December 14, 2006


He is such a rhetorical assmonkey. And a whiner. I can't believe there are some people who support him. He is an embarrassment to the human race. Wolf was laughing at him through a lot of the interview. I liked it when Wolf asked him how can the media be controlled by the Zionists if they are letting him on TV. He squirmed like a 5 year old.

He whined about Wolf describing him as a former KKK member. Did Duke ever denounce his beliefs in the KKK? I doubt it. Wolf should have mentioned about the jail time Duke did too. Shame on you Wolf.

Duke states the usual crap. The US went to war in Iraq for Israel. Such BS. If the US went to war for Israel, they'd be in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Syria right now.

Wolf, let him off easy when he asked him if the Holocaust happened. And he allowed Duke to lie like a weasel when he stated that the Iran conference was about free speech. No, it was about if the Holocaust happpened. That is how it was billed.

Duke is a Joooo paranoid piece of human feces. He and his supporters are part of the 2% of Americans that make up the LUNATIC FRINGE. Oh, and he lied about not hating Jews. What a suck he is.


  1. yes but he is cute!

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  4. Weren't there Jews at the conference as well?


  5. Wow. He just used Neo-con spin to try to wiggle out of Ahmadinejad's blatant historical anti-Israel statement.
    I thought it was the Shrub admin who lied about WMD's, not Israel.
    Utter lunatics.

  6. With all that plastic surgery David Duke is the Mickey Rourke of Nazi Jihad. Too bad he didn't stay in Iran.

  7. Gawd, that is one hell of an ugly facelift.

    Suffice it to say, that when david duke applied to come to australia to give some "lectures" he wasn't allowed admission into the country. Not very PC, I agree. But, I for one, did not miss his presence.

    Racism is always ugly. It is made all the more ugly with an ugly facelift.

    However, I do think that support for Israel was also part of the agenda involving Iraq and the middle east. This is not necessarily insidious as duke would have it. It is well known that US foreign policy is with Israel, so for him to even mention it seems redundant.

    And it is fine for people to criticize the foreign politics of any nation, including mine, in my book. But, for people like duke, criticism of others seems to dwell and stem from his inherent racism.

  8. I came across your blog through Axinar's, and I must say I was quite impressed and enjoyed reading it quite a bit.

  9. Beep, all things being equal if Israel didn't exist and everything else was the same, the USA would have invaded. Perhaps the Muslim nations would behave least they want us to think that.

    Thanks Ken. I notice in one of your posts you mentioned evolution, and said you don't believe that man came from monkeys. I think you need to look into evolution a bit more. Not sure where you are and what you believe yet, but I can direct you to the rigth sources if you wish.

  10. In addition to former Ku Klux Klan leader, I guess we can also refer to David Duke as a traitor too.

    To anonymous, just because there were a handful of token, and possibly deranged, Jews at the conference does not mean the even was not anti-semitic. It clearly was. If there was any attempt at partiality, they would have invited camp survivors of the family members of those who perished in the camps. You know, to make it like "fair and balanced."

  11. RE BAJ:

    The US certainly may still have invaded, but that doesn't mean that the existence of Israel and the support of Israel wasn't a factor in their thinking.

    This isn't a moral judgement on my part, merely a suggestion that many factors would have been in play, not just one or 2.

  12. Beep, OK, I guess you can say that the US may not have invaded Iraq if it was going to be very bad for Israel. I just don't see much benefit for Israel with regard to the Iraq war.

    Tommy, I was going to say, the Jews who were present are Jews who think Israel shouldn't exist. So yes, I consider them deranged.

    A friend of Amadjihad is my enemy.

  13. I like Wolf Blitzer, I watch him nearly every day but to be honest I was not very happy that he even granted this piece of garbage air time.

    The only reason I could guess he did so was to let it show itself for the monster it is. Then of course, it's a free country, he can air whoever he chooses to, still, I wish he had not.

  14. and said you don't believe that man came from monkeys

    I am not sure that I'd insult the monkeys by claiming that Duke came from them.

  15. I would call him an ugly piece of elephant dung but I do not want to insult the fecal matter.