August 28, 2006


Ghazi Hamad, is a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority government and a former newspaper editor. He is also a Palestinian who is actually telling the truth.

Mr. Hamad wrote an introspective piece that was published Sunday on some Palestinian news Web sites.

I don't know who hates him more for it though, Arab Muslims or Moonbats. Arab Muslims for stating the obvious that they have been trying to dance around for 58 years, or Moonbats for being conned by the Arab dancing and actually putting blame where blame deserves.

OK, here is much of what he said:

"When you walk in the streets of Gaza City, you cannot but close your eyes because of what you see there: unimaginable chaos, careless policemen, young men carrying guns and strutting with pride and families receiving condolences for their dead in the middle of the street."
OK, so far, he is just observing stuff. Right now, his fellow Arab Muslims are thinking "of course this happening, damn Israel, damn Zionists, damn USA." Moonbats are thinking "This wouldn't be happening if Israel didn't exist. Poor Palestinians, look what the Jews make them do."

"Gaza is suffering under the yoke of anarchy and the swords of thugs," Hamad wrote. "I remember the day when Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip and closed the gates behind. Then, Palestinians across the political spectrum took to the streets to celebrate what many of us regarded as the Israeli defeat or retreat. We heard a lot about a promising future in the Gaza Strip and about turning the area into a trade and industrial zone."
OK Mr. Hamad, you started by observing reality, but don't tell me you fell for what the Palestinians talk about growing a nation. You should have read my blog post from just over a year ago.

Hamad said the "culture of life" that prevailed in the Strip has since been replaced with a nightmare. "Life became a nightmare and an intolerable burden," he said. "Today I ask myself a daring and frightening question: 'Why did the occupation return to Gaza?' The normal reply: 'The occupation is the reason.'"

So Hamad is saying that since the Jews left, the culture of life has left. Now all there is a culture of death. I coulda told him that. The idea of an "occupation" is just one very large Red Herring, the problem is the culture which is one of hate.

Dismissing Israel's responsibility for the growing state of anarchy and lawlessness in the Gaza Strip, Hamad said it was time for the Palestinians to embark on a soul-searching process to see where they erred.

"We're always afraid to talk about our mistakes," he added. "We're used to blaming our mistakes on others. What is the relationship between the chaos, anarchy, lawlessness, indiscriminate murders, theft of land, family rivalries, transgression on public lands and unorganized traffic and the occupation? We are still trapped by the mentality of conspiracy theories - one that has limited our capability to think."
Are you embarrassed yet Moonbats? Do you feel really stupid yet? Or are you too stupid to understand that Hamad just called you a bunch of dupes?

Hamad admitted that the Palestinians have failed in developing the Gaza Strip following the Israeli withdrawal and in imposing law and order. He said about 500 Palestinians have been killed and 3,000 wounded since the Israeli pullout, in addition to the destruction of much of the infrastructure in the area.

By comparison, he said, only three or four Israelis have been killed by the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip over the same period.

"Some will argue that it's not a matter of profit or loss, but that this has an accumulating effect" he said. "This may be true. But isn't there a possibility of decreasing the number of casualties and increasing our gains by using our brains and making the proper calculations away from demagogic statements?"
Asking Palestinians to collectively think might be harder than turning a crocodile into a vegetarian. Palestinians collectively are driven by emotion..........hate. As long as they whine victimhood, they are doomed.

The Hamas official said that while his government was unable to change the situation, the opposition was sitting on the side and watching and PA President Mahmoud Abbas was as weak as ever.

"We have all been attacked by the bacteria of stupidity," he remarked. "We have lost our sense of direction and we don't know where we're headed."

OK, I go along with the bacteria of stupidity. But I think that attack occurred around 1400 years ago. I think he is escaping reality by doing a bit of that Arab pride thingy when he says that the Palestinians have LOST their sense of direction.
I don't think they ever had it, and they never showed that they have thought more than one move ahead. Are my Moonbat readers upset by Hamad calling Palestians stupid collectively? They sure get mad at me when I say it.

Addressing the various armed groups in the Gaza Strip, Hamad concluded: "Please have mercy on Gaza. Have mercy on us from your demagogy, chaos, guns, thugs, infighting. Let Gaza breathe a bit. Let it live."
Nice words, but he should have said it in sign language. If Palestinians were capable of self criticism collectively, there would be a real shot at peace.

Thanks to Jordan who brought this to my attention in the comments on Atheist Girl's wonderful blog.

See also the Quada Blog, Common Sense America, and Captain Quarters for more.


  1. Even if he is 100% correct Hamad may have signed his own death warrant.

    I wonder if hamad could hire Salman Rushdie as a consultant.

  2. Takes guts to say stuff like that even if it is self-evident since people have gotten killed for saying such things.

  3. echoing anna- I just hope that the guy doesn't get shot.

  4. There is more. SO MUCH MORE!

    It is like an awakening is going on (jinx... crap, don't want to blow it).

    As I am sure you know, I was very worried about the recent Lebanon war. Israel was losing support, too many innocents lost, and worse of all Hezbollah seemed to be gaining support.

    But its amazing how sentimates have changed in in Lebanon, how quickly "Arab unity" against Israel has vanished, and while there is no love for the Jews, I am astounded how many people now blame Hezbollah for the mess.

    Lebanese politicians are now talking about "peace deals" with Israel. The Lebanese army are seizing weapons from Hezbollah left, right, and center without much resistance. Christians are furious at Hezbollah for using their community to launch rockets. Syria's President pissed off, well... everyone. And in their own words, Hezbollah vindicated Israel's actions by saying they would not have proceeded if they knew the response thus bringing back the classic idea of "deterant".

    And its not just Lebanze blogs (i.e. that are putting the Islamists in their place:

    1. Iranians seem to have had it with living in poverty while their oil wealth goes to foreign terrorists groups

    2. Egyptian intellectuals are growing a pair and asking for a "jihad" AGAINST consperacy theories and failed ideologies.

    3. Even digitally arranged asked for the Arab/Islamic world to take some responsibility by speaking out against forced conversion (although of course the usual Israel and America are unjust moral relativism and the comments really took to the idea that the two journalist IDENTICAL pro-Palestinian statements given while standing next to armed Hamas were 100% authentic... sigh)

    The Arab/Islamic world might be waking up. Now if we can just keep the terror excusing moral-relativists on our side under control, we might have something.

    Its exciting again.

  5. Jordan:

    Don't get carried away just yet. A bit of talk is good, but it does not make the weather.

    BEAJ: I used the Palicaust definition from your dictionary. Check out the comment section here:

  6. Thanks for your kind words about my blog, AJ.

    And jordan, if you ever create a blog of your own, I would be the first to add you to my favorate list of blogs.

  7. Given that Hamad is Palestinian--and, as you noted, "a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority government and a former newspaper editor", why would you say this: "Nice words, but he should have said it sign language. If Palestinians were capable of self criticism collectively, there would be a real shot at peace"?

    Don't you think that's just more of the thinking that keeps this misery going?

  8. Roya, Jordan should have a blog or at least be a contributor at someones blog. But his own blog would be a great idea, even if he just made a post once a week.

    Ron, don't shoot me for making an observation. Many Arabs throughout the Palestinian conflict have come out with honest words, but the masses wind up ignoring them. One person's enlightenment no matter what his position is, won't stop the misery. Look what the Palestinians did collectively after the Gaza pullout....they voted against the party that was mostly responsible for it, and instead voted in Hamas, a known terrorist organization bent on the destruction of Israel.

  9. AHHH... thanx guys! But I get my kicks from commenting on your provacative blogs! :)

    shlemazl, you right. Its almost a cliche that every sign of hope gets torn to bits in the middle east. However, I have some sense of optimism that the vast majority of Lebanese will choose GDP growth over "resisting" the evil zionists living next to them. And as every day without tourists hits their wallets, the Party of G-d's value is dimeshing.

    But negotiating a peace treaty between the two countries will be the most dangerous time for Lebanon internally. The Shiates may feel isolated and can easily launch another attack knowing Israeli retaliation can unite the country once again. Any peace treaty will have to include a joint effort to dessimate Hezbollah, even if it is only a token effort by Lebanon.

    One thing I feel guilty of is being happy about the lack of Arab/Islamic unity. It took about 5 minutes for Syria's president to call other nations "half men", not to mention Shiate vs Sunni vs Persian vs Arab vs Kurd vs Turk vs Socialist Nationalist vs Muslim Brotherhood vs Nation Pride vs Civil war. Lets face it, if the Arab/Islamic world ever united they could take out not just Israel but also be a formidable challenge to (semi) free Europe. But in the tradition of tyranny, mainstreame Islam is at war with itself FAR MORE than infidels. If nothing else proves the danger of an ideology, its how it treats its followers.

  10. Hi Bacon, I've been searching to see if there are any Anti-Islamofascist societies or Organizations in Canada or the USA.

    Asoundingly, other that the B'nai B'rith, I can't find a one.

    Am i wrong?

    I left inquiries on a few blogs labelling themsleves "Anti-Islamonazi" but all I got in return was silence.

    Knock Knock! Anyone home in Canada? A political opportunity awaits the right leader. This is the chance for a new political party. Not only can we clean up Islamofascism in Canada we can get in a party to get trid of the cororate-political oligarchy and replace it with a democracy and dismantle the monopolistic corporate owned media and replace it with the voices of real

  11. Bacon, are you voting Conservative next round? I am deeply conflicted. I am a liberal on most issues including gay rights, universal health care, and economic policy.

    But I feel betrayed by the Liberals tolerance of fascist groups like Hezbollah. It feels like Canada is becoming more European in terms of blaming all the worlds evils on Israel.

    This is the first time that my Canadian and Jewish values have ever been in conflict. It is ironic that liberals must depend on conservatives to do what is necessary to protect my left-wing values.

  12. Max, the PC party is pretty anti-Islamonazi right now.

    Jordan, I just joined the Blogging for Tories blogroll. I used to be non Partisan, I didn't really care which party was long as it wasn't the NDP's. I felt that either party would make the same decisions that would have little difference on my life no matter who got in....and that once in power, either party would become more like the other party.

    But now, I feel that Liberal policies have had a bad affect on Canada, and I am taking a stand. I am liberal when it comes to gay marriage, abortion, etc, but I think common sense will win out on those matter who is in power.....but our future as a free society is in danger because of Moonbat Liberal immigration policy for example....and it must be stopped.

    Vote PC.

  13. Jordan, not sure if you read this, but it addresses your dilemma.

  14. It makes my dilemma worse :)

    Are we becoming Europeanized? When the population of voting Muslims surpasses that of Jews, there seems to a radical policy shift. Suddenly appeasement and selling out Israel to win cheap votes becomes in favor... specially in Quebec.

    Jews aren't particularly loud so what the hell does France care if they use Israeli-bashing to placate a very angry and isolated Muslim population. Ironically, we turn on the group that doesn't light cars on fire.

    Hezbollah uses the Nazi salute in their ceromonies. How could my Liberal party take their side? Damn it!

  15. No, Bacon a REAL dedicated anti-Islamofascist Organization. One that counters every propaganda move by the Islamofascists in Canada.
    PC is a little good , but is pitiful, if that's all we got , we got nothing.

    Something like this:

    A Question:

    Is there any anti-Islamonazi society or organization in Canada or the USA for that matter. I am Canadian in Western Canada It seems there is only truth in the internet.

    We need a real organization to stand up to the Islamonazis and stand up to the MSM, with memberships newsletters pamphleteers, statements to the media, offices, fax, telephones HQ national organization to unite regional disparate groups, we could even form a new party foundation totally committed to anti-Islamonazis etc etc just like the Arab and Muslim groups in Canada have. Every time they propagandize in the MSM , we counter propagandize against with our own statement and influence the media to make them heard. like demonstrations etc.
    The first war is in Canada and the first enemy is the media and the system wherein freedom of speech is used to destroy us and tolerance is used to tolerate subversive deadly enemies. We need laws to change these things ASAP or it is too late.

    So what you are saying Bacon, is that we got nothing?

    Found this in the USA:

    nothiing in Canada.

  16. So far, I am not overly concerned about Canada. I must admit, I was very impressed with the Muslim communitie's response to the Toronto terror plot.

    No "Palestine this" and "Foreign policy that" that you find in Britian.

    Instead, I saw responsible Muslim leaders saying "we have work to do". Not a useless apology but rather good Canadians taking collective responsibility for their community.

    This is largely in part to Canada's "selective immagration" policy seeking highly educated individuals. Even if their skill-set does not transfer, the culture they pass on to their kids makes Canada's future bright. Fundementalists, on the other hand, don't have much time to pursuit scientific degrees when they are memorizing the Quran/Bible/Whatever. Therefore, they are last on our "come to Canada" list.

    But since Lebanon, things have changed. The Hezbollah flag in Montreal and Toronto worries the hell out of me. Hopefully, much of the new pro-Hezbollah eliments will move back to Lebanon. I hope they take their romantic "resistance" philosophy with them.

  17. Bacon, what do you think of the Conservative's party GST tax cut? Personally, I thought it was rediculous and hard to enforce. A personal income tax cut would have been more effective (promotes investment) and much easier to impliment.

    I am also not crazy about them keeping the gay marriage issue on the table... let it go, Canadians are largely cool with the decision.

    Finally, I consume marijuana and am obviously not crazy about the Conservatives drug policy. Except for crystal meth, I do not support the supply side approach, specially now that the Taliban are funding themselves off opium.

    Fortinately, an election is far off so there is still time for a clearer picture to develop.

  18. I don't think marijuana wlll become an will remain like prostitution....I'd like to legalize both, but it won't happen soon.

    The GST tax cut of 1% doesn't mean too much. I don't feel any richer. You know they make it up somewhere else...alcohol and cigarettes for instance....I don't smoke, but my wife does...I hardly drink....

    Max, start up something....I'm sure you will get members.

  19. Oh yeah also the conservatives just gave 30.5 mil to "Lebanon" (meaning 99 percent goes to Hezbollah source Brigitte Gabriel) and all is used to prop up support for Hezbollah.

    Not a useless apology but rather good Canadians taking collective responsibility for their community.

    Jordan is WRONG.Every Muslim group came out pro-Hezbollah in this crisis
    and they ALREADY WERE PRO-JIHADIST. None of the religious leaders of Muslims has denounced Jihad. Look carefully at their statements.. "work to do" all carefully vaguely worded, even the supposed united Imam declaration only denounces "hate" not Jihadis terror so it can actually be used against anti-Islamofascists. Check out some of the Islamic forums in Canada and you'll see only the tip of the iceberg.

    OK I'll round up a couple of gophers round here and start an anti-Islamofascist society. If I'm all Canada has got then Canada is screwed.
    If I moved to the city I'll get nuked like the rest of the Canadian fools.

    The comments and silence here reveal complacency , and an attitude as if the government was "on it". Boy are you people screwed. But then again you have been for years. didn't anyone notice 20 years ago that a small corporate elite owns the media and although theoretically we have "free speech" there is nowhere to speak freely?
    Did you also notice that u have only one domestic political party ? The corporate Party? Did you notice that the liaison between corporate sector and politicians its TOTAL and is NEVER reported in the media? That the corporations are quietly changing all the laws so that they own the patents to life, plants, parks, all good nature and your souls?
    Do you remember them installing the GST against the wishes of 98 percent of Canadians?
    Do you remember them stealing millions with total impunity, the money never returned and nobody ever punished?

    Didn't notice that eh?
    That's caz yer Canadians.
    Brainwashed, apathetic and pathetic.

  20. And then when you rub the noses of Canadians in their own feces which they left all over the floor they go all silent and catatonic-like harbouring their deep resentment under a string of closed incoherent thoughts blaming the other guy for the stink of their shit.

  21. I disagree with you Max. I take the statement "we have work to do" at face value. To be honest, I was expecting a more "blame everyone else" type of response. In fact, I would suggest that ultra-left-wing academics were more than willing to blame the usual suspects while the Islamic community rather take responsibility.

    I don't want to come across with the idea that Canada is immune to Jihad culture. I am just suggesting that in comparison to 80% of other democracies, we are doing relatively well. I hope it stays that way.

  22. You are wrong Jordan and very dimmini. ASk him or any of those leaders if that "work" involves dnouncing Global Islamic Jihad. Because if it doesn't then the "work" is to work on our defences.
    Ask him or any of their leaders to say the exact words:


    THEN add nastyfella and THE IRANIAN lunatic and the rest of it and tape record it.

    And have that leader also say:

    Becasue if they don't say that then the "work" is meaningless and they are just biding their time until the Jihadists win
    Then the "work" is over.

    "I am just suggesting that in comparison to 80% of other democracies, we are doing relatively well. I hope it stays that way."

    You are TOTALLY deluded. We are the worst, according to all our own reports by our own intelligence agencies.

    This is the problem. even a guy like Jordan here has no idea of what is happening in Canada. The MSM are not telling the truth and the whole story. We are RIDDLED with Hezbollah, not hezbollah supporters but HEZBOLLAH. And every single Muslim leader has come out in support of Islamofascism and the terrorist party of Hezbollah.

    Hey Jordan, lok up the Muslim websites in Calgary and have a look at the news stories and look at the forum.

    What is happening is that the whole Canadain public is deluded like Jordan here. Then one day when they wake up it wil be too late. Our internal defences will be destroyed and the lightining from Hezbollah wil fall upon us.
    Look at Londinistan, we are heading much much worse and it will happen clandestinely like an HIV infection, one day you will wake up and find out you have HezobollAIDS and have a month to live.

  23. Max, Jordan is far from deluded. He is just showing some optimism here. Max, I still believe the tide can turn...but I think we are years and years away from it.
    In the meantime, you are right, we have to remain vigilant, and defensive.

  24. I am just suggesting that in comparison to 80% of other democracies, we are doing relatively well. I hope it stays that way.
    # posted by Jordan"

    Deluded is as deluded does.

  25. We don't have years Bacon. Britain is very possibly finished. They have gone past an invisible tipping point.

    Unleess there is something NEW to stop the process, we also are finished. The ongoing processes now lead to an inevitable conclusion.
    Canada does not even have one single anit-islamofascist orgaization. Yet we have 800,000 Muslims organized and established in pro-terrrorist activities and Islamic agendas. They have a very smart and organized leadership abroad in several countries. There is a two way assistance process with those leaders.
    The Canadian Press is the faithful little bitch of the Islamic-Leftist Alliance.
    Unless somehow we can get change the ownership of the MSM and start putting out a defensive message we are quite finished.

    The only other thing that can save us is a nuclear attack.
    That will save us because it would radicalize us in the way we need to be radicalized.
    So our best bet is for a mushroom cloud to save us the nation as a whole.

    Perhpas it is no matter in terms of evolution. A civilization that refuses to defend itself has no business surviving history.

    In that case , every day is a bonus, do everything you wanted to do and don't worry about tomorrow.
    There isn't any.
    Don't have children.