August 9, 2006


Ok, that is a quick video. The chant is "Khaybar Khaybar Ya Sahyun... Hezbollah Qadimun..." This means "Khaybar Khaybar O Zionists... Hezbollah is Coming..."

What is significance of Khaybar you might ask? A place in Saudi Arabia? What the heck does that have to do with Lebanon and Israel?

From Wikipedia:

The Battle of Khaybar (Arabic: معركة خيبر‎) was fought in the year 629 between Muhammad and his followers against the Jews living in Khaybar, an oasis located 150 kilometers (95 miles) from Medina in the area of Hejaz of the western part of the Arabian peninsula in what is nowadays Saudi Arabia. Contemporary scholars believe that Muhammad moved to attack Khaybar in order to raise his prestige among his followers, as well as to capture booty to sustain subsequent conquests.[1][2]
Conquests? You mean to say that Muslims conquered land. But I thought you anti-Zionists say that Jews conquered Palestine.

The battle ended with Muhammad's victory, which allowed him to gain sufficient money, weapons, and support from local tribes to capture Mecca just 18 months after Khaybar.[3]
And this was just part of a bigger conquest? But, but.

The defeated Jews were reduced to serfdom.
Serfdom? I don't know what that is, but I doubt it has anything to do with beaches, waves, and chicks in bikinis.

They surrendered on condition of paying tribute to Muhammad and giving up all their land to Muslims. Some scholars hold that this agreement did not cover the Banu Nadir tribe, which had sought refuge in Khaybar after their expulsion from Medina, and that the Muslims beheaded all the men of Banu Nadir, sparing only the lives of the Khaybarian Jews.[4] But this issue is contentious. Jews continued to live in the oasis for several more years until they were finally expelled by caliph Umar.
Jews gave THEIR land to Muslims? The UN didn't even make Muslims give up their land to Jews when they came up with the partition.

The imposition of tribute upon the conquered Jews served as a precedent for provisions in the Islamic law requiring the exaction of tribute known as jizya from dhimmis, i.e. non-Muslims under Muslim rule, and confiscation of land belonging to non-Muslims into the collective property of the Muslim community.
Jewish owned land became Muslim state land. That didn't even happen when Israel was created, Muslim owned land was not to be affected by the partition.

So this is what the idiotic blood lusting terrorists of Hezbollah are chanting? They are celebrating in chant the fact that Jews had their land taken by conquerers.
Isn't this what the Palestinians (albeit falsely) have been bitching about for 58 years? Isn't this what they claim the Jews did to the Palestine region? And some Moonbats wonder why I call Arab terrorists, their supporters, and other enablers, ASSMONKEYS.

It is funny that Arabs have to go back over 1300 years to find a victory over the Jews to sing about.

By the way, mention this story to a Paliphile, and they will laugh it off.

Today link would be funny if it wasn't true: Todays Koran Lesson


  1. You mean there are anti-Zionists? I though everyone loved Jews. Next thing you'll tell me is that people believe a cabal of Jews are running the world or something.

  2. Islamists have their heads stuffed so far up their asses, they believe it still is the 7th century. (And they have their treatment of women to prove it.)

  3. Here are all of the comments after you showed up at TMQ:

    Dear Bacon Eating Atheist Jew-

    I promise, we'll try harder next time to say something you already don't know, instead of filling your head with things you already know.

    Plus, with a little luck we might say them in ways that make you think you already knew them when in fact you never already didn't not know them.

    And we might, if we're amazingly lucky, say whatever it is that you already don't know in a way that you've already never read it and never realized before how much you might like reading it if only we had written it already.

    Your Friend,


    By Shlomo Muslim Ph.D., at August 09, 2006 7:12 PM

    Oh, and about the Muzzies not listening. Don't kid yourself. Our hits are coming from Muzzie countries wherever and whenever. They come from cool, calm and collected Muzzies as well as from whacked out and soon to be whacked-off Muzzies, may they spill their seeds on the ground instead of sticking them inside the camels of their intimate pleasures.

    The Muzzies know we're here. There. And everywhere. And the more we get read, the more they know we're affecting the discourse in a way the discourse has needed to be affected for far too long.

    The Muzzies can't go on intimidating MSM and everyone else with a public voice. We exist to make our voice public.

    And that is why I thank you for reading what we have to say. Hopefully we'll tickle that pleasure spot of yours next go-around.

    Most Devotedly Your Writer,

    With God-Speed,

    Shlomo T. Muslim, Ph.D.
    (T. stands for The)

    By Shlomo Muslim Ph.D., at August 09, 2006 7:18 PM

    Dear Bacon Eating Atheist Jew,
    You know too much. It's the border line web browser who watches CNN we hope to educate. Thanks for tuning in,you honor me ,sir. Keep on sticking it to these hose heads.

    By Lawrence of Bessarabia, at August 09, 2006 7:29 PM

    I feel like blowing shit up.

    By Lance, at August 09, 2006 8:06 PM

  4. Hey Bacon Eating Jew-

    Have a good BLT lately?


  5. Lance and Shlomo, thanks for popping by.

  6. Hilarious commentary!

    "So this is what the idiotic blood lusting terrorists of Hezbollah are chanting? They are celebrating in chant the fact that Jews had their land taken by conquerers. Isn't this what the Palestinians (albeit falsely) have been bitching about for 58 years?"

    The islamoleftist Ned Lamont crowd will always be impervious to logic. Any effort of the mind is wasted with these people.

    On a different subject, how did you get to post at God is for Suckers? Comrade Sean has been deleting *my* posts for quite a while.

  7. I'm not banned YET Jason. In fact my blog is on their blogroll. But Sean didn't put it there.

  8. I wasa banned from DKos for pointing out their antisemitism. Anyway, keep up the good work of this blog. I am adding you on my links list. :-)

  9. So, who did the Jews beat up to get the land? Don't tell me it was empty when you arrived.

    No, we need to go back to the first person ever to set foot on the land, find his ancestors and give it to him.

    I hope to Christ it isn't me.

  10. Simon, land back then didn't have to be acquired aggressively.

    I'm sure the Buddhists didn't beat anyone up when they settled.

    The Zoroastrians were pretty peaceful too, and many lost their heads to the new Muslim movement.

    And your married sex life won't get any better with time either:)

  11. May it be another 1300 years, at least, before they get the chance to celebrate again!

  12. Yawn!

    What does 1500 year old history have to do with European Jews stealing Arab land?

    Nada but twits like BEAJ will try and draw a parallel.



  13. No land was stolen by the Jews. Sorry BDE. But your rhetoric won't fly here.

    But like I said, Paliphiles will laugh off this story.

  14. BEAJ,

    You know that BDE is part of that wonderful group of people who insist that the truth be drowned out with their lies. We have shown many times that the Jews did not steal any land. But the truth is inconvenient to those who wish a group of people be destroyed.

    Keep up the Good Fight BEAJ.

  15. Apparently, "Mousterian Neanderthals" were the first to live there. The only way justice can be done is to create some from DNA (Jurassic Park style) and give the land to them.

    I'm not sure how well Mousterian Neanderthals will do ruling a country, but I'm sure they can't do any worse than Bush.

    If you're telling me the Semitic people just moved in peacefully, setting up camp, waving at their neighbours in a friendly style, inviting them over for Sunday tea, I don't believe you, mate.

  16. Simon, unless you can cite a historical war or conflict that the Jews of Saudi Arabia were involved in, why can't Jews settle in a certain community that could have been barren land prior to their arrival?
    The Palestine region was 80% barren in 1900.
    When Clovis Man came over from France just after the last ice age to live in North America, they settled without war...until the "Native" Americans came and ate them.

  17. My girlfriend is about 80% barren (or worse) now she's in her mid 40s, does that mean I should expect families of Jewish people to start settling on her in the near future?!!

    Wikipedia says "Over the following centuries it acquired a Muslim, Arabic-speaking majority, through conversion, language shift from Aramaic, and immigration."

    The troubles really started after the Jews demanded their own nation and started fighting the British and the Arabs, and so UN decided to create a partition (Just like with Northern Ireland) which left the Muslims of that area in a minority, under a Jewish leadership.

    The partition of Ireland meant the Catholics of Northen Ireland found themselves in a minority, under the rule of the Protestants.

    Everything was fine until the Catholics found themselves the victims of prejudice - the Protestants treated them like 2nd class citizens.

    I'm sure something similar happened in Israel.

  18. The earliest troubles I am aware of were Arab riots in the 1920s against Jews; the Jews did not start fighting anyone - they were peacefully buying up and cultivating land from the 19th century. The Balfour Declaration, promising the Jews a homeland, predated any fighting I'm aware of.

    The Arabs never were worried about being in the minority; their opposition then and now stems from simple bigotry - that Jews should not be in positions of power (including land-ownership) in the Middle East. The Jews brought great prosperity to the area and Arabs benefited greatly, and the normal Palestinian Arab in the street had no problem with this (in fact, they immigrated to Palestine from other areas by the tens of thousands in the 30's). The Arab leadership combined shortsightedness with bigotry to oppose any Jewish power over land that the Arabs themselves had pretty much ignored for centuries.

    One can argue that Arabs were considered second class citizens after Israel itself was established (as were Sephardic Jews) but this is way after the events you are describing. The Arabs are fighting for their wounded pride at the success of the Jews more than anything else.