December 10, 2006

O'Reilly Shows His Hypocrisy Once More

I don't agree with everything this eight year old girl says. Things aren't as black and white as her writer makes it seem. Radical Islam cannot be left alone, regarldless if the majority of those who fight them believe in God as well. But O'Reilly's claim that she is a victim of child abuse is farcical. This is humor. She is learning to be a comic:

Here is O'Reilly's response to the video from his show:

Click this link if you want to see the type of child abuse that escapes O'Reilly's radar. And this really is child abuse. The girl in the first video is simply voicing opinion. Opinion is derived from trying to make sense of what is really happening, and possibly changing things. Even if she is having this opinion re-inforced on her, she will be at least given explanations for what it is that she is ranting about, and she might learn faster than others about politics and war.
The Christ psychotic girl has been spoon fed baseless lies about someone who didn't even exist. And I wonder what would happen to her in her home if she questioned her religion in her household. Now that is child abuse.


  1. Parochial schools for minors, is something that deserves condemnation universally. Maybe O'Reilly should take up the cause, instead of harping against "Happy Holidays".

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL. Ok, ok, maybe it was kind of a cheap shot using a child but I raised 3 who sounded 'bout like this girl and they are all grown and none are homicidal maniacs.

    O'Reilly has waaaay too much time on his hands.

  3. my suspicion would be that O'reilly would consider anyone deeply disturbed or a nut, if they didn't agree with him.

    Having said that, using children to broadcast adult opinion is always a tad disturbing.

    Though I am sure if this little girl was rabbiting on about god and the republican party and how they are doing the will of god, I doubt that O'reilly would find THAT disturbing...

  4. Personally I prefer the little girl who has been taught by Muslims to hate Jews.
    See it on
    I think that video is more vicious and full of hate and prejudice than the one the girl making fun of the bible.
    Nobody has shown any outrage regarding the little Muslim girl.

  5. I wonder how Bill O'Reilly would feel about the kids being indoctrinated in the movie "Jesus Camp"

  6. RE lexcen

    I find that disturbing as well. (but not unexpected - religious fanatics consider it "responsible" to indoctrinate their children to hate other groups)

  7. An Athiest Fundamentalist! How funny.

    Some people just need hate in their lives.

  8. Calling it child abuse is ludicrous! So the parents have indoctrinated their child with their beliefs - so what? We all do. We can't not do it. If the parents are extreme then the kids will be too. At least until they maybe think for themselves and still then they might be.

  9. But a child of the same age spouting religious doctrim and right wing political veiws is so much better. At least then the child is being tought the values of america like God, and if your not with us you're against us. Riley get a life, your ignorounce is starting to show. Child abuse. If this is child abuse then those christian camps and church are also child abuse.

  10. I wonder if Billy boy has seen Jebus KKKamp!

    me thinks he might have a double standard, but what do i know!!!