June 16, 2006


Paul McCartney's 64th birthday is Sunday. Happy Birthday Paul.

Paul was brought up Roman Catholic, but now seems to be a Secular Humanist which is a code word for Agnostic.

"I believe in the spirit of goodness, so I can sympathize with Christians, Jewish people, Buddhists, Muslims. I think essentially they're all trying to say the same thing: You ought to choose between good and bad...

I don't subscribe to any one religion, but I do feel a oneness with a spirit of goodness. But I don't know if there's an old man with a beard in the sky."

I wonder if he tried to pray to God for a new limb for his soon to be ex-wife Heather. Maybe he is an Atheist now, after realizing that God has never performed the miracle of growing back someones lost limb.

I wonder if Heather is still going to have her head cryongenically frozen like George and Linda did. Well at least I think they did. Both went to the USA to die, something which I find very weird..........see, I like some conspiracy theories Atheologist.


  1. "I think essentially they're all trying to say the same thing: You ought to choose between good and bad..."
    How come Atheists are left out of his lists? It's so damn wishy washy...
    Lets see what shall I do today? Choose between good and bad or between bad and bad...hmmm tricky.

  2. "You ought to choose between good and bad..."

    Well, I am glad that I am not alone in thinking that that is the most worthless piece of "advice" that I have ever heard...It does not even qualify as "advice" because it does not advise.


    Thank you, Sir Paul, nobody loves your music more than I ...that's why it pains me so much for you to drop these "pearls of wisdom"

    free constantinople

  3. OK I guess I was taking the quote out of context..

    Forgive me Sir Paul, it was only my wish that you might give a less PC comment.


  4. You guys have to think about it?

    Being bad is the only way to go.

    Whatever happened to Atheoligist? I haven't seen him around in a while.

  5. Paul remains an awful idiot, looks like some sort of processed pork product, is guilty of the frog song and many many other crimes against humanity and still smells like a scouser (even on television). Mad little bastard.

    "Will you still need me, will you still fee me, when I'm 64?"

    No Paul, you can go now.