April 19, 2006


Your score = 134

What does your score mean?

Wow! A score above 130 means that your performance on this test was way above average. Actually, according to this test, you are absolutely brilliant. Only a very small percentage of people score this high.



  1. I don't know how much stock I put in these things.

    That said, 141. :-)

    I could not figure out "NLIRBE" or the one with circles and arrows.

  2. Berlin! Thanks. :-)

    That's what I went with for the arrows, but I wasn't convinced.

  3. I scored 130.. but I attribute my not beating you to the gender bias inherent in the test. lol

  4. Beep beep, it must have been that question on horses and zebras.

  5. I don't remember a question about horses and zebras. :)
    It is funny though, some of the questions I can fly through and others I can spend ages on and still not be sure if I am right. The ones like (he spent all his money in 5 stores and he spent half as much as he had left in each store plus $1...or whatever that damn question was).. the person who makes those questions up is totally sadistic and probably a theist!

  6. I needed a pen and paper for that one. But you needed to work backwards. You had to know that the last amount was $2, and then you just had add one to that amount and multiply by two to get the amount he had going into the second last store, and so on until you figure out the amount that was there for the 5th store.

  7. I didn't have the patience for the test; I found it irritatingly silly. I only scored 135 as a result.

  8. aahhh... that explains the store question.... now for the other X amount of math questions I stuffed up.. :)

  9. The store question is actually easy, but disguised as hard.

    It would have been impossible to spend that amount with only 7.50 because he would have run out of money before reaching the fifth store.

    I started with the highest amount 62.00 and just did the math.
    62.00 divided by 2 plus one dollar is 32.00. So he had 30 left when he left store one.

    At store 2, he spent half of 30 which is 15 plus one dollar which makes 16 so he had 14 dollars left. Then he spent half of 14 which is 7 plus 1 which makes 8 so he had 6.00 left. In store 4 he spent half of 6 plus 1 sot that's 4 dollars. Now he has 2.00 left. Then, he spent half of the 2.00 in store number 5 plus one dollar so that makes 2.00.

    I did it by making a grid and just doing the math.