January 5, 2007

Buzzing Around The Internet

A Canuckian professional writer and friend of mine just started his own blog: Keeping Up With The Blogses. Check it out. He seems to have an opinion about everything. I enjoy reading blogs from professional writers. For example, I frequently visit Rondi's blog: Begin Each Day As If It Were On Purpose. She is Canuckian too, and gets the war on terror, just like my friend does.

I went back to check out Advice From God. I admit it, that blogger is funnier than me.
And it takes a real man and a great man to admit this.
Laugh out loud humor is difficult when restricted to the written word. Speaking of laugh out loud humor, Professor Kurgman Phd., Phd., Phd. ranks right at the top. And his illegitimate daughter's site is very funny too: Kathy Blog. She doesn't post that much because she is in the middle of earning her Phd.'s.

Celebrity blogs are in these days. I especially like the one where you can leave comments and assume that the celebrity actually reads it. Mark Cuban, computer billionaire has a blog. Seems he doesn't like the Donald too much, and he took Rosie's side recently in their View war.
I am taking Rosie's side too. She is a comedian, and she didn't say anything that was untrue. Donald really cost himself large by calling her "ugly" and a "fat pig."
Way to alienate half of America, Donald. Expect the Apprentice ratings to plummet.

Good to see Julia Sweeney making rounds on TV talk shows. She is an ex-Catholic who let go of God. She is promoting her CD, Letting Go Of God. And she does have a blog, but I find the people there a bit pretentious.

Thanks to The Judge at Raving Atheists, I found a great site that has lots of old TV shows avaliable for free. Here is the site.

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes: To Serve Man

Jack's Shack found a site that has links to the 50 greatest cartoons ever made.

I have always loved this one:

And the Palestinians are still assmonkeys. Somethings never change. If you don't believe me, just read Elder Of Ziyon's blog anytime.

I'm picking the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl.

Finally, some more proof of evolution:

I know that Kathy from Relapsed Catholic will dismiss it because it was probably done by someone who went to university.


  1. Hey, thanks for the plug, wino!
    You're right about Rondi Adamson, her comments are really good.
    Baltimore's doomed, though, my friend, because I think they'll win the Super Bowl and I'm never right about that stuff.
    If you like, I'll root for San Diego. Maybe that will help.

  2. The Ravens? You have got to be kidding me. Thanks for the link.

  3. Hey, great video. I might have to put that on my blog at sometime too.

  4. Simply surfing blogs, I came across yourt link and how the hell could I not click it with the title you have given your site?
    What fun!


  5. Thanks for "One Froggy Evening"! I hadn't seen that in years!

  6. That TV show site is really good. Thanks for the link BEAJ.

  7. Foolish BEAJ! Don't you know that The Lord made that video? To test the faith of His Flock? To mock the hubris of Teh Scientists and Teh Atheists?

    Not only did The Lord put fake fossils in the ground, but he invented cam-corders. He invented everything! He invented Atheists and Scientists. He invented Teh Scientific Method so His Flock would have something to laugh at.

    He even invented Global Warming, which is why it's been so unseasonably mild lately.

  8. Great twilight zone, one of my favorites, too.

    I love the cheesy UN scene...