January 25, 2007

Might As Well Get Some Use From My New Digital Camera

My wife just wouldn't flush this thing I saw on the floor by our bar last night. And I have no say in the matter.
It is too fricken cold to put her/him/it outside, so right now Wolfie (I'm pretty sure it is a Wolf spider) is our new temporary pet.

Left, is a picture of my wife's finger in comparison with Wolfie. As you can see, Wolfie is around 3 inches 1 inch long. My wife thinks it is 3 inches. I won't tell her differently. That is a piece of hamburger meat next to Wolfie in case anyone was wondering.

If I'm right and this is a Wolf spider, surprisingly they can live 3+ years.

This makes sense, since I don't remember Charlotte making it past October, or was it November?

They love crickets, flies, moths, etc. But my house is pretty bug free, so it looks like hamburger meat for him/her/it right now.

Oh yeah, today is my birthday. I'm still one day older than Wayne Gretzky:

Oh, and Daisy is loving the snow:


  1. Hey, happy B-day. That's a big-ass bottle.
    I'm hoping your wife doesn't insist the spider sleep w/you guys? ;)

  2. Happy Birthday, Wino! And, um, I think I've finally found someone even more compassionate towards other creatures than I am. I'll take in pretty much any stray animal, but I draw the line at bugs and arachnids. Wolfie the spider would have been squished in short order had I found him in my house.

  3. "They are robust and agile hunters which rely on good eyesight to hunt, typically at night."

    It may be just a coincidence, but isn't this what David Duke says about Jews?

    Happy Birthday, I hope that new friend doesn't take all your money.;)

  4. Oh brother, it must be a slow day for blogging in that today's post belongs on some myspace or MIRC chatroom board. Snuff the stupid thing with some of your chain smoking bleach bottle blonde bimbo goy wife's hair dye liquid and flush it. BTW, what is *hamburger meat* and where did you learn such Okie English? The Austin skank said she found one of those things on her thong and uses it for a French tickler.

  5. OK, I'm pretty wasted. Just had 4 tequila shots and 3 white russians in 3 hours. My wife was a champ. She is now passed out.
    KA, thanks.
    Cat, Wolfie is still hanging in.
    Flamingo, I can't tell if Wolfie is anti-semitic or not....at least yet.

    Rickey, I thought you hated what I post on usually. Yet, you think I lowered the bar with this one?

  6. Lex and Corp. I hope I didn't lose your comments by mistake in a drunken stupor.

    Corp, yes Rickey is a major asswipe supreme. And the spider sucked the the guts out of the hamburger meat, we'll see if this works.

    Lex, I saw the same Harris top 10. Thanks for posting it anyway. A few Atheist blogs have already posted on them. American Atheists did something similar a few years ago. I like their list a little better.

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Your posts have degraded to self aggrandizing drek, complete with errors in grammar and punctuation.

  9. *shiver* I hate spiders, but won't kill them either. They eat bugs.

    Happy Birthday!

    (why do you put up with this Ricky asshat troll?)

  10. Sorry, that was me with that "Happy birthday". I thought I was logged in.

  11. Rickey, you are starting to show signs of Joooo wannabeism by using words like "drek."

    Gary, it was weird that you showed up anonymous. When I allowed the comment on moderation, I saw it was from you.

    Stardust, spiders bother me too. I let Rickey post because the way I look at it, if I didn't, he could actually be hurting someone physically with the extra time it would free up for him.

  12. At the risk of being attacked by spider-rights activists, if I encountered such a horrible beast, it'd get a kettle of boiling water over it (which incidentally seems to instantly vaporise them) or so I imagine... ;)

    Happy 'your parents had sex and out you popped' day

  13. Louie:

    You just want to smoke pusgut's pole.

  14. Rickey. I've googled around and have no bloody idea what you just said.

    But I'm sure I probably don't want to smoke any pusgut or his pole.

  15. Louie:

    Pusgut is one of the blog host's nicks.

    You want to smoke his pole. I can tell by your femm photo.

  16. I think by "googling" Louie means gargling. I bet he enjoys the manstick.

  17. BEAJ:
    Cool spider. Cute dog. Serious bottle of wine, dude.

    I liked the pics. Always something fun to see or read here.

    Happy birthday. As a present, you can always be one day older than Gretsky.

  18. Rickey, you seriously need therapy. You have some sort of obsessive disorder making you sad and embarrassing.

  19. angloamerican, you need to GFY.

  20. Happy belated birthday you fat-assed atheist piece of shit.

    This fat-assed religious piece of shit turns 40 on Feb. 16th, but the party is on the 17th.

    Hopefully, I'll be as bombed as you were on your b-day by the end of the night. Nicely done.

  21. AA, yes, he does need therapy.

    MZ, February 16th is a long way a way. 40 was a crappy year for me.

  22. Whatever year it is, your phobias will still keep you housebound and not driving.