December 19, 2006


Actually facts are Jew haters and Muslim conspiracy theorists worst enemies.
I didn't lose any immediate family members in the Holocaust, so it was not as big a topic of conversation in my home growing up as it could have been, but when I watch the 60 minutes segment called Hitler's Secret Archive on Sunday night, I was completely moved. In fact at one point I had to fight back tears. I think a lot had to do with the immediate vindication the piece had in light of the Holocaust Denial Conference, and after watching pukes like David Duke getting another 15 minutes of fame in getting his message of Jew hating through the guise of protecting free speech.
If you haven't seen it, here it is. The first video is just over 9 minutes long and the second is very short:
NOTE: The video were taken down but the entire 12 minute segment is available here.

We'll see how quickly Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and David Duke take a field trip to Bad Arolsen in order to seek the truth about the Holocaust. That is what they are after, isn't it?

I was curious so I checked out the forums at Stormfront and David and a few other known hate sites, and there was not one word mentioned about the 60 Minutes piece. My guess is that they will either ignore it or conjure up yet another grand conspiracy theory: something like, the Jews have had 60 years to fake all the documents found at Bad Arolsen.

The release of the documents will defintitely weaken the Stormfront/Islamic Jihad alliance that has formed and strengthened of late.

Now for some good satire, check out Kathy Phd.

For a serious blog post on the archived documents check out Yid with a Lid.


  1. BEAJ:
    Like assmonkeys (great term) everywhere, Holocaust deniers are not interested in facts, documentation, or evidence.

    They will trot out their "experts" with degrees in fields that are not relevant, from universities that no one has ever heard of, and show "evidence" and "research" that will never pass the slightest scholarly scrutiny, and they will call that a debate.

    Sometimes, they will also trot out the Neturie Karta folks, and say that they can't be anti-Semites, etc etc.

    Truly, there is no point in talking to them, except as a way of educating the general public.

  2. Disturbing that CNN couldn't have run something like this instead of giving dipstick his 15 minutes of fame.

  3. Just a note, BEAJ:

    Your site was branded a "hate site" on DKos. I figured you might find this to be funny/amusing.

    Read this and laugh!

    That all said - I missed the CBS special, sadly. I do intend to watch it. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Yeah, this is a hate site. I hate Islamic Fundamentalists and I hate the idea of putting creationism into science classes.



    I mean, shouldn't you be tolerant of Islamic fundies? They are cute and cuddly after all!

  6. no need to talk to the islamist/fascists much better to shot them.

  7. Have to give you a thumbs down for "hate site".

    Okay, okay, so you hate Ahmadinejad and David Duke and other assorted psychopaths like religious nuts who want to hijack public education...guess I'm a hater too.

    Start a new club for people who hate assmonkeys.

  8. My Mooma says: Better to get burnt by 60 minutes taht to get burnt by a bunch of Nazis

  9. It's amazing how the jew haters have tried to rewrite history with such vigor in the last 65 years.

    What engenders this much hate?