September 27, 2006

Finally, an Atheist blogroll

Ever since I got rejected from the Blasphemy webring I have contemplated starting an Atheist blogroll. I'm a member of many blogrolls already, but there was a definite void in cyberspace. I gave up on the idea of starting one because it finally became apparent to me that I am far too lazy. But luckily, Mojoey at Deep Thoughts has shown some go-getter characteristics and started one.

For those Godless bloggers who don't about it yet, go here and sign up.

I'm thinking of purging Atheist blogs off my main blogroll to avoid being redundant. But I might be too lazy to do that.


  1. Where does the colour scheme of the banner come from? Reminds my of PA flag.

  2. Same here -- I kept meaning to add an "atheists" section to my sidebar, but it was enough of a bother just keeping all of my other categories current... Luckily Mojoey decided to do the work!! :D

    BTW, hi, you don't know me, but I'm "the atheist Mormon" ;-)

  3. Shlemazl, you got PA paranoia. He did use your avatar colors at least.

    Hi CL, I actually did my purge today removing Atheists that are listed on the new blogroll, and I moved up the Atheist blogroll up ahead of my regular (mostly believers now) blogroll.
    I take a lot of heat calling myself an Atheist Jew. But I can get away with it because Jews are an ethnicity and/or religion. You might be stretching it a bit to call Mormons an ethnicity, but I'm open to the arguments.

  4. That's interesting that people would give you trouble for identifying as a Jew despite being an atheist. Just judging from my own circle of friends, I had thought that Jewish atheists were not uncommon.

    One of my friends was telling me once about how in her family they place a lot of value on their Jewish identity, and don't pry so much into the question of who actually believes in God and who doesn't. I remember thinking "Wow, that's cool!" because it's totally not like that for the Mormons. (This friend is now married to a non-Jewish atheist guy, and their raising their kids as Jews.)

    But I've found that a lot of people who come from multi-generational Mormon families retain this weird sort of home-team pride in this plucky little new American world religion. So one of the ideas I promote on my blog is that disbelief isn't always equivalent to rejecting your heritage, and I generally hold up the Jews as a good example of this.

    Of course a two-hundred-year-old religion doesn't have the same kind of claim on being an ethnicity as a multi-thousand-year-old one (no matter how inbred we may be ;-) ), so when I identify as a "cultural Mormon atheist" I'm sort of joking and sort of not joking...

  5. I can go along with the cultural Mormon thingy.
    You still have to deal with family get togethers, so just when you think you have left.....they try to pull you back you get a good dose of good ole Mormon customs and rituals.

    Us Jews bond with bagels and cream cheese and lox.

  6. Since I consider myself an atheist, I guess I should put my name on the roll. But I'm also a cynic and a sceptic and that would make me feel uncomfortable since I don't belong to any organization, club or group and as Groucho Marx once said, "I don't want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member".

  7. Yes, you should Lex. It aint an organization really, it just increases your exposure.
    You want your Grapes of Writh blog read don't you?