June 3, 2006

What Exactly Do Terrorists Like About Non Muslims?

So I wake this morning and find out about this huge terrorist sweep in the Toronto area. I must be completely brainwashed and prejudiced because my first thoughts were those arrested were probably Muslims. In Canada, the media really tries to avoid using the term Muslim or Islam when they discuss terror or terrorist suspects. In fact, as the day progressed the Canadian newscasters kept saying men and teenagers with Al Qaeda ties were arrested, they avoided uttering the M word at all costs.

Finally when they a Canadian Muslim spokesman, the news guy finally fessed up and said that they do go out of their way pointing out the obvious as if it will stop racial intolerance. The Muslim spokesman by the way did state that it is time for Muslims to get angry with terrorists and to quit scapegoating excuses. I thought that was great, but he is just one voice.

Getting back to what transpired. The bulk of the 17 arrested were homegrown Canadian Muslims. Where and how did they learn to hate the West, and especially a country that bends over backwards in being a cultural mosaic state? Maybe we'll find out more soon.

The excuses coming out right now though have to with the worldwide treatment of Muslims. Most of these Jihadists arrested today were from somewhat affluent homes. I guess they can't use the oppression excuse this time. WTF. What doesn't piss these guys off? Lets see, if it isn't Israel, it is Iraq, or maybe cartoons or Afghanistan or restricting Sharia Law. They for sure don't like what is written about them. Maybe my blog will be responible for making some homegrown Canadian Muslim snap and blow up some innocents in a crowded subway.

The lawyers and family who were interviewed pissed me off. They were saying things like this sweep was unwarranted and that lawsuits will probably spring up over this, and that this whole sweep happened because of fear. No, it was because CSIS discovered a major attack was imminent.

Thanks you Jihadists, now the borders with the USA will be even tighter. Canada now has a reputation that we can grow our own terrorists, so we don't have to worry so much who we let in. They are already here. And the USA doens't want them, and either do I. And so much for oppression, most of those arrested today were from pretty afluent homes.

Enough is enough. Shit or get off the pot. No more excuses for this from the Muslims or their Moonbat sympathisers. This time I will not accept anything but a never seen before major campaign denouncing terrorism. No silence, no yeah buts, I want to see marches with more than 25 people and I want to see it in writing too.


  1. The Danish cartoon episode, the west is only against Islamist expansion, not Islamism.

  2. Don't give up hope Bacon. There is the Free Muslim Coalition and Denmark's Muslim Democratic Party (can't recall name) and a few other brave organizations world wide.

    These guys are the good guys. They are true believers but hate this Islamo-Fascist crap as much as infidels and make no excuses for it.

    Unfortinately, the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot "CAIR" gets all the air-time and not the FMC.

    Us Non-Muslims also have a duty in this mess. We should be supporting and promoting the Muslim groups that do believe in democracy and human rights and are brave enough to stand up to these frieks.

    After all, in hearts of the terrorists apostates beat out Jews and Gays as the number one target. The Free Muslim Coalition is the bravest of us all.

  3. the Free Muslim Coalition is hardly the most heretical Muslims to arrive on the scene. You should read the works of al-Farabi, ibn Sina, and Ibn Rushd, produced in the Middle Ages. Now THAT kind of Aristotelean logic could get a dude called an apostate.


  4. Oh Steven you should see the blog that AJ linked to , the Avari blog, mentioned in Response to Another Muslim who doesn't get it" and that they either have technical problems or have shut down comments as they cannot take the reality section .

    Oh I See

  5. The technical problem has gone.

  6. Sorry it had to happen to your country.

    Such a neutral country, too.

  7. There are no neutral countries when people hate.

    I read the FMC webpage and they brought up an interesting point. "Free Muslims' efforts are unique; it is the only mainstream American-Muslim organization willing to attack extremism and terrorism unambiguously. Unfortunately most other Muslim leaders and organizations believe that when it comes to terrorism, the end justifies the means."

    They even state that Muslim groups in general are not denouncing terrorism. I am glad to see these people are trying to deal with terrorism and extremism. They have my support.