November 18, 2006

I Admit It; I Am Going To Watch The OJ Interview

......but I will turn the channel during the commercials.

I watched the trial and I was disgusted by the outcome. They couldn't have have got a dumber jury if they tried. I don't know for a fact, but I would be willing to guess that most if not all the jury were Young Earth Creationists because they were the most gullible anti-science people put together outside of an Evangelical Church.

This is where I get to show my Atheist morality. Many people are convinced that God will take care of OJ, when his time comes. Well I'm not on that list. I can't say how I would react to such a tragic situation, and I hope I never will, but I'm pretty sure that if I experienced what the Goldman or Brown family experienced, I doubt OJ would be prancing around on golf courses, to say the least. I'm an eye for an eye type of guy.

Now back to the interview. I am fascinated by liars and frauds on TV and on the internet. I'm big on psychology too. I won't be buying the book though, not that this is a big deal......I rarely buy books.

One thing I've heard regarding what OJ is saying these days is that IF he did it, there was an accomplice. Guess what?, I believe there was, and he (or she, probably a he though) can be tried from what I understand.

Is this OJ's way of getting back at the accomplice? I wonder who it is. Probably Al Cowlings. Maybe Kato Kaelin. Perhaps the deceased Robert Kardashian. Remember those names? It was the trial of the century.

I can wait for the interview, but I'm definitely watching it.


  1. I'm not sure most of it was the jury's fault in this case. I think he is guilty just as you do, but the police and prosecution screwed that case up, not the jurors. When you plant evidence and make a weak case that gets exploited by a team of the best defense attorneys in the country, and lose, it's not fair to blame to people who decided it.

    I think the jury really had no choice in this case, the prosecution sucked and the police were crooked...nothing more to say really.

    I probably won't be watching the interview, and I definately won't be buying the book. It's pretty despicable to me that he continues to make money and yet hasn't payed the families a dime.

  2. You are correct that the prosecution made many errors, but I heard them afterwards...some said they think he didn't do it.

    That is much different than having reasonable doubts.

  3. My personal opinion? Which I admit is not based on an indepth study of the case, but rather my personal impression of what happened.

    He was a man with a history of anger management issues and wife bashing. I think that either he, and/or an accomplice were jumped up on coke of something similar and decided to go round and harrass her, or "teach her a lesson."

    It got out of hand, he and or the accomplice, lost the plot and killed his wife and her boyfriend.

    When he came down and realized the extent of what he had done,
    he ran like hell.


  4. I will just have to wait for your analysis of the interview, because I can't bring myself to watch it. Just seeing a commercial for it made me both sick to my stomach and furious. I'm really disgusted that he is actually being given a forum to spew this shit. I hope that whatever karma has in store for him happens soon.

  5. I was amayzed that surveys afterwards suggested that the majority of the white community believed he was guilty, and the majority of the black community believed he was innocent.

    You wouldn't think one's race would have such a significant effect on judgement.

    Personally, I think he is guilty as sin but the jury made the right decision based on the evidence presented.

    Dershawertz afterwards stated that the trial proved there are two justice systems. One for the rich and one for the poor.

  6. After working nearly 2 decades in forensic psych I'm not at all curious about the interview so I won't be watching. There is nothing new about this sociopath.

    As far as the jury being "Young Earth Creationists", um, don't think so. Anyone who doesn't get that this WAS about race...well, I don't know what to tell you. It's all about race, revenge, and take that whitey for all the black men you sentenced with little or no evidence. Not to mention at least a small cupful of glee that he killed a white biatch & her whitey boyfriend.

    Sorry, that's harsh but it's the truth.

  7. awesome blog..just awsome!

  8. I think Chris Rock summed up the African-American viewpoint about OJ and Nicole:
    "Now I'm not saying he should of killed her... but I understand!"

    I think the African-American community had a bifurcated view of the OJ case. I believe they knew he was guilty, but with America having a history of murders of African-Americans by whites, such as the Emmitt Till case, where the white suspects were clearly guilty but were acquitted by all-white juries, for African-Americans, the acquittal of OJ was kind of like payback to the system. "You let whites get away for killing blacks for so long, now it's our turn to let off blacks who kill you." I think this is backed up by the fact that you did not really see OJ feted by the African-American community over the years since the trial.

    I certainly do not agree with the sentiment, but that is how I interpret it.