June 27, 2006

I've Been "Ussed Down" Before

The clip cracks me up:

"But the funniest take off on Jews by Family Guy was an entire show dedicated to Usses. It was pretty controversial, When You Wish Upon a Weinstein is an episode of Family Guy that would have first aired in 2000, but because of concerns about its content, remained unaired on FOX until December 10, 2004.
While Chris has problems with his math homework, an insurance salesman talks Peter into using Lois' rainy day money to buy "volcano insurance." When Lois finds out about it, she's very angry, and questions Peter's maturity. "If I'm a child," Peter responds, "you know what that makes you? A pedophile." When Peter finds out that Quagmire (MacFarlane) and Cleveland (voice of Mike Henry) both have Jewish people handling their finances, he decides to find a Jew of his own to help him with his money."

The controversy:

"Some FOX network executives were concerned that the episode could be construed as anti-Semitic, and made the decision not to air the episode after it had completed postproduction.

On the DVD commentary for the episode, Seth MacFarlane mentions that he showed the script of the episode to two rabbis, both of whom approved the episode "because Peter learns the right lesson at the end." MacFarlane also points out that the writer, Ricky Blitt, is Jewish himself; as is Ben Stein, who plays the Rabbi.

One line considered particularly offensive by some occurs during Peter's song when he sings "Even though they killed my Lord, I need a Jew." MacFarlane recorded an alternate version of the line (replacing "Even though they killed my Lord" with "I don't think they killed my Lord")

Here is the video using the original line at the end of the song I Need A Jew.

Here is bonus footage from the same show.


  1. i enjoyed your bonus :-)))

  2. I LOVE it when westearn media (south park, family guy, simpsons, etc..) makes fun of Jews, Christians, and Athiests. Not only is it hilarious, it demonstrates confidense in our own ideoligies.

    I trully believe that we will know that Islam has come of age when the Simpsons has a permament Muslim character.

    The Simpson writers, when asked, say they don't make fun of Muslims because they don't have a Muslim writter on staff. Considering how often the show goes after Hindus, Budhists, and even Amish steriotypes I doubt they are being honest.

    There is some hope. Liberal Muslims started a comedy festival called "Allah made me funny" in New York and Canada has a few Muslim comedians working their way up the ladder.

    But for the most part, it seems that Muslims are scared of create a "self-hating Jew" equivlant identity for themselves because of fears of being austrisized by their own communities.

    At the same time the West, including the writers of the Simpsons, are too afraid of treating Muslims like any other community.

    Until then, I can't wait for the next Woody Allen movie. Have you seen "Deconstructing Harry"? It is his best self-hating-jew work to date.

  3. I'm a Woody Allen Fan, except I don't understand why he loves France, but then agains I've never been there.

    No, I haven't seen Deconstructing Harry for some reason. The last Woody film I saw was the one where his mother became a cloud.

  4. You MUST watch Deconstructing Harry!!! It is his best athiest-type work! There is a scene about jewish grandparents discussing in typical yiddish-style the killing of a women... "ok, ok, I killed her with an axe... why are you making such a fuss?" :)

    Also, perhaps I was being a bit tough on Muslim comedians. They are growing in numbers... tough considering all the added presures from both Muslims and Westearners they endure.

  5. Deconstructing Harry was fair.

  6. This is my first visit here. I laughed, I cried. It was a life changing and affirming experience.

    Shalom, baby.

  7. Blondie, I've been to your blog quite a few times. I like it.

  8. So nu, who doesn't need a Jew once in a while?