July 13, 2006

This Guy Isn't Helping Stamp Out Radicalism In Canadian Muslim Youth

"I can't believe how stupid people are. I refused to acknowledge Palestinian suicide bombings against Zionists on buses are terrorist acts, and I still got elected."

I checked out Ontario Blogs a few days ago and ran across this piece at Cherniak on Politics. I'm very non-Partisan as far as Canadian Politics goes, however, I hate the scum sucking communist NDP, and the Liberals are the reason we have terrorist cells here. The the Progressive Conservatives are the lesser of 3 evils.
Cherniak, in typical Liberal kiss ass and ostrich fashion, refuses to put elected Liberal MP Omar Alghabra in his proper and deserving place. Instead he buys Alghabra's lip service. Even when presented with facts that contradict the MP from Mississauga-Erindale.

On the surface, Alghabra seems very sincere in his efforts to stop radicalism amongst the Islamic Canadian Youth. After the arrests of 17 Muslims on terrorist charges (many who resided in his riding, by the way), Alghabra said "We need to make sure those people who are bent on radical ideologies don't recruit and seduce our youth."

That is all great Omar, but what exactly is a radical ideology? Lets see what you said after a Beersheba bus bombing in 2004 when the Canadian press inserted the word "terrorist" into an Al Reuters story in place of the word "militant" to describe a suicide bomber:

"CanWest, one of the largest media conglomerates in Canada, is failing its responsibility towards all Canadians, not just Arabs and Muslims," he said. "The media has moral and ethical obligations to report the facts when it comes to news reporting, not the opinions of their editors."

If Alghabra thinks statements like this harbor radicalism he must be an imbecile. Maybe he is. Before the Palestinian elections he said "I don’t believe Hamas wants elimination of Israel."

Alghabra emailed Cherniak when Cherniak asked him about his stance on terrorism, here is what he wrote:
"I have and never had any hesitation in condemning suicide bombers that target civilians, no ifs or buts. I have written a piece in the Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen that was published last year before I ran for office and after the July bombing in London that condemns all form of terrorism."

Can't find those pieces with those words Omar. But I did find this when you had a chance to condemn Palestinian terrorism:

Alghabra, former head of the Canadian Arab Federation, told the Jewish Tribune that he has “always spoken out against extremism and violence against civilians.” But when asked whether he would specifically denounce suicide bombers, he would not comment, claiming that he was being “trapped.”

Either Alghabra is completely dishonest, or very stupid, or perhaps a combination. He shouldn't be considered a voice against Islamic radicalization in Canada until he grows up or gets real.

If he is a liar, maybe he did say his victory was a victory for Islam.

Hypocrite Alghabra also stated: "Canada's foundation is built on multiculturalism, the aboriginals, the anglophone and francophone cultures, the three major cultures. They are the starting foundation of our country. The francophones and the anglophones were the first immigrants and then we welcomed other immigrants. This country has been strengthened and built on the diversity of the people and their culture. So, if we start dismissing multiculturalism, we're really undermining the essence of Canada,"

Too bad, like other hypocritical Westernized Arabs, he doesn't use the same standards when he dodges the fact that diversity and immigration Arab intolerance is what fueled the beginning of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

I still don't get how Canadians could elect a terrorist(Hamas) supporter. Maybe he was too well funded by a certain large oil nation. Maybe some of the leftover funding got into Sid Ryan's pocket too when CUPE recently boycott Israel. Isn't speculation wonderful?


  1. Liberal policy has allowed for terrorist cells to go relatively unnoticed until recently. Too much immigration too fast, with immigrants holding many government positions. Corruption in immigration. And just the overall Liberal attitude that all men are created equal. True in a perfect world, but those who are brought up in cultures of hate, cannot be treated with equal billing, and Liberals tend to take the side of the criminal/terrorist and allow them to blame society or other outside reasons for their actions.

    I know I'm overgeneralizing here, but I am talking about tendencies.

    Not sure what you mean by "not going anywhere"

  2. The moonbat wants your blog to go to Hades. He wants it to be blown in a thousand bits of blood and bone. That's where "anywhere" is. It's where your broken body parts are.

    Hey! Remember when the Liberal Immigration minister was allowing mass murderers and war criminals to immigrate from Somalia and Africa 20 years ago?

    He used that Clinton line: "Define a war criminal, What's the definition of a mass murderer. I see no goombas! Ve know nothing!"

    What's the definition of a war criminal? An immigration officer in Canada.

  3. Bacon what you got on your main page of your blog anyway? A zillion programs? It takes 10 minutes to load and abends 9 times out of ten. I was lucky to get this in.
    Flashplayer, media clips blow old machines up. U are a terrorist blog blowing up innocent poor people's software.

    see u some other century.

  4. Max, my computer is 3 years old and it takes 20 seconds tops to load my blog.

    I don't know what I can do to speed things up here.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Nevermind Bacon, I probably got the oldest cheapest computer in Canada with win 98, 1.2 G memory and the first basic pentium. Even the modem is only 36.6 not 52k though it is very efficient. What'd ya want for a nickel? I got everything: monitor, keyboard computer, everything for a 100 bucks, a discard from the University, still got the UNI initials carved in the monitor.

    Win 98 will stop being supported by microsoft his summer, Problem is now that various softwares such as macromedia or flashplayer and other useless advertising crud are abending my I.E. I can get around that by using OPERA or Firefox which are superior browsers. I just gotta do a general disk cleanup first and offload some files using my my RW-Combo this weekend.
    I think that the programmers were lazy they figured win 98 was on it's way out so they didn't bother making their internet software compatible.

    I am a small minority, probably your dog has a better computer.

  7. "Max, my computer is 3 years old and it takes 20 seconds tops to load my blog."

    Damn! I live in an Alzheimer's culture and Attention deficient culture. Three years old is supposed to be ancient?

    No wonder Canadians are screwed they can't remember the past and are dependendent on current technology dished out by their corporate masters like they are desperate survivors on a raft on the raging ocean.

    Those whose reality changes from moment to moment dished out by someone else's idea of what they need are doomed to go on blindly getting squashed like dumb cockroaches.

    That's how corporate power is turning Canadians into slaves because they can't remember who they are and they make them dependent on being wired into THEIR system.

    At first the internet looked like freedom.
    Now it looks like freedom is unplugging the computer.

  8. I had a go at that moonbat. It's always fun to take a bite out of them, they are such soft targets.

  9. Max, computers are getting cheaper, technology is not dictating what how we use a computer as much as it used to, now the consumer is dictating the route technology should go. This is a fairly recent happening. Yes, computers are ancient if they are over 3 or 4 years old. Technology is evolving too quick. Soon, our computers will be completely integrated with our TV sets...but we are not there yet.
    15 year old TV sets aren't ancient, but back in the early 70's a 4 years old TV was.

  10. I just read your comments there. Hilarious. You should check out the Ontario blogs link in my post, and go spread the good word. You'll find a few posts about Israel. I commented on quite a few.

  11. Off topic,

    I just saw on Pharyngula that "Dr." Kent Hovind has been hauled before a Federal judge and faces 55 counts including tax evasion and communicating threats to investigators. I guess the judge didn't believe his "Dino theme park" qualified as a church and was therefore tax exempt.

    Free Constantinople

  12. Yeah i posted some more there Bacon.
    But listen, the thing is they WANT to argue because they got nothing else to do.
    I've heard an analysis from European people , all the official lines are right winged. The leftist and Anti-American sentiment is not the official sentiment. Also the official rebukes are actually a way of sitting on the fence. They are trying to appease their Muslim populations... and they got big trouble with them ..riots in France remember. It's the same all over Europe.
    BTW it was Qatar , the terrorist supporting nation that tried to get the security council to stop Israel and the USA vetoed them .

    So about the blogs, they are losing, America is in Iraq, Saddam is gone, Israel is hitting Hamas and Hezbollah HARD. All the moonbat protests are empty. Let them rattle their bars it doesn't matter. They are dysfunctional or functionally insane, They're wining the Darwin award of the 21st century. They are following a philosophy which dooms them to extinction and nd an extinction by the vary people they seem to defend.
    We don't need to argue with moonbats, we elected Harper so we got him to make the official pronouncements .
    We can get on with real lives. The poor moonbats have nothing to do except smash their heads with rocks in there dysfunctional frustration.

  13. William, I have no idea why this letter didn't make more of a splash.

    It doesn't represent what the Arabs want to hear. That is for sure.

    But it would be nice to see this guy interviewed by CNN, Fox or MSN.

  14. Looks like Hezbollah will fight until there is no more Lebanon, to match Syria fighting until the last Pal.


  15. beaj are u covering the current ME affairs ?

  16. Liberal's always say you have to tolerant unless your dealing with Jewish people! Why hate the Jew's? Do they think that Islam is down with liberalism? Last time I checked it still wasn't ok to be GAY in islamic society!

  17. Boodge, Israel is looked at by the Liberals as the aggressors. Arabs are looked at the oppressed underdogs.

    Liberals take the perceived underdogs side 9 out of 10 times. Their perception though, is not too great.

  18. Yes, you are right Bacon, I've been checking with some friends, they say the left is totally anti-Israel nowadays. One guy says it wasn't that way 20 years ago, he says they had some actual commonsense platforms but now every thing is just so polarized..hate Bush therefore hate Israel.

    And I call it the Left not liberal as I consider myself liberal.

    I believe the left attracts a person with a psychological profile of dysfunction in their aggressive capability. They have some inability to deal directly with aggression and anger.As a result they pursue actions that encourage violence and death at the same time deploring any open expression of such actions. It's like a woman who acts like a tart but slaps anyone who gets fresh.

    They make their enemies into friends and their friends into enemies and in the end are left totally alone and consequently would be killed by their "friends" ...if it wasn't thats democratic righties like myself protect them.

  19. "Liberal's always say you have to tolerant unless your dealing with Jewish people! Why hate the Jew's? Do they think that Islam is down with liberalism? Last time I checked it still wasn't ok to be GAY in islamic society!"

    Yeah, last news item i saw on that was two teenagers being hung for homosexuality in Iran, they were 16.
    "Liberals " aren't quite sane. They don't have political platforms so much as psychological complexes. Don't expect them to make sense.

    A study of liberals always results studying a profile of emotional dysfunction.

  20. Max, I have tears in my eyes from your comments over at My blahg last nite. I just read them. Hilarious. And true.

  21. I'm glad you liked it, I regarded it as an exercise in creative writing. They seem rather aghast at the idea of writing anything as creative espression or poetry. Isn't it Ironic that "liberal" types are extremely conservative when it comes to literary exprssion. I don't mean swearing either, I mean anything that is not presented as "See spot run." (pick any intellectual writer from Joyce to Atwood) goes over their heads and actually infuriates them.

    My last two comments didn't make it before I was banned. I can reprint them here if you can take it , they might be spicy but to tell you the truth I can't remember. It's all blase to me. I mean swearing doesn't affect me, I notice the intent though and the intent annoys me so I never swear in any debate, but is just an exercise in creative function to me.

    I never swear in any debate because I consider that the party who does has lost the arguemnt and is not imparting information. However in a situation such as Blagh, I got tired of the merry go round so I decided since their accepted social manners were to swear and make ad hominems then I would show them how a real expert can do it.
    Hee hee, the old double standard, they didn't like it, and couldn't take it needless to say.

    Live by the potty mouth, die by the potty bum.

    One of my last banned comments was
    "Who do I have to F.. around here to get banned"?
    :) :) :)

  22. Fair enough, Bacon. you are using moonbats for what Aldous Huxley called "copy", ie. inspiration or source material. Once a writer asked him for advice , what he shuld use for "copy"? Huxley said a pair of cats would do.
    Well, I don't prefer Cats (I'm a dog person) or Moonbats but google news or CNN TV or just "google + my imagination/memory" will open up another dimension most anytime.
    I never have to restrain myself from cursing on the keyboard because I never feel the urge.If I do it like I did there it is for some deliberate and special purpose. and also their rules there were to curse, I took the rules to their logical conclusion to show them who they were.

    Even if I do it on the street it is with control and deliberation, firing for effect, usually in the face of combat or facing up to a bully and hoping to unsettle my opponent.
    Yes you read that right, some of them Toronto streets were mean, especially when I was poor.

  23. Max, I don't restrain from cursing on the Yahoo hate board. You should create an ID if you don't have one already and bitch slap the Paliphiles. It is great therapy. And the regular Paliphiles keep coming back for more.

    Check it out.

  24. Oh Man Bacon .
    You are EVIL. You invite me to another cesspool of dead fecal matter.

    Just looking at the titles make me shudder.
    I just got a hint taking a link off richard's no-libs website i got back to the blahg and saw "Israelis murder Canadians".
    la de dah What are they doing taking their children to Hizb controlled Lebanon? Early indoctrination?

    ok god! puke ! puke! clear my stomach.
    You got a strong stomoach if you can digest that manure Bacon. If you are reading that stuff you will need therapy. Take some meds or aspirin first.

    hahaha, I think i'll pass for now,, I got some good books here. and some good music . I'm reading Ostrovsky's "By way of decption" ...the canadian-Israeli Mossad traitor, it's very interesting, but i wish it wasn't there for the public to read the inner secrets of the mossad.

    But i will lay back and enjoy it knowing Israel is about to wipe out Hizb and maybe syria to boot. Nothing the screaming moonbats can do about it.
    I'll just come back in a week or so to the moonbats and say:
    "So do you want some more you loonytune nutters?" hahaha

    You must be going crazy reading all that garbage.

    BTW I ws talking today to my friend in Haifa, just NORTH of Haifa. She heard 18 rockets come down very loudly. Hizb is trying to blow something up that will kill a lot, a very lot of civlians. Israel is trying to kill the Hizb and get their rockets.

    There's the difference.

  25. That McClelland guy is one sick bitch.
    He doesn't have a clue.

    I would still like to see you post on the hate board. You would be very welcomed there.

  26. Well bacon maybe I'll give it a go, I still got lots of acid left in the barrel, a pity not to use it I guess.

    How far can I go there without being banned?

  27. So which threads are prime targets?

  28. hey bacon!
    I lasted about 90 minutes before I found that I suddenly couldn't post.
    It's a really tame place.

    I posted as maple_metsada. I didn't swear much, the worst was i think
    "Allah Fucktar" and I advocated the usual nuimber of graves to be dug, bodies to be bullet-riddled and cities to be vaporized in my own humorous and poetic style.

    I never make it too personal and I never make threats or anything like that but sigh I think for some strange reason when I'm talking about dead terrorists some people think I'm talking about them. I wonder why?

    Anyway there were a lot of stong Israeli supporters and anti-terrorists saying exactly what i was saing so I think they'll do fine. Perhaps they know the social graces and can tiptoe through the tulips better than I. I'm just a clumsy elephant whn it comes to being gentle with moonbats.

    As I left , some guy was telling a moon bat that Israel (they) were winning, Hizbulla was being killed and there was nothing the moonbats could do about it except whine...same thing i've said over and over to the other moonbats that were trying to waste my time.

    anyway there are so many people there and so many conversations, any one voice has really no effect. It's dizzying just to keep track of the conversations.

    Ok I've done my bit., back to my other researches.

  29. Max, sometimes an ID will timeout if you make 10 posts too quickly. Early morning is usually dead, it picks up later, that is when the retarded Jewhaters and Arab supporters arrive.

  30. Yeah ok bacon, i'm back in
    Yeah there are a lot of retarded HJewhaters and Arab supporters,
    But there are alot of Pro-Israelis adn pro-americans also.

    BTW Israeli troops have entered Lebanon.
    I saw on tv about the Lebanese family killed , they are Hizbollah supporters and it suspiciously looks like they used their children as human shields in a house storing weapons. They had lots of time to get out and they refused to get out.

    and get this , the family is going to do a "Cindy Sheehan " to try to stop/influence Harpert ... really sick political scum.