the mortal enemy of the Atheists and the Palestinians are Islamic. We Atheists don’t have stop supporting Israel merely because some Jews practice the Hebrew faith.

  11. Real atheist rational Jews are anti-zionist.


  12. "You are free to counter my arguments if you wish:)"

    Damned black background

  13. Real atheist rational Jews are anti-zionist.

    So as a non-jew atheist I should be anti-zion as well? Or is it only atheist of jewish heritige?

  14. AA, great points.

    Jack, the Arab rhetoric Bernarda spouts is obvious bs. If Paliphiles told the truth, they would be Zionists by definition.

    Chimp, I'm surprised I haven't been called racist again, this time for spreading my hatred of "black" blog backgrounds.

  15. Bacon, "You are proof that some Atheists can be scum loving terrorist supporting pieces of crap too."

    I wonder if Bacon can give an example of where I insulted him. I stick to the issues, and as he suggests, I give links to support my view.

    Any readers here can also consult my previous post. You should do so quickly because apparently Bacon has lost his tolerance and will soon start sending my posts to zionist hell.

    I suggest to Bacon that he also follow his rules and start a separate blog on Israel and zionism. I promise not to participate there.

    I quite enjoy his links to anti-mohammedanism sites. I have even suggested that he go to Apostates of Islam. But as to what concerns judeo-nazi Israel, he seems to have his blinders on.

    I also gave him the link to the London Review of Books on The Israel Lobby,


    If the link doesn't work, you have the information to find it.

    Another Jew critical of zionism is Michael Hoffman. Read his book "Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians".

    As I said, I don't get into personal attacks. I only try to layout rational arguments.

    Just to point out that I am not only concerned with Israeli crimes against humanity, I also posted on Bacon's incoherent position on the continued prohibition of drugs. He has never responded to that.

    You can find it if you scroll down towards the end of the page.

    If my posts disappear, so much for tolerant discussion.

  16. Bernanda, you are insulting me by lying and telling me what to do. Michael Hoffman is not a Jew for starters. And I have refuted you countlessly here.
    I have no intention of viewing your piece of crap Arab propoganda.
    Palestine was never Arab land. Get it.
    I know you won't stop peddling your BS here, but nobody is listening. You are a terrorist sympathiser, and my readers aren't interested in your bullshit.

    You are not laying out rational arguments because your argument is based on falsities. Israel is not on Arab land. You are a straw man terrorist supporting bitch. Leave, I don't need you here. I'd rather have honest posters here, not you.

  17. "Palestine was never Arab land." According to Bacon.

    So just who was living there for centuries before the invasion of the judeo-nazis?

    So far, Bacon has not countered one single argument I have made, site and book and author references to back them up, many by Jewish authors.

    A zionist fundie is no different than a Christian or Mohammedan fundie.


  18. Just because some of the land was inhabited by Arabs doesn't make it Arab land. Arabs only owned 20% of Palestine at the time of the partition. Israel was created legally by the UN.
    And I'm starting to delete your worthless rhetorical posts from here on in that contain lies or equate Jews/Israelis to Nazis.
    Tell me how Micheal Hoffman the third is a Jew again, you puke. He is an anti-semite who is hailed at sites like Stormfront.

    You've been fairly warned. And you've had the honor of being the first poster I've ever had to shut up this way.

    Your spamming is getting tiresome, and your rhetoric is nauseating.

  19. Bacon, do you know the meaning of the word "spamming"? Every message I write is individual and personal. I know it is not very efficient, but that is my personal ethics. I have never spammed anyone.

    As you have amply demonstrated, you are irrational and illogical. Suppose for example that my rhetoric is--as you say--nauseating. That doesn't change anything about the possible truth or falseness of the information.

    The information has to be judged on its own basis. You have yet to show that I haved lied. Maybe you disagree with my analysis. Show that my analysis is wrong.

    Why don't you respond to my references to Norman Finkelstein, Lenni Brenner, and Alfred Lilianthal? They are also referenced by rightwing sites.

    The problem there is that you can't because the facts are on my side. Exactly like the facts are on the side of evolution against ID.

    Admit it, you are at heart a fundie.

    Actually, I am surprised you didn't blow your top earlier. I was beginning to think there was some hope for you.

    As you are the Intelligent Designer at this site you can create the universe that pleases you and doesn't disturb your sleep.

  20. Just for starters, you called Hoffman a Jew. That is a lie.
    You said that Israel wasn't formed legally. That is a lie.
    I am going to make a post dedicated to you. I want you to leave out any comments about Israel and Palestine from other threads unless it is the topic. You are spamming the board by going back on ancient posts and leaving your rhetoric. I ask you to stop, because I don't want to view your posts anymore. I know the truth, and you don't have a clue.
    If you agree, I will make the post, and start a debate, if nobody joins in....too bad. Deal?

  21. Spoken like a real atheist, "I know the truth, and you don't have a clue."

    Can't argue with that.

    "You are spamming the board by going back on ancient posts and leaving your rhetoric."

    Ancient? They are still on the page and I actually took the time to read them. Then I responded. You should be flattered. If you don't want people to respond, why not get rid of them.

    I guess "spamming" must mean something different than I thought it did.

    You still don't have a word to say about Finkelstein, Brenner, or Lilianthal. Did I lie about them being Jews?

  22. Who cares if they are Jews? I don't care what retarded say. There are idiots in every culture. And some cultures are overrun by them.
    I don't wish to read your crap. Do you get it. Been there done that.
    It is hard for me to know if a new comment appears. I don't moderate. It would be nice if new comments were just made on the last 10 posts.
    However, you are hijacking this post. It had nothing to do with the IP conflict. That is spamming.
    You are doing it on many of my posts.
    Now, do I have to resort to moderating the posts or are you willing to play ball? I will make a post to deal with my rationale about Israel, and you are free to leave and endtrail of mounds and mounds of the feces that you are spewing all over my blog. Yes or no?
    And quit telling me what I should read and how I should think. You are not going to change my mind, in fact, you are making me hate Palestinians more and more with each post you make.

  23. "judeo-nazi Israel"

    Well that sure lends credence to your points.

  24. BEAJ,

    You make some very good points. Since my blog is only a few weeks old, I would do well to follow your suggestions.

    I absolutely agree about making the webpage itself easy to read. Not only do I use a white background, I also use "large" text rather than normal sized. I figure that helps if my post is more than 1500 words. Speaking of 1500 words, I think I probably violate your rule on that one. My posts tend to be between 900 and 2000 words...rarely less. But, I guess it all evens out since I only update 1-3 times per week.

    With respect to promotion and blogrolling, that's something I've been focusing on quite a bit lately. Whenever somebody comments on my blog, I visit their blog, and usually comment back. If the blog is good, I blogroll them, and alert them to the fact. Doing this, I've made some key connections during the past couple of weeks.

    Again, nice post. Keep up the good work on the site!

  25. Thanks for the good advice, I'm up to about 40 hits a day or so and hope to have more. So I'll be following your recommendations.

  26. interesting thread,

    I will make a post to deal with my rationale about Israel

    Mr. Bacon, I for one would like to see a post set aside for this topic.

    And your thoughtful regulars here will just add quality to the disscusion.

    i'ts amusing to me that the concept of Fundie transferabe..

    My ex-wife for instance was a pickle fundie™.

    Cynthia McKinney = race pimp fundie™.

    then there are bukkake fundies™

    or WiKi Fundies™

    Fundie or fundy is a pejorative term for a Fundamentalist Christian and is part of United States slang. It is intentionally derogatory, and is used most commonly by those opposed to the Religious Right movement.

    Examples of Mutated Contractions
    Newfie, for Newfoundlander
    Fundie, for Fundamentalist, considered derogatory
    Packie, for Pakistani, considered a racial slur

  27. Amishav, glad I can help.

    Rubin, I have made such posts inthe past, and I will make another if that imbecile accepts my terms.
    Also when I say Fundy, I say it with complete disdain:), and I mean anyone who believes in a Young Earth and/or doesn't accept evolution as fact.

  28. Bacon,

    I always find it to be somewhat comical how people find Jews who they say are opposed to Israel and think that this holds some kind of great significance. It is like everything else in life, it requires fact and context and when you apply those two you find that the Jews who who don't like Israel are a minority who frequently hold a skewed view.

    I had a short discussion with someone about the so called "Israel Lobby" paper. It consisted of me pointing out the simple realities that they missed. One of the most significant is that so many of the people that support this seem to be under the misconception that no other country has a lobby and that no other country has any sort of organized, group effort trying to promote its agenda.

  29. Baconeater, "You are not going to change my mind, in fact, you are making me hate Palestinians more and more with each post you make."

    Spoken like a true fundie: my minds made up, don't confuse me with facts.

    As for me, I don't hate the Israelis or other zionists. I just recognize them as an enemy of Western Civilization which has to be defeated. Hating doesn't serve any purpose and is usually counter-productive.

    But, outside of this polemic, here is something that might interest readers.

    The God Gene by Dean Hamer. You can find a review here:


    and here:


  30. I'm not going to address your whining about Israel. You don't have a clue. Are you taking me up on my offer. I will right a post and you can embarrass yourself all you want there.

    As for the God gene. I have read about it, and I believe that man has evolved a highly repeptive part of the brain that readily accepts a need for God.

    Throughout modern history it has been the believers that have had the numbers, it is the believers that have had much bigger families. It makes sense that those who more readily accept invisible pixie fairies in the sky have dominated the gene pool as far as humans go. And it follows that our brains should be capable of evolving this ridiculous need because skeptics throughout history have had a tendency to be dead ended thanks to stonings and drownings and stuff.

  31. Jack, the Paliphile argument is one of cherry picking and hypocrisy.
    Picking and choosing reasons why Israel shouldn't exist.
    Whatever motivates someone to call Israel a criminal state that needs to be removed is purely an emotional argument and not very well thought out.

  32. "As for me, I don't hate the Israelis or other zionists. I just recognize them as an enemy of Western Civilization which has to be defeated. Hating doesn't serve any purpose and is usually counter-productive."

    "I don't hate them, I just want them wiped from the face of the earth."

    Goodness, what a moron.

  33. *
    Lya Kahlo,

    Yep should be a goodun! :)

  34. Lya, I think Bernanda is a mental patient. Be easy on him or her:)

  35. Good advice, indeed!

  36. Nothing like the intellectual honesty of Intelligent Designer Bacon. He eliminates one of my posts and then he uses an argument from Stalinist Russia, if you disagree with him you must be mentally ill.

    Then you also have the dishonest fascist Kahlo who invents a "quote" from me, "I don't hate them, I just want them wiped from the face of the earth."

    That is another typical tactic by these people, set up a strawman to take down.

  37. He cannot present himself as this great rational atheist while at the same time defending zionist dogma. These two attitudes are mutually exclusive.

    Real atheist rational Jews are anti-zionist. I have given him the names of some, like Norman Finkelstein, Lenni Brenner, Alfred Lilianthal. But he doesn't seem to care to consult them.

    Bernarda, I still don't see how just because some other group of atheist Jews decided on their own free will to dislike Isreali policy that that automatically means BEAJ has to. That is just bullshit logic.

  38. Benana is a retard. I told him if he spouted Israelis are nazis rhetoric I would eliminate his post.

    Also, the fact is that 98-99% of all Jews believe that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish majority country (therefore Zionists), and that 15-25% of Jews, including in Israel are Atheist, makes his/her/it's argument impotent.

    I gave Benana an option to have a thread where he/she/it can whine about the poor misunderstood murderous Palestinians, but he/she/it knows he/she/it will get destroyed on it.

  39. Amazing isn't how my post on my blog about blogging got hijacked by a complete waste of oxygen.

  40. Bacon prefers insults to debate. I have asked him to give an example of where I have insulted him. Another aspect of his intellectual approach is to invent facts and figures.

    Where did he find his 98-99% figures?

    According to the American Jewish Committee poll, that would be 80%, still substantial, but not to the degree Bacon maintains.

    Also the AJC poll shows that 79% feel that caring about Israel is important "to being a Jew".

    Both of those can bring up the question of dual loyalty.


    Also very interesting and rather objective, is the AJC's history of Jews in the U.S.


    "American Jews continue to view antisemitism as a serious problem in the United States, notwithstanding data that document the steady, long-term diminution of both behavioral and attitudinal antisemitism."

    That tends to support my argument that so-called "anti-semitism" is a myth, and that this myth is promoted by parts of the Jewish community for another political agenda: support for Israel and zionism.

    There is much more that I could comment on in the AJC report, but we will see how things develop.

    Contrary to Bacon, I do not have an aversion to consulting sources that I think may disagree with my ideas or convictions.

  41. Benana, I already told you why you insult me.
    You come here to lie and spread rhetoric to support your blood lusting assmonkey Palestinians. You tell me how I should think. You hijack a thread about blogging. You have insulted me about my mindset.

    The recent survey of American Jews found that 80% supported Israel even on the Palestinian issue, and over 90% supported Israel. There is no myth of anti-semitism in France today for example. You deny this fact or lie about it.

    Why are you still coming back here for more abuse?

    Of all the "injustices" in the world, why are you picking on Israel?

    Why are you ignoring my offer to start a thread just for you?

    Answer all three questions or I will ban you from this board.
    You are a sick mind terrorist supporting POS who revises facts and history in an attempt to villify Israel.

    I mean it, if you don't answer all three questions, I will trash anything you have to say here.

  42. I don't come here for abuse. You are the one who seems to be abused.

    I didn't ignore your proposed thread. I am just waiting for it, after all you are the Intelligent Designer.

    You won't let me print what I think of the Israeli terrorists, so I can't answer the third one.

    Maybe partially, the West, particularly the U.S., doesn't sponsor other racism and terrorism to the tune of 6 billion dollars per year.

    You want to get rid of me. That is in your power. But you don't have the courage to put your fundamentalist beliefs to the test by reading something that goes against your prejudices.

    Even my last links seem to bother you, even though they were to a mainstream Jewish organization. You could learn a lot by reading what is there.

    Yes I am a "paliphile"--it should really be written "paliophile"--so what is wrong with that?

    I talk about issues and don't throw around childish slurs. The worst things I have said about you are fundie zionist. So, do you consider that an insult

    I find it rather amusing that you get so worked up about it all.

  43. 6 billion? Why not 6 trillion gazillion?

    If it wasn't for US support Israel would be forced to deal with Palestinian terrorism the way the US would if Mexico sent over suicide bombers and blew up kids in school buses.

    The US aid keeps the Palestinians alive. Of course, you don't see that. And cutting off aid would cost the US a lot more in policing the area. Nevermind the benefits the US reaps from Israel technology and medical discoveries.

    What does the US gain for their financial support of Egypt? Why aren't you bitching about Egypt receiving aid?

    You are lying about why you are against Israel. You are being dishonest. It is written all over your posts.

    As far as slurring me. From another post "You have to be the most intellectually dishonest atheist I have ever encountered. I am at the point of questioning your ability to understand basic logically concepts. You give atheism a bad name."

    Muslim Arabs in Arabia have an IQ average of around 83. Stupid people do stupid things. And really stupid people support the actions of stupid people.

  44. I am not lying about why I am against Israel. You just won't let me say it because you find it offensive for some reason.

    As to my "slur", I think I have given ample evidence that that is just an objective observation.

    As to your final statement, that has no logical validity.

    Furthermore, the only reason Israel has an economy, much less research centers, is 6 billion dollars a year in American subsidies. The Americans could do it much cheaper at home.

    There is no Palestinian terrorism, on ly Palestinian resistance to racist oppression. Israeli Jews have killed more Americans than the Palestinians have. Take the affair of the U.S. Navy ship "Liberty".

    In that alone the Israeli Jews killed more Americans than Palestinians have done in 40 years. Palestinians are no threat at all to the U.S.

  45. Take the Liberty? You are just one huge retard aren't you? You are proving that you are grasping at straws.

    What was the motive for the Liberty sinking?

    There is total validity in my statement about Arab IQ. It is fact. Look it up yourself. You are supporting stupid people who did everything wrong throughout their brief history. That makes you an idiot by default.

  46. And you are supporting smart people who have done everything wrong in their brief history.

    Does that make you a genius by default?

  47. What was the motive for the Liberty?

  48. He won't answer because he can't. He makes statements that when taken at face value seem reasonable.

    A similar tactic would be to look at the sky on a cloudy day and suggest that the sky must be gray all of the time, even though we know it to be blue.

    His big hope is that people don't stop to ask questions because they destroy his premise.


    How many Jews are there in the world? What about in the US? How many were surveyed by the AJC. Do we have a valid sample to use for discussion?

    You are far too general.

  49. Jacky boy, why don't you go to the site and find out for yourself?

    Bacon, who knows why for sure the Israeli terrorists attacked an American and navy vessel killing American sailors in an unprovoked attack?

    But it happened. Why don't you ask the slimebags that ordered and carried out the attack?

    The fact remains that the Israeli Jews have killed more Americans than the Palestinians have.

  50. You and your pathetic ilk have had 39 years to figure out a motive. If there is no motive, it was an accident or temporary insanity.

    When your Palipiggians murder innocent people they have motives and then they celebrate afterwards other than the retards who blew themselves up. That is why the Palpigs are the scummiest form of life on this planet.

  51. Palestinians don't murder innocent people. None of the Jews killed in Palestine would have died there if they hadn't invaded.

    Israeli Jews are asking for it and then they are outraged because they get what they are asking for.

    Here is another Jewish site that open-minded Bacon will not dare to consult.


  52. Israeli Jews are asking for it
    You really are a hateful little flea aren't you.

    It's hilarious that you refuse to understand free will.

    Will you show me some websites of white middle class atheists who have differing opinons than mine and then tell me that I must follow their thoughts because I happen to be a white middle class atheist?

    Please? Will you? I would love for you to demand that I think a certain way.

  53. Jews didn't invade anything. Israel was formed more legally than almost any other country on this planet.

    WW2 produced over 50 million refugees, and the only sad sack whining pieces of crap are the Palipiggians.

    If the Palipiggians accepted the UNs resolution they would probably be the majority. But Arabs are the most intolerant idiots on this planet.

  54. Correct me if I am wrong but aren't Jordan and Syria sitting on what was tradionally a large chunk of what "was" Palistinian land?

  55. You are right. In fact Israel and the West Bank only represents 20% of Transjordan.

    Much of Arabia was stolen by Muslims in the 700's and up.

    Many of the Arab countries that we see on a map today were British and French colonies, that were made Muslim countries in the early to mid 20th century. We don't see Benana crying about Apartheid Saudi Arabia. How many churches and synagogues are in SA?

  56. If Bacon means North Africa, then he is right about the British and French--and Italian--colonies. If he means the Middle East then he is wrong. The Arab countries there--including Palestine-- were part of the Ottoman Empire up to WWI.

    The British and French were given administrative control of those areas after the war. They were not colonies.

    I find it rather amusing that Bacon wishes to compare Israel to Saudi Arabia, which is hardly a reference in terms of tolerance. But it is a better comparison than he realizes.

    I do criticize Saudi Arabia and Mohammedanism, but on Islamic sites and blogs. What use is it to do that on a zionist blog?

    For a summary: Islam is a vicious misogynist fraud. It is a religion of male pigs, by male pigs, for male pigs. Mohammed was a gangster highwayman, brigand. Today, the term terrorist could well be used. The cartoons were right.

    I did give the link to the site, Apostates of Islam, but Bacon doesn't seem to be interested in it. I have been kicked of Mohammedan boards for posting links to places like "Islam Comic Book" or http://www.atheists.org/Islam/mohammedanism.html or http://www.homa.org/default.asp?TOCID=2083225445

  57. I have a link to the Islam Comic Book in my multimedia section. Palestine was never a country, Israel exists and is the most progressive country by a country mile in the middle east. If the Arab countries could learn by Israels growth model, they might have a chance. Dubai seems to be trying at least.
    I wonder why someone like you would get kicked off boards, you are such a likeable person.

  58. Aren't I though?