July 28, 2006


Al Jazeera: The only unbiased newspaper in the world.

Anti-semite: 1. Someone who hates Arabs. 2. Not Mel Gibson.

Appeasement: A chance to show the world that Muslims are good guys and mean no harm.

Arab Land: Every inch of land in the middle east, including part of Africa and probably Spain.

Arab victory: 1. Whenever a suicide bomb successfully goes off; 9/11. 2. Whenever an Arab civilian, used as a human shield, is killed by the IDF. 3. Turning a gesture of peace by Israel into a better opportunity to drive Jews into the sea (see land withdrawal). 4. A war where Israel causes hundreds of millions of damage but leaves at least one terrorist standing.

Cease fire: An opportunity for Arabs to replenish weapons.

Civilian: Any Arab killed by the IDF.

Colonialism: The migration of a non Muslim to the middle east; also, a Jew who moves from a Muslim majority state in the middle east to Israel. Note: Muslims can move in large numbers to anywhere in the West. This is known as the MUSLIM LAW OF NON RECIPROCITY.

Comprehensive Solution: It has to be decided which Jews get to live and which Jews get to be Dhimmis, on an individual basis, once Israel becomes Arab land.

Defending their country: Shooting missiles from civilian zones at civilians.

Disproportionate response: Anything a Jew does to strike out at a terrorist.

Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide: 1. The phenomenon that explains the policy that Arab migration to Israel is frowned upon because Israelis don't like getting blown up in pizzerias or while standing in line at discos. 2. Anytime a terrorist is killed.

Expansionism: The justification Muslims use for terrorist acts against a country that withdraws from land for peace.

Freedom fighter: An Arab terrorist, brainwashed to hate by an intolerant culture of hate.

Green Line: The border that Jews must retreat to even though it wasn't good enough for the Arabs prior to 1967, the Arabs will magically accept this and live in peace even though their elected representatives state it will not be good enough.

Good Jew or Real Jew: A Jew who thinks Israel has no right to exist.

Holocaust: 1. Any war started by Arabs in which more than 10 Arabs were killed. 2. Something Jews are supposed to forget about. 3. Something that never happened, yet Jews have manipulated the "theft" of "Arab land" by conning the world into believing it did happen.

Human Shield: The reason that Jews are not allowed to try to eliminate terrorists.

Islamophobe: Anyone who objects to getting blown up on their way to work, at work or during leisure activities.

Israeli Aggression: Any attempt by Jews to prevent or stop a terrorist act by an Arab(s).

Jew: White colonialist from Europe who came to Palestine to steal Arab land from the real Semites, the Arabs. Also known as a fake Jew.

Jihad: Meaningless Zionist propaganda term, which tries to paint the true spiritual struggle by the Religion of Peace as a bad thing.

Journalist: Anyone who writes anything as long it is Pro-Arab, Pro-Islam, Pro-Muslim or Pro-Jihad.

Just or Lasting Peace: Lots and lots of dead Jews and no Israel.

Land Grab: Anything Israel does to defend itself.

Land Withdrawal: A perfect opportunity to fire missiles into Israel from a closer proximity.

Legitimate Resistance: 1. Resistance of acknowledging Israel's right to exist. Used mainly to give as an excuse for Islamic terrorism, especially against civilians, and especially to justify suicide bombings. It is actually the Arab's resistance in using their brain. 2. Killing any Jew.

Martyr: Usually a teenager who is brainwashed to blow up in front of innocent Jews by older Arabs who are hiding miles away next to a bunch of Palestinian children.

Massacre: When Israel responds to a terrorist attack and kills around 3 Palestinians and the Palestinians wind up reporting over 40 deaths.

Militant: Code word for Arab terrorist, often used by AP and Al Reuters.

Military target: Any Israeli or Jew.

My Tax Dollars: The $6.34 that comes out of the total taxes an American pays each year, that goes to Israel so that they are forced to keep the Palestinian Arabs alive. Because without US aid, Israel would be forced to be more frugal in their way of dealing with Palestinian terrorism.

Muslim land: Any land on this planet that lies between any two Muslims on this planet in every direction.

Negotiations: Talks where Israel is supposed to make all the concessions.

Neocon: 1. Code word for Jew 2. Code word for Zionist. 3. Anyone in the Bush administration because Aipac got Bush elected.

962 Gazillion billion trillion dollars: The amount of aid the US gives Israel every year.

Occupied territories: The West Bank even though it is really disputed territory that Jordan didn't want anymore and is therefore now up for negotiations. Not to be confused with "Occupied Palestine," which just means all of Israel.

Oppression: It is Israel's fault that low IQ hate filled blood lusting Muslims turned into low IQ hate filled blood lusting Muslims.

Palestinian: Archetype "victims" no matter how many teenagers they murder in bars and fast food outlets. Never responsible for anything they do – or done in their name - because of "root causes" or "legitimate grievances".

Palestinian Aid: Money that could be used for food, clothing, medicine, and education, but serves the Arabs better if used for suicide bomb belts.

Palestinian struggle: 1. For 58 years they have struggled to make one right decision, and still haven't. 2. Arab whining, because in over 58 years and 5 wars they have always got their asses kicked while trying to throw the Jews into the sea.

Palicaust: The phenomenon that explains how just over 1 million Palestinians in 1948 have today turned into 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza alone, and another 3-5 million more in the rest of the world.

Peace Process: This has been ongoing for 58 years and has always been screwed up by the Israelis who refuse to be driven into the sea.

Propagandist(s): 1. An individual(s) who finds fault with anything Arabs or Muslims do. 2. Anyone who thinks Israel has the right to exist.

Regime: Civilized democracy.

Right of Return: The Trojan Horse parked outside the gates of Israel that Israelis won't wheel inside. If granted, the Arabs will have a chance to show that they are not the same Arabs who left in 1948 because they didn't want to live in a Jewish majority state.

Right to Exist: Israel has a right to exist only if it is an Arab state.

Stolen Land: 1. Any land in the middle east that has a Jew on it. 2. Land in Israel that was either bought legally by a Jew or land that was never owned before a Jew took it over.

Terror: Anything a Jew does to defend himself.

Terrorist: 1. A Muslim driven to do an inhumane act, because of Jews, of course. 2. Any Zionist.

UN Resolutions: International laws, carved in stone, that Israel always ignores.

Zionazi: A Jew that supports Israel's right to exist and defend herself.

Zionist: 1. A Jew that supports Israel's right to exist and defend herself. Also true of non Jews who support the same. 2. Anyone who isn't sufficiently suffused with pure hatred towards Israel and Jews.

Victor Davis Hanson just wrote something similar to my piece. But he is a professional.


  1. That's a good little dictionary. Now I know why it's as if I am speaking in a foreign language to some people.

    BTW I've read Hanson's War in Peloponnesos. It's a great read. People haven't changed one bit.

  2. You seem to have it pretty well covered...

    However, you might want to consider adding "Massacre" as a synonym or related term for "Holocaust". For example, The Jenin "massacre" where 53 Arabs, mostly "militants" were killed while hiding in a refugee camp was an example of a "disproportionate response" by Israel.

  3. Check my links from my humour post "Black Funny Bones" to Rosner's blog Dictionary o fWar Cliche's parts one and two

    He's got some good ones.

  4. That link didn't seem to take so here it is again



  5. Love that dictionary. Have linked your post on my blog. :)

  6. I think you can add "aggression" or "Zionist aggression" and "stolen land".

  7. Right of Return: The Trojan Horse parked outside the gates of Israel that Israelis are too smart to wheel inside. Everyone professes to be offended by Israel's refusal to acept this "gift".

  8. "If granted, the Arabs will have a chance to show that they are not the same Arabs who left in 1948 because they didn't want to live in a Jewish majority state."

    .... This is known in the vernacular as a "Catch-48". LMAO

  9. (Time out).

    Bacon, did you see this refutation of Richard Lynn?


  10. I'm sorry but your blog doesn't make me laugh and/or think.

  11. Hi Kariba, nice to see new commenters as always.
    Max, interesting stuff. Nobody said IQ is an exact science and I know that other than Lynn, no major studies have been made, and I expect a lot of mistakes in his work, but I do think that his work can be built on.

    Anon, well you must be an anal Fundy, and/or you must be void of humor.

  12. terrorist - any number of legitimate resistance groups to Zionist aggression, the people that support them, they people that live near them, and the people who have heard of them (although babies in the womb are guilty by association, hearing be damned).

    MURDER as cover for THEFT is *not* SELF-DEFENSE!!

  13. I'm a sarcastic realist. If my blog doesn't make you laugh and/or think, you must be a Fundy.

    aw, come now - you don't really believe that Israel would be the unassailable regional superpower it is today without its Special Relationship with the U.S.A? and a substantial component of that relationship is the fact that the majority of Zionists are Fundamentalist Christians. yes, i realize their motives are suspect (i.e., they need Israel as the stage on which to enact their Tim LaHaye-inspired "End Times" scenario), but at least the government of Israel has been appreciative (a private plane for Dr Falwell, etc, etc). as a Canadian, are you perhaps jealous of our "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER" status with G-d's Own Chosen? hell, maybe that's why David Frum came here...

  14. Lance, nothing was stolen. Just Arab rhetoric spewed by you as usual. Arabs have no legitimacy when it comes to Israel. They didn't accept the partition, it was not their choice how to divide the land, it was the British and UN.
    They had two choices accept or start a war. They started a war and lost, and lost, and lost.
    I think I might have to add legitimate resistance to the dictionary though.

    Potter, Israel did not have very much US support until the 70's. Considering they don't have oil, I think they are doing quite well in the region. I'm not jealous of anything. But I'd rather see Fundy support not have anything to do with fantasy religion, but rather be ethic based.

  15. saving--

    Polls tell us only about a third of the American population even attends religious services regularly, and a fraction of them are fundies. Israel receives almost universal support from the public, including atheists like myself. In polls usually 5-10% of Americans sympathize with the Muslims, and we have a technical term for these sad sacks of shit: activist Democrats.

  16. Nice to see you again BEAJ! Having just come back from Israel I can say that your dictionary has got it all right. Now would you please submit this to those fools at CNN who seem to spend all do spouting Hezbollah propaganda?

  17. Welcome back Amishav, you went at a very volatile time. I'm looking forward to reading your blog, especially if you mention what the average Israelis are thinking these days.

  18. What's funny is nobody learns. These things just repeat themselves.

    I lived through the era in Britain where we had to be vigilant about IRA bombs. Then just as we sort that out - some fucking twats start up a new one.

    So now I can't take a bus or a train without worrying if I see anyone slightly asian-looking carrying a rucksack...

    My feeling is crazed Muslims are less easy to compromise with than Israel. But if you want to create more crazed Muslims the best thing to do is go round killing Muslim civillians.

    Throughout my life, the British government and rightwing media went on and on about how we can't talk with terrorists and the only way to deal with them was to hit them where it hurts.

    Yeah yeah, blah blah blah...

  19. Simon, I know you've been told this, but the mideast situation and the Irish situation are different animals, and the terrorists have totally different goals.
    It would be closer if Arabs goal was soley to liberate the West Bank and Gaza. But that is not the goal here, and anyone who believes it has their head in the sand. I know you know.
    It is impossible to negotiate with someone who has a goal of murdering you.

  20. BEAJ - "It is impossible to negotiate with someone who has a goal of murdering you"

    Unless you're suicidal...

    And the atmosphere in Israel can be summed up as "Khazak ve-Ematz" - be with strength and courage (doesn't translate well, does it?). Everyone is waiting for the big one.

    You might want to add "Left-leaning" and "Liberal" to your lovely dictionary. They mean "self-loathing terrorist supporter with suicidal tendencies".

    Ta ta ;)

  21. Anon, thanks for the suggestion, but this isn't a reality dictionary, it is a Moonbat dictionary.

  22. Gotta really thank the Big Paharaoh for guiding me to this...

    Totally un pc, but I've got a smile all over my puss as a type.

    Just added you to my list of favourites.

  23. I feel I have to add a link to my Liberal Dictionary, which is a year older but somewhat similar:


    Also, this article about the word "genocide" fits the subject well:


    Have fun. Want to merge dictionaries?

  24. BEJ, yeah, I know it's not exactly the same. Similar principles, though.

    See, before the US starting getting involved, many of the Arab nations had dealt with their crazy terrorist organisations. Al qaeda and the like were deliberately left to create carnage, alienating all possible polular support. These organisations support were reduced to virtually nothing.

    Then the US got involved and started stirring things up. Suddenly, Al qaeda's support starts increasing again. Then we get 9/11...

    You know the story.

    Basically, if you run a fundementalist Muslim group, to get support you have to encourage your enemies to start killing people, preferably women and children.

    Israel, yet again, got suckered into doing exactly what the terrorists wanted.

    Hezbollah want a war. Israel gave them one.

    Who's in control of this situation? Certainly not Israel.

  25. Thanks back.

    Andrew, I just added ethnic genocide. Feel free to use any of my definitions to add to your dictionary. Yours is very funny too.

    Simon, everything and anything Israel does to defend herself can be defined as being suckered by your definition. Maybe you should tell me what Israel should do, instead of what they shouldn't.

  26. I can't believe your dictionary is still missing entries for "Peace" and "Peace Process".

  27. I have "just or lasting peace" defined.

    I just added peace process and land withdrawal.

  28. Wow Bacon,

    It looks like your list is getting quite a bit of attention.

  29. Yes Jack. Some popular blogs have linked it.

  30. Hey, here are a few more (feel free to embellish):
    Zionist - anyone who isn't sufficiently suffused with pure hatred towards Israel and Jews.
    Regime - Democracy.
    Expansionism - How to justify continued murders against a nation that keeps giving up territory for peace.
    Colonialism - Allowing a non-Muslim to move anywhere in the Middle East.
    Land grab - Anything Israel does to defend itself.
    Resistance - Killing Jews.
    Ethnic cleansing - Any dead Palestinian Arab.

  31. Thanks Elder, I used some of your definitions word for word and changed a few.
    Resistance: see Legitimate resistance.

  32. You need:

    Journalist: Anyone using the media to promote a pro-Arab/pro-Islamic opinion.

    Propagandist: Anyone using the media to promote facts that distract from or cause harm to the pro-Arab/pro-Islamic agenda promoted by journalists.

  33. Thanks Ezzie. Hey Laurence, long time no see. Yep, I'm gonna add your suggestions, thanks.

  34. We are monitoring the situation: By way of drinking champagne, having fun and talking about a whole lot of other issues.

    Resolution 1559: Yet another proof that the UN is capable of calming a troubled area, and that good paperwork is an efficient tool in the war against terror.

    United Nations delegation: Are you Americans? You're not Americans? Then why would you even think Israel is going to listen to you? (The same goes to EU envoys, Russian messengers, and all other goodwill ambassadors).

    Special envoy Vijay Nambiar: The operation will continue for as long as it takes us to learn how to pronounce your name right.

    International force: A military unit capable of escaping as fast as everyone else.

    Disproportionate / Disproportionate response: "A dangerous condition threatening an actual solution to a problem. Targets of disproportionate response are entitled to the status of "victims."

    Rosner: Dictionary of War cliches

    Rosner again

    Black Funny Bones

  35. Thanks Max, I used the essence of a couple of your ideas just now. But I want to keep this list viewer friendly.

  36. Hi. Well, that was refreshing and superbly done! Very accurate.

    I dislike the "arab assmonkeys" tho'. "arab fanatics" is much better. Oddly though it may sound, "arab assmonkeys" is offensive (not only to arab fanatics). Ultimately, saying things like "assmonkeys" seems so needlessly offensive and seems designed to encompass each and every arab. That is not only wrong but also undermines this really beautiful analysis you produced.

  37. BTS, my wife said the same thing. I'd like to clarify it though. I know I've been guilty of encompassing all Arabs and Muslims at times, I ultimately define assmonkey as anyone who denies overwhelming evidence to make a case or commit actions that go against evidence or reality.
    I have used assmonkey lately for the Church of Reality head, who is an ethnic Jew because of his stance to condemn Israel.

    An Arab assmonkey is an Arab terrorist, Arab terrorist supporter, and even a complacent Arab who supports Hezbollah even though they are using civilians and of course children as human shields.

  38. An entry this dictionary can't exist without:

    Jews: White European colonialists from Poland stealing Palestinian land. Also referred to as Fake Jews.

  39. "Civilian: 1. Any Arab in civilian clothes."

    That one contains three unnecessary words (hint - at the end), IMHO, colleague.

    Usually anyone killed by IDF is a civilian.

  40. Poor Israel. Boo hoo.
    Spare me. You act as if the Palestinians are somehow the victors in the war of Propaganda. Please. If you are too thick to notice that Israel and it's Zionist Bullshit spewing machine is total and massive and completely shapes the narrative to it's choosing, then you're an even bigger tools then I thought.

    Let me add a few more definitions to your dictionary...

    Settler: An Innocent and Pious god loving lamb of Israel, who gently caretakes land that the Palestinians ask them to live on.

    Human Shield: The act of an IDF soldier strapping a young Palestinian to the hood of his jeep as protection.

    Victim: Israel's status. Regardless of it's SOTA weaponry and US insured superiority, Israel is always the victim of Arab terror and agression. Israelis are like babes, who don't want to be violent, but are forced to by those mean "Arab Assmonkeys".

    Aparthied: A term which ONLY applies to those dark people. In Israel, it's called "strategic seperation of resources."

    Water war: What are you talking about??? Israel doesn't want anyone's water!!

  41. Love it, love it, love it :)

    Would it be OK for me to repost on my blog - with of course full credit to you and a link back here to your site?