September 15, 2006

Finally A Show Where The Main Character Is Godless

I really enjoy the new sitcom Lucky Louie, available on HBO. Sure, it is a tad crude....OK, it is very crude, but man is crude(by man, I mean woman too), and this show doesn't sugarcoat it. I can really relate to this guy, but I also can relate to Tony Soprano.
Here are a couple of my favorite scenes. Language/content warning:

The next one is only over a minute, and you can't really make out what stops Louie from thinking about death near the end of it. Lets just say his wife was very handy in temporarily stopping Louie's futile and existential thinking.

There was no question what his wife was doing, by the way, when I viewed them much clearer TV version.


  1. If I recall, on the show Rosanne, when the child ask his parents what religion we follow:

    Mom - "We don't follow a religion, we believe in just being good people"

    Dad - "But we are not observant"

  2. I'm a big fan of Louis CK, he is absolutely hilarious. He has done some movies and short films, and is extremely talented. You can find clips of him performing a ton of stand-up on his site,, and it is definately worth a visit.

    Had to get a plug in for one of my favorites.

  3. Thanks Flamingo, there is some really funny stuff there.

  4. LOL, excellent, can't wait to see it here is Australia.