June 14, 2006


He was obviously obsessed with it. He didn't like my stance against terrorism. This was his final thought before he mind turned off for good:

Thanks to Yahoo message board poster, and evolution denier Barrl0 for the picture.


  1. And just how deeply has this affected you? ;)

  2. Man, you really touched him in a very profound way.

    BTW, there was a report that, among other clothes items found in the bombed house, there was a leopard piece of women's underware.

    Is this somehow connected to his final thought?

  3. BEAJ, man your blog is becoming something of a monster. I need to double my broadband speed just to get it loaded within a day....

    Worth it, though.

    (see, the two Cs - criticise, then crawl)

  4. Of course he hated you. You're a Jew, an atheist, and a supporter of Israel. He would hate you plenty for any one of those things.

  5. "BTW, there was a report that, among other clothes items found in the bombed house, there was a leopard piece of women's underware."

    Did anyone here ever what Oz on HBO? There was a scene in one ep where a group of inmates were partying in a cell and had another twinkie-ish inmate dressed up like a woman attempting a sexy striptease kind of dance. One inmate kept hitting him saying "like a woman!".

    That's the mental image I get of these guys in their terrorist compounds. Al Zarqawi slapping some teenage pre-suicide bombers ass and saying "like an american woman!"

    (i'm a bad bad person . . . >:) )

  6. Any pictures of him below the neck? I'm merely curious as to whether his entire body is intact given the grevious damage done to his house by the two large bombs dropped on it. I'm intrigued by his lack of resemblence to a raw hamburger patty. lol

  7. Lisa, I feel powerful to have been on Al Zarqawi's mind, and to be picked by Suha to help her out.

    Watcher, I hope he was in pain when he was picturing my blog picture.

    Simon, I'm bigger than Jesus. That line hasn't been taken yet has it?

    Freak, I don't worry about being hated. Just as long as .003% of the population likes me.

    Lya, you probably became an Atheist and you are hoping to be right because you know if you are wrong it means an eternal threesome with Hitler and his dog.

    Allie, I don't care what his package looked like.

  8. Hey, I said below the neck, not waist! LOL

  9. Bacon: the man was obsessed. Even in death, he couldn't focus on the 72 luscious virgins. His expiration was rather like 'The Wizard of Oz'. ("I'll get you... and your little dog, too.")

    I, for one, am glad to know that the last thought the Zarkmeister had was that of a living, robust, bacon-eating-atheist-Jew.

  10. "Lya, you probably became an Atheist and you are hoping to be right because you know if you are wrong it means an eternal threesome with Hitler and his dog."

    I'm not hoping to be right; I'm right. And besides, Hitler couldn't handle me. Nor his little dog too.


  11. Off topic question.

    From reading this site the last couple of weeks and comments regarding religion and science, it has left me wondering what is it that atheists hold dear? Life is little more than a 1 in a few billion random occurrence. What meaning does life hold to an atheist?

    Love for family friends etc should be almost valueless. All family and relationships are short lived and other than possibly some happiness that is largely unquantifiable should really register as a waste of time and or resources to maintain since their benefit would largely seem limited. You judge good and bad by an internal or possibly law based scale but what is the relevance other than keeping from getting incarcerated.

    It seems the atheist ideology would be rather nihilistic. What is the use of living why not just kill your self instead of having to face daily tasks like work and human relationships? Wouldn’t a life dedicated to selfishness be the right way to live for an atheist.

  12. The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

    You might like this book he is a physiatrist who does not see the relevance of following the order of society and chooses to instead lead his life by the rolling of die. It was a cult classic in the 60/70’s.

  13. Jhrhv, first off Atheists may appreciate life more because we know this is our only chance.
    We don't waste our time with God.
    What is the point of life even if you believe in God?

    We aren't evolved to be totally selfish.
    Social evolution is in our genes. All humans pretty much are hardwired for the same highs and lows and purpose.

    What purpose does a chimp or dolphin have?

  14. Your only chance at what? What is the use of fulfilling a drive to accomplish anything that in the end comes to nothing but you getting put in the ground?

    “What is the point of life even if you believe in God?” To do good and to search out the mission the creator put you here to fulfil which possibly will complete your spiritual learning making you a more complete being. To teach those sorts of practices to other generations in the hope of creating a better world where, spirituality and the betterment of the human condition becomes achievable and desirable to all mankind. Ultimately making the world a place the messiah wants to return to brining peace and knowledge etc to all. This is something according to Judaism you must earn not something that is given. The point of creation and the giving of the laws of the Torah is the guide to achieving that end. The working for it and clarity to achieve this goal is the reason for not just giving like most things without putting in the effort to achieve them they are more hollow and less appreciated.

    “We aren't evolved to be totally selfish.” Arguable. Without religion as a guide to behaviour why wouldn’t we be totally selfish? Even an atheist most likely learned values from a religious mentor of some sort while young and impressionable. There is an argument that people needed each other to survive at some point. That probably still holds true today. But why should that matter if we are but a few cells with shoes why bother with the challenges of life?

    Why would our genes care about evolution? If the domination of our genes is what drives us logically at some point we will destroy everything else to consume it for our betterment until we have used all available resources there by bringing about our own destruction. That lesson was learned on Easter Island where man used all of their resources creating deities until there was no natural agriculture left to sustain the society.

    “What purpose does a chimp or dolphin have?” Not sure I’ll guess some sort of ecological balance.

    I tried to answer your questions. How about answering some of the ones I posted previously. I’m most curious about nihilism and what makes life worth living to an atheist. I hope you don’t mind answering. I’ve never met a real atheist before.

  15. What purpose does god have for that matter? It's lonely at the top so they say.

    Anyway jhrhv, you are absolutely right, the Dice Man is an excellent story. Did you ever try any dice livng by the way?

  16. Jhrhv,

    Now I've seen your longer post =]

    First, there is no point. Even having a god doesn't give you a point to it all. What about when you've achieved gods plan? What next? Just sit around in heaven happy forever? What exactly is it that's goingtobe making you permanently happy anyway and what'sthe point in that? Reality is nhilistic. Even the gods at best only claimed to have a plan - they never shared the objective or the reasons.

    We are selfish naturally to our benefit and we are generous and social to our benefit also. It's got nothing to do with genes wanting to survive or evolve. It's just that genes that resulted in certain physical attributes and certain behaviours tended to survive because those attributes and behaviours increased the probability of a next generation existing - a nextgeneration that may or may not contain advantageous or detrimental mutations. Evolution has no point either.

    Ecological balance has no point either. The system is very dynamic and has continuously changed, some times extremely radically, during it's entire history. Calling it a balance is like calling a waterfall a statue.

    You are thinking in a very limited way. Yes, the guys on easter island fucked up. You quite rightly state that what ended it for them was their theism.

    So whats the pointof life for an atheist? That's easy. It's whatever personally works for that individual and that tends to be very similar to what works for theists - personal happiness, the happiness of others around you, joy, music, interests, understanding, fantasy, whatever - even theology. The point of life is living. When you don't feel like living anymore by all means kill yourself, but not having a god doesn't make us not feel like living and suddenly start thinking we might as well just die even if we really understand that reality doesn't care either way.

  17. Choose Doubt, I you pretty much answered the queries of JH.

    I just want to add that theists have different beliefs. A suicide bomber who thinks he is getting 72 virgins and an eternal life besides Allah thinks his purpose in life was to blow up innocents. Do you think his purpose in life was better than mine. I just want to enjoy my time here and has Choose Doubt says, live life.

    Would you feel better if I was a scientologist. They have a more defined purpose than Jews do. In fact so do Christians.

    I don't think you've been reading my posts closely with respect to evolution and recently I posted something on Pascal's Wager.

  18. chooseDoubt , both funny and I agree with you.

    BEAJ, I don’t mean to make it seem any life has more value than any other.

    I don’t mean to question your ethics morality etc just trying to understand what they are.

    My nephew got me to read the dice man when he was about 15. We also like Andrew Dice Clay. I think he is a Jew also.

    I would be happy to see peace everywhere. What ever the result of that lets go from there.

  19. BTW I didn’t do any dice living. But my nephew carried around a bunch of small dice and tripped out his friends.

    Even I have to admit there is some doubt. Its kind of part of the question

    The pure scientific view is pretty heartless.

    Suicide bombers. No.

  20. Here are some of my views. You can make your own conclusions.

  21. "The pure scientific view is pretty heartless."

    Seems pretty heartless when a lioness brings down a gazelle calf also, but that's reality. In reality, lunch happens, regardless of whether you feel good for the happy lion or bad for the dead gazelle. Science encompasses these feelings also and reaches to understand their origins and function. It just doesn't go as far as to say that not liking watching the gazelle die means that lunch doesn't happen after all.

    Personally I have found that simply accepting reality without needing it to suit my feelings, original perceptions, or even my desires has been emotinally far more rewarding than restricting myself to only seeing what I wanted or expected to see.

    Science is beautiful.

  22. Don't forget the possibility of Eternal Recurrence. Suddenly having a good life does seem to have a point. Your life, one endless groundhog day - might as well try and enjoy it.

  23. Religious folk always seem to think that their life should have a “purpose”. A bit like that bottle of toilet cleaning fluid in the cupboard, it has a purpose so my life should have one too. So they latch on to the nearest sky fairy theory that they come across, the sillier the better, and discover their purpose which generally turns out to be becoming some sort of non questioning god worshipping automaton. Apparently the whole point of all suffering is that God gets to have people tell him how great he is, not just that but they really, really, really have to love and fear him as well otherwise it’s no good.

    Well, a lot of us don’t buy it. We don’t know what the ultimate truth is but latching on to any old belief without any evidence just doesn’t work for us.

  24. Yeah - and even if I'm completely wrong and one of these gods exists I still have to be faced with the fact it's an awful slave master and brutally cruel. I don't for a second believe there is a god but even if there was I don't understand the mentality of the people that think that's a good thing. Surely our top priority should be killing the wicked bastard and being free of it's brutal domination.

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